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FunMobile.com / This is a horrendous scam

Jutinaytes on 2011-02-13
These guys are supposed to receive a confirmation text from you before they send anything thru to your phone. I sent no such text! I receieved 4 txts in the space of 5 minutes. And my phone was charged at $5 per txt. They tell you to sms stop to 4414 and give you an 0800 number to ring to cancel. I sent 8 stop texts and rang the number, there was no reply the first dozen times. When I got the second lot of txts I rang the number again and got an automated machine. After being charged $40.00 all up I`m sure hoping it`s stopped. This is a horrendous scam!!

FunMobile.com / Scammers

BEWARE!!! This company has billed me $10.00 each month. I have spend almost 3 hours with Bell Mobility (Ontario) trying to figure this case out. They got my number by being sold possibly by a 3rd party. THey also are apparently based out of Nigeria and they are a scam company. I was advised to do the following: 1. Call 1-877-456-5180 and ask to delete account. 2. Call 1-877-661-1136 and ask to delete account. 3. Text message to 99621 and say stop 4. Email un@funmobile.com and customercare@funmobile.com and ask to opt out. But BEWARE use a junk email account because they will probably sell...

FunMobile.com - New York, Albany / did not ask for service

please stop the service i did not ask for your jokes. please stop charging me for it. from james newman

FunMobile.com / Unauthorized charges for text messages

Funmobile.com will charge you $1.00 every day for sending horoscopes in the form of text messages. I have no idea how they got my number, but once they did, text messages came every day. To stop them, reply to the text message using the word "stop" in the message. Funmobile doesn't return emails or phone calls. Do NOT deal with this company. They are a scam.

FunMobile.com / Complete idiots!

Tried to get a free ringtone -- got NO ringtone, but 'joke of the day.' Canceled several days after and have been charged $19.99 for two months now. If we text the 71769 code, it says we are not subscribers. My next letter will be to the FCC -- and I e-mailed them this information today, so we'll see what happens. Idiots. Complete idiots. ;-)

FunMobile.com / Funmobile contact person's INFO

Hi everyone, I too am a victim of this scam. I have found however the trail leading to the so called Pres/CEO of this scam service... His name is Christian Heileson, the address is 197 Portland Street, Boston, MA 02114. The phone number is the same that you are to call to get customer service, 877-661-1136. I found this through the Better Business Bureau which I suggest you all file a complaint with. The BBB ID number for this company is 102515. There is also another email address listed. It is pr@funmobile.com . Oddly enough there is only 1 complaint in the last 36 months on thi...

FunMobile.com / Funmobile & Verizon, two thieves in a pod!

I am 60 years old and don't know, or want to know, how to "text message". I never subscribed to this bullshit and keep getting charged over $20.00 per month by Verizon. The sick part is Verizon makes no claim to this service but bills and collects the money every month!!! Of course Verizon, along with their paid politicians have you by the short hairs since it costs you a full two years service to cancel!!! I wrote the FCC and they claim to NOT regulate the cell phone companies!! Stay as far from Verizon as possible, they are no better than thieves on the street!!!

FunMobile.com / Cancellation code is not acceptable

Decided to cancel ring service but keep on getting e-mail message that it is not possible because cancellation code is not acceptable. And I still get billed.

FunMobile.com / Did not get my authorization

This company charged my Verizon account for something that I DID NOT AUTHORIZE. They charged me $19.99 and I have to pay this!!! I am not happy and I will complain everyday until they credit me for this bogus charge that was never approved!

FunMobile.com / Monthly charges for NOTHING!

Three months ago my daughter got on line to funmobile.com & gave out her phone number for ring tones. She received nothing on her phone or anything else. However, I am getting monthly charges for $9.99 for the past three months. I have tried to stop this charge along with my cell phone company. I would like this charge OFF my cell phone bill now. . I would like a check for $19.98 for the two months prior, as my cell phone company has credited my account for this month. However they will NOT credit me anymore . I am upset this is going on & ready to take whatever kind of action that is needed to stop this monthly charge. Please let me know how to STOP this matter NOW!!!

FunMobile.com / Default charges unless you say you don't want their service!

I was walking on a highway and there was this company hawking their service for some ridiculous "joke of the day" product. Now, being a funny guy myself I don't need any funniness on my road. So I ignored the dude thinking,"I don't need it so I'm not even going to look his way so he knows that I don't want it, don't need it, don't want to do business with him." Well, lo and behold, because I didn't tell this guy that I didn't want him telling me why the chicken crossed the road in 30 different plagiarized versions, he REACHED into my pocket, pulled out...

FunMobile.com / Online scam!

Although I did not use the service. I was unsure of how to cancel. I was texted by the company and texted the message back to them. It read as follows: 4help: customercare@funmobile.com Cxl txt STOP USD. I sent this text to them and I received a text back which stated "SERVICE IS CANCELED".

FunMobile.com / Charged & got no ringtone!

This Company is the biggest farce! I just want my charges removed as I didn't want anything like this, except a FREE complimentary ringtone. And then my cell phone bill comes & there are all these charges for stuff I didn't request. I don't want jokes or texts at all. I work 2 jobs & just the beeping of the phone bothers me & the rest of the people I work with, plus I AM NOT PAYING THEM, so I guess Alltel will deal with them. I am going to request a STOP but if doesn't happen I am going after them with both barrels. This is ridiculous & down right not fair practice & it's a JOKE in itself, ANGRY in Nebraska.

FunMobile.com / False advertisement

The web site says that it supports my phone carrier service on ringtones and doesn't. I sent an e-mail to them three days ago to complain about this and still haven't heard back from them. I told them I did not want the service if I could not get the ringtones.

FunMobile.com / Funmobile is fraudulently interfering with verizon business

After carefully examining my verizon bill I found $137.80 of fraudulent charges against my account, I work very hard for what I consider a relatively low wage and when some cheats me out of my hard earned pay it makes me very unhappy & concerned for the others who are also cheated if my assistance is of any help with a class of action suit please contact me @ my Verizon cell phone # (714) 702-0589 or Email me venjoi@hotmail.com. Thank you, Eric Bailey.

FunMobile.com / I may have found an answer

I was having the same problem I may of found a solution. Try this number 18006594091 Now I had to call several times before i got threw to a real person but i finally did and it was in the same day. Heres what you do call that number they are Monday threw Friday 9 to 5 call within those hours. when you call they will ask you to put in your number don't put in your number just press the # sign it will say you put in a incorrect number and to try again press the # sign again and you may have to do the same thing again then they will tell you that your request was not valid and they will...

FunMobile.com / If you can't unsubscribe - change your number!

I can't unsubscribe from this site. I never ordered it to begin with. I'm being charged for text messages. I'm not going to pay! From what I read on this site no one has a solution. I do! Change your number. If thats what I have to do I will.

FunMobile.com / Jokes sent to my cellphone via text message every day!

There are jokes sent to my cellphone via text message every day!!!! i called the company and every time i called they hung up on me...stupid!! ok and they charge me money for the jokes they send me and i don't want them...they're not even funny. so as you can see i am very upset that they would charge me to something without my consent!!! thank you for listening.

FunMobile.com / Unauthorized charges!

They keep charging me and they keep sending me messages on my cell phone which they say that I agreed to resume my account every week, which is false cause I never give an approval how do I stop this outlandish service?

FunMobile.com / Unsolicited text messaging!

This company sends unsolicited text messages that result in $5.99 charge against your cell service. They have sent 7 messages in 14 days. Verizon Wireless seems unwilling to block this scam operator. Do the state Attorneys General have any jurisdiction here? Plz advise smb!
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