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Food Lion Complaints & Reviews

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Food Lion - 12 can coke/ flat taste in every can

Posted: 2015-09-20 by    bmwbeemer7
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I purchased a 12 pack of can Coke from Food Lion on Hard Scrabble Rd. in Columbia SC 29229 the week of Sep 14th and every can was flat. I thought it was me at first then my wife and sons said the same thing. We still have the box with the codes on them to see if there was maybe a bad batch but I need someone to please contact me anytime at (803)546-1742. My name is James Miller. Thanks...

Food Lion - Disgust in produce

Posted: 2015-08-25 by    Reviewer12724
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Recently shopped Food Lion. Was looking at strawberries, sealed in hard plastic containers. A two or three year old child jumped in front of me, opened a package and started shoving strawberries in his mouth. His mother obviously thought it was cute and did nothing. I reported it to the produce employee who said "we really don't mind." I was too timid to take it further but two things came to mind. Someone will not get what they paid for, and the risk of some sickness. These customers did not speak a word of English, so the kid probably had no vaccinations....

Food Lion - Employee Inequity

Posted: 2015-06-12 by    Anonymous432
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Company won't allow cashiers the same privileges everyone else in the store has. Other employees are free to leave their work stations any time they choose to get to the bathroom, break room, water fountain or for a smoke. Managers generally allow cashiers bathroom breaks on demand, but cashiers can only get a drink if it's their break time or customer traffic is low, and that's wrong.
In customer service, we talk to customers non-stop for hours which is excessively dehydrating.
Because of that and because the store is HOT all the time, cashiers should be allowed to...

Food Lion - Maryland, Owings - Unfair wage & Service for Pepole

Posted: 2014-02-26 by    Tiger 2014
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Food Lion is a Tarable Empolyer cheep pay wage no Hours and they insalut empolyees any chance they get.
They all about Profit and not giveing back to pepole that work there.
and they traget poor Black Pepole that are on food stamps and ebt cards sucker them in for the kill
but least of all they are coniving jackales.too buy from and work for....

Food Lion - Maryland, Woodbine - Jerk!

Posted: 2013-10-23 by    Angry!!!!
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Food Lion needs to watch who they make a store manager. I used to love shopping t this store. Fresh veggies, meats, and deli items are always fresh. (I always miss my food lion when I go to the beach.) The employees are always friendly, well they used to be! Now everyone looks miserable. I have asked them all what's going on and they all state that the store manager is an asshole. I have been saying hang in there! I was in there the other day and overheard the store manager( he is a 20 something rich boy punk) speaking to an employee that is old enough to be his grandmother. He was belittling...

Food Lion - Stay away from this one

Posted: 2013-01-24 by    Kadrene
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I had purchased a box of wine from Food Lion in Ashland, Virginia. I had picked up a wrong flavor so, I gone back to the store. I wanted to change it, get the same kind but different flavor. Unfortunately, the store didn’t have the flavor I wanted, so the customer service informed me that I can change the box wine in Raleigh, NC – Food Lion since I resides there, but as per corporate policy is concern, I cannot return and/or receive a refund, I said I’m not returning the item. The Food Lion in Raleigh, NC refused to let me change the box of wine with my receipt due to their own...

Food Lion - South Carolina, Aiken - RACSIM IN AIKEN

Posted: 2012-10-02 by    Giggie Hamilton
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Definately THE WORST GROCERY STORE, in The C.S.R.A., The manager is a racist, evil woman, and she keeps hiring & employed -degenerate, ghetto-fied employees, who are lousy at customer service and keeping the store organized or clean, and the food at their grocery store is overpriced, & you never save any money shopping there!! Plus they treat loyal black customers badly, even pulling some of the racist business policies as WAL-MART, framing, setting up & harassing black men who shop or try to get a job working there....

