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Posted:    Dixon

Awful fraud

Complaint Rating:  83 % with 83 votes
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United States
I know part of this is my fault for being so stupid but I lost a total of $43, 141.00 in money last year. The worst part is I have to claim $21, 697.00 in other income because they file a 1099 Misc income form to the IRS. This site is a total rip-off. It should be classified as gambling. When you lose they are so quick to send you an email or something else on your page and say something to the effect 'sorry you didn't win but get back in there and try again.' I could go for several days and do nothing but win, win, win. Then when they have you hooked for a bit you start going for the bigger prizes and sure enough you lose all of it. Then you try to regain some of your losses only to repeat the cycle over and over. I could go on and on but you get the point I'm sure.
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 19th of Feb, 2013 by   screw-me-not! 0 Votes
Certainly there are better, more reputable skill game sites than Worldwinner.com
one that comes to mind is King.com, there is also Skilladdiction.com, and a host of others.

i'm a member of WW, but it's a sinking ship.
tried voicing my opinions on their "discussion forum" and was blocked lol
saved up "player rewards" points (6 months worth) for a $200 Home Depot gift card, they never sent it!...i contacted them, stated my address on file was correct, the reply i got was "it was probably lost in the mail, we can send another one"...needless to say it was never received either.

i see alot of complaints and i totally agree with most of them, but keep in mind - NO ONE is making you play there!

i jumped as a full-time player from WW to King.com in 2006, the ratio of withdrawing $600 a year at WW, vs. $600+/MO. at King was all it took and i never looked back.

King.com is a UK based site, open to most countries (including USA)

Some of the PRO's that made it easy to switch:

> Very fair ranking

> Tax-Free Money - Because King.com is a UK Based Site, they do NOT report to the IRS = more money in your pocket!
nor should they, i don't report money i make selling on Ebay to the IRS, or at yardsales, or when selling items on Craigslist, or in the newspaper...all forms for "income"

> 65% More games - King adds a new game every 60-90 days on average.

> Smaller "rake" - the amount of money they keep from your cash entry fee = more money in the tournament pot = more money in your pocket.

having been a member of both sites for over 6 years, it's plain to see... Worldwinner.com would rather pay out MORE money to less people in a tournament, and King.com would rather pay out a smaller amount of money to a larger amount of people...so unless your playing with blindfolds on, your bound to win a decent amount...even if it is your entry fee back.

King use to host games such as Bejeweled, Zuma, Tetris, etc., but they decided against paying for the licence to carry those games...once again keeping more money in your pocket.
the games are very similar however, "Candy Crush" is the knock-off to Bejeweled, "Hoop-De-Loop" is the knock-off to Zuma, "Startris" is the knock-off to Tetris, and so on.

TIP - most "skill" based sites only allow 1 gaming ID per household, BUT if your a good enough player, and have some friends / family / co-workers / etc. who don't mind opening up an account in THEIR name, on THEIR computer (different IP address), with as little as a $10 deposit...you can easily play FOR THEM, agreeing on 50-60-70% or MORE of the money you win while they pocket the rest...for doing nothing more than simply opening up an account!
Naturally the naysayers will consider this a form of "cheating", but that's only because you thought of it before they did.
you can let them know, NOWHERE in any of the skill sites rules & reg's does it rule against you playing for someone else on their account, so there's your edge!

...there's a good chance i would have lost my house in 2007 if it weren't for good acquaintances...and that money continues to trickle in to this day based on my own personal skills (yours may vary), but HEY, i can't give away all my secrets.
so yea, if your unhappy...begin again somewhere else, it will take up less time and aggravation vs. bitching about rules they will never change, don't waste your time trying your hand at amateur investigating, and opening up lawsuits, that's money sure to never be recovered...even the people qualified to do those things know it's a dead end.

the only way to bring down these fraudulent companies (such as Worldwinner), is to do the same thing they are doing to it's members, hit them where it hurts - in their pocketbook..by JUMPING SHIP!

