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Electronic Arts (EA) Complaints & Reviews

Pogo - California, Redwood City / Games are not working!

Minov on 2016-04-01
Wanted to play some games, but who knows why games did not work and some of them did not even open! Tried to restart the page but it did not help, so I decided to contact Pogo support and ask what was going on. Their support is the worst ever! These people are absolutely useless and don't...

Pogo .com / Pogo taking away tokens I have earned

Reviewer45331 on 2016-03-03
I played all day long on March 2, 2016. It was Wednesday, therefore, I gained a lot of tokens. At the beginning of the day yesterday, I had 27, 819, 946 tokens at the end of all the games I played I had 27, 057, 085 tokens. Last night when I checked my total for the day Pogo had taken 800...

Pogo.com/ Eletronic Arts - California, Redwood City / On-line game site

maddy3121 on 2016-01-06
I have been a Pogo member for years. My yearly renewal was due on December 20th, 2015. They charge 39.99 U.S. for a yearly subscription plus $5.20 U.S. Sales Taxes. Given that our Canadian Dollar is so low, with the currency exchange, it cost me $ 64.84 Canadian. I contacted the company...

Pogo.com / Cannot get into my account to get new password

Shirley Elrich on 2015-11-23
Cannot get in to my Club Pogo account and no one will help me!! I need help getting a new password. Their instructions don't work. This happened on Friday, November 20th and there is no way to get to talk with someone!! I just want some help getting back into club pogo games!! My...

Electronic Arts Inc. - Nevada, Las Vegas / Simpsons Tapped Out

NunyaBiznatch on 2015-10-16
To Whom it May Concern: I’ve now become sufficiently enraged by Electronic Arts (EA) to write down my complaint and paste it everywhere appropriate on the web, to contribute to what I’m discovering is a deluge of consumer frustration with yet another company that’s “too big to fail” so they...

Pogo.com / Account does not recognize password name

Reviewer79700 on 2015-09-29
I have been a patron of Club Pogo.com for years.I got a new computer and pogo.would not recognize my screen name and Password. So I changed my password with the name they provided me and they still would not except that (screen name piggiejp -password is mother). So then I signed in under...

Pogo / Well not recognize new password

piggiejp on 2015-08-22
I have been a member of Club Pogo for YEARS. They would not recognize my old password, which I have had for years.So I changed my password to Husbandry1. Now they won't recognize that one either. I am VERY VERY frustrated. They want their fee to belong so that you can play their game...

Club Pogo / Scammers

Reviewer73135 on 2015-08-16
Club Pogo has NO SECURITY in place to protect their website. They will allow HACKERS into your account who may also download a VIRUS. They will then do NOTHING to correct the problem THEY CREATED. I have placed several calls and wasted hours with their so-called “Tech Support”...

Clubpogo.com / I still can’t stop fee

dalezy on 2015-07-17
I was a member on the website www.clubpogo.com. I played games on the website and continued to pay for the membership, but I have lost the access to these games. I wanted to stop paying them, but I have no idea how to stop this useless fee. I searched for the contact information of thi...

Pogo.com - Alberta, Calgary / suspension?

Birdland007 on 2015-04-28
I can't be sure, but it seems as though my account [Birdland007] has been suspended, perhaps by a complaint from someone. Under no circumstances do I use profanity nor do I agree with the many insulting antics that go one with some members of this game club. The suspension seems to...

Pogo.com / Poor Internet Game Site

Phyllis No Name on 2013-11-16
Pogo.com is not only the worst site on the Internet, but the WORST GAME site. In my opinion, their gaming system is NOT setup to run properly in the United States. Their games do NOT run properly, i.e., they freeze, lock or do not remove and count all matched pieces. There are PC operating...

Pogo Games - North Carolina, Sparta / Monopoly games

Jackie Bare on 2013-08-22
I have done the two weeks trial for pogo games and won most of the time on Monopoly game, due to not being able to afford to play these games as a member, you can't win maybe on game out of ten. Got to marking down how many times the robots landed on each others properties and on the...

Pogo Games - New York, S. Cairo / Credit Card charges and uses

Teddibearstar on 2013-06-21
I was charged $39.95 or $39.99 a year to become a member and/or too play pogo games if I chose to do so!1 I wanted to become a Pogo Club Member and play so therefore I paid either of the above amounts mentioned above in order to do so. I have had nothing but heartache while attempting to...

Pogo/ Eas - California / annual charge

gailschmall on 2013-04-30
I have not found a way to contact pogo. They charged me an annual fee of $43.35, when I call their # it refers you to their website, it is IMPOSSIBLE to find how to contact them either live or via email if you do not know the original email used a year ago. I called Alaska Air Visa and...

Pogo.com - California / poor services

timtim1661 on 2013-02-08
pogo sucks!! they constantly have loading problems(games not loading properly) and when they do load they run horribly, always freezing, nothing runs smooth and there is nothing random about their card(poker) games. we pay good money for this crap, i would like to know if there are any...

Pogo.com / Trying to find someone to contact is like trying to break into Fort Knox

Abdule on 2013-01-22
It takes me more time to actually get a game to start up (Due to their JAVA issue) than it does to play! Very frustrating! I have the correct JAVA but they keep telling me that I don't. And we pay for this!!! Trying to find someone to contact is like trying to break into Fort Knox. I have been a member for 6 years...I will most likely NOT renew.

Pogo Chess / probable looser runs away and the winner is penalised and does not get points at all

Balakrishna Davey on 2013-01-17
The probable looser/ definite looser in the pogo chess runs away in the middle of the game instead of resigning. The winner normally does not get points at all. my email : baludavey201267@pogo.com

Pogo.com / All they care about is taking your money

Albierer on 2013-01-11
I had two accounts that were hacked. contacted pogo support numerous times with no luck. they refused to refund my money. they told me that they have plenty of what they call pals that monitor the rooms, this is so not true. In my 5 years of playing different games and rooms did not ever...

Electronic Arts, Inc. Pogo.com / NOT GETTING CREDITS as club subscriber

kewellgrammie on 2012-11-19

Pogo.com / removed $39.95 from bank without authorization

Venita McBride on 2012-10-10
I was trying to contact pogo.com because all my games would not play. I have e-mailed them several times in regard to a bug with installing java.com. I was not going to subscribe again this year without the java problem being cleared up. Every game ad would pop up saying download java...

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