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TWX Magazine, California Complaints & Reviews - False charges against my credit card

TWX Magazine Contacts & Informations

TWX Magazine

Posted:    Cali Man

False charges against my credit card

Complaint Rating:  83 % with 12 votes
Contact information:
Time Warner
United States
To the "obviously thorough" people who keep writing in suggesting that people are not paying attention. Not reading the fine print, or whatever, I suggesst that you pay a little closer attention to what the complainants are saying. Chances are that you have "no" idea what the complaintants situation is. And if so many people are complaining, then there is definately a consumer problem with both parties from the selling side.

I was checking my account to be sure I had enough to subscribe to Blue Mountain e cards so I could send out cards to friends for Christmas, when I saw a charge that I have no idea how this was done. This is who charged me: TWX*ENTERTAINMENT WKLY
800-828-6882 NY. I have not been offered any subscription. Nor have I received any magazines. I have not called anyone yet, as it is Christmas Eve. Great way to start Christmas though. At 1:32 am. No more Best Buy for me, even though I didn't buy anything there. At least not this year. And time warner? If I know it's a time warner product, unless I have NO choice, I want nothing to do with it. I hope I'm not held up to long on this. And I'll be looking for the class action suit.

Comments United States Credit Cards
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 4th of Sep, 2008 by   Bill 0 Votes

TWX Magazine - Stole credit card numbers
TWX Magazine
United States

Some how, TWX magazine subscriptions got our credit card number and tried to use it. They had the exp. date wrong so our card company caught the attempt and stopped it. We had never heard of this obvious crooked company.
 15th of Sep, 2008 by   lee 0 Votes

TWX Magazine - did not buy this product
twz magazine
17406 e. 7th
United States

I just looked at my bank statment and saw a charge for 24.00 dollars on my bank statment and i never even ordered this magazine this is rediculous how can they do this to people now i have to call and fight with my bank about this.
 22nd of Sep, 2008 by   Jackie Undercoffer 0 Votes

TWX Magazine - unauthorized withdrawal from checking account
TWX Magazine
United States

There is an unauthorized pending debit in the amount of $2.01 from my checking account that I noticed while checking my online bank statement. I called my bank and they said it was from TWX Magazine, which I know nothing about. Repeated attempts to reach a live person have been fruitless.
 22nd of Sep, 2008 by   stacey 0 Votes
I was charged but do not know what for .How do I stop this?Please help me.
 28th of Sep, 2008 by   Trevor Stout 0 Votes

TWX Magazine - fraudulant charges
United States

I have a charge of 2.01 on my checking account and I haven't ordered any magazines and have never heard of this company.
 3rd of Oct, 2008 by   Frank Salazar 0 Votes
I just checked my card and I found pending charges for TWX magazine. I just wondering for this charges since we never subscribe this magazine. What should I do?
 30th of Nov, 2008 by   Karen 0 Votes
this is ridiculous
same thing happened to me, but they actually took my money.
 9th of Dec, 2008 by   cacitybird 0 Votes

United States

For all those who've experienced unauthorized transactions to your bank account--you need to have your debit card #s changed ASAP so that other transactions won't be charged to your account.
 22nd of Jan, 2009 by   Stacy M 0 Votes
I just got hit with the same charge at my bank and I have not authorized any magazines to my credit card either! Thank you for your post as I did not know who they were much less how to find a number to TWX*ENTERTAINMENT. I just disputed this with my bank. Did you get any resolution to your unauthorized charge?
 20th of Feb, 2009 by   cats311 0 Votes

TWX Magazine - want to cancel
lorraine johnston
311 s main st
North Dakota
United States
Phone: 701-454-6341

i keep getting a 2.10 deduction from my account [checking] and i would like it to stop. how do i do this?
from lorraine johnston
 1st of Apr, 2009 by   donald and shannon tomlin 0 Votes

TWX Magazine - unathorized withdrawl
twx magazine
United States

Twx magazine took money out of my account. i had never even ordered from them nor have i even heard of them before. just saw that they had took money out of my bank account.not sure how they got my imformation. beware of these people!!!
 8th of Apr, 2009 by   oncebeguhn 0 Votes

TWX Magazine - false charges
TWX Magazines
United States

I found 3 charges on my Credit card made by this company not authorized by me totaling $90 from them; I never ordered anything from them so they got my card by stealing the number.
 27th of Apr, 2009 by   sugarbabe061 0 Votes

TWX Magazine - money charged to card
United States

I looked at my credit card statement online and noticed they charged me for 49.00 for a magazine i didn t order and when i contacted them i told them that i didnt order it. when and where do i get my money back.
 27th of May, 2009 by   Amaraltx 0 Votes
Same thing just happened to me... the only thing I left the house for this last Saturday was to buy canvases at Texas Art Supply... and I show the Texas Art charge and a $29.95 charge for TIME MAGAZINE both on that same day... and I did not LEAVE THE HOUSE FOR ANYTHING ELSE... I was never OFFERED TIME MAGAZINE, have NEVER subscribed to it... and surely have no intention of subscribing now...

Tomorrow I will be calling my CC and paying Texas Art a visit to talk to the manager..
 13th of Jun, 2009 by   zippitydoodah 0 Votes
took 27.50 out of our account for no reason, no one even ordered any magazines or anything magazine related.
 13th of Jun, 2009 by   GORIS 0 Votes
CALL 1-800-586-2710 YOU CAN SPEAK TO A REP
 19th of Aug, 2009 by   jennifermoore1964 0 Votes

TWX Entertainment weekly - Unauthorized charges
United States

I answerd an add for one dollar for entertainment weekly and twx charged my credit card 40. 00 without my permission. This caused them to block my card. I need that money back,
 22nd of Aug, 2009 by   susan_friend 0 Votes

TWX Magazine - stealing money
United States

I was charged $31.00 to my checking account for a magazine I never ordered. please be aware of these people, and here is the number to talk to an actual person...1-800-586-2710
 9th of Sep, 2009 by   Gary H. Dunham 0 Votes

TWX Magazine - Unauthorized Withdrawal
Gary H. Dunham
4850 Grakeintemple Ct.
North Carolina
United States
Phone: 1-336-754-4006

On 9-9-2009 I was charged 22.00 for TWX magazine order which no one in my household knows anything about. This unauthorized charge from them needs to be reimbursed and not repeated.
 13th of Oct, 2009 by   SusanAL 0 Votes
This happened to me as well and I'm not even living in the US. You can complain or request a refund on their website at https://www.magcustomerservice.com/wss/home.do#anchor_bullet_1
as I cannot reach them by phone 800 586 2710

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