- all the best
 9th of Nov, 2013 by   Mythos +1 Votes
I now only play the freebie games. I've never lost much of anything to the games, but I'm glad other people have noticed what I have noticed. I would play freebies at midnight until I earned $5. Then I would play and win and win. Once I hit around $15 I would inexplicably start to lose every game. I realized what might have been happening is that when you win too many games they pit you against people in a much higher skill bracket. It happens every time. Now I only play for free.
 9th of Jan, 2014 by   BDRAMBONE 0 Votes
Worldwinner is semi-legit, but having been a player there, I can say the every single word written on worldwinnersucks dot com is accurate. The scam is that they have it rigged so you keep playing over and over and when all is said and done, you only lose. And what the OP said about them always sending stupid messages about you been outscored to get you to play again, that is 100% true. I left WW and now play on royalgames, it is way better.
 19th of Jan, 2014 by   delilahtoo 0 Votes
If anyone thinks that an online game site is here to give you money then you shouldn't have internet access. The place is designed to get your money. What's so hard to believe about that? Some people claim to win, but over time you will all be losers. Quit now before you lose the farm.
 28th of Jan, 2014 by   cantwin4losing +1 Votes
I agree with a lot of what the other people have said. I'm not great at some of the games, but some of the scores have to be nearly impossible in the time allowed to finish the games. I also play token games, I had over 2 million tokens in January of this year, I now have just over 1 million... am I really that bad at my game?? I don't think so. Ergo my name, cantwin4losing.
To comment on the credit card/pay pal posts, they will automatically allow the money to go through because the CC is there for backup if the pay pal money does not allow the deposit.
 28th of Jan, 2014 by   cantwin4losing +1 Votes
Does worldwinner get to see these comments at any time?? Surely something can be done.
 27th of Feb, 2014 by   mtroy11 0 Votes
Worldwinner is definately a scam. They use bots to beat your scores and fix certain games like solataire rush where they make it impossible for you to win. They promote fair gaming but give people different puzzles, that's fair? How is it fair when you enter they same tournament multiple times you get different puzzles? I have lost thousands on their site because I'm a compulsive gambler. I don't understand why a site like theirs is allowed to operate when it's a gambling site and they operate in the U.S. They are very smart how they operate, they offer you reward points and freerolls.STAY AWAY FROM THEM!
 30th of Mar, 2014 by   tlr10291 0 Votes
I completely agree I have been saying world winner is a rip off too. They ripped me off once not by much I think it was about $6.00 when I e-mailed them they said it was paid to me and it wasn't. But, anyway I am pretty good at some of these games and a lot of them do have
people that score nearly impossible scores. And, a lot of times if you pay attention it is almost always the same people that win the games I e-mailed them about that too, and the next day I won a tournament I won like $27 or something like that I kept winning for a few days and then right back to losing. They also match you up with people that there is no possible way of beating. Total rip off. I think we should try to file a lawsuit.
 22nd of Apr, 2014 by   disgruntledwww +2 Votes
I have played for about 7 years, and have seen a pattern that made me close my account. I had originally played the small money games, but recently started playing for bigger amounts. I know it sounds crazy, but it seemed so apparent that someone else was controlling the cursor, and when I'd be on a roll, the cursor would automatically swing to the left or right and it was as though I had no control over it. It's like when you call customer service for a computer repair and they can get into your computer and then move the cursor...honestly, that's what it felt like. I had gotten so close to winning some high dollar games, and it was always during these times that the cursor would just jump. It was not a problem I had with my computer at any other time. I have no doubt that Worldwinner will be exposed at some point.
 25th of Apr, 2014 by   melibee77 0 Votes
I have been playing off and on for a few years. Recently.. I lost too much money. My fault of course for going.. but I was trying to make my money back only to realize that could never happen. Once you start winning... they pair you with players with scores I have never seen before! I once won on a Bookworm free play.. I could never touch the scores now.. they are so high! I am a pretty good Solitaire Rush player however there is no way I can score 1810 and over! My highest was 1802 and I honestly am not sure how i even did that! I am not sure what is going on but something is not right. I just emailed them and asked them to close my account, I am way out of my league apparently!
 15th of Jan, 2015 by   SeriousGamer +1 Votes
WW is an awful site. Everything about it just stinks from the design and user interface on down. I found Gambit.com a few months ago and it's a great site with only a 2% rake on most games! And they give half of their rake back to the players in drawings every week. The community is awesome, chat room, games are fair, and they also release new games every month or two. They don't have many action games though...mostly turn based classic/casual games. Highly recommend the site, although they use bitcoin, not USD.

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