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World Financial Network National Bank Complaints & Reviews - Harassing phone calls

World Financial Network National Bank Contacts & Informations

World Financial Network National Bank

Posted:    Patricia D.

Harassing phone calls

Complaint Rating:  86 % with 87 votes
Contact information:
World Financial Network National Bank
P.O. Box 659704
United States
Phone: 1 800 675 - 5685
BEWARE!!! You have rights (even against debt collectors)!! World Financial Network National Bank is harassing me morning, noon, & night (this is the only Website I can find on them http://www.debtconsolidationcare.com/wfnnb.html). They start calling me early in the morning and proceed to call all day and night. They ask for me and when I say it's me they hang up most of the time. After much research I was able to obtain their phone number (1 800 675 - 5685 Consumer Relations) and call them (they call from numerous area codes). I finally spoke to a decent person and she put my number on their do not call list. I told her I was filing harassment charges at the New York Police Department if they do not stop calling me. In addition I said I will file a complaint with the FCC and the Attorney General. She was helpful and understood, however, I continued to receive harassing phone calls. I told each caller to stop calling me, otherwise, I'm filing charges (at all the above). Send a “cease to call letter” to them and any other debt collector or sales call. One lowlife representative told me they will continue to call even after they receive the "cease to call letter". Of course, I told her that is against the law and she cannot continue to call me and she replied in a very nasty tone she and other representatives will continue to call. After telling her 10 times not to call and by law (since the company was notified in writing) they cannot call, I just hung up on her (I reported her and the number where she was calling from immediately to Consumer relations dept of this crappy company WFNNB). Hopefully, she will be reprimanded because 5 minutes later I got another call from them. This time it was a gentleman and he said the previous caller was incorrect and should not have spoke to me like that. He told me to make sure I mail the "cease to call" letter immediately. I am giving them 24 hours to stop calling me and if they don’t, I will go to the nearest police department and file harassment charges. It is against the law for them to keep on harassing me. Here is the website for information on New York law http://www.nyc.gov/html/dca/downloads/pdf/debt_collection_fact_sheet.pdf.
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 25th of Aug, 2009 by   112200 0 Votes
without them receiving the cease and desist letter they can still call, just an FYI. they only honor writen requests
 13th of Oct, 2009 by   Trav 0 Votes
Wouldn't it be easier to just pay the bill?
 20th of Oct, 2009 by   shortandblonde1 0 Votes
The wfnnb thinks they are a law-unto-themselves. I made the mistake of opening an account at an Express clothing store and found out the hard way about this financial institution. They have their online payment form set to default for same day payment which incurs a $10.00 service fee. This is their default setting!!! You have to manually change it and if you aren't reading the fine print you will get suckered into this trap. Well, no more! Like Trav mentioned above...it was easier to pay the $10.00 service fee and and forget it. The only thing I can do about this situation is cancel my Express credit card...yep...that is exactly what I did. They need me more than I need them! If I ever open another credit account...stressing the "if"...I will make certain I am not dealing with wfnnb. Good luck to you and take my advice. Don't walk...run...fast...away from this financial institution!
 20th of Oct, 2009 by   beatriz maldonado 0 Votes
I totally agree with the postS above. Never again.

Victoria's Secret "UNFORTUNATELY" uses them also but i WON'T USE THEM AGAIN.

I made a purchase of $221.57 but when I checked my account to pay it off, only a balance of $187.66 were showing on my account.
They never sent me paper or even email statements or notifications when the remaining $33.94 posted 2 weeks later, so I had no idea I had a pending balance.

2 months later, after no statements, they call me saying that I owe them $74.94

I have never been late on a payment. I explained that amount was posted later and I wasn't receiving statements so they said they would waive the fee.

I payed the $33.94 at the store.

2 weeks later, I get another call saying I still have a pending balance!!! and that they won't waive the fees.
I've been on the phone about 10 times this week and it's still not resolved.

so...Never again, not to save $10 on a bra!

seems to me like SCAM ARTIST!
 1st of Nov, 2009 by   unknown321 -1 Votes
I believe that as consumers, we all have aresponsibiltity to pay our bills. A "statement is only a reminder, you know the bill is due, if you charge something, then you know that there is a bill due!!! I DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR YOUR COMPLAINTS. You complain and complain, but you didnt have a problem charging did you? If you mail your bill in, it "possibly"may be a day late then you are going to get charged a late fee. You signed an agreement saying you would pay the bill. Yourproblem!!! Life is not free and neither are bills and especially credit cards:) It is not a scam, your just irresponsible.
 22nd of Nov, 2009 by   Bratgirl3 +1 Votes
I just had it out with the WFNNB over my Victoria's Secret account as well. I closed it after they charged me $60 in late fee when I went to online payments. It's an f'd up system they have. I've been almost all my bills online for a very long time and I've never incurred late payments until this.

