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Founded in 1902, AAA is North America's largest motoring and leisure travel organization and provides its members a full range of travel, insurance, financial and automotive-related services through a network of 1,100 offices.
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AAA Complaints & Reviews

AAA - Florida, Orlando / Roadside Assistance

Aaron Mi. on 2016-05-14
Dear AAA, You are a PIECE OF SHIT!!! It is 10:04pm EST now. I called you at 6:42pm EST to obtain a gallon of gas so that I could make it home in a timely and safe fashion. I am not sure when companies got so big to not care about their customers who pay their hard earned money for your...

AAA / Service

flynnhart1 on 2016-04-04
The AAA office in Mesa, AZ is a joke. I went there 3 years ago to title and register my boat trailer and they said my paperwork was not in order. They refused to provide me with service. I went to the Motor Vehicle Division that is RIGHT across the street and they said there was no problem...

AAA Chem Dry / The cleaner used bad-quality cleaners and the mattress was ruined

Reviewer92486 on 2016-03-06
Don’t use AAA Chem Dry (Tom Okeefe). I have heard that this company provided professional cleaning services, therefore I hired them. I needed to clean my mattress and the guys used wrong the cleaners and when I saw the mattress there were dirty spots and it became yellow. I argued with thi...

AAA Window Tint Arvada / The owner overcharged me and provided bad-quality services

Reviewer84489 on 2016-03-04
I think that my deal with AAA Window Tint Arvada was the worst ever. I have signed the contract with them and the owner is liar and thief. I found the good deal on Groupon, but this person said that he could provide better deal and promised the discount. So, after that he double charge me...

American Automobile Association - California, Santa Ana / AAA Battery and Its Warranty

Jihee Kim on 2016-02-10
3 years ago, I called AAA for a roadside service and the technician recommended that I buy their battery. He tauted their "6 year warranty" service and I got sold. December of last year (2 and 11 months after the purchase), my car started acting funny - the engine would stall for a bit...

AAA Well Service / They didn’t pay on time and have problems with documentation

Reviewer50424 on 2016-01-26
I searched for the job and found the position in AAA Well Service. I had interview and it was short one, but they hired me. I understood that it was mistake to work for them one month later. They have problems with organization and I was sick of the mistakes in each paper. Also, they didn’t...

AAA Commercial Property Management / This company is a scam!

Quest Plumbing on 2015-12-31
THE COMPANY IS NO LONGER AAA COMMERCIAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, IT IS NOW LION RUSH FACILITIES MANAGEMENT GROUP 09/04/2015: Work was completed for this company and signed work order and invoice sent to company. 2 weeks passed and no word on payment, I told Toni over the phone we normally...

AAA - Michigan, Coldwater / Refused insurance

Reviewer84142 on 2015-12-16
I was given an insurance quote of $145 online. When I went into the office they wanted $360 to insure the car so I gave the car to my mother who needed a car. She was refused insurance. She is a member of AAA. The car was a 2003 Chevrolet Cavelier LS. My name is William A Shaw. 505 W...

AAA Life Insurance Company - Michigan, Livonia / Travel Insurance

Reviewer66380 on 2015-12-08
I called to get a sample copy of the AAA Travel Insurance policy, as all policies have clauses that exclude specific actions for eligibility. All I had was the sales document promising the world. Rather than signing up, sending in money and then finding out it is too restrictive and then...

AAA - Georgia, Marietta / Auto Service

Reviewer95978 on 2015-11-30
I brought my Ford truck in for repair but the technicians were unable to figure out what what the problem was so they asked if they could keep my truck -- for a week. I complied and left my truck in their care with a full tank of gas (about 25 gallons). When I came back I was not only told...

AAA - Colorado, Denver / Towing

Reviewer10881 on 2015-11-27
My 78 year old mother and I were in a car accident tonight. It was snowing. I called Triple A right way. They told me it would take about 75 minutes for a tow truck. After 85 minutes and no tow truck, I called Triple A. I find out that triple A gave the tow truck driver the wrong addre...

AAA Commercial Property Management - Missouri, Jefferson City / Does not pay it's vendors, lies about payment status and changes company name

Reliable Contractor on 2015-11-25
Vendors and retail clients please be aware of AAA Commercial Property Management / Lion Rush Facilities Management Group. Below is the chronological order of our attempt to collect payment. We work with many RMCs and keep extremely detailed call logs. Most RMCs pay late and are hard to...

AAA - Maryland, Annapolis / Questionable repairs, inspection, and pricing and failure to replace items removed and more...

scotty410 on 2015-11-18
On 11/6/2015, I took my 2004 Cadillac Deville, with the North star Engine, to AAA, Annapolis, Maryland, as it had a bad miss at idle, and at idle fumes in the cabin I told then Service Manager, Chris, that AutoZone, on the way over, performed a free diagnostics for me and gave me printout...

AAA Quality Air Heating / The company installed the bad-quality system

Reviewer53615 on 2015-10-30
The company AAA Quality Air Heating advised me to install their system. They have done the whole work and gave me one year warranty. But the system started to blow cold air and I was disappointed. I called them and reminded about the warranty. After repeated phone calls I got only faint...

AAA Roofing - Florida, Homosassa / Workmanship on a new roof

borland1949 on 2015-10-17
In January 2013, AAA roofing install a new roof at my home for $4, 180.00. I selected the 30 year architectural fiberglass/fungus mildew resistant shingles. The AAA contract reads it comes with a 'Workmanship 10-year guarantee'. The very first time it rained (March 2013) one of...

AAA / Membership

photosuperman on 2015-10-14
I really like the services that AAA offers. And for the most part, the customer service is about as good as it gets. Then I got this... Due to recent budget cuts, I had to allow my membership to expire. I have done this before. And when I get flush, I go and buy another year. Today I get a...

AAA Forklift Training / I paid for the course and didn’t get the course or job

Reviewer30525 on 2015-10-04
I found the ad about the job position. I spoke with AAA Forklift Training. They told me that I needed to pass the forklift course and the company was ready to provide the course. Also, the sum for these courses wasn’t high at all. I paid for the course and got only a promise that I would get...

AAA / Repairs

Reviewer93088 on 2015-09-24
I used triple a to get my vehicle towed to and from a repair shop. When it first was towed it made it to the shop fine. When it was towed back, it arrived with a broken window and glass in the back of the towers truck. My spouse had a conversation with owner of the company which wa...

AAA - California, Hemet / Lied to about insurance coverage

Reviewer36678 on 2015-09-10
I was rear ended at a stop sign. That is when I found out the full coverage I thought I bought was not present. I went to the Hemet, office to another copy of my insurance. The woman told me that She could not answer my questions about anything, due to me having a claim. Then, I am really...

AAA / sanded us for 3 days before tow truck came

Renee nitti on 2015-08-28
SHAME SHAME SHAME ON AAA Over 12 days ago I broke down in yosemite national park in California. I have a RV anf was with my 2 children. I live in New Jersey. It was about noon. I had no cell service. A ranger shows up and drives me to cell service spot. We call AAA. The park ranger gives my...

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