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Virgin Broadband Complaints & Reviews - Totally useless company!

Virgin Broadband Contacts & Informations

Virgin Broadband

Posted:    Steven Lukins

Totally useless company!

Complaint Rating:  97 % with 36 votes
I have never in my life found a company as useless as Virgin Media. They make every single thing as complicated as they possibly can. Contacting them is a complete nightmare. I know as soon as my contract is up with them I'm leaving and I would not recommend them to anyone.
Comments United Kingdom Internet Services
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 4th of Jul, 2007 by   steve johnston 0 Votes
I am a customer of virgin I have an 18 month contract on a mobile and a broadband connection that is as slow as dial up.

I tried to get a deal for the both i talked to virgin but as there is no published deal there was no need to warrant a deal and I could not be helped. So I asked, as I think it is a bloody cheek I have to pay a £5 administrator fee as they cocked up the direct debit.

Could I pay for the slow BB on a direct debit basis but only if they could take it at the beginning of the month. The answer I received was NO. I have 6 months to run on my mobile, I hope to also move in that period so I might move to an area they don't have virgin (fingers crossed).
 18th of Jul, 2007 by   zsoltimatrix 0 Votes
CRAP!! Dial-up is better! Useless shit! Worthless crap! I can`t believe they are doing this and still alive!!!
 27th of Jul, 2007 by   Gary Taylor 0 Votes
I entirely agree, absolute rubbish. I'm already out of my contract and I do not intend to renew it. NTL were bearable, but Virgin are taking the piss. Not only is my speed lower on average than it was before, it also slumps to obscene lows. And for all this, I'm getting charged an extra penny per month, AND I wasn't informed that it'd be going up!
 11th of Aug, 2007 by   frustratedsmartwoman 0 Votes
Virgin are toss. My '10 meg' connection consistently comes up about 0.4 meg on speed tests. It's slower than dial-up to browse most of the time. Engineer coming in 2 weeks - no doubt some fucking monkey who doesn't know his arse from his elbow.
 12th of Aug, 2007 by   Mike Griffin 0 Votes
Anyone even tried playing online games like on xbox live. People constantly tell you "woah man you must have a really shit connection" DAMN RIGHT! If i go to my friends house its like playing a completely different game they are with talk talk and you would think virgin would be faster than them BUT NO! My friends talk talk connection is near flawless and mines sucks balls I HATE YOU VIRGIN AND STOP FU***NG ADVERTISING A FAST BROADBAND WHEN YOUR SLOWER THAN A PREGNANT COW!!!
 1st of Sep, 2007 by   Dawn Dakin 0 Votes
I bought a brand new computer at the beginning of August, which has run like a dream, However last saturday (25th August) I made the fatal mistake of having broadband installed by Virgin Media. Due to incompatibility problems. It hasn't installed correctly, and now we turn the computer on before we go to bed to have it loaded by morning it takes that long to load!!! After several phone calls, to Virgin and even more to the premium rate number I am still waiting for them to resolve the problem. I have never come across such incompetence within an organization! If Steve Stewart (Managing Director of Customer Care) reads this maybe he could offer some explanation for the poor service Virgin's paying customers receive.
 14th of Oct, 2007 by   jordan smith 0 Votes
I agree Virgin are S**T cant play a single online game without lag and then I read a magazine and see a ad for virgin and think holy cr*p! The worst Internet I ever used think there the best!
 29th of Oct, 2007 by   lisaterry 0 Votes
Ive just said I'd cancel my package of broadband phone and tv unless its sorted... guess what - everything is fine now!!
 2nd of Nov, 2007 by   Brian Wilkinson 0 Votes
I totally agree with all the previous comments, i was with NTL, that was with 500k connection it was faster than the current 6 to 8mgb!, since virgin took over NTL, suffice to say, useless, moved to virgin.net, they are taking £27.99 per month, mmm yes sir only £19.99 like hell. Now i find NTL (aka Virgin) are still taking £25 per month out of my account!!, it takes on average 3 days to get through, usually to some incompetent idiot would fire if working for me.

I will be writing to sir dickie! at his home address from now on!

When you get one of the pimple faced kids (sorry experts ha!) they start spouting it is in our contract sir, yeah well get this you have broken the contract, also remember your verball promises of a connection speed & cost of, constitute a verball contract also. so it looks like with us all they have broken the terms of the contract, regarding services to be provided, no notification of cost increases, & also committing theft, taking money for a service they said they cut (NTL) the service because i hadn't paid, but they still managed to take it from my account for the three months with virgin, two with a connection.

I don't need this I rely on a internet connection for work, then to have continually spend time sorting it out, my blood pressure cant take it. I am reporting them to Watchdog, Trading standards etc. Please all do the same.