Unknow321..go crawl under a rock and die you jerk. I don't feel sorry for a-holes like you that think they are perfect people.
 25th of Nov, 2009 by   Va Beach 0 Votes
I never had any problems with WFNNB but they should beware of what companies they lend money to. I should have investigated this online company called VENUE before ordering from them. I ordered an ipod from them back in Sept. After about 3 weeks of waiting I called to see where the item was and I was told someone would call me in 72 hours. No one did so I called back and was put on hold for about 15 mins. Some chick answered and told me that the item I ordered was a very popular back to school item and it was on back order. So a bill came from VENUE with WFNNB as the bank associated with them and I was to make a payment without ever receiving an item. So the stupid person I was then paid the min payment as i did not want to ruin my credit and with my luck the item would be delivered the day after my payment due date and I would risk paying a late fee. Well, after another few weeks I called VENUE again and was told another BS story. I decided to call the BBB and filed a complaint. When I called the company back to tell them to cancel my order, I was told I would still have to pay my monthly payment for at least two more billing cycles before I was released from any fininancial obligations. I said no I don't b/c I filled a complaint with the BBB and I'm not paying for any unreceived item. Went online today and low and behold I owe nothing! The kicker is I made one$15 payment and they are only refunding me $9. What a rip off from the company and I'm sure the bank doesn't really care. Im not going to stress over $6. I'm just gald its over---so BEWARE of the company---google VENUE and see the consumer complaints. Crazy! Oh yeah, every time I called I kept getting the same guy---found that very odd. I guess they really think consumers are stupid cuz they got me once but neve again.

A little dumb from VA BCH
 14th of Dec, 2009 by   sonny1971 0 Votes
I just have received "Important Information Inside" letter from WFNNB and everybody that got this letter should read it really carefully. They are charging quote" There will be a $1.00 processing fee for every paper statement you receive" and this is not to mention all the other legal stuff that they added in this letter plus increase in APR%.

This bank is something else and if anybody out there knows what accounts they cover please let me know at sonny1971@sbcglobal.net I would like to cancel these ASAP since there is a lot of shady business here.

Any help here greatly appreciated.
 11th of Jan, 2010 by   Profran 0 Votes
Yes that's true! When I called the # & pressd the button that I disgreed with this, a recording came on saying that I just closed my fashion bug card!!!
I've been on the phone with the FTC, the OCC, & I was given this web address to also file a complaint there :
 11th of Jan, 2010 by   Profran 0 Votes
World Financial Network National Bank Complaints

Complaint Rating:
Company information:
World Financial Network National Bank
P.O. Box 659704
United States
Phone: 1 800 675 - 5685
I just called this # & you come to a voice mail to leave a message!!! UGH!!!
 14th of Jan, 2010 by   Smiles4u -1 Votes
This is completely bananas! I find it funny how people like to complain about a ligit company that has been around for years and think that just because YOU close your account with WFNNB at one store they care... I mean come on now, WFNNB finance credit cards for over 100+ stores that every american and foreign lands shop at. For every person they loose they game 3 more in an hour. It's very simple, you charge, you pay! Don't get mad if you get stuck with late fees because you were irresponsible to make your payments. You call WFNNB scam artist, uh no. It's called business and we are a bank. You not making your payments are a risk to WFNNB which is an american grown company. Here is a little insight, WFNNB is a first party Bank. Which means they have their own company issuing the rights to a credit card, and they use their own collection department to collect on those credit cards. So you geniuses out there that think you know the law and think you know how collection agencies are supposed to operate, you need to follow up on the law if you are a first party collector. There are different set of rules. It's funny how some people honestly tell the collectors what's supposed to happen. Clearly you are used to being in debt and being called for you not making payments, so pay your bill. For those who get mad because they get a collection call after 1 missed payment...

1. There is a first time for everything. You are not too perfect to miss a payment. If you are so up on your payments, you would know that every month your payments are due at the same time. Therefore, you would not need a statement to let you know that your payments are due every month, Especially those indivisuals that has been customers for years.

2.WFNNB does not have to call you to let you know you are late. They could just not call you, continue to make contact with you through mail (which you claim you did not receive), and charge for each month that you are late. Yes, they can do that, why? Because they own the credit cards and the rights to the credit card.

