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Platinum Services Complaints & Reviews - i don't know anything about them and they keep debiting my account. this is a scam and i am trying to get down to the bottom of it.

Platinum Services Contacts & Informations

Platinum Services

Posted:    coty smith

i don't know anything about them and they keep debiting my account. this is a scam and i am trying to get down to the bottom of it.

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platinum services
United States
i don't have any of the following questions. all i know is that this company id trying to debit my account and i have not done any business with this company. i have no clue who these people are.
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 11th of Aug, 2008 by   J Osborn +1 Votes
I have the same problem. Each bank account i have is debited without my knowledge. Ive changes banks so many times . Thing is i never give out my personal info so how can they keep taking money out?
 20th of Aug, 2008 by   scamnots +1 Votes
Simply check with your bank and they can easily identify where the withdrawl went to. It would have to have been authorized by you at some point. If not you have a problem with your bank(s).
 17th of Oct, 2008 by   latosha ward +1 Votes
i had 16.95 tooken out my account then another 17.95 and i dont no were this is coming from and i need to get to the bottom of this
 19th of Oct, 2009 by   robert linthurst +1 Votes
hy my name is robert, and they have took money from my account 3 times and the messed up part about it is the bank is continueing to allow this fraudulent activity to continue.when I called to see who they were they would not tell me.why cant someone do something.
 30th of Oct, 2009 by   iceburg +1 Votes
hi my name is don, and they got all my money out of my account, my bank also cant tell me anything about them or how to contact them, yes they are fraudulent and need to be stopped
 29th of Dec, 2009 by   ohiogirl09 +1 Votes
My friend David received calls from this place today. They claimed that he had committed credit card fraud and threatened legal action if he didn't pay five hundred dollars. When he tried to get info about the supposed debt and the company, they actually hung up on him. They called five times and became abusive and threatening at a certain point and began calling him names and saying that they had his voice recorded giving consent to charge his credit card. They said they had a voice analysis machine that proved with a 99.4% match that the authorization came from him. Here's the kicker- my friend doesn't even have a credit card. TOTAL SCAM. Everyone beware.
 27th of Jan, 2010 by   madman78343 +1 Votes
2533 N. CARSON ST. SUITE 4077
NV 89706
 6th of Feb, 2010 by   Anita L. W. +1 Votes
What disturbs me more than someone taking $99.95 out of my account is the fact that I have been reading that they have been doing this to people for over a year now. How is it that they are allowed to continue? The account they took this money out of supports my ill 82 year old mother who is on a fixed income that is stretched to the limit now. When they took the money out it made the three small checks that the money was in the bank to cover, bounce. Now we are minus the 99.95 they took, the $105.00 bounce check fees and the amount of the checks. This is devastating and the financial spiral effect this has already started on my mothers account has got to be stopped and corrected. I am going to file a complaint with the Attorney General in Nevada & California, The federal Attorney General, Nevada BBB, every government office that has anything to do with our currency and then to our politicians. Who are these people and who are the people that sold them my banking information? I will not be done with this situation until I know the name of the person(s) going to jail for taking money, steeling money that was needed to take care of a woman that worked all of her life for the social security she gets. The bank makes it harder on us to get our money at times than they did for this company. They had no check number, they did not have my ATM Card number all they had to do was tell them they wanted it. This is so wrong!!!
 16th of Feb, 2010 by   jyazzz +1 Votes
hi everyone i have been experiencing the same exact problem w/ Platinum Service...I have no idea who they are or where they came from. Every time they have tried to pull money from my account no money was there so my bank charges me 25.00 every time. I just spoke with my bank and they provided me with a number 18009728094 which of coarse gives a busy signal. My bank told me to get a police report and they will take care of the entire situation. These people are crazy, I do not understand how they can do this to people, they are sick. Everyone try talking to your bank to see if they will remove the charges. I'll update you all within a few days.
 22nd of Feb, 2010 by   RP199 +1 Votes
i agree i just got a phone call from my bank stating i give out my account number to this company but i never heard of them in my life. they took out 99.95 from my account..
 24th of Feb, 2010 by   lilwilson +1 Votes
these people are crazy they did me the same thing.the lady told me i have to get a police report.why should i?i am trying to talk to one of my police friends to get it resolved.i will keep everyone posted.
 15th of Mar, 2010 by   Tarra Vaughn 0 Votes
We are a family of 5, trying to survive on my husbands unemployment, and last friday these people took 99.95 out of our acount . No we can not pay our electric bill, and when my husband called and asked them why, and explained our situation they simply said the funds are not going to be returned. They did this without our bank account number or info. If anyone knows what we can do to get our money back please help !!!
 17th of Mar, 2010 by   Barely Making It 0 Votes
Does anyone know how i can get in touch with these scam artists? I never heard of them either and they have already tried to debit my account twice; which has caused two $25 NSF charges on my account. I'm a single mother of 5 and barely making it. I can't afford for these people to be taking money from me that I don't have.
 1st of Apr, 2010 by   Jimster726 0 Votes
man F*** Platinum Service. I never had any problems with awkward charges on my debit account until I applied for instant cash online approval.

