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Do not deal with these people
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Mistreatment of employees
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They have never made a delivery
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This website shouldn't even be online, they are a scam job website
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Windsor Blue Superkings
now only 19 cigaretts in a pack instead of 20 why?

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Bel Air - Bell Air in Puerto Vallarta is a SCAM!

Posted:    l
Complaint Rating:  93 % with 41 votes
This is to inform anyone considering buying a so called private residence club at the bell air in Puerto Vallarta Mexico that it is a scam, a fraud, and a conspiracy being misrepresented and lied about. Starting at the front chain of the tiny property, with a short drive up to the small sales center, housing an exquisite show suit, what you see and can touch is all that is real. And who knows if ¨T¨ (T is for owner) even owns that. The promises made about building the suites will never be followed though on because there are no intentions of even building! Sell then run away! They will guarantee...
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