3. Don't open a credit card until you're ready to be responsible to make the payments. It's simple. The Stores ask you if you want to apply. You do. You sign. You charge. You Pay!
 23rd of Jan, 2010 by   haveAniceday 0 Votes
I like how people say they need me more than i need them. Not true this isn't the only way we make money. Also plain and simple pay your bill on time every time no problems. Think of it this way i loan money to you i want it back like the agreement says. You guys need to double look your laws cause we don't violate the FDCPA act. Why do you think we aren't in trouble with the law think about it? In conclusion im not perfect but i try my best to pay my dues and if i make a mistake i understand there is penalties.

P.S. I hope you guys dont get pissed but we also are going to charge $1 for each mail statement as of 03/01/10;)
 26th of Jan, 2010 by   t42n24t +1 Votes
After being up all night ill, I finally managed to go to sleep, only to be awaken at 8:15 am.By you guessed it,
World Financial Network National Bank .The lady who did not identify herself, asked to speak to someone named Melissa.I told her that noone lived here by that name.Then she said, "Your Melissa?" I told her no, I am not Melissa, and there was noone that lived here by that name.Then she proceeded to ask me how long I've had this number.I told the Lady that I did not think that was any of her bussiness.Where upon she says to me, "Well, there is a Melissa there as we have had recent contact with her at this number."
Well by this time, you can bet I was well peeved, and told the lady, "Not at this number you didn't!" At which point she told me,
"This call is being recorded, and will be investigated"

So if anyone from, World Financial Network National Bank is reading this...please note there is NOONE by the name of Melissa that lives in my household! I DO NOT have a credit card from World Financial Network National Bank! Nor have I EVER HEARD of
World Financial Network National Bank, until I was rudely woken up after an hour and a half of sleep!

And YES, I am filing a complaint against World Financial Network National Bank for harrassment!
 31st of Jan, 2010 by   lawdhavemercy +1 Votes
Hey smiles4u
Why do you guys issue cards to people whom you know ain't gonna pay? That's some BS right there.
 18th of Feb, 2010 by   employee 2222 -2 Votes
I have been an employee of World Financial Network National Bank for years and this company is not a fraud or a scam. We are a Federal Bank and follow Federal guidelines. All the negative comments from consumers stem from people that borrow money and give every reason in the book to not make payments on time and then complain when they are given a late fee. In fact the "I never got my bill" excuse is ridiculous. If you knew you made a purchase and received merchandise and "never received a bill" wouldnt you contact your creditor and find out why instead of letting it ride for months and then get upset because there are late fees? RIDICULOUS ... If you let someone borrow money you would make every attempt possible to get paid back. The phone calls are made to the phone numbers that the customer provides ... if it is a wrong # not our fault ... RESOLUTION - DONT APPLY FOR CREDIT IF YOU DO NOT INTEND TO MAKE PAYMENTS ON TIME ...
 3rd of Mar, 2010 by   MyGoodCredit 0 Votes
I have no credit cards with this company or any of their branded credit cards.

I have told them that they have the wrong person but they ignore me and continue to be rude during the call.

They have harassed me for more that a month.

They have never sent anything in writing about this false debt.

I have written the letter to have them stop. As soon as I have the receipt for delivery of the letter, it will be added to the case file with the State's Attorney General.

