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Pelican Water Softener Complaints & Reviews - No Salt Filter System

Pelican Water Softener Contacts & Informations

Pelican Water Softener

Posted: 2011-08-12 by    Wilka

No Salt Filter System

Complaint Rating:  78 % with 27 votes
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Pelican Water Softener
United States
My husband bought the pelican water softener no salt filter system. it was the natur soft water softner. from day one, our glasses, silverware, pots and pans have white residue deposited on them. the glasses have turned from beautiful crystal clear clean glasses to completely white and you can not see thru the white haze nor do you want to use them. for the price he paid for this ($1300) he should have kept the water softner that he added salt to. how do you get rid of the white deposits using the pelican water softener no salt filter system?
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 18th of Jul, 2013 by   Frank Champagne 0 Votes
I purchased the salt free system a year ago. There is NO discernsble difference in clarity or softness. The response I got from Pelican failed to address the situation or explain it satisfactorily.
 10th of Aug, 2013 by   S. Holley 0 Votes
I installed the Pelican system about a year ago, and the unfiltered well water is clearer than the filtered, even with pre-filters and post-filters. I had a V-tech for several years that worked much better, but apparently they are out of business. I'm extremely disappointed with this system. The filters that they provided are wound so tightly that the water passes over them instead of through them. Now I have a gray sediment in my household water, so I have to buy water for cooking and drinking. My water isn't hard...no scale around faucets, or in my tea kettle. It just has a lot of calcium particulates that I would like to filter out. I have a counter-top filter that works pretty well from my faucet, but I can't use that filter for dishwashing, etc.
 1st of Nov, 2013 by   VeryDisapointed 0 Votes
I purchased the Pelican water system with charcoal filter system ($2k) and have the same issue with the dishwasher as above. The glasses come out foggy and the plastics and Teflon pans come out with white residue (calcium) all over them and is very hard to remove. I wish I knew how to get around it since this was not brought to my attention when I purchased it.
 15th of Apr, 2014 by   Don Rosko 0 Votes
I purchased a Pelican water unit having called Pelican and told them what problems we had with our water they suggested which of there units to buy. We have had this unit for about 9 weeks and have not noticed any change in the water to date. As other people have reported the glasses now must be washed by hand and none of their promises about Pelican units are correct.
 18th of Jun, 2014 by   Tim J Burns 0 Votes
I bought the system about 3 months ago. Had my water tested by an independent water company and the Pelican System is doing nothing to improve our water. I ask for my money back and Pelican refused. They system is not a good investment. I will try to discourage anyone I can from buying anything from Pelican
 16th of Oct, 2014 by   Julie Woodbury 0 Votes
I purchased a pelican whole house flouride removal system along with a premium whole house water filter system. After using for several months, I started feeling ill. I had my water tested by a national water testing company before and after the filters. It changed the quality of my water minimally. I hardly removed any of the flouride. I tried several things and finally stopped using the pelican system. Now, several months after discontinuing use of the Pelican system, I am beginning to feel better. I feel that Pelican was dishonest in stating that it would remove 1ppm of the flouride from my water system.

I will tell anyone asking, never purchase any products from Pelican. Julie Woodbury
 30th of Oct, 2014 by   Nancy and Kolly New 0 Votes
We purchached this Pelican whole house water filter and it is a joke. Just as the other people stated above, there are no difference int the condition of my water. I still have the white residue on my dishes and lime build up as before on my sinks and showers as I had before this VERY expensive Pelican system. I wish I had spent my money on the salt water softners. This is such a rip off. SO BEWARE! You are wasting your money if you buy this Pelican system. These scammers should be stopped from ripping people off!!
 17th of Jan, 2015 by   Jeff P 3 0 Votes
I am considering a pelican system, as a replacement for a morton softener that I currently have. I have well water with loads of iron in it. I have to service the resin bed to keep the softener from becoming iron clogged. Have any of the folks complaining serviced the softener resin bed? Can a pelican system be serviced by the owner?

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