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Engine and Transmission World Complaints & Reviews

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Engine and Transmission World - Wisconsin / Sent me a bad engine

AlwaysAnnie on 2013-04-28
I too, was scammed. These people use so many different names it was difficult to do any research before being scammed. I was impressed by the warranty and labor. I also agreed to the terms. I ordered my engine. About 2 weeks later it was delivered to my mechanic on an 18 wheeler with no way to unload it. I had to pay an additional $90.00 to have it delivered on a box truck with a lift. My mechanic installed the engine and started it. The engine had rod knock. Loud rod knock. It only ran for less than 30 seconds before it was turned off. My engine was crap! Trash. The company sent me a bad...

Engine and Transmission World - Wisconsin / deceptive

TD Rogers on 2012-08-30
We received an email quote for a used transmission for usedqualitytransmissions.com (one of the names the criminal enterprise Engine and Transmission World goes by to fool unsuspecting customers). We called the toll free number and were satisfied with the price and stated condition of the transmission. They took our credit card info and said they were emailing us a sales/shipping contract form for us to sign and fax back to them. It was never received. Our phone calls were always transferred to voice mails or dropped. We finally left messages that we did not want to complete our order because...

Engine and Transmission World - Wisconsin / failure to honor warranty

p west on 2012-08-29
Purchased a used transmission for a 1995 Lexus 1995 LS400. Invoice included details of 12 month or 12000 mile parts and labor warranty. Transmission failed after 1000 mies. Company denied warranty was for stated interval, though the information appears on the sales invoice for the transmission. Said "look at the website, the warranty is only for 30 days" Then "I've got to hang up now" These guys are obviously crooks.

Engine and Transmission World / Scam...wrong product.....kept my money

bikerbabenm on 2012-08-24
I ordered a transmission and not only did they send the wrong one, they made no effort to help me find the right one or even respond to my inquiries. Their products are awful and in terrible shape. Even if they had sent the correct one, my mechanic would not have accepted it. They will not return my money, respond to emails or return phone calls. The gentlemen I dealt with were John and Dale. What miserable human beings they are. Please do not ever buy anything from Southwest Engines, gottransmissions.com or engineandtransmissionworld.com. I am so ashamed for not doing more research because I...

Engine and Transmission World - Wisconsin, Milwaukee / Bad Engine

Georgia Todd on 2012-06-22
WARNING!!! Working with this company is a NIGHTMARE. Do NOT order from this company and PLEASE read all the other complaints on this company if you doubt me. If ONLY I had checked the BBB website before I purchased and engine from them. By the way, I now have a complaint at the BBB on this company as well. Called the Wisconsin Consumer Protection Agency after my troubles and it was confirmed that Engine and Transmission World seems to be a company with regular complaints. SHAME on me for not doing what you are doing right now (reading the independent reviews) before I ordered the engine for my...

Engine and Transmission World - Wisconsin, Milwaukee / Customer service

Pasqualie on 2012-04-04
I ordered an engine for my 2002 Toyota Corola. I got the engine and had to replace the oil pan because the one that came with the engine was damaged. The crankcase was full of sand. I cleaned it up and installed it in the car. It did run ok, but it would use 1 quart of oil per tank of fuel. I also purchased the 3 year 36, 000 mile warranty for $395. I did not drive the car much and it took a while to get some miles on it. I e-mailed them about the oil consummation, and they asked me if I had called them to activate my warranty. I figured that after I bought it, it would be in effect. I wa...

Engine and Transmission World - Wisconsin, Milwaukee / scam alert

Steven Lang on 2012-04-04
I purchased a low mileage engine and transmission. The after the time and expenses of the install I found the engine had worse compression and blew more oil than the one I was replacing. My first clue that this company was disreputable should have been that the motor came with bolts broken off which my mechanic patiently extracted. The trans was as bad. My complaints to customer service were met with snarky even cranny responses. The answer was try some additive to your oil or take them out and ship them back at my expense and pay the mechanic again for the labor. BOTTOM LINE: I threw away...

Engine and Transmission World - Wisconsin / Customer Service Terrible

urglavi on 2012-02-02
The transmission they sent me had a bad selenoid and ended up costing me and anddition 160.00. They refuse to give me my money back for the additional charge. They act like this is normal and I get no response on the other end of the line when I ask for a credit. They gave me a song and dance saying they would take care of it. But, I called again and again to no avail. Many times I would just get silence on the other end of the phone. They should be put out of business.

Engine and Transmission World / Scammed

RickyO on 2011-12-05
Needing a motor for my Land Rover I ordered what was advertised as a clean low mile engine from Engine and Transmission World for $2070 delivered. What I received was a junk motor that cannot even be rebuilt. All internal parts including the cylinder sleeves are rusted. Engine and Transmission World claims they test ran the motor and verified oil pressure, compression and cylinder leak down. The motor they sent could not have been test ran; nothing is operable on this motor. They had filled the cylinders with ATF in a lame attempt to hide the rust. The motor was full of mud and looked like it had...

Engine and Transmission World / Sent dead engine for service truck

James@RBP on 2011-06-26
We ordered a used engine for a service truck in our fleet. Engine took 20 days to get to us, and when we had it installed, the mechanic called and told us it was locked up. Over the next couple of months, we tried to get either a refund, or return, or credit...anything to resolve the matter. When you call, no matter what number you choose from the menu, you get Bill. Customer service is sorely lacking and the whole outfit is as unprofessional as any we have ever encountered. Bill is threatening over the phone, until you tell him lawyers are involved. He seemed to get a little more agreeable after that. Do yourselves a huge favor and avoid these cheats.

