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Reader's Digest, Westmount, Québec Complaints & Reviews - Office of the Prize Award Administrator

Reader's Digest Contacts & Informations

Reader's Digest

Posted:    L. Lavkulik

Office of the Prize Award Administrator

Complaint Rating:  90 % with 39 votes
Contact information:
The Readers Digest Assoc., Canada ULC
Box 1600, STN Westmount, H3Z 3B4
Westmount, Québec
Phone: Not available
Letters from Office of The Prize Award Adminstrator -
ATTN: Marisa Orsini

Many prizes, e.g. $500, 000.00, signed by Vice President Karen Burgess, Vice President of Finance Dept.
$60, 000.00, signed by same as above
$31, 500.00, again signed by same as above
$107, 500.00 - again same as above
$3, 500.00, again same as above
$ Keys top as new car, value of $40, 000.00
Free Piero Carlo (D. Alessio watch - Free)

All you must do is say "YES" and mail back to

Reader'w Digest
P.O. Box 1600, STN Westmount
Westmount QC, H3Z 3B4

With all the hard work done. we've left you the easy part. Just return your "cheques" by Dec. 15, 2008 Entry CloseDeadline. Each one is another chance for you to walk away with cash in hand, including our $500, 000.00 Grand Prize plus any one of 360 additional prizes totalling $202, 500.00. I'm waiting to forward our final list of winners to our Vice President of Finance, K. Burgess, for full payment, so please don't delay.

What happens next could be the moment you'd always dreamed about. It's the moment when you see a huge $500, 000.00 depsoit on your bank statement, yours to spend any way you'd want.!"

It goes on and on, someone might believe them, maybe you can stop this crap. I can FAX you pages of mail I get from Reader's Digest. I know one thing, I will never even read THE READERS DIGEST' again. This is garbage, nothing but garbage.

Thanks in advance
Lawrence Lavkulik

P.S. - Would be nice to hear from you and your comments.
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 10th of Feb, 2009 by   islam mohd -1 Votes
hi there my name islam mohd i have gold privileges certificate, but i am moves ander place new add . 901 lake wood raod north .ab t6k 3p3 . pls contrect my new addresh, i have recv letter for k.berger, can u contrect me thankyou.
 16th of Jul, 2009 by   Turn down RD 0 Votes
Same here. I was drawn into the same scam and into believing that there was something to hope about. Everything about the Rider's Digest so called sweepstakes is unethical and misleading. All they want is your money and long term commitment to buy their dreadfully expensive products. I have hardcore evidence to support my statement but I will not go into details here. Conclusion: good products but outrageously priced and a totally unscrupulous way to hook you in. Go somewhere else to satisfy your craving for reading, listening or watching quality and fairly priced materials. Like many other large corporations, Reader’s Digest has long stopped working for their customers and blindly switched towards counting their own dollars only.
 17th of Aug, 2009 by   milton123 0 Votes
I JUST RECEIVED A LETTER CLAIMING I COULD WIN A SWEEPSTAKES DRAW. Im very dissapointed to learn that a well known company is involved in such deceptive marketing. I have considered readers digest in the past. But now im sure i will never use their services

regards Milton
 8th of Sep, 2009 by   JOSID 0 Votes
Their instructions usually gives you the choice of either entering for the draw alone with low priority or entering the draw with high priority while u purchase their product. You respond with the no envelope to refuse purchase or yes envelope to accept purchase and increase your chances at the draw.

This is what I understood from my findings. Please tell me if I am wrong.