These people are truly unbelievable in their constant harassment.
 14th of Mar, 2010 by   Carol Freeman -1 Votes
I have worked in Customer Service for many years before I came to work for WFNNB. I have never in my life come in contact with so many ridiculous people. The customers of WFNNB are at the top of the list for absurd idiots. I listen to people all day give excuse after excuse for not paying their debt. "I am out of work" yet I am talking to you on my cell phone ??? Also - i just went and made a purchase in the store ?? UNBELIEVABLE!!! The other good one is I am filing bankruptcy but I have racked up $500 in purchases in the last few months. I cant believe that people get mad when they are called because they are late on their bill. When WFNNB adds late fees because they havent paid their bill in 2 months they are pissed. Dont apply for credit with us unless you plan on following the terms and conditions of the agreement. PAY ON TIME OR GET A LATE FEE - OR BETTER YET ... DONT APPLY FOR CREDIT IF YOU CANT PAY YOUR BILL.
 22nd of Mar, 2010 by   Credit Collector 0 Votes
It is kinda funny to read most of these posts about WFNNB. I truly believe most people need to become more informed before they just start splurting uneducated information out. The people that do the most complaining are those in fact the ones that are not paying their bills on time. If you want to be a responsible card holder you need to actually read the card holder agreement before you accept that store discount and open an account and that goes for any bank not just WFNNB. Everyone knows that credit cards all have terms to how they must be paid back and if you don't conform with the agreement you are going to be charged fees regardless of the bank. The bank is in the business to make money, so yes they like it when some of the customers go behind so a fee can be charged. That is how banks make money. With the all the new credit card laws going into effect you are going to see banks coming up with new fees like the "1" fee for a statement but because of the new laws the paper expense to send statements has increased. Most companies will let you waive that fee if you register online for statements. But really it is not the credit card companies that got the American people in debt, it was the American people continually living outside of their means and depending on credit. Let's just lay the blame on where it really deserves to be laid.
 28th of Apr, 2010 by   Angry Lady Consumer 321 +2 Votes
This is towards the supposed WFNNB employee who is defending that institution. Your statement and I quote "All the negative comments from consumers stem from people that borrow money and give every reason in the book to not make payments on time and then complain when they are given a late fee. In fact the "I never got my bill" excuse is ridiculous, " is grossly inaccurate. Not to mention insulting. First of all, I have excellent credit and up till dealing with your beloved bank, an excellent credit rating. I have over three thousand dollars currently in my checking account. Secondly, how dare you assume that the people that are complaining on here are deadbeats? I was TRYING to give WFNNB my money, trying to send an electronic check, and they screwed me royally by a) not telling me their bank would not accept my electronic payment, b) after taking my payment on the phone, for which they are famous because they love the extra $10 fee, I called my bank and put a stop payment on the check they had sent on my behalf when they could not connect electronically with WFNNB, as I had just paid by phone. When I called to find out why I could not make a payment electronically, they said it was because my check had been returned. I pointed out that because the stupid bank would not accept my electronic payment (and by the way, every other freaking vendor on the planet accepts from Chase Manhattan Bank), and I paid the $10 for the over-the-phone payment before I found out my bank had sent the payment on my behalf in the mail, and only THEN did I put a stop payment on it, it was therefore their fault they didn't notice I had ALREADY made a payment. I spoke to a WFNNB supervisor who told me and I quote "sometimes we are able to connect with banks electronically, sometimes we are not." I was blown away, asking, what??? In the blessed 21-st Century? Then I was told I had to wait three months before I could make another electronic payment. So... instead of making the minimum $14 payment, I sent them $150, just to shut them up and because dealing with them was making me sick. Two months goes by and I'm wondering, where are my invoices? Thinking they were satisfied with the $150 and no invoices were being mailed to me, I didn't dwell on it too much. Invoices come at all times of the month, I'm a busy woman, so I figured all is well and they would send one when it was time. Surprise...I get a call at 7 a.m. on a Sunday morning to WFNNB announcing I was 60 days past due. I was livid. First, I asked, why didn't you call me 30 days ago? Second, where are my freaking invoices? Again, they told me the same thing they told everybody else on here who is complaining, that I signed up for electronic invoices--hello, I did NOT. I checked my deleted items, inbox--NADA. Further, when I attempted to make another electronic payment and it did not go through, and I called up to find out why, being as my 3 month supposed penalty period was up, they told me "WE NEVER ACCEPT ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS FROM ANY OTHER BANK BUT WFNNB." I was speechless. They insisted they sent me electronic invoices--they are LYING. So, my credit rating has been damaged, these guys are clearly scamming people for late fees and $10 phone payments, and they insist theys sent me invoices when they did not. And by the way, since you're so smug about your lovely employer, why are there no blogs about Citibank, or Chase Manhattan, or any other upright institution? It's because WFNNB is a crooked, shoddy operation that has a butt-hole buddy relationship with the Better Business Bureau, which would explain why the latter gives them an A+ rating on their website, in spite of hundreds of complaints. A+ my arse. So take your snotty "I love my company" attitude and SHOVE IT.
 8th of May, 2010 by   employ2222 -1 Votes
To Angry Consumer 321 - You are as ridiculous as the rest. Why would you wait 60 days to get a call from a lender telling you that you are late? First of all it is not the responsibility of WFNNB to call you when you are late nor is it our responsbility to call you and ask if you got your statement. You made the purchases - and it is YOU that is liable to manage your account. The bank shouldnt have to hold your hand and make sure you are receiving your statements and paying your bill. If you dont receive a statement (yeah right) call them and let them know. No you just sit there for 2 months to see if maybe you will get one. Most of the consumers who dont get a statement fail to call and update their information if they move or change their e mail address but somehow that is our fault too. CRAZY ... How would WFNNB know that you had sent a payment thru your bank? I guess we are supposed to be mind readers too. The $10 fee is for those who wait til the last minute to pay their bill and the payment myst be posted that day to avoid the late fee. I guess that is our fault too that consumers call the same day the payment is due to make a payment ??? Your credit rating was damaged because you failed to follow up properly on your account. And by the way the call you received at 7am was not WFNNB must have been another bill you didnt pay - our dialer begins at 8am. GET A LIFE ... No response necessary

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