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PECO Energy, Lansdowne, Pennsylvania Complaints & Reviews - Frustratingly Incompetent Service

PECO Energy Contacts & Informations

PECO Energy

Posted:    Chris

Frustratingly Incompetent Service

Complaint Rating:  75 % with 8 votes
Contact information:
PECO Energy
Lansdowne, Pennsylvania
United States
I moved from a house into a new apartment on April 1. The electric and gas were already on so I called PECO to have service put into my name at the apartment and to have service terminated at my house on April 30. It turned out that the previous tenant had left a large unpaid balance, so they asked me to fax in two forms of ID and my lease to their Revenue Management department. I did this on April 3.

I called on April 7 for an update. They confirmed that they had received my paperwork and that they had to continue their investigation before they could transfer service into my name. I was told that it typically takes 3-5 days and to call back towards the end of the week.

I called on April 10 and was again told that my paperwork had been received, but that it was still being processed. The woman I spoke to was unable to tell me when I could expect to get service. She took my phone number and said I'd get a call back, which I didn't. When I got home that day, I found a shutoff notice addressed to the previous tenant and, sure enough, I didn't have any electricity.

I called the next morning and the woman I spoke to said that my order had been put in wrong. It had been put in as additional service, not a transfer. She tried to get somone in PECO's resolution department to see if I could get my service turned back on today, but was unsuccessful. She sent them an email and said to call in if I didn't get a call back by noon.

Sure enough, noon arrived and no call. I called PECO again and was told again that my paperwork had been received, that it hadn't been processed, that she couldn't give me an estimate as to when it would be processed, that there was nobody else I could talk to, and that if I gave her my phone number, someone would call me back. Unsurprisingly, nobody called.

