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Freecreditscore.com Complaints & Reviews

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Freecreditscore.com / Fraud / False Advertising

Chris in VA on 2013-12-22
Beware of FreeCreditScore.com and their sister entity FreeCreditReport.com. They are a blatant rip-off operation. They lure you into the website with an offer of a free credit score for 1$, then bill you for $32 and as far as I can tell there's no possible way to cancel your account within the 7-day trial period so they try to stick you for another $14 a month after that. After you have entered all your information including credit card and you get to the next page where you expect to see your "free report", the ONLY option is to pay $32 and see three credit reports. Their "customer...

Freecreditscore.com - Indiana / Worst Company Ever

UpsetAnna on 2013-03-23
Was charged $32.95 for my "free" credit score which I did not look at after I was prompted to a screen that said I was charged this outrageous amount. Then I saw that I would be charged $14.95 a month for a subscription to the site so I immediately clicked to see how I could cancel this account because it was something I can not afford to put money aside for. I called to cancel my subscription which was easy but when I called back after seeing the charges to my account I spoke with a very rude woman who continued to talk down to me and told me it might take some time to get a supervisor for me...

Freecreditscore.com - California / Understanding of Fees

1Power Tripp on 2013-03-12
PEOPLE: WERE YOU ALL BORN ON THE PLANET MARS?? REALLY? I was surprised to read all of the complaints in this section about being ripped-off by freecreditreport.com. Let me just put it on out there: YOU SIGNED AN AGREEMENT, you know, the box you check stating that you've READ the Terms and Conditions which more than likely no one here as bothered to read. And thinking that everything's legit, go ahead, check the box and hit the SUBMIT button, eargerly awaiting your credit score to magically pop-up on the screen. Afterwards something may have happened that you didn't expect, for...

Freecreditscore.com / I was charged $31.95 during the first 10 minutes of my free trial

Risoon on 2012-10-27
What a joke!!! I was charged $31.95 during the first 10 minutes of my free trial for a full credit report I didn't ask for. After requesting a refund they stated they could only refund me $17. I told them to cancel my account completely and they literally started whining like little kids to keep my business. I asked for a full refund and they offered me a membership for 50% off. I said not unless they refund me the full $31.95. They wouldn't so I hung up on them. They did cancel my account but would not give me the full refund. Stay as far away from this site as you can. SCAM!

Freecreditscore.com - California, Irvine / Unauthorized Charge

ceejay22 on 2012-09-05
What a scam! There is nothing free about this company I should have been tipped off when they required a credit card number! If it was really FREE, why would they need that? 1 business day after I checked my credit score on this site, a charge fot $31.95 hit my bank account. I called Experian PLC's customer service and got a rep whose English was so bad, I couldn't understand him. I called the next day, still got someone whose 1st language was certainly NOT English, but I understood him. They told me that their website notifies you twice that you are about to be charged if you pull a...

Freecreditscore.com / Wrongfully charged

Jamie33 on 2012-07-31
Do not EVER go to this website. If you want your credit report, go to annualcreditreport.com. They will give you all 3 bureaus reports for free once a year. If you want your score in addition, you do have to pay for it, but I promise it will be less than what you end up being charged at freecreditscore.com. I cancelled within the 7 day period, so I thought I wouldn't be charged anything. However, I had unknowingly clicked on the link to see all 3 bureaus reports. When I clicked on the link on the left side of the screen under the reports tab, I was disappointed to see that I could still...

Freecreditscore.com / FRAUD!!

Jennifer Evans on 2012-07-30
This site is a FRAUD!!! THEY DO NOT PROVIDE REAL SCORES!! I've been following what they had listed as my score for months in order to apply for a mortgage. They reported my credit rating 27 POINTS higher than the true score and caused my score to go Down because of their fraudulent reporting, as I was having lenders run hard inquiries since freecreditscore.com listed my credit higher than it was. They say use some "plus" system. THIS IS THEIR OWN SYSTEM AND NO ONE ELSE USES IT!!! FRAUD!! FRAUD!! FRAUD!! FRAUD!! DO NOT USE!!! FRAUD!!! I've reported them to the Fed trade comm.

Freecreditscore.com - California, San Diego / Deceptive & Fraudulent Business Practices

Bobbie Ohumukini on 2012-07-11
I enrolled in the advertised "Free Credit Reports & Score", 7-day free trial. I went on the site the same day and the navigation is purposely misleading, that when you click on a link or another page, to get back you click on see my credit score so I did just to navigate back to the page to read my credit score. You have to click around because the credit report is soooo long, that each item is on one page, mine was 71 pages long. REALLY...no one prints that many pages. Anyway, I look at my credit card online the same day I signed up and there are two charges for $31.95 from them. They are...

Freecreditscore.com - Illinois / Hidden Cost

DebraMc on 2012-06-12
I signed up to get a FREE credit score with FreeCreditScore.com for a seven day free look, with all intention to cancel within 24 hours. Within 12 hours these SCAMMERS charged me $31.95 for a CREDIT REPORTS that I never ordered per their retention representative. Now granted I viewed one report, Experian I guess TO VIEW A REPORT IS TO ORDER A REPORT, so beware. There was no WARNING that I was going to be charged, because I wouldn't have viewed the report. The rep indicated that I order three reports. I know actually what icon she spoke of, but I didn't click on it. I am going to look into filing a complaint against these SCAMMERS

Freecreditscore.com / WTF!