Food Lion - Will not wait on consumers

Posted: 2011-03-01 by    Tickedoff1
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I was in Food Lion and purchased my groceries and got a call from my wife to pick up Tahini Sauce. I asked the clerk and was told he wasn't from here. The clerk in the check out lane next to him the told him to ask the manager and with a cringe he did. The lady behind me stated (people just don't serve the public like they use too). He came back and said Isle 3. I left my groceries and went to look. No Tahini sauce. So I went back and ask someone up front in the managers office. They called for the manager. 20 minute had past and I needed to put my groceries up. The manager walked right...

Food Lion - Stay away

Posted: 2011-01-21 by    Hobb
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I am tired of my bags bursting before I can get them into the house from my car. I have lost 2 bottles of apple juice in the last 2 weeks. I am part of the unemployed due to lay offs, so every penny I spend with you counts. When I pick up a bag by the handle, I expect it to be strong enough to hold what the bagger has put into it.

Walmart double bags bottles of liquid. Follow their lead or lose customers. Why are your bags so week? Cutting cost?...

Food Lion - Florida, Deltona - Worthless Customer Service

Posted:    Merlinvision
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I have called there customer no service twice concerning isles being so crowded with product that it is very hard to operate electric cart. I have made it clear there is no desire to be compensated in any way the only fix I seek is to have isles clearly passable there are areas of the store a person with mobility issues can not even thinking about going. On my last visit there was a large display blocking entry to one side of store I was told GM ordered blocking area due to shoplifting. It is great having lots of product yet can not spend money if you can not get to products,...

Food Lion - Virginia, Prince George - totaly not senetary in the meat department

Posted:    evi
Complaint Rating:  50 % with 2 votes
i shopped at food lion today and never seen a mess like this. i bought several items including meats and upon my arival home found that the chickenbrust had water in the package, the porkloin was slimy. i tried to call the store with no avail. called the coorp. office and then the health department. well, i will see what comes out of this. but this is a health issue and how many people buy this stuff and are not aware of this? i really hope prince george health depmt. will check into this nasty situation. i also rang the bell at the meat counter becouse the chicken on sale was not out. well, i guess...

Food Lion - Virginia, Providence Forge - Customer Service

Posted:    12245
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
The customer service is so poor I went to get a money order and it took over five minutes for someone to help me. The worker by the name Amiee walked pass me like she did not see me and went in the office and closed the door I have never in my life been so upset with a store in my life and the lines for the shoppers where very long with only two cashiers and no baggers I would rather pay more for my money orders than be in a store and the employees walk pass me like I was not there for a long period of time....

Food Lion - Old food

Posted:    NasH78
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Food Lion is not a great grocery store. They sell old food and old tobacco. Once my dad bought a box of sausage biscuits there and they had mold on them.

Yesterday I bought a can of Copenhagen snuff there. I didn't pay attention to the date on the bottom. It was made seven months ago in May. When I opened it, it was ruined.

Food Lion used to be cheap but now their prices are higher. We go to Wal-mart now to get groceries. Wal-mart doesn't sell old food. If you shop at Food Lion, you may want to consider shopping somewhere else....

Food Lion - Very trashy place

Posted:    NasL98
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I have lived on Deal Island Road in Princess Anne, MD since May of 2009, and I have just gotta make a comment about the Food Lion Grocery store that is in this town. This Food Lion has to be the WORST Food Lion I have ever shopped in... It's not the store or the products on the shelves... it's the employees(besides the mice running behind the stuff on the shelves) The employees are just simply rude and have no customer service skills. OK, don't get me wrong, I'm in a grocery store, I don't expect much when I cash out, but at least the cashier could speak or make eye contact.....

Food Lion - Tennessee, Winchester - Do I have a Job

Posted:    Lisa Marie Amos
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I was hired at Food Lion 3 months ago I still haven't went to work yet, I went to a interview I was told I had the job that she would call me I waited, a week later I called she said she got business I went in done some paper work on the computer got my employee number, she said she will call me, a week went by I called again, another asst. manager I could come she'll call back, two days passed I called back, I was told to call back in a week the manager is on vacation, so I did, I was then told I was accidentally erased out of the system she had to put me back in, that she would call...

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