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Retail Equation Complaints & Reviews - Driver license scanned for exchanges/return

Retail Equation Contacts & Informations

Retail Equation

Posted: 2011-06-29 by    thebigbadwolf

Driver license scanned for exchanges/return

Complaint Rating:  87 % with 23 votes
Contact information:
The Children Place
United States
I recently went to exchange an item I bought two days ago with cash at the children place. I had my original receipts. The cashier asked me for my Driver License. I asked the cashier why does she need my driver license for since I'm only exchanging one item for another at a higher price. First she asked me for my phone number. I dont' know why they need my phone number for either. I made up a number. If they don't want me to shop at their store it's fine with me. Why do you need my phone number for. Then she continued to ask me for my Driver license and told me they have to enter my Driver license number, address...all the information on my driver license into their system run by "the Retail Equation, " to track my returns and exchanges. I said it's fine if they want to track my personal shopping habits but they shouldn't use my driver license information to do it. That's my personal information that I should be the one giving out not vice versa. The cashier said she can't do the exchange if I didn't have a Driver license/valid ID. I felt like a criminal. All I wanted to do was exchange a $5.00 item. I spent over $77 in that one transaction. I was forced to give the cashier my Driver license so she put me into their system to track returns/exchange habits. If that was the case I wouldn't want to shop at that place. I am an honest shopper. If I don't like an item I bought I should be able to return with only the receipts not with my driver license too. The Children Place is not the only retail store that does that. Now, I'm in a system that checks if I'm a fraudulent shopper, that's prevents me from doing any returns/exchanges in a given month(s), ...etc. I should be able buy what I want and return it if I'm not a satisfied customer. I shouldn't be forced to give away my personal information just make the retailer happy. It's not my fault they have a "loose" return policy. Seriously, why would a store take something back without a receipts. Don't they know how many stores have the same exact product. Why do they need me driver license information. Why do they need to know where I live? When my birthday is? Are they going to send the returns/exchange cops to my house? Are they going to send me something on my birthday? This is fast way to lose customers. I WILL NOT SHOP AT ANY RETAIL STORES OR ANY STORES THAT HAVE THIS SYSTEM. It should be my choice to give out my driver license information. Not one that is force upon me. It's either the retail stores have to change or the system. BE AWARE OF STORES THAT HAVE THAT SYSTEM. This is your Driver license information that you should be in control of.
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 29th of Jun, 2011 by   reefercat 0 Votes
I need to see your driver's license before I can respond
 12th of Oct, 2012 by   Creative_Mind 0 Votes
I'm in the middle of a major remodel and have spent over $5, 000.00 at Orchard Supply in the past 90 days and WAS planning
on spending triple that until today when I attempted to return TWO unused unopened mouse traps out of the ten I purchased. I call The Retail Equation because the store was CLUELESS as to what the issue was since I paid CASH and spend $170.00 and now wanted to return $10 worth of mouse traps. I called corporate for Orchard Supply they too were clueless and took a report. I received a voicemail stating they were very sorry it was a store manager decision. I called the store manager the one on duty was clueless he had never heard of such a thing since I had the receipt and it was less than 24 hours old, paid cash, unopened moiuse traps return reason I purchased TWO too many. I will be filing a complaint with the Attorney Generals office for failure of this retailer to notify me that they were sharing my personal data with a thrid party and furhtermore the fact that this retailer has NEVER stated such a return constraint or stipulation, basically I purchased too many electrical and pluming widgets and returned more than the alloted quanity even though I spent over $5000.00 and returned perpahs a total of $125.00 You bet I am mad as heck as a consumer who helps keep local merchants in business given I have a lot of disposable income. So guess this is why they want us to stop supporting US business and buy on-li ne and overseas where we pay no sales tax and free shipping and sometimes free return postage. Shame on US retailers who use TRE for returns of products that are in UNOPENED UNUSED condition. TRE states they are in business to help stop consumers who USE a product and then return it... so much for 30 day money back customer satisfaction. I am going to check TRE webside and boycot every retailer on their list.
 19th of Mar, 2013 by   Fed up with bad service 0 Votes
I had nearly the same experience. I went into exchange jeans for size - even exchange items with tags still on in obviously new condition and it was denied by the retail equation. After discussing this with the store staff, who couldnt not deviate from the policy with the excuse they could get fired we attempted to call the service number which is only open on M-F 9-5 pacific time - no answer.
I refused to leave the store until the issue got escalated to a area manager who approved the transation. Childrens place has effectively abdicated its ability to provide a reasonable customer experience to long standing loyal customers to TRE. SHAME ON CHILDRENS PLACE. They have last a loyal customer. I'm considering starting a class action lawsuit against TRE and Childrens place.
 13th of May, 2013 by   jmattp +1 Votes
I bought a laptop at a Best Buy retail store. The display had particles under the glass, so I exchanged it. The replacement had a defect with the CPU, so I decided to get something completely different. I bought a Microsoft Surface RT tablet, but it had significant light bleeding from the bottom bezel - which is a manufacturing defect - so I exchanged it for the same product. When I did that exchange, I received the 90 day warning.

