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Posted:    from UAE


Complaint Rating:  32 % with 25 votes
Contact information:
Romana Water
United Arab Emirates
Last week a Salesman from Romana water LLc visited and marketed their product saying that they are the only mineral water company existed in Dubai and rest all the water supply companies supply just drinking water and not mineral water.Hence to test the water I did buy two bottle(as that was the offer for AED 14 along with the machine.Each bottle cost AED 7/-.)The taste of water is different and not satisfactory.Kindly give me some knowledge on this company?
Comments United Arab Emirates Home & Garden
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 30th of Sep, 2010 by   homersimpsons +1 Votes
using romana for 8 yrs, sales people may say many things, i hope u are from some other water
company who is afraid that ROMANA will capture the market.god bless u
 22nd of Nov, 2010 by   ANUsharjah 0 Votes
Had been using Romana water for a month..this time we realized, romana water was tasting just like normal tap water.Complaint was given & they wanted me to pay to replace the bottle.. whatever i wouldnt mind paying it atleast if their marketing manager, one 'sheila' it seems, , , who dealt with the matter had been polite enough..
 4th of Oct, 2011 by   Phil Alec 0 Votes
The service is horrible and the purity of water is not upto the mark. It once tasted of chlorine. Please do not buy Romana water. A friend of ours had tested the TDS level of romana because they had a newborn... When the tested the water they got to know that the water is worse than tap water!!
We stopped using Romana... I use Al Bayan now and the service and water purity is good.. Palm springs is also OK.
Never Go For ROMANA !!!
 17th of Jan, 2012 by   Manu Sharjah 0 Votes
it seems that it is not a complaint or suggestion site but a marketing site for the brand which various people like. You should be fair enough when publishing something about some product and you should provide your complete details if you are fair. For instance I shifted from Al Bayan to Romana and the last 4 years enjoying thier water without any difference in taste or complaints. It is purely individual to go after different brands but one's growth show their quality on product and service. You cannot simply deny that fact and the so called Phil Alec report is totally biased.
Manohar, Sharjah.
 1st of Feb, 2012 by   Abcina 0 Votes
Romana water is a sub standard product! I hope the Municipality would conduct an analysis for its quality. Customer service is poor too. The salesman from whom I had purchased it made me believe that the dispenser they provide is free and asked to sign in a paper. Unfortunately, I did not read it. Once the coupon got expired, I handed over the bottles and said I am discontinuing. They asked me to return the dispenser also as it was not for free and I had agreed and signed. Either their salesmen are unaware of their policies or they are doing it purposely to cheat the customers. Since I discarded the poor quality dispenser I am asked to pay for it! PLEASE DONOT USE ROMANA WATER.
 14th of Feb, 2012 by   awatef 0 Votes
I'm a new customer for Romana water. today, I called them to have a Galon of water from their company and guess what... the bottle is well packed with plastic but the bottle is used??? how come??? did they fill the used bottles that they bring from other customers, pack the mouth ofthe bottle and sell it again? what is this? I have a baby and sometimes she palys with the empty bottle I have before exchanging it. do you think it's safe to sell a used bottle to people 7 AED is not cheep! tomorrow I will call them to bring me another one otherwise I will cancel my 11 prepaid bottles. it's really discusting
 13th of Jul, 2012 by   Jacob Mathew 0 Votes
i am existing customer of romana for the last 4 years. Never had issue with their service ever since i relocated my flat to silicon oasis. the delivery guy is not working on wednesdays, he forgets to deliver them on Thursdays and will manage deliveries only between 8 to 6pm when no one is at home. i happened to contact the line managers and to my dismay, they are worse than the drivers. they have recommended me to "adjust" using other makes of water till their next schedule. Good advise..as i never knew how to manage my needs without their recommendations!!!For your info..the MD of Romana..please hire dedicated staff or else you will have to shut this business.. Jacob
 15th of Dec, 2012 by   Sami Al Tayyer 0 Votes
I too bought the 25 coupen booklet. the water is ordinaly as other company, But Romana is charging high. Service is very bad. It takes 3-4 Calls and 1 to 2 days of follow to get water. Some times I have to go to the shop to buy water till the time the water is delivered.
I am not satisfied and want to get the return for the balance coupens but their policy do not agree to this.
 18th of May, 2013 by   basharat.alvi 0 Votes
assalam-o -alaikum.i bought two bottles, i said for dispenser-----the salesman said, after a short time our driver will come -then i shall bring for you-----still that man no brought . ibought coupan also. if attitude is like this then ido not need bottles. please you take your bottles.ino need your bottles . more
 13th of Jun, 2013 by   Service Perfectionist 0 Votes
SENCHU ( as pronounced by him), SERVICE GUY OF ROMANA WATER IS THE RUDEST and MOST UNPROFESSIONAL SERVICE GUY. His contact number is 0529269323. I would order in the morning and he would not deliver. It's already prepaid since I have coupon booklet but they would deliver on their own convenient day which makes us suffer when we have no water. I ordered Thursday morning and when i call him in the evening, asking what time he would deliver, he rudely said Saturday and ended the call. So whats going to happen to the staff working on Friday with no water?
 10th of Sep, 2013 by   Sangamesh, Sharjah 0 Votes
I had been using Romana water for last 1 year but last 2 week they delivered leakage cans and the water was tasting just like normal tap water. i think they delivered the old stock. I have made complaints regarding this was given and the sales person just reply that they will resolve whatever the issues is but no action taken from romana side.

The issues is still continuing and so decide to stop romana water service.
 25th of Oct, 2013 by   sv911 0 Votes
Horrible service by Al Bayan water..the sales person who contacted us initially for the sale told us that their service was excellent and always matches customer requirements. We were convinced with the flexible days and timings of delivery and decided to go along with Al Bayan only to realize that the sales person has misguided and lied to us about everything. I called for a refill a week later (on a friday) and I was told they dont work Fridays when they never told me they don't work on fridays, Infact I was told there is never a restriction and they are available whenever customers call..Then I was told that they only service in my area from 8-10am in the mornings when infact I was told by the sales person theyt they service in the area till 7pm so we could call them after work and they'll drop off water...To top it off, I was told very arrogantly that if I wanted i can "leave the bottle outside with coupon and they will come whenever"...seriously?! and THIS IS WHAT THEY MEAN BY GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE?!?!?! First of all, they might want to hire some competent people and secondly they should provide customers with all the details without misleading and lying about their "great services"...Needless to say, I stopped using Al Bayan and now use Oasis (WELL PLEASED!)
 21st of Aug, 2014 by   booommm 0 Votes
Romana services is definitely bad, ... I've been calling them for water delivery. For almost 2 weeks nobody picking up there phone... What the f..!!
 2nd of Sep, 2014 by   Antony Aloysius 0 Votes
I have been a customer of Romana service from last 6 yrs. I was delivered a leaking bottle on thursday evening. As we were not in our residence. I came a cross the same on Sunday Morning. Since then I and hve been calling the supervisor lady who is in charge of our area (Al Qassimia, Sharjah). She told that she change and give the bottle on Sunday. But was not delivered. So I called her again on Monday evening she said she will call driver and get back to me. Till now no response. I also tried to call their office but no one is picking call. Now their service is very disappointing.
 8th of Mar, 2015 by   Angelaromana 0 Votes
Does anyone know the PH level and Sodium content of romana water?

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