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Founded in 1902, AAA is North America's largest motoring and leisure travel organization and provides its members a full range of travel, insurance, financial and automotive-related services through a network of 1,100 offices.
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AAA Complaints & Reviews

Aaa Auto Insurance - California, Oakland / Billing

Antzy on Sep 25, 2016
My husband called AAA to inquire why our auto insurance policy went up to $219 a month. He got the bill down to an appropriate amount by providing the necessary information and asked for another bill. It is September 25th and we have yet to see a revised bill for the beginning of our...

AAA / Roadside service customer relations

K.A Wilson on Sep 24, 2016
4.30 pm yesterday I called AAA due to a flat tire and I couldn't remove the bolts to change it, The 1st operator took my location which was Queens Blvd between 55 ave and 55rd, he took my cell number 2 times as he read it back wrong the 1st time, "help will be there in 50 mins at the...

AAA - New York, Brooklyn / Roadside service

James E.Russell on Sep 19, 2016
I called AAA for roadside service for my stall classic car Saturday (September 17, 2016) at 7:12pm. I was told I would receive service in about 50 minutes, after a hour I called them back I was then told my ETA had been upgraded!!! to another 53 minutes. Another passed & a AAA truck...

AAA / Roadside assistance customer service

Glynna_jackson on Aug 22, 2016
I pay every year for the 10 free tows. Plus rv. 100. For up to 100 miles 10 times. I called to have my truck towed to my mechanics house after I broke my foot. Two days later called to have it towed back to my house and they would not, saying it would be a cash call. The stupidest excuse...

AAA - California, Oakland / Claims Department

*DJ on Aug 5, 2016
AAA haha if there service was a part of the alphabet it would be ZZZ dead last ! I have had no calls concerning any of my concerns when it comes to my claim! I always have to attempt to contact them... very unprofessional. Let me make it simple cut dry dont no why ive been paying...

AAA Life Insurance Company - Nebraska, Omaha / Hospital Plan - Awful, Unresponsive

coolest1 on Jul 19, 2016
My 97 year old mother purchased a hospital plan fro AAA Life Insurance Company and passed away April 1st 2016. I contacted AAA to cancel the policy and stop the auto-deduct from her checking account and request a refund of premiums after February, 2016. I sent them all documentation...

AAA - Illinois, Oak Brook / Roadside service

AAA roadside service on Jul 14, 2016
At 9:o5 AM this morning (7/14) I phoned Triple AAA for roadside service...I needed a jump. At 10:05 I called again to determine why is it taking so-o long since the weather was clear. I was told the driver could not reach me by phone. I told yourgirl that was a lie since I had givenher two...

AAA - Florida, Yeehaw Junction / Tow Service

Cartermegan on Jul 11, 2016
Hello my name is Megan Carter and I am riding with Rose Richards address 10549 Lakeshore Drive Clermont FL. Rose is a AAA policy holder, I would of been until this evening. At 8:30pm my Jeep Liberty radiator pump blew leaving me, my fiancé and my mother in law stranded on the Florida...

AAA / Roadside Assistance

oakhillmom on Jul 5, 2016
Recently I was traveling out of state and blew a tire on the interstate. I called AAA and was told that I was top priority since I was sitting on the edge of the interstate and it was dangerous. I waited for over two hours!! Then when the towing company called me, he said that my location...

AAA - California, Concord / Claims Department

BradK79 on Jun 23, 2016
I was in a car wreck and the person that caused the accident was insured by AAA, they said my truck was a total loss and would be sending me a check over a year ago, AAA sold my truck even tho i never signed it over the title nor did i sign any other release, i never got the check but AAA...

AAA - Michigan, Livonia / Life Insurance

grgp on Jun 9, 2016
I have had a small policy with AAA for many years. Responding to a mailing, I called for info and decided to upgrade my policy and apply for my husband. I was given false information regarding rates. I was told that a physical would allow for a lower rate of $102, or I could take the...

AAA - Florida, Orlando / Roadside Assistance

Aaron Mi. on May 14, 2016
Dear AAA, You are a PIECE OF SHIT!!! It is 10:04pm EST now. I called you at 6:42pm EST to obtain a gallon of gas so that I could make it home in a timely and safe fashion. I am not sure when companies got so big to not care about their customers who pay their hard earned money for your...

AAA / Service

flynnhart1 on Apr 4, 2016
The AAA office in Mesa, AZ is a joke. I went there 3 years ago to title and register my boat trailer and they said my paperwork was not in order. They refused to provide me with service. I went to the Motor Vehicle Division that is RIGHT across the street and they said there was no problem...

AAA Chem Dry / The cleaner used bad-quality cleaners and the mattress was ruined

Reviewer92486 on Mar 6, 2016
Don’t use AAA Chem Dry (Tom Okeefe). I have heard that this company provided professional cleaning services, therefore I hired them. I needed to clean my mattress and the guys used wrong the cleaners and when I saw the mattress there were dirty spots and it became yellow. I argued with thi...

AAA Window Tint Arvada / The owner overcharged me and provided bad-quality services

Reviewer84489 on Mar 4, 2016
I think that my deal with AAA Window Tint Arvada was the worst ever. I have signed the contract with them and the owner is liar and thief. I found the good deal on Groupon, but this person said that he could provide better deal and promised the discount. So, after that he double charge me...

American Automobile Association - California, Santa Ana / AAA Battery and Its Warranty

Jihee Kim on Feb 10, 2016
3 years ago, I called AAA for a roadside service and the technician recommended that I buy their battery. He tauted their "6 year warranty" service and I got sold. December of last year (2 and 11 months after the purchase), my car started acting funny - the engine would stall for a bit...

AAA Well Service / They didn’t pay on time and have problems with documentation

Reviewer50424 on Jan 26, 2016
I searched for the job and found the position in AAA Well Service. I had interview and it was short one, but they hired me. I understood that it was mistake to work for them one month later. They have problems with organization and I was sick of the mistakes in each paper. Also, they didn’t...

AAA Commercial Property Management / This company is a scam!

Quest Plumbing on Dec 31, 2015
THE COMPANY IS NO LONGER AAA COMMERCIAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, IT IS NOW LION RUSH FACILITIES MANAGEMENT GROUP 09/04/2015: Work was completed for this company and signed work order and invoice sent to company. 2 weeks passed and no word on payment, I told Toni over the phone we normally...

AAA - Michigan, Coldwater / Refused insurance

Reviewer84142 on Dec 16, 2015
I was given an insurance quote of $145 online. When I went into the office they wanted $360 to insure the car so I gave the car to my mother who needed a car. She was refused insurance. She is a member of AAA. The car was a 2003 Chevrolet Cavelier LS. My name is William A Shaw. 505 W...

AAA Life Insurance Company - Michigan, Livonia / Travel Insurance

Reviewer66380 on Dec 8, 2015
I called to get a sample copy of the AAA Travel Insurance policy, as all policies have clauses that exclude specific actions for eligibility. All I had was the sales document promising the world. Rather than signing up, sending in money and then finding out it is too restrictive and then...

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