You could read other people's review here
 19th of Oct, 2009 by   tiger_12 0 Votes
I just received a letter too. Five-star treatment (approved in the event of a $5000, 000.00 grand prize win) Reader's Digest Headquarter, Montreal
 21st of Oct, 2009 by   Thane MacDonald 0 Votes
we have also just revsevd and letter in the mail tell us that we had won $5000, 000.00 grad prize, and we are just wonder if we should follow and preseed with coution ?
 22nd of Oct, 2009 by   peachypie1458 0 Votes
I have just recieved this same letter about a chance to win $500, 000 and a 5-star treatment in montreal. Right away I was skeptical and after seeing these other comments I have my doubts that this is real. But at the same time, I can't help but think what if it is real? Anyone else have any thoughts as to how this should be handled?
 26th of Oct, 2009 by   Soho Mocka 0 Votes
I have sent my letters and if they try to scam me that is just rude. i didnt sighn to pay any money so i dont know what happens?
 13th of Jan, 2010 by   Renaldo 0 Votes
I just receive a letter just now from the office of the prize award administrator, funny thing is my wife received a letter too, how come we have Exactly the same tracking number? Is this a scam? The letter came from Benjamin Soh from readers digest.
 21st of Jan, 2010 by   jemng 0 Votes
SO I recieved the whole package the cheques the letters the whole sha bang i am 21 and i did not believe a single word of this fabricated lie... i also dont believe that a well kwown company would be involved in this mess. This obviously a poorly thought of scam that uses a well known company to deceive many people. It also the incorrest address and adresses are different for the yes envelope and no envelope. I Just cant believe how much time these obviously non social people put into this scam. Putting all there time and effort in making all these cheques and thought to be clever letters to deceieve others. I did get a good kick out of reading there so carefully written words, hand writen signatures and awefull looking government proof stamps. So i say thank you for making me laugh.

To all that are decieved find the f****** and put them where they belong, in jail.
 26th of Jan, 2010 by   NicoleHong 0 Votes
i recieved the letter saying that i been chosen to be in a draw for $500 000.00 and if i've won i could either recieve the cheque by mail or in person in montreal with all expences paid, i don't have to buy anything all i got to do is check yes if i wanted to go to montreal if i won or no if i wanted to recieve the cheque my mail and mail it back to them. is this legit?????????????? :S
 8th of Feb, 2010 by   sandrasun 0 Votes
Me too. I got the same letter and started dreaming about $500, 000.00. After i read all of your comments, i decided to forget this prize. No free lunch in this world. Go back to my work.
 9th of Mar, 2010 by   lusi 0 Votes
you know what, I just received this letter and the funny thing is I don't even read reader digest. for a second in my life, I am so happy and dream about the S$200, 000.00. the letter is signed by Benjamin Soh. but when I read all of your comment, I knew right away this is a scam, yeahh sandrasun is right, No free lunch in this world. Go back to our work.
 10th of Mar, 2010 by   afro86 0 Votes
ok, i have a similar story to tell. I just received a letter yesterday stating that i have been one of the lucky ones to be picked up for a $200, 000 cash prize. All i had to do was to send back documents that i would be receiving through mail within the next 14 days. All of it sounded ficticious and too good to be true!! And i have to agree that the scam was well thought of - for the letter looked authentic with government proof stamps.

After reading all of the above comments, my immediate reflex was to tear up the letter! And now it lies in my waste paper basket. So, i urge the others to do the same! Don't waste your time in thinking that there is a grand prize to be won when everything is part of a well planned scam. cheers :P
 6th of Jul, 2010 by   CANADIAN READERS 0 Votes
reader's digest scam are bullshit...dONT FOOL PEOPLE TO BELIEVE ALL THE PRIZES YOU ARE OFFERED...big big big liar...
 12th of Jul, 2010 by   Vonne 0 Votes
I just received a 4, 970.15 dollar check even though they said that I won 145, 000.00 dollars. They told me to contact them at this number 1778-320-3577 so that they could activate the check and they said that there name is Wendy Lewis, and the prize coordinator is David Washington. The ironic thing is that when I called nobody is answering the telephone and you can here black people in the back ground. It's annoying that people actually do things like that to one another.
 7th of Aug, 2010 by   Haryati Yati 0 Votes
I am a Singaporean that just received a letter with a car key in it on 7th Aug 2010...
After I read all your comment I don't know what to do with the key...
Should I send it back or not??
Pls reply...:(
 10th of Aug, 2010 by   luzyS benyahya 0 Votes
I am Malaysian also received this envelope.. but dont know what to do.

I also read this article.. http://www.rdasia.com/AboutOfficialSweepstakes

luzyS benyahya
 11th of Aug, 2010 by   joy18 0 Votes
me too.. im in singapore right now, a foreign worker.. what should i do with those cheques and a car key? i didn't send the letter back then just this morning they emailed me so to activate my sweepstakes code number. Im also wondering, where the hell they got my full name and address..
 21st of Sep, 2010 by   sbutanilan 0 Votes
im working here in singapore as ofw and i also recieved that later and they say i won $200, 000 is this true?or what im going to do.thanks

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