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WAVE BROADBAND, Port Orchard, Washington Complaints & Reviews - INTERNET SPEED

WAVE BROADBAND Contacts & Informations


Posted:    Mat G


Complaint Rating:  50 % with 4 votes
Contact information:
McCormick Wood
Port Orchard, Washington
United States
Speed problem for 1.5M&6M NOT for 10M&18M, Port Orchard, McCormick Wood. <br />
<br />
I have been with WB (Wave Broadband) since December, 2007. The problem happens during PEAK HOUR typically between 7 to 11:30 PM, the speed drops to 25% - 50%. Every time the incident occurs, WB will ask me to use the ethernet cable instead of wireless (plug&unplug), reboot the modem and do speed test about 10 times (10 sounds official – I guess). <br />
<br />
Then WB will arrange Technician to come to my place to look for the SOURCE OF PROBLEM. Now they dirty my carpet and hardwood floor. Technician is pretending doing something at the main box at sidewalk as well as panel attached to the home. Then, test the modem. Next, give me a yellow slip (receipt) that noted everything is okay during the visit (day time).<br />
<br />
After I learn that I have been fooled by the WB's charade, every time the speed drop by 10% or more I got credit for 1 day (if I am willing to hold for 15min but NO MORE plugging Ethernet cable & speed test & Technician). So those who have 18M or 10M will get priority and left over bandwidth is for 6M or 1.5M. I have suggested WB to sell this portion of area to Comcast or others.<br />
<br />
WOW, playing charade almost 2 years - thanks WB.<br />
<br />
Below is dated and name of person that I have talk to (not complete list)<br />
05/29/08 – Devin<br />
11/08/08 – Leon<br />
11/08/08 – Dave<br />
11/14/08 – Ralph<br />
11/27/08 – Dave<br />
12/05/08 – Andy<br />
07/22/09 – Ryan<br />
08/05/09 – Vallet<br />
09/26/09 – Sheila<br />
09/27/09 – Mary<br />
10/31/09 – Ryan<br />
11/17/09 – Danish
Comments United States Internet Providers
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 1st of May, 2011 by   nelsontia64 0 Votes
we have moved to camano island about a year and a half ago, since then we are not getting the internet speed we are paying for, same complaint as above. we just upgraded to 50 and our speed test reads like 12-13. when they came out two days ago to install a new modem for the upgraded speed, they left and my internet didn't work at all, they did not even test it before they left, I called and had to wait 2-3 hours for them to come back, then they said the new modem was bad and they didn't have another one so they would have to return next day. so I changed my plans and waited they showed up and spent a while on it. then they told me they brought the same modem as the day before that they had told me was bad and said it works now but my upload speed wasn't what it was supose to be. so now 2 days later when I can't even load a page, I am one the phone with them, they tell me to unplug the router and plug computer directly into the modem, then test. still not speed it is supose to be. Now I have to wait 4 days for a tech to come out again, this has happened several times since I have lived here. they usually say that it's because of the peak times. It is a total ripoff. we are paying for top speeds and should be getting top speeds or only paying for lowests speeds. I don't have time to sit here every day and test my computer speeds for them. then when they come out they say they don't have the copy of the test speeds I recorded, and oh it works fine right now, just call us if you have any more problems. I wonder how many other people are paying extra for top speeds and only getting lowest speeds? everyone need to report it to the BBB and attorney general's office maybe we will start getting some money back for not getting the service we are being billed for. I am going to start calling everyday and have my account noted that I am not getting the proper speed, then maybe hire a lawyer to fight this in court. wave is the only service I have out here on camano island and we are gamers and on the internet all day. have to have something.

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