I could rant for hours on this lot!!!
Regards BJW
 24th of Nov, 2007 by   Mrs Amanda Crook 0 Votes
Virgin media are the biggest waste of space ever! Slow connection, rudest staff on the planet, incompetent useless mindless people running the whole sham of a company. They make every little thing so difficult and when you want to leave them, they give you as many wrong numbers to ring to make difficult for you.

I even had a hang up call from one Asian man from Virgin after I had asked for the correct number to ring so I could change providers; Virgin employs rude and aggressive staff. They should be ashamed of them selves.

The best thing about Virgin joke media is when you have left and you know that you never have to deal with them again.

I would recommend them to my worst enemy but that's about it!

RUBBISH is the only way to describe this joke of a company!
 5th of Dec, 2007 by   David Padley 0 Votes
I'm on the 8MB, £17.99, no contract plan and it is utterly useless. It started off okay then began slowing up in the evenings (throttling I guess) and now it's useless all the time. I rarely get a ping below 300ms which precludes gaming, which is the main reason I got it in the first place. They have stopped replying to my polite and occasional emails asking them whether they are restricting my speed. It has got nothing to do with hardware or software or the exchange.

I am moving in a couple of months and thereafter will avoid Virgin (the whole brand) at all costs.
 11th of Jan, 2008 by   brendon higgins 0 Votes
virgin virgin virgin. terrible service slower then dial up most of the time, expensive support number where no responsibility is accepted.Expect 1 twentyith of your advertized speed or do yourself a favour and avoid this company at all costs.
 13th of Jan, 2008 by   John Shore 0 Votes
We are suffering. No broadband conections on a daily basis usely at peack times when most people are at home.

We have been let down with missed dates for repirs , they have changed the modem, but we still have problems the Virgin service is apalling I am desprete to move can any one recomend a good service.
 6th of Feb, 2008 by   Phil H 0 Votes
Virgin Broadband Advertising is illegal.
They are the worst ISP in the UK bar none.

My 8 meg speed was max (i am close to the exchange etc) and then they capped me.
They have openly admitted to me they cap using the (Post Code Area Method) Not individual usage.
My speed that THEY told me i was capped to for 2 months was.wait for it............100k I jest you not.

They are a bunch of cowboys who do not know their arses from their elbos. Avoid this crap and go with ANYONE else.
 16th of Mar, 2008 by   ranting 0 Votes
i totally agree utter , useless , dreadfull company , and exspensive for what you get in return :(
 11th of Apr, 2008 by   michael palmer 0 Votes
Virgin Broadband is unbelivable!

We are on the 2mb base package (but it has never been 2mb) then a couple of days ago for no apparent reason it slowed to less than dial-up speeds. We rang up and spoke to someone in India who sent round a monkey the next morning. The monkey told us we needed a new modem so fitted one and left in a rush. Failing to mention that due to a "software change" we wouldnt have internet for another 36hrs.. Now that we do have internet again its still unbaerably slow. What kind of a service is that. I would like to go round to beardy's house and shove my modem right up his ar**...
 1st of May, 2008 by   Lewis Jones 0 Votes
Virgin broadband is the worst load of crap i have ever seen in my life. It took me literally 15 minutes to load this page and i am sick of my connection being laggy constantly even though i always have a a good connection to my router. I have had several speed tests done and my everage download speed is les than 10 kb/ps when its supposed to be around 1000
 1st of May, 2008 by   Lewis Jones 0 Votes
I think i made my point
 4th of May, 2008 by   Mr Parker 0 Votes
Avoid this ISP at ALL costs!!! Avoid this ISP at ALL costs!!! Avoid this ISP at ALL costs!!! Avoid this ISP at ALL costs!!! Avoid this ISP at ALL costs!!! Avoid this ISP at ALL costs!!! Avoid this ISP at ALL costs!!! Avoid this ISP at ALL costs!!! Avoid this ISP at ALL costs!!! Avoid this ISP at ALL costs!!! Avoid this ISP at ALL costs!!! Avoid this ISP at ALL costs!!! Avoid this ISP at ALL costs!!!
 20th of Jun, 2008 by   Angry Gav 0 Votes
They are driving me CRAZY!
Speeds fluctuate unbelievably! Happy one day with connection speed, the next - 400kb/s...on a 4Mb contract.
Virgin said?
"400kb/s is perfectly acceptable for a 4Mb contract"

...um...No...No, it's not...

Customer service is a call centre in India, premium priced phone call. 50/50 whether you get to speak with someone pleasant who actually KNOWS what they're doing, not reading a script.

Ex Telewest/Blueyonder. My WORD, I'd give anything to have those guys back again instead of this joke of an company.

Avoid Virgin Broadband like the PLAGUE! Otherwise you'll be WISHING you had the plague instead of dealing with this lot.
Be warned, they'll shorten you're life by at least 8 years...

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