If Best Buy didn't sell shoddy merchandise, I wouldn't have exchanged anything in the first place. But regardless of that, no retail store should force their customers to keep items they are unhappy with, whether they are defective or not. The Retail Equation is costing Best Buy customers. Now that there's an Apple store and a Microsoft store near my home, and I can supplement other electronics purchases with Newegg or Amazon, I'll never step foot in Best Buy again.
 10th of Jan, 2014 by   Tnlady3014 0 Votes
I am an employee of the Children's Place. TRE is a system that we use for all return/ exchanges. However if you have your recipt a drivers license is nt required, we just have to type in the transaction number, store the items were purchased, and date of purchase. I have never seen a transaction with a receipt be denied unless it was over the 45 day return policy. I'm not sure what store you were at, or if it is possibly different per state? We are in tennessee. We do ask for an address for returns, this is not shared information ( we are told by the company that we do not sell information, but anything transmitted thru TRE is obviously shared with them) but you can opt out of giving your address if you have a receipt. If you do not have a receipt a drivers license is required, we cannot even process an exchange without either a receipt or DL. I would double check this JFK with your local store, but that is how it is here, I have worked here for two years.
 19th of Feb, 2014 by   bscott75006 0 Votes
Dear "Fed up with bad service" did you start a class action lawsuit due to your encounter? If so, how did you proceed and who did you get to represent you? Any information that you can share wil be greatly appreciated.
 18th of Mar, 2014 by   mochi87 +1 Votes
Retailers may think they are protecting themselves with this system, but what they are really doing is pushing away customers in the long run. No one wants to go back to a store that treats you like a criminal and hires a company like TRE to secretly track your shopping habits and then use that info to try and make you feel bad and think you have a problem by using such terms as "shopping bullimic" and "returnaholic". Who are they to tell you how to shop? No one wants to be embarrassed by having a return rejected, and then on top of that having to get a phone call from the idiots at TRE shaming you and warning you to monitor your shopping habits as if they were you parents or something. I used to feel bad when I would read about retailers going out of business or having problems like Best Buy is having, but when they treat they're customers like this they are asking for those problems. People shop to relax and feel joy, but who would want to go back to a store when they treat you like this? Just because you return often does not mean you are scamming a store. Its not a crime to change your mind, or sometimes you just don't have the time to try it on in store. Are you supposed to keep something that does not fit just to avoid getting a "warning" from TRE? If a store does not want returns, then they should just state that instead of giving a customer false shopping confidence and making up lies about "hassle free returns" and saying "no receipt, no problem" and then sending TRE to do their dirty work of shaming customers for returning items too often. People have enough to deal with in life and dealing with this nonsense should not have to be one of them. The only thing these retailers are achieving is making customers never want to go back to their stores and pushing them towards their online competition permanently.
 6th of Apr, 2014 by   laship +1 Votes
When you return an item at best buys, they ask you to scan your drivers license. Best buys says it uses a third party to verify your identity and to verify your product return behavior. This third party company is call The Retail Equation located in Irvine Calif.
Does anyone know whether this company uses this information to support its other business lines? For example, is the information stored in a "data farm" whereby The Retail Equation leverages this information to support another one of its product lines like offering its clients product marketing analysis. By collecting Drivers license information, The Retail Equation has now added/enriched the data available to its clients.
If we can understand what else this data is being used for (not just for catching people who make frequent returns) then we can focus on the real issue driving the need to collect driver's license information. We all understand the problem which is retailers losing money from returned merchandise. If the company The Retail Equation interest stops at only helping Best Buys catch people making frequent returns then I remain uncomfortable but can live with this new reality. But should The Retail Equation make money by leveraging my/our personal information for its own profits then we all should be outraged. We should stop corporations from collecting information beyond the scope of their original intentions...especially without our permission. We should all investigate this issue and stop this practice by the company, The Retail Equation.
 30th of Jun, 2014 by   1shotstudios +1 Votes
I'm now on a current 90 DAY SUSPENSION FROM: BEST BUY. This
happened to me just 2 days ago on 6/27/2014, I'm a (victim) & by doing my research have
found many other LOYAL SHOPPERS like myself falling VICTIM to (TRE) THE RETAIL
EQUATION. I wanted to share my personal experiences with you so you can make
your own decision if you should keep wanting to shop at these retailer(s) at
your own personal risk!

