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Cold Stone Creamery Complaints & Reviews

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Cold Stone Creamery - Alabama, Trussville / Gift Cards

Robert A. Stroud II on Jun 27, 2016
DON'T BUY THEIR GIFT CARDS AS A GIFT FOR ANYONE!!! date 6/276/2016 I have made at least 10 calls today to have my lost gift card replaced with a new one for which I have a receipt and the card number. I have been through several layers of customer no service and yet to get the issue resolved. In fact, the customer service # 800-832-0714 was outsourced and answered by someone in the Dominican Republic which was a bad connection and required multiple cards to find out no one there could help with my issue. According to retailer I purchased it from, they do not offer replacement of gift cards if lost or stolen--BUYER BEWARE

Cold Stone Creamery / Service

Smiley3 on May 4, 2014
This is one of the worst stores I have been to, the owner needs not to own this store. I know she is the one who is supposed to order the supplies for the store, so why every time I go in there they never have anything that I need. There are always new employee's in the store so the lines are very slow. Though the people working are very nice they have terrible service. ALWAYS low on ice cream, spoons, napkins, waffle cones and bowls, brownies, ice and money. There was roaches in the stores and keeping everything clean seems a issue with low staff. THEY NEED TO BE CLOSED DOWN!

Cold Stone Creamery / Rude

baybal on Sep 2, 2011
It seems that ALL cold stone stores have terrible service. I went to the one in Salisbury, Maryland and I noticed the girl making waffle cones. She dropped one, and used it anyway. They also left my friend and I waiting for ten minutes. The service was slow and the whole experience was awkward. They were rude and didn't seem to know what they were doing. They even gave me the wrong size cup. terrible, terrible service.

Cold Stone Creamery - Kentucky, Louisville / Worker NOT Helping

wowen on Feb 26, 2011
I went to Cold Stone Creamery last Tuesday (2/22/2011), when I walked in, there was a line of about 10 people. There was one young man working very hard to keep the line moving, but of course and unfortunately for him, everytime he would help one person and move on, two more people walked in. I noticed eventually that there was a girl in the back, in her early twenties with glasses, that was doing something else. I could eventually hear that she was washng dishes. Do those dishes have to be washed right then? the bell to the front door was ringing over and over again, but she never so much a...

Cold Stone Creamery / Never again will they get a nickel of mine

I am an adult who ordered a 'kiddie size' and was charged 1.75 for a mini scoop of lousy lumpy ice and then another .75 for the cone!!! They insisted this is the company policy. I went to a different location to find out they do the same thing and I asked why and the nastiest of male managers said "I pay for it why shouldn't you" and I asked if they charge for cups and he said "do you want to argue or order?" Needless to say I looked at him like he was crazy and left. Never again will they get a nickel of mine. Because they are franchised you have no recourse except to shop elsewhere or make it at home.

Cold Stone Creamery / Worker was hangingover the counter talking to a group of her laud rude obnoxious friends

Two friends and i went to a cold stone this evening to enjoy some friend time and delicious ice cream. the closest cold stone to me is in Findlay, Ohio which is an hour away but to us it was worth the drive. when we arrived we found one of the workers hanging over the counter talking to a group of her laud rude obnoxious friends. there was three workers that we saw and they finally after waiting about 10 minutes came over and helped us. but they were just really rude and rushing us. after we got our ice cream the one girl goes back over to her group of friends and starts hanging all over the...

Cold Stone Creamery / Rip off

I bought two giftcards at Coldstone Creamery in Klamath Falls, Oregon where I live for Christmas gifts for my two daughters.This was in December. In January I took them to use the giftcards which had been locked in my lock box so they wouldn't get lost. The counter person said there was money on one card but not the other. I was told to come back tomorrow with a receipt and they would give me another card. So I went back the next day with my bank card information and date of purchase as I paid with my visa. Visa did have record of the sale. The counter person stated her manager said not...

Cold Stone Creamery / Went to help another customer without washing her hands

I wanted to get some ice cream, so I decided to go to my local Cold Stone Creamery at Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, IL. When I get there, there were 4 employees working there, and I was the ONLY person in the store, and most of them were just sitting around. They acknowledge my presence, and then continue gossiping about another employee. After a few minutes of waiting, another employee finally says, "Someone help this girl!". The girl who helped me, a large dark-skinned girl with a tattoo on her left shoulder, gave mediocre service, and even dropped something, a sign on top of the freezer, in...

Cold Stone Creamery / No phone call, no cake, nothing

I phoned my local Cold Stone Creamery on Power Plant Pkwy.in Hampton Va.to order a birthday cake for my grandson. They then informed me I needed to come in and pre-pay for the order 48 hrs before pickup date. I did, in fact I went into the store within 2 hrs of the phone order and paid for it. There was a minor storm the night before I was to pick up the cake. No big deal just an inch of snow.There was a sign on the door that they were closed due to "inclament weather". No phone call, no cake...nothing. I called and left a very angry message on their machine, with the instructions to return my...

Cold Stone Creamery / Horrendous experience

What a horrendous expirience that was. A teenage girl was serving two people when I got there. This is the Cold Stone Creamery in King's Plaza in Bedminster, N.J. I wanted to order an ice cream cake for two days forward. I waited until the girl finished with the customers before me. Another teenage boy was standing beyond the opening to the back room of the store looking on, but not helping. By now, three other groups of people, totaling about eight, were also waiting. When the girl finally finished with her customer, she walked away to the back room, when she came back out, she started...

Cold Stone Creamery - North Carolina / Upcharge

I ordered one of Coldstone Creamery's original creations called the Founder's Favorite. Instead of the regular sweet cream ice cream, I figured I'd get the sinless sweet cream ice cream since they recommended that on the web site as a healthy alternative. Apparently, they charge an extra dollar if you change the creation in any way. I just think it's silly that they'd charge anything since it was just a different flavor and all the same mix-ins. I can see them upcharging if I added a bunch of different toppings but does it really cost them ONE DOLLAR to give me a...
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