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Posted: 2013-01-17 by    Wilfake


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United States
Small Business Owner here and I'm here to tell you Yelp is the worst! ONLINE EXTORTION! Had a couple good reviews on yelp months back but the yelp listings was on the 9th or 10th page on google organically. Got a negative review and then all my good reviews...about 29 got somehow "filtered" so that my potenial customers only see the negative review...this negative review is now on the FIRST page of google in searching our particular catagory online...once that review went live the sales folks at yelp kept calling and implied if I paid that somehow my good reviews may re-apper. They tell me that a customer has the right to say negative things which is true but my clients that have posted good reviews have a right to have them seen as well! Yelp tells me that they have no control over the "filter" seems odd that none of my good reviews can be seen and the only bad one can...NOT FAIR!!!
YELP IS A COMPLETE RIP OFF...no other review site filters...you get the good with the bad...google local...angies list, service majic, home pro they all post both the good and the bad...IF you are a small business owner...never register with yelp.
Comments United States Online Scams
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 5th of Mar, 2014 by   Beachside Rentals, Inc. +1 Votes
The same thing basically happened to us. The question is "what do you do about it?" I emailed Yelp to be able to respond to the negative reviews, but cannot access the account that I set up with them. After several emails requesting a conversation with someone to fix the problem, I am still waiting (since Sept 2013) The bad reviews are visible and all of the good reviews are hidden, although a month ago, the good reviews were also visible (or recommended). When I checked today, the same good reviews visible a month ago are now "not recommended". Why? who knows that Logic??
So I am guessing Yelp is some sort of automated Droid, incapable of making coherent decisions, or it is a run by a group of unethical humans with only some sort of profit motive driving them. Either way - i believe It will self destruct in time.
I will spend my time improving my business and trying to listen to my customers to provide the best service possible. We are doing better than ever despite Yelp. I do not use it anymore for recommendations of any kind because it is not reliable.
 8th of Jun, 2014 by   Jade Fountain Nail & Beauty Ctr +1 Votes
I am a small business Owner of a Nail & Beauty Salon in NY who concurs with the above comments about Yelp. They are definitely driven by their Sales Department who conspires to make you buy into a monthly note ($$$) in order to keep your good reviews up and not filtered. Even after sending many emails in reference to my complaint it was just a wait of time, and really make it their business to punish you by taken down any reviews that make your business be more competitive in the area your located. So, if you are thinking about uses Yelp to promote your business look out for the trap!!! Your better off creating your own web site than put up with their nonsense. Good Luck
 8th of Jun, 2014 by   sundaytimes10 +1 Votes
My friend purchased a restaurant that has been around 11 years and has approximately 16 reviews, all positive, no reviews good or bad filtered. Yelp has called him twice now over the past, month, offering that he can purchase some sort of rep protection or something like that. He said he wasn't interested and pointed out he has been successful so far with customer service. The yelp person responded 'well, that could change at any time'. He took that to be some sort of thinly veiled threat and hung up. Like I said, this has happened twice now.
 11th of Dec, 2014 by   T,, +1 Votes
For years, Yelp has been publicly accused of extortion—asking for money from businesses that are automatically listed on the site in exchange for preferred placement on the site. There are also accusations of abruptly vanishing positive reviews and suddenly appearing negative reviews.
Yelp has been doing this to me for several months.
They call me wanting me to pay them a minimum of $200.00 a month to advertise. When I refuse and warn them not to call me anymore, they take a few of my (5 star) reviews and hide them.
I had 13 (5 star) reviews and now I only have 4 of them... the rest are hidden.
Yelp continues to call me (even though I told them not to). And every time I refuse to pay (or I complain about their extortion scam) another 5 star review disappears.
MEANWHILE, Another fake (1 star) bad review suddenly appears on my yelp page... the person wasn't even a customer of mine.
I contacted yelp and rode-their-ass to remove this review for violation Yelp's rules. Yelp not only left it up, but when I hung up the phone, another % star review was taken down.
It's clear that Yelp Flags small businesses that don't pay the extortion money and bullies these businesses untill they do.
 11th of Dec, 2014 by   T,, 0 Votes
Yelp just took another 5 star review down after I put a Yelp complaint on my Facebook page.

Where's my F***ing gun!!

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