Just recently, I got a $35 NSF which caused 4 mini $35 overdraft charges, amounting to -$175.00

What I did was call my bank and requested that they blocked Platinum Service from accessing my account

Secondly, I am disputing the $35 NSF.

I will let you guys know how it goes in about 2 weeks when my bank gets back to me.
 8th of Apr, 2010 by   ara1129 0 Votes
I have been charged with this amount and it's a non-refundable fee. Can you believe that! I have called this number and cancel whatever that it is that I signed up for heres the number 1 800 972 8094 and press 6 to talk to customer service as long as you cancel it hopefully you won't get charged again.
 20th of Apr, 2010 by   Never apply online for cash loans 0 Votes
I also was charged 99.95 from this company and called the number given to me by my bank to request a refund they stated it would take 7 to 14 days but they would give me a refund. Now that I have this info I will be reporting them to BBB!
 20th of Apr, 2010 by   Never apply online for cash loans 0 Votes
By the way I'm pretty sure this happened due to an online cash loan application was filled out. When I spoke with my bank about this autodraft and the one from the online loan I got they informed me they have the same type loan and that they also take a portion of that loan and deposit it into a savings account for me. So before becoming a victim of the online loan try your bank and see if they have another option
 20th of Apr, 2010 by   palm50 0 Votes
After reading your posts on Platinum Services and the very same things have been happening to my account. I could not figure out who they were and I got the same bull on the phone. Then I read the comment posted by Jimster726 above and it clicked. I applied for cash from "moneymutual.com" that Montel Williams advertises on TV. I am new to this internet stuff, but I figured a company Montel represents should be a good thing. BOY WAS I WRONG! I intend to email Montel myself. And even if I did complete another application that money mutual recommended I still think they should be held accountable. Because I think their spokesman is the best. I just don't understand?????
 26th of Apr, 2010 by   cynthiabsalem 0 Votes
I just spoke to the platinum services people, they took $99.95 out of my debit card, while doing an online loan applilcation.. I have no money to feed my children, and truly it was my last dime this month.. they said that it was non- refundable...I have cried all day.. did go through bbb and gave them the case number, , she basically just laughed in my face.. said it was canceled, but not going to refund the money.. we have to shut this place down.. if any one found a way to get refunded, please let me know.
 30th of Apr, 2010 by   C-028 0 Votes
This is outrageous, after being victimized by Platinum Services and robbed for $99.95, I read a number of other complaints. Here's a company that has the capacity to legitimately become a very profitable company and yet they are out here defrauding people out of their hard earned money. Its not like they are robbing people on wall street or someone well to do. They are robbing people who for what ever reason are in dire financial straits. I am facing serious financial challenges and decided to apply for an on line payday loan. These people stole money I don't have. Now I have checks bouncing everywhere. It seems like the state Attorney General or the Better Business people would put a stop to this Sh#t.

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