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Trustaff Complaints & Reviews - To reveal the true face

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Posted:    fellowRN

To reveal the true face

Complaint Rating:  98 % with 40 votes
Contact information:
Trustaff Travel Nursing Agency
United States
Watch out for this agency as you can't trust them and they will offer you fake promises. I have my own experience through them. I moved from Florida to Dallas leaving my best paying job behind just taking these guys words and ended up in an entirely new place without a job. Not only i didn't get the job i was promised, as the hospital didn't had a vacancy(which i was unaware of) and infact they didn't even receive any records about my contract. The agaency disagreed to reimburse my expenses for the move. They were not even courteous enough to answer my phone calls thereafter.
Comments United States Employment, Staffing, Recruiting Agencies
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 3rd of Feb, 2011 by   Shelly, RN 0 Votes
I recently accepted a 3wk contract in IA. The pay I was promised ended up being $300 short a payweek. (I was not the only traveler with Trusfaff up there that their check was also short) My recruiter promised me a bonus to make up for pay loss, she said her manager had agreed to it. I found out today, it had a stipulation: I had to except an extension assisgnment before I got that bonus. I remember questioning a few parts of the contract but took my recruiter's word. BIG MISTAKE! Mind you, I'm not a new traveler, so I really feel stupid at this point and I realize that there is not a damn thing I can do about it.(except to warn other travelers) The big money offered up front is not what your going to get, it's a blended rate(my first experience) no matter what your recruiter tells you. I even told my recruiter that I would blog their company. We, as travel nurses show up in short notices and bust our ass for our company to find out later they put the screws to us. We deserve to know which company's are BAD and a big MISTAKE to TRUST or WORK for them.
 16th of Feb, 2011 by   Cinnamon 0 Votes
I'm about to take them to court!!! PAM Oliver is a liar and a fake azz person. The staff are liars and need to be shutdown!!
 18th of Feb, 2011 by   Shelly, RN 0 Votes
I totally agree! Good luck in court! I hope they get what they deserve!
 3rd of Jan, 2013 by   kimcreed 0 Votes
Currently on assignment with trustaf and highly unsatisfied with them. My job fortunatly is great and I just started an extension but when this is over I will never work for this agency again. Have had multiple problems with pay, unreliable communications...been through three recruiters in as many months and now they won't even take my calls...don't answer emails...they charge me almost twice what my housing actually costs and they charge the facility my full wage for on call hours but pay me less then $3.00/hr. They PUSH assignments on you...even when you tell them that you don't want this sort of work or location (this is my experience in a different regional office of Trustaff) Highly unorganized with paper work...sent me timesheets with incorrect information and fax numbers...told me incorrect dates to sign up for benefits...the list is endless and like I said, when they get tired of your complaints or cant offer any justification they simply ignore you. NEVER NEVER AGAIN WITH THESE PEOPLE...beware...this company is under the umbrella of AMERICAN MOBILE as well
 26th of Jan, 2013 by   Determined! 0 Votes
I took an assignment with Trustaff and I was quoted one rate of pay by my recruiter, worked extremely hard to get all my paper work submitted, pre-employment screening done and when my contract was submitted to me a lower rate of pay was on the contract. I was devasted! My recruiter SS acted like he couldnt remember the initial rate of pay that he offered me. He told me that I was trying to beat the company out of their money. This happened two days before I had to leave for my assignment. I told him that I didn't like being offered one rate of pay and a lower amount put on the contract. I told him that I was not going on the assignment because of that. I don't like Trickery! I had left my full time job to take this assignment. Quite tearful I called the Manager at the assigned hospital and explained to her what happened and apologized for not being able to come to work there. I wish I had read these reviews before I dealt with Trustaff. I would encourage any nurse to read the reviews because they are real! This happened to me 2013.
 16th of Dec, 2013 by   Traveler RCIS 0 Votes
I am currently on assignment with Trustaff and have given my 2 weeks notice. As the company REFUSES to pay me my housing and food per diems for hours the hosp calls me off. Worked less than 15 hrs over Thanksgiving so only got per diem for hrs worked. How can anyone work for that? Im sure they will put the screws to me these last 2 weeks also.
 27th of May, 2014 by   CJRN 0 Votes
Took a second assignment with Trustaff. Heading to Florida. The hospital gave me no orientation, then floated me to a floor I had never worked on once again with no orientation. I complained to my recruiter explaining the unsafe situation at the hospital and the risk they were putting on my license. Then I show up to work to find out from the hospital that the floor I'd never worked on I'd be the first to work on everyday I was there. I refused the unsafe assignment, was threatened, insulted and attempted intimidation by their admin. All reported in great detail to my recruiter. The contract was cancelled, the company reversed my paycheck that was paid the previous Friday and I am certain I will never see a dime of the one owed to me the following week. They had already taken out housing etc., to add I spent $500 of my own money not reimbursed to get to and from this assignment. Now recruiters are dodging and not returning my calls even though they were "on my side" last week and looking for me a new assignment.
 5th of Feb, 2015 by   Withoutname2012 0 Votes
Trustaff cannot be trusted for the following reasons: Cancel contracts before assignment begins; quote a wage then change it lower;
all paperwork submitted and complied with company requests, only to have been hired by hospital, then Trustaff cancels contract before assignment begins. Went to one assignment after hired by hospital, travelled across the USA to arrive to assignment, only to
find out Trustaff breached contract without cause, they didn't even care, only laughed, even when I had contract in hand on arrival to
job. Hospital frustrated too. BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD Company!!!
 5th of Feb, 2015 by   Withoutname2012 0 Votes
Glad Trustaff cancelled my contract, or breached the contract before it was started, so I don't have to lose money with them as others
have reading the negative comments. Everybody, PLEASE SUE this company out of business fast for the sake of our healthcare
profession. Trustaff thinks healthcare provider employees they hire are cheap, don't work for them, they will treat you horribly, then
will try to ruin your name in the healthcare arena. Stop using Trustaff everyone. The few of you out there who aren't have trouble with
Trustaff, good for you, you probably have a great recruiter then, the other recruiters are not good and some even will mislead with false
promises, even after the contract is in black and white, Trustaff will not honor the contract, and they don't care if they are sued.
Go elsewhere, and have a good life and fun!!! You won't find it here.

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