Engine and Transmission World - Wisconsin / FRAUD/SCAM

Fisticuff on 2011-04-22
Took my money, cannot produce product. Very rude cusromer service, cannot tell me where my shipment is after 28 days. Claims shipping is to be 10-14 days from purchase. Customer service people just want to say "we'll call you" and then never do. Always the same answer, claims they need to trace the shipment and will call me within the hour. Then told that a trace takes 24 hours then 24 to 48 hours then no response at all. Do not do bussiness with Engine and Transmission World. They are not what they calim to be. Now I have to deal with getting my $800 back and locating another part for my vehicle after being incredibly patient. Don't waste your time order your part from somewhere else.

Engine and Transmission World / Rude, unprofessional and Unreliable

snyder303 on 2011-04-15
These people are the most unprofessional, Unreliable and rude people I have ever dealt with. First of all I ordered an engine from them which came weeks late and when it did arrive it was damage. The sure didnt mention that when I talked to them. So I got the engine repaired and they agreed to refund me for that. I waited well past when I was told I would get my refund and called them, they told me they already credited my account. Yeah right. Well after fighting with them for 45 minutes (38 of which I was on hold). DALE finally said oh ok well I guess you'll get it in the next couple of...

Engine and Transmission World - Wisconsin / Used Motor

psquare23 on 2011-03-30
The one time I don't properly research before purchasing, I land on these guys. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! The motor they sent (late) failed not long after I had it put in. Then the real fun started. They stalled long enough to then be able to say, "The motor is out of warranty." Their responses have been ridiculous and infrequent. Flee! Flee for your lives!

Engine and Transmission World / FRAUD

vandegrift7 on 2011-03-15
WARNNING!!! WARNNING!!! I unfortunatley became a victum of Engine and Transmission World because I over looked this site. These guys are wolves in sheep skin. Polite as you are buying and item from them then... BAM!!! You get hit with their childish name calling rude comments! My only hope is that someone will take these guys down. Its in Jesus name I pray..Amen

Engine and Transmission World - Wisconsin, CUDAAHY / RIPPED OFF BY INTERNET CON ARTISTS

omegalll on 2011-03-03
On Saturday, Feb.26, 2011 about 1:00p.m EST We 've placed an Internet order( #194889)of motor engine (mileage 33, 229) for our 2002 Subaru Forester S. on www.engineandtransmissionworld.com and instantly paid $1995.00 with credit card. Unfortunately, We have been forced to cancel our order after we made a shocking discovery about 'Engine and transimmission world' shody business practices from BBB and other consumer advocate agencies. To mention a few as an example, since June 2009, more than 120 complaints of various nature have been filed against this 'company' and...

Engine and Transmission World / Company

Sewa77 on 2011-02-18
I just ordered an engine from the company and after the extremely rude customer service I've received I attempted to call and cancel my order. The engine hasn't been shipped and I have received several different responses after requesting the CarFax. The last Customer service agent got very upset when I asked to cancel my order and said I agreed to a 25% return fee, (over $400.00) when I ordered the engine, even though the engine hasn’t even left the building. I informed the, what I assume was a manager after being transferred several times without warning, that the customer...

Engine and Transmission World / misleading advertising

Our 2001 Subaru engine suddenly conked out - the piston went through it and ruined it. It was difficult for the repair shop to find a replacement engine. Another mechanic told us that it would be difficult to find one. I decided to find one on the web, and was thrilled to find, after putting in the VIN and all other information, a reasonably priced low-mileage engine from Engine and Transmission World in Wisconsin. The repairman thought it was a great deal, and told me to go ahead and get it, particularly since the shipping was free. I was worried someone else might get it, and did not do the...

Engine and Transmission World / Scam

Erik S on
Engineandtransmissionworld.com 2100 E College Ave, Cudahy, WI 53110. (888) 344-8044. We placed our order with them on Sep 29th, but due to having the engine shipped to a different state than the billing address, Dale Jones said they couldn’t process it without me faxing my VISA and drivers license to them. After I did, they processed the $1, 290.00 on Oct 4th. Oct 7th I called them to get a shipping number and they said they couldn't’t find my engine and the shipper had lost it. But the email I have with the tracking number on it (received Oct 25th) says the shipper (R&L...

Engine and Transmission World / False claims and misleading ads

We have recently ordered an engine from Engine and Transmission World and the engine they sent us is not what was advertised. We believe we have been ripped off and really do not know what to do. The company says that they " provide every one of their customers with a valid Carfax to verify the mileage of the vehicle, as well as the year make and model the part was pulled from. " So we figured hey this is a standup company lets try them and see how it goes. Well we are trying to get them to honor their company policy but to no avail. We had purchased an engine which listed " 43, 445 miles on...

Engine and Transmission World - Wisconsin, Cudahy / Consumer fraud

MB240D on
Engine and Transmission World is an ongoing criminal enterprise currently under investigation by the Dept. of Justice. The company has had two other names at the same address and all have had D- or F ratings with the Wisconsin BBB. Buy from these people and you run the risk of joining the victim list (now over 350) with the U.S. Attorney in Milwaukee.
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