Korrupt1 on 2012-04-15
what a HUGE rip off... i was aware that i was going to be charged 31.95 to see all 3 credit scores... i figured "sure why the hell not" BUT it proceeded to NOT show me my 3 credit scores, and insted tell me that information was not found or innacurate.. and then i was STILL charged the 31.95... so apparently i just gave them my money for no reason... what a f*cking scam! im of course going to call them up about this.. but judging by what i have read.. im probobly not getting that money back. crap!

Freecreditscore.com - Nevada, Las Vegas / Charged $31.95

Mireya254 on 2012-04-09
I signed up to get a copy of a FREE credit report with this company. No where on their site did it ever say their was a hidden cost of $31.95 to get all 3 Bureau reports. This company is a total scam! When confronted, they skirted around the whole hidden cost issue and said it was NON REFUNDABLE . I spoke to all the supervisors who WOULD if they wanted too, to refund my money back, but they did not. They were very rude and unprofessional. BEWARE...DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!! THEY ARE THIEVES!!!

Freecreditscore.com - North Carolina / Inaccurate information

LorriWatts on 2012-03-29
FreeCreditScore.com was helpful (so I thought) in the beginning. In the midst of me trying to repair my credit, it seemed to be keeping up with details of how I spent my money and how I was climbing the ladder to better credit. Two months later when I found out that my bank offered something similar, I asked the banker to show me if it had all the key points I had been using on FreeCreditScore.com. Upon him showing me the website and looking up my credit score for free (which is wasn't on FreeCreditScore.com) I found that NONE of the information the website, FreeCreditScore.com, wa...

Freecreditscore.com - Massachusetts / deceptive/fraudulent practices

Lulu lemon on 2012-03-18
I won't take the time to relay all the details of the way they swindled me out of 29.95--it's basically the same as everyone else, except I got duped because I arrived at the site via mint.com which I used to think was reputable and now I'm not so sure (they know about the problem and have done NOTHING about it). I called to complain about the $29.95 charge and got a $15 refund, but when I asked about the refund they didn't indicate it would be for less than the full amount. So when I called back to complain about the other half, they told me they couldn't give me any...

Freecreditscore.com - Maine / Reduced monthly fee when asked

Kydex30 on 2012-03-15
As one reviewer said, after entering your credit card info, DON'T click the big orange button confirming that you want all three credit scores. Instead, click the blue button: "No, proceed to my membership benefits". You will not be charged. When I called to cancel my free trial, the rep politely tried to talk me into continuing my membership for $14.95/month. When I declined, he offered to lower the rate by half – $7.50 for the next two years! So if you need credit monitoring, keep that in mind.

Freecreditscore.com - Wisconsin / misleading website

musikman on 2012-02-24
Be careful with this website. Yes you can get A free credit score if you click the correct button and cancel your membership within 7 days, but if you click the BIG ORANGE BUTTON you will immediately be charged $29.95. If you call and complain, they will refund $15 but ultimately you placed an order and now you have to pay. Is it fraud? NO, but it definitely misleading. Make sure you read, and understand what you ar agreeing to before choosing which button to click. (the BLUE ONE) See the accompanying screen shot.

Freecreditscore.com - New York / SCAM

jbjbjb on 2012-02-10
I am FURIOUS with this fraudulent website. They are a SCAM. $29.95 for my FREE TRIAL! I called and gave them a piece of my mind only got $15 back but i'm gonna call again! F THEM!

Freecreditscore.com - North Carolina / NOT FREE

rottentracy on 2011-12-19
FREE THEY AIN'T... I wanted to get my free credit score from freecreditscore.com but was charged $29.95 to view my credit score. I agreed to a 7 day free trial and knew when I put in my credit card information, it was going to cost me even though the tv advertisement and website states otherwise. I called the next day to cancel my membership that would have cost me $19.95/month. As I looked carefully at each website page from FreeCreditScore.com, it never once stated it would cost me $29.95 to review my credit score. I would have backed out as soon as I read it was going to cost me...

Freecreditscore.com / A huge scam

Barbie Britton on 2011-11-22
I went to the site freecreditscore.com and signed up for their 7 day trial membership. After 7 days it indicated I would be charged $14.95, which was fine. However, as soon as I finished filling out my info to start the membership and clicked the submit button, my phone buzzed indicating a charge had just been charged to my regions checkcard. It was for $29.95. I was sickened. I called them and the lady was very rude and told me she would refund $15.00. freecreditscore.com is a scam, ripoff and there are, I hope, other reputable sites that one can use to get their score...this is not one of them. They stole my money!!

Freecreditscore.com / Deceptive Pratices, Poor Customer Service

shadowrunner52 on 2011-10-14
After creating your account you are presented with the option of viewing your credit report (the whole point of it) or viewing your account. If you click the view credit report button it will show you your full credit report with all three reporting companies plus your score. You will also be AUTOMATICALLY CHARGED $29.95. The customer rep I spoke to when I went to cancel my account said the charge was displayed on the page but if it was it must have been in very tiny print. When I asked to speak to a manager I was put on hold and disconnected. DO NOT USE THIS SITE. It is a total rip-off.

Freecreditscore.com / unauthorized charges

krbrown427 on 2011-09-19
Freecreditscore.com is not free! I did the 7 day FREE trial on Sept 15 and by Sept 16 there was a charge of $29.95 on my credit card. The company I work for offers great credit reports through an outside company but does not offer the credit score for free. So I literally logged onto this website to see the home page which gives you your credit score and logged off. The Customer Service person told me that I clicked on a report that was not free. So obviously they are charging your card without your authorization or acknowledgement. I saw no reports at all and did not click on anything other...
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