A WARNING NOTICE to the PUBLIC who shops at these &
other following retailer(s) who use (TRE): Best Buy, Home Depot, JC Penney's
& Victoria’s Secret. Many of you may have done returns, price matches,
warranty service or geek squad service repair with these stores & have been
asked to give them your driver’s license; what you don't know is why. A 3rd
party company known as The Retail Equation or (TRE) says its Verify-2 software
identifies the 1 percent of consumers whose behavior can be identified as
return fraud or abuse. The company, whose software is in 20, 000 stores
throughout the country as of 2012, doesn't in fact identify only the 1 percent
whose behavior can be identified as return fraud or abuse! In my situation at
Best Buy I had 7 returns within a one week period, very small items, 2 game
pre-orders, 2 music CD's, a computer lock for a laptop PC, a chilling pad for
my laptop PC & 1 Blu-ray movie. I'm an Elite Plus Best Buy Reward Zone
Member which entitles me to a 45 Day return, price match period with receipt
over the normal 14-15 day return, price match period with receipt, that we as
Elite Plus Members pay dearly for this privilege as we must maintain a certain
spending average each calendar year & if not met we lose the Elite Plus
Status! I found out during my research with companies listed above using (TRE)
that it's completely legal & you as a customer don't stand a chance with
any legit argument or reason why you're making the returns or doing price
matches, you're in fact just being (punished) for doing so. It just pops up on
your record after giving them your driver’s license that you're at first placed
on a 90 Day Suspension. What this means: Right at that moment you can be denied
your current return & you're banned for 90 Days from making any future
returns to this store even if you've purchased a product within your right to
return under that stores return policy & have kept your receipts from prior
purchases. So if you purchased let’s say a TV, Camera, Blu-ray Player, Computer
or Cell Phone prior to this point & you should have a problem with your past
purchase(s) not working properly, even if it is with-in the return period,
you're out of luck since you're placed on a 90 Day Suspension. You will be
stuck with a defective item & legally you can't do anything about it as
they're protected under laws. My first
reaction: I said it doesn't say this on the receipt under the return policy nor
does it mention this on their return policy on their website which I read
through twice. After getting the verbal notice from the (CSR) Customer Service
Rep at Best Buy, you're then forced to sign your name on the electronic device
where you sign your name after agreeing to pay for your item, (giving you no
choice) but to accept your (punishment) you're then printed out a little memo
of your suspension & can call (TRE) at an 800 number or write to them,
however you can only leave them a message, then at their convenience they will
call you back regarding any questions you might have. I'm still currently
awaiting my response. The same day I had forgotten to bring in my Blu-ray
player which I had purchased the Geek Squad Protection Plan which gives you an
extended warranty & is then covered under Best Buys Policy instead of the
90 Day Manufactures Agreement Policy. I had a 4 year warranty, which I paid for
to have the extra service provided by Best Buy. Knowing I had been given a 90
Day Suspension which I thought was only for returns actually in fact carried
over my (punishment) on an item I had previously purchased a year ago through a
Best Buy Extended Warranty! In this case the (CSR) at Best Buy originally gave
me two options. 1. I could’ve gone & picked out a different Blu-ray Player
that I wanted, even if I wanted one at a higher price, I could’ve paid the
difference for it. 2. I could’ve gotten a store credit in the amount which I
paid for the item plus the extra 3 remaining years left of the warranty
coverage back in store credit. What actually ended up happening to me for the
very first time in over two decades from shopping at Best Buy because of my 90 Day
Suspension from (TRE) the (CSR) wasn’t in fact able to offer me my store credit!
She then told me I could only get a comparable item in its place, left with no
room to argue & knowing they’re within their legal rights I was forced to
accept a lower priced item than what I initially paid. I was (further punished)
by Best Buy keeping the extra money that I had originally paid for on my
current Blu-ray player and the remaining money from the 3 years left on the
extended warranty. I was not able to pick out a new Blu-ray player. I had to
accept the one that they gave me, even though the box was damaged. I then had
no choice but to accept it & was forced to purchase yet another 4 year
warranty. My thought was, what if something happens with this one & it just
stops working as the previous one did because at this point I lost all my
rights to return anything for 90 Days. I did make the CSR open it, so that we
could see if there was any physical damage. Not only did they make out by
keeping my extra money on a product & keeping the remaining 3 years left of
my money on a warranty but they got even more money from my pocket by giving me
no option but to purchase a 4 year warranty so I could return it after my 90
Day Suspension if something were in fact defective with it. If it stops working
within my 90 Day Suspension, I’m just out of luck & I’ve yet to suffer some