I understand that PECO's trying to reduce fraud, but what they're doing just defies common sense. I'm a longtime PECO customer who pays his bills on time and I'm applying to take over service from a person who didn't pay their bills. If PECO had just left the service on until their "investigation" was complete, they'd have a happy customer and some revenue coming in on a location which was losing them money.
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 19th of May, 2009 by   CARRIER245 0 Votes
I had paid PECO and still had a balance. They came out to my property to shut me off. There was no 10 day shut off notice given. I showed the PECO guy my receipt showing I had paid. I had a balance yet of a few hundred dollars but I am only employed part time. The truck took off with the notice. 2 weeks later another worker came to the house threatening me with a can of maze that if I did not let him in to shut off service I would not be able to get it restored. This is a lie. I have a life threatening medical condition but he shut service off anyway. I had to wait days to get a doctor's appointment in order to have the doctor speak to PECO. They kept the doctor on the phone drilling her with 300 questions and when all was said and done they told me I was denied because the customer service rep who took the info messed up. The doctor then had to fax over documents. I had to call PECO 6 times. They have to restore service after a medical note is received. They waited 27 hours to come out. They only way they were going to come out here is because I threatended them. They keep getting away with this stuff because they are a monopoly and can't be sued. People need to start filing more complaints with the PUC and find other means of power if possible. Oh, to top it off. They are charing me $75 to turn service off and $75 to turn service on, plus $250 in deposit money. Do their line men really make that much per hour? They came inside my house and placed a bolt on my meter.
 12th of Jul, 2010 by   D n Exton 0 Votes
I have been in the area since just before January 2010. I have PECO service. I was a little late on my bill, my electricity has never been shut off nor had I received a shut off notice. I did however receive a letter stating that if I was late again a deposit would be added to my bill. Still no shut off or shut off notice and notice. I am just running a little behind. Then I receive a bill for almost $400 which included a $150 deposit. I paid my bill, but not the deposit and received a new bill with the $145 deposit and a $75 deposit. Are they kidding? If I am running a little late on my bill why would I all the sudden have an extra $370 plus my $190 bill for hottest month on record. I leave my thermostat on 75 degree and we live in an all electric apartment. So now are they going to cut off my electricity for not paying a deposit, can they... I just don't get it. I was not charged a deposit up front, why now?
 3rd of Nov, 2010 by   PECOsucks 0 Votes
Wow...reading these complaints does not amaze me. For 2 years I dated a guy that worked for PECO (he worked there 8 years and still does). It doesn't surprise me that these workers take forever to get to their calls being as they often are asleep or doing other activities on the job that other employers would fire your ass for.
More than once he had parked his PECO truck behind a local bar for a few beers while waiting to get another call and on one particular occasion there was a terible storm and the power actually went out in the bar we were at...he continued to drink until PECO finally called him in for service. There have been numerous times where he would leave in the morning for work and come home a couple hours later and go back to bed. He has gotten calls while we've been home watching movies and took his sweet old time getting to them. Nobody really monitors these guys at all, and he was salary and "worked" a ridiculous amount of overtime. I've seen his paychecks (for 2 weeks) get close to $4, 000.00 before. To answer CARRIER245's question...he was getting paid $64 an hour!! This is where all your money goes!!! Now, I'm certainly not saying that they are all like this, but I know the one that I dated was. He didn't care about his job at all and he thought it was funny going to do shut offs at peoples houses. Needless to say, we are no longer together and low and behold...he left me with an unpaid $400 PECO bill and a notice that if it wasn't paid in 10 days I'd be shut off. He later told me that he would have loved to get the call to come and shut off my power.
 3rd of Oct, 2011 by   upperdarby 0 Votes
For the 10+ years of PECO service I have from time to time been late on my bill. Tried the payment set up to help with getting back on schedule. Paid the 5 months of this bull shit payment plan that never kicked in because I did not pay the full current amount due. My husband was sick earlier this year and needed oxygen. I had his nurse call so my service would not be interrupted. At the time I was current, and they told me I was not allowed to go through with the medical emergency at that time. Well, two months later I found myself behind and they shut my service off, no notice or anything. My husband had to go to the hospital so he could receive oxygen. I paid the bill before the shut off date and they told me that it did not matter at that point. A third party is the one who is responsible for shutting off the service even though I paid. I was already in the computer to be shut off and there isn't anything they can do. Three days no service. I only owed 121 dollars. I then started to see a deposit on my bill. Where did this come from? I printed all of my bills for the last 12 months and started calculating what I paid. I then called customer service spoke to a supervisor and we went through the bills and both of us found 400+ dollars that went into thin air and was never applied to my balance. I filed a complaint with a man who had no idea what he was doing. Needless to say I am still trying to find that money and plan to appeal the decision. My husband passed away and now my bill is on track so I thought. Now I have a 500 dollar deposit for paying late. Well, I paid late for the last few years and never had a deposit. It is crazy to me that I finally can afford my bill each month and now they tack this payment on and I am right back where I started. What crooks how can they do this. They should be looking at all the low lives that are getting away with 10$ payments on 5000 dollar bills. The policy is if your late for 3 months they have the right to add a deposit, well what about the last 3 years that I was late? How come when I catch up they do it, shadddddddddyyyyyyy.
 20th of May, 2013 by   steelangelel556742@gmail.com 0 Votes
Bottom line what is PECO going to do without hardworking paying customers, because there are many people who scam and get away with it but do they go after them, NO. Sure they provide service with the one program they offer to low income families "LHEAP" that's not enough I have to keep hearing BS every time I try to send in my pay stubs when they ask for them, going downtown every time I speak to F**K UP Representatives that doesn't know what their talking about and don't deserve a F*****G JOB, let alone the electricians. It boils my blood to know that they want to keep me as a customer and this is the way I'm treated and my family, it's like they got it out for me and as soon as I find an alternative resource I'll be more than happy to post this and spread it with my fellow PECO victims. In conclusion, F**K PECO and all it's rotten employees along with the spoiling ones, and to the good ones that lurk in the shadows doing your job, I appreciate you even if your P***y A** boss don't. P.S F**K PECO!!!
 31st of Jul, 2014 by   Alexander1982 0 Votes
My power was shut down because of an existing balance in the account. My parents were own upto $4400.00. I called Peco and made the whole payment. I pleased with them to turn on the light and gas but they refused. One of the consumer service was very rude to me, she told me that my power will be restored in a week or two weeks time. I explained to them I had a baby in the house and a pregnant woman, but I was talking to a deaf ear. PECO should have another competitor because what they doing is not fair.
 2nd of Dec, 2014 by   elaine018 0 Votes
Moved to an apartment nd peco holdin me responsible for last tenant bill which I have nothin to do with nw I waitin for so called call past 3 business days all they have to do is update the info I'm so ennoyed cuz I have a son and in dis apt wit no electric they have ma lease nd two forms of Id like peco sucks already
 23rd of Feb, 2015 by   Sharon D. Ulett 0 Votes
I have been having an issue with my PECO bill for over two years. I was late a few times and they keep adding multiple amounts to each bill under deposit. Whenever I make a payment, it is never deducted from my balance. I just see a Thank you for your payment, but it does not go anywhere. Each month more multiple deposits are added and my bill gets larger and larger. My payments seem to go nowhere. Who can I speak with about this and how do I get this cleared up? I am extremely frustrated.

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