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Sedgwick Complaints & Reviews

Sedgwick claims management services, inc / impossible to reach claims adjuster or her supervisor or any person who can help me and no one will call me back.

hlnmysprlck on 2016-01-29
All of my prescriptions for some reason now require previous authorisation from Sedgwick. I never needed this before I have been paying cash for less expensive medications of mine but cannot afford the nerve blocker recently prescribed to me. No one can get a hold of my claims adjuster or...

Sedgwick / Workmans Comp. procedures

alika401 on 2016-01-28
name Alexesandro P. Mateo address 1053 wiliki drive Hon. HI. 96818 Company work for Dollar Thrifty Hertz Rent a car contact info ph# 808-397-7663 email alika401@yahoo.com Date of Injury 7/14/2015 Ive been out of work since Oct 21, 2015, after getting the paperwork all in, I finally got to...

Sedgwick Claims Management Services - Tennessee, Memphis / Unethical behavior after approving treatment for a workers compensation for approximately 18 years

Reviewer79008 on 2016-01-22
I was injured at UCSD initially in 1992 and went off work Jan. 1997. My settlement ordered by the court in San Diego, Ca. County guaranteed care for my complex regional pain syndrome for the remainder of my life. My claim only provides 4 medications, Lidoderm patches and splints. Now they...

Sedgwick / Workers comp

shawn nichols on 2015-12-16
Another un pleased claimant I was physically hurt at work rushed to hospital from work as I was unconcious. So it's def a workers comp case. I've had nothing but problems with sedwick and my advisor. I've done every step every paper that needed to be filled out and sent in...

Sedgwick CMS - New York, Syracuse / Workers Comp Denial

Reviewer51160 on 2015-11-23
I re-injured my back on 11/14/2015 at home simply by sneezing and causing the affected area to become completely inflamed. I went to the hospital and got an MRI, the orthopedist who the hospital referred me to said the injury stems from the same injury as the work caused injury which...

Sedgwick CMS - Hawaii, Mililani / Case management issues

Reviewer19562 on 2015-10-23
Sedgwick has been the most inconsiderate, unprofessional, and unorganized. I am the spouse of the injured worker that is currently under the case management of Sedgwick. Not only am I in the US Army but we are currently stationed in Hawaii. So anytime we have issues with this company we...

Sedgwick CMS / Poor handling of case lack of payment and threats of non payment

realbrian on 2015-08-20
I got injured over a year ago. Sedgwick took over the claim in 7/01/15. Since they took over 2 claims manager on my claim have either been fired or quit. Im now on my third case manager and had no notifacation about any of them coming or going.I contacted Sedgwick on Aug 12th to confirm my...

Sedgwick Insurance / Horrible service

Emilia Lejarazu on 2015-07-24
This insurance company is literally the WORST! They ignore your calls and never really get back to your voicemails. They don't give you even the descent amount of money you deserve for the damages and most of the time they aren't even in the office! Even if you call and stay on...

Sedgwick claims management services, inc / Dishonest

Alexis T on 2015-07-01
They do not tell you the proper procedures nor how to obtain workers compensation benefits. They get personally annoyed as if you were Prank calling them verses asking for help. They are dishonest and do not explain paperwork properly. They will do anything to get out of paying. Legally or illegally.

Sedgwick CSM / Stall Tactics

A Sexton on 2015-06-10
Sedwick is just a 3rd party adjuster for Ace American who insures Gen Auto Parts. Ace is known for their stall tactics and apparently they passed those skills onto Sedwick. It took them over 2 weeks before an appraiser even looked at my car, which btw was totaled. Then they claim a new...

Sedgwick Claims / denial of benefits

MaryAnne Carew on 2015-03-27
I was on Short Term Disability following an extensive GI surgery and needed to continue due to ongoing medical and psychiatric issues. My claim was denied in appeal, even though I have been approved for Social Security Disability. The people in the appeals department are rude and extremely unhelpful, and don't believe that they care.

Sedgwick / payments

Darryl Easley on 2015-02-26
Payments Mrs Fleming will not mailbox out my weekly check I use to get it on thursdays now I might receive it on monday of the next week or not it all all this started after I informed my attorney about receiving my checks he talked to her and there is no change please tell me why she's seems to be making this personal I don't understand

Sedgwick / FMLA

gkmom on 2015-02-15
I have breast cancer. I am an RN and have worked for the same hospital for 18 years. I filled out all my Sedgwick paperwork and signed and gave them access to my medical record to verify that the information was consistent with the days off requested. They did not give me enough time to...

Sedgwick CMS / Poor business practice

poor business practice on 2015-02-13
It seems this company's services are based on avoidance and protecting the businesses they represent from having to take responsibility for wrong actions. I am writing this review so other consumers that have experienced dealing with this company will know that it is their practice to...

SedgwickCMS / Run Around Answers/Ineffective/Uncooperative

Rhemi on 2015-01-22
To whom it should concern: After having to quit my job at Starbucks I have been having to play phone tag with Sedgiwck company for about a month in regards to my leave of absence that took place almost four months ago. The people who "helped" me over telephone were not friendly nor helpful. They...

Hertz / Sedgwick - Nevada, Reno / Workers Comp

BloodFox on 2015-01-05
On December 8th, 2013 I had an accident at hertz. I was a cleaner, it was snowing, wet, icy, and very cold. Head management wanted us to keep the car wash open, even though we are supposed to clean the inside and leave it at that when its slushy outside. But they wanted us to keep cleaning...

Fred Meyers/Sedgwick W/C Claims - Washington, Vancouver / Workman comp claim

Jasonla on 2014-12-02
I have been out on a claim since Jan 2012, I have been working all my life since I was 16 yrs old, I have been working ethically my whole life. I was injured on the job due to a back injury and after all these years I am now being treated like I am a bad employee. I have committed my life...

Sedgwick Claims Management Service - Kentucky, Louisville / Workmans Comp

I was injured on the job while employed as a CDL driver. My lower back and neck, twisted my spine. I have been dealing with Sedgwick, or i should say my Attorney has, since 2007 when they stopped all medical treatment then back billed all the doctors i had seen. after appearing in front of...

Sedgwick / Workmans comp

Teley on 2014-10-12
Watch out for Sedgwick, they are cruel people anyone that they work for they will do anything to protect them and screw you in the process. So sad I thought I was apart of such a great company but as soon as you are hurt they turn on you. Very long story short I begged to have a M RI...

Sedgwick CMS - New Jersey, Marlton / Auto liability claim

AM_I_Stupid? on 2014-09-21
A commercial bus driver crushed my car. It was one of those double-decker busses that take riders to D.C. and New York for pretty cheap. It was pure negligence on the bus driver's part. I have already been to court as witness to find the bus driver guilty of an improper lane change. It...

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