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VitalChek Complaints & Reviews

VitalChek / Birth certificate

SamArizona on Jan 14, 2017
The only reason I paid extra to use their service is speed. However, instead of taking about 3 to 5 business days to get the birth certificates as they promised it's going to take me over 30 days, and it's not due to a fault on my side. First, they make you pay their ridiculously expensive...

VitalChek / Paid for and ordered birth certificate and never received it.

babyape on Oct 14, 2016
On July 25th. 2016 I ordered a birth certificate for my son who needs it to get his drivers license . I paid 48.00 for it. 18.00 dollars of the 48.00 was to assure me it would get to my address, but i never received it. I called the number on my receipt and talked to customer service...

VitalChek / Birth certificate torn in mail, not resent

kristine9 on Oct 12, 2016
I received my son's birth certificate through UPS, and the top left corner was torn. I reported the issue to VitalChek, and from our conversations I expected to get another copy of the certificate plus a refund for shipping ($20). I waited weeks, and when I finally called for a 2nd update...

Vital Check / Birth certificate shipping

Kris-K on Aug 23, 2016
Vital Check charged me for UPS shipping by default. I had chosen normal shipping and the website changed the shipping method and charged me extra fees. UPS refused to deliver the package without a signature and Vital Check refused to resend a new certificate by regular mail. risk to lose my french citizenship appointment due to the lack of servi

VitalChek / Service/Payment

Reviewer12055 on Jan 26, 2016
Hi I recently needed a copy of my birth certificate. I went online and placed an order with my debit card. Order # 53900271. I was shortly told after that my debit card declined. I immediately called and spoke to a service representative. She said I needed a new card to process. I gave one...

VitalChek / Birth Certificate

Reviewer33596 on Jan 4, 2016
On Nov. 18, 2015 sent in request to Vital Chek through government website to order a copy of my birth certificate. I had to give some information along with my email address. I gave the address several times even spelling it using words to make sure the letters were interpreted the correct...

Vital Check / company is a rip off

this is dumb on Aug 7, 2015
I needed to obtain a birth certificate for my 87 year old mother-in-law so she could get a photo ID. It was suggested I contact Vital Chek. I filled out paperwork on July 18th, 2015 on their site. They asked for my photo ID, my marriage license, a current utility bill, a current bank...

VitalChek / Theft by Deception

Natalie Patierno on Jul 15, 2015
I ordered a copy of my birth certificate online on June 5, 2015. They asked me to enter ALL of my personal and identifying information to ensure that my certificate could be accessed. I entered my bank inforamtion and my account was drafted within minutes of my request. Today is July 15...

VitalChek / VitalChek not providing documents

MHHughes on Feb 19, 2015
I paid VitalChek to provide a divorce decree. They sent the request to the Colorado Department of Public Records. The state of Colorado did not send the documents. Upon contacting VitalChek several (5) times, and being on hold for 15 - 20 minutes each time, I was told, "we have completed...

VitalChek / Paid for product i did not receive

tat-2015 on Jan 19, 2015
Vitalchek claims to provide a variety of government documents such as birth and death certificates without the necessity of going through the regular state or county process. For this so called service they charge a great deal more than the various agencies charge. What they don't...

VitalChek / Bad Business

Annoyed245 on Nov 5, 2014
This company takes your credit card information online before asking you for a social security number. If you do not wish to give them your social security number and decide not to complete the online order at that time, they will still charge your card a non-refundable fee -- even though...

Vitalchek.com / Shipping ripoff

M.Hadley on Oct 8, 2014
I paid big bucks for them to get me an official copy of a death certificate. The shipping was $19. 50 to send ups. They had some questions about relationship to the deceased, which i took care of by phone and fax - - they said they were satisfied and were sending out the certificate. What...

VitalChek / Ripped off

sparkle-k on Apr 6, 2014
I wish I had seen this website BEFORE I gave them 60.00 for certified divorce papers which I NEVER GOT!!! As with many other people on this site, I was told that there was no record of them. That's total BS because I have a copy of them but they are not certified. SS says they have to...

VitalChek / Unethical

CherylTkn on Feb 5, 2014
Vitalcheck has set up their online service to appear when you are looking for the state government site. T was confused that the state would ask so much for a birth certificate. Now they have my 59. 00 and i have no recourse for a bogus service. A 20. 00 charge to mail 2 slips of paper should be against the law.

Vitalchek, Pa Dept. Of Health / Birth Certificate

Livie1 on Sep 6, 2013
I requested a copy of a birth certificate online from VitalChek, supposedly costing $10, but after shipping (they used overnight shipping, which I did not request) and handling fees, I had to pay $38 for a birth certificate. Although I provided the correct information regarding name, date...

Vital Chek LexisNexis Risk Solutions / Non-Delivery

Brenda Lea Womack on Jul 22, 2013
My Order for a Marriage Certificate on July 15, 2013 has not been delivered. The Order Number: 35683454, Pin Number: 486402, Total: $44.75. I provided Identity Verification Documentation July 16, 2013. The Reference Number: 130717-000076. The Marriage Certificate is Urgently needed for...

VitalChek / Pain over 71.00 and received NOTHING!!

ritchie22 on Apr 16, 2013
I requested that VitalChek get me 1 copy of my divorce from 1998. I now live in WV. After several weeks of making requests VitalChek told me that the copies did not exist Long story short I called the Bureau of Vital Statistics and for 20.00 they sent me 3 copies of my divorce. I got...

VitalChek / Website to log in after paying for it in advance does not wort

ray hintz on Mar 20, 2013
I ordered a death certificate. They give you a order # and pass code. to check on status or upload your required information(drivers license, birth certificate) when you enter the information there is a button to click enter to gain access to the site. nothing happens when you click on the...

VitalChek / Customer Service

NJCOOLNESS on Mar 9, 2013
I spoke with a rep by the name of Yaiz Gonzalez from the Puerto Rico VitalChek dept regarding the status on my wife's birth certificate on 2/14/13 after receiving a letter in the mail stating that they could not find records to match the name in the system. There was a customer...

VitalChek / Vitalchek-Pennsylvania

MB25 on Dec 6, 2012
My husband placed an order with VitalChek on the 23rd of October. The 26th October it was supposedly shipped from that day. It's been over a month. A little piece of paper shouldn't take that long in the Military APO mail. He needs his birth certificate to do his passport and our...

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