I’ve posted a link below if you would care to read Mr. Peel’s
experience back in 2012 being handed his 90 Day (Punishment) through (Best Buy)
by (TRE) He actually went to the news media however it ended up doing him no
good & further wasted his time.


Another good link that you can find out from what other VICTIMS of (TRE) are currently saying & speaking out about. Plus other people who've been hassled by this process!

My goal is to get the public’s help! I cry out to you for
your support by showing everyone my letter here please. I need
everyone’s support so it gets to as many people as possible so YOU the consumer
know what you’re up against by these above retailers & others who follow in
their footsteps by using (TRE) Thank You for your time & support! After all we've to look out for our other shoppers so they don't become another VICTIM of (TRE) through yet another company or Best Buy!

If you (fall victim) to (TRE) at the time of your return, price
match or warranty service, do what I did, (Remain Calm) because remember
yelling, screaming & being completely pissed off & causing a scene at
any retailer will only get you possible banned from the store or worse
arrested. Instead act totally calm during your process, I know it’s hard but it’s
in your best interest to do so because by remaining calm you have more rights
& will be respected more; plus you can reach your goal quicker. Never say,
I’m going to sue you or get my attorney. Saying this statement to any retail
store employee will only get you the response of: I can’t talk to you legally since
you said this & at this point you’re forced to leave the retailers store. Remember
it’s not the (CSR’s) fault for this happening to you, it’s the fault of the
corporate office who in fact made the decision in the first place to use (TRE)

(TRE) doesn’t in fact know how you shop at a store at all.
It only goes by what you as a customer return. If (TRE’s) software followed my
Best Buy Elite Plus Reward Zone Membership it would know for a fact that I’m
not the one percent of people committing fraud by returns! Also to point out,
all the employee’s know me very well at this Best Buy location since I had
shopped there so often.
 2nd of Jan, 2015 by   Christre 0 Votes
You have to hand it to the retail equation. They must have one hell of a sales team. How they have persuaded big box retailers to use their services is beyond me. It has nothing to do with fraud or abuse, they are making $ by selling your information to third parties who in turn sell your information again and again-down the line we go. And on the other end they make Even more $$$ by selling their services to best buy, Home Depot etc. Here is a typical senario. The Retail equation goes to one of these stores-say their next victim is Walmart. Hey Walmart here is what we can do for you. We can increase your bottom line by limiting how often customers can return items, if at all and in return you pay us a small fee - all in the name of preventing fraud and abuse -wink wink.
 8th of Feb, 2015 by   innocent return deemed criminal 0 Votes
Agree with all said and view this as ILLEGAL misrepresentation and defamation damages caused by Home Depot. I had to go to a trial and this information tracking NOT JUST MY RETURNS, but ALL "store credits" AND contractors who had done returns for me or vice versus---all returns are LINKED or CONNECTED according to the receipt information which is tracked the second anyone provides their ID. This HD new policy of hiring this TRE began a few years ago so it is still so new that most HD reps do not understand the linking and adverse consequences, nor do they advise you right when they typically advise, if you keep and have your receipt, returns should be no problem. I am ready to sue, even in small claims if that is the only option. Do NO accept any store credits, as store credits indicate TRE is connected. Do NO show ID. SUE!!!

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