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Avon Products, Inc, known as Avon, is an American international manufacturer and direct selling company in beauty, household, and personal care categories.
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Avon Complaints & Reviews

Avon Products, Inc. - Michigan, Johannesburg / Account and pathetic service from agents

Lavernconsses on 2016-05-06
On the 29 March an item was returned to Avon sales leader and from there go to the Manager for the items to be returned it is now the 06.05.2016 and still Avon insists the they have not received the item of which I have the proof that is was returned to an Avon Sales rep whether the...

Avon - California, Modesto / Avon Deal of a Day

dabywong on 2016-04-24
Have security issue happening!!! I am an avon lady and starts buying AVON deal of the day a month ago, everything find is like submitting avon orders through the avon deal of a day. But three days ago, IT IS NOT! I found out someone is using my ID and Email to submit AVON deal of a...

Avon - New South Wales, Dee Why / Representative support

Reviewer83051 on 2015-12-27
Hi. I signed up for Avon back in July, and was loving it, and GOOD at it, until 4 months later, I lost my "leadership status" which means I can never go anywhere or earn decent money, for a reason Avon cannot give me. Yet, I still receive leadership earnings statements, of $0, can't...

Avon - Idaho, New Plymouth / Inventory

ShannonMarie on 2015-12-15
I did Avon twice w/in 10 years and lost money both times. The biggest problem I had was the fact that practically every order I placed there were products that were "out of stock". How can that happen so often? By the time I paid for the catalogs, samples, orders and gas (deliveries), I...

Avon Canada / Selling Avon products - DON'T DO IT

Reviewer85152 on 2015-10-11
I just started selling Avon again after 19 years. wow.. things are really horrible now. They charge 1.50$ per brochure and they charge for samples for us to sell their products which is a terrible thing. We have to pay to sell their products. They also charge us shipping now. That i...

Avon / Survey

Mz. Terrell on 2015-09-08
On September 8, 2015. I placed an order with Avon. At the end of the order I was asked to fill out a survey by Bizrate. I completed the survey. At the end of the survey it offered me a $100 worth of complimentary magazines. I took my time selecting the ones I wanted. By the time I was ready...

Avon / foreign object regrettably found in my lipstick..

Shalima Mohammed on 2015-05-23
It is with great displeasure that I am writing to you.. cut my lip while applying my Avon lipstick... I am still in shock and totally pissed if that is the correct word I should use.. would someone please contact me back... I live in Trinidad and Tobago and have been using Avon for...

Avon Canada - Ontario, Belleville / Sent to collections for monies not owed

Jademama on 2015-01-14
Avon Canada has threatened me and sent me email after email demanding monies for products they claim they sent me but I never received. And the kicker? The amount has gone from $1200 to nearly $10 grand. I never received these so-called products, I have consistently told them this by...

Avon / District Supervisor

RJ1958 on 2014-12-23
Ruthann I. Johnson 3637 Ivanrest Ave SW Grandville, MI 49418 (616) 293-0522 Pat Haberman Email address: pat.haberman@avon.com December 12, 2014 Good Day Pat, I am currently a representative in District 4852 and am under Mary Jo Domanski. I became an Avon representative about 27 month...

Avon / Incompetence of management

Angela Macheru on 2014-10-29
Good Day I use to be an Avon sales representative, when I stopped selling I advised the manager in charge her name was Shamila Abilla.A year later when I want to buy a house I realized that there are arrears reflecting on my Avon account and the arrears were suppose to have been cleared...

Avon / No delivery

JMVN on 2014-10-20
Avon is blaming all their non deliveries on the post office strike in SA, but in reality its just their general bad service that has reached the top now. I'm still waiting for my campaign 10 orders and the deadline for campaign 11 is already around the corner. Due to my customer...


nomfundokubheka on 2014-09-30
I had an account with Avon and it was paid up on the 21 October 2013, but this account has not been cleared/updated on my credit profile till this day... I have complaining calling but till this day it has not been updated... I intend on taking further steps against Avon as i have given...

Avon / credit note and order being withheld

avon dissapointed on 2014-09-29
i have a good paying avon rep for 3 years and for the first time in 3 year i had a credit note outstanding for almost 3 months and up to this day is still outstanding. So due to the credit note outstanding my order was being withheld until i paid that amount and still i did not get the...

Avon - Pennsylvania, Cleona / Charged me my &one time& start-up fee, THREE times

jsteele on 2014-09-22
My complaint is that on Thursday, Sept 18th I signed up to be a REP for AVON. Something glitched and anyways, they charged me my one time start-up fee of $15, 3 times. So now I am missing an additional $30 from my bank account, which doesn't have my husband too happy. Then, after...

Avon - New York, New York / Scam

June123 on 2014-08-25
I was with Avon for 3 years. I was in Honor Society and Leadership to the Level of Executive Unit Leader. Avon has changed their pay policy so even at these levels you DO NOT make money. Worse yet, my account I had paid $235 over what I owed. Avon was supposed to return that to me in July...

Avon / Avon scam

Anonymous82 on 2014-07-06
Avon scammed me into receiving a discount on products if signed to be a representative. They state you will automatically be removed by not ordering for two campaigns following your order. They give you no copy of what you signing and promise to drop it off at a later date which does not...

Avon - Ontario, Toronto / Not supporting their Representatives

Representative on 2014-03-10
I am an Avon Representative and have been bankrupted buying their products to facilitate customers. I am not even benefiting a dame or getting back what I spent for customers. I have been charged $57 fine after all my attempts to return a customers dress which costs $16. Management say...

Avon Resume / fraudulent claim

Navisha on 2014-03-02
I received a call from Avon Resume after receiving my CV which I send on contact@avonresumes.com, (official email id of Avon Resumes). After 10 to 15 days, on 15th Feb I received a call from Avon Resume Executive offering me a accountant job but I refused to take the paid services. Then at the...

Avon / charge money for unwanted products

sanjana0311 on 2014-01-19
hi, i joined avon for part time work and there is two option to choose one is sale representative and other is team leader. manager told me i will be get wages in position of team leader so i joined. they didnot tell me i hv to place the order amt of $250 with every campaign. they send me...

Avon / money was stolen

maisyrose on 2014-01-06
This is not a complaint against the company (at this time), but about a very UNpleasant, rude, and dishonorable Avon rep in the Pleasant Grove area of Dallas. Her name is Valerie Lucas. I ordered a Wild Country soap on a rope in the C25 campaign, and neither the product nor the refund wa...

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