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Nexgen t3 Pro trader software, The Woodlands, Texas Complaints & Reviews - Transferring License

Nexgen t3 Pro trader software Contacts & Informations

Nexgen t3 Pro trader software

Posted:    movedon

Transferring License

Complaint Rating:  82 % with 11 votes
Contact information:
3400 Research Forest Dr.
The Woodlands, Texas
United States
Phone: 281-419-2110
I purchased this software at a very high price of $14, 000. After almost a year of extensive training and trading with the software, and after having lost a lot of money, we finally gave up on it.

I recently had a buyer for this software at a much lower price than I paid for it. When I contacted the company to see about transferring MY license, they informed me by e-mail that it would cost the buyer $9, 500 to transfer it to my buyer, on top of what the buyer would pay me. They were very rude and un-cooperative.

Obviously, the deal fell through, and although I was very unhappy before with this company and their product, I now am even more angry because they won't even make it reasonable for a person to sell the license we paid for to someone else!

I really don't know what to do, and I am hoping to keep others from getting in this same bind that we are in. Stuck with something we can't even hope to sell.
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 4th of Dec, 2008 by   dre 0 Votes
I'm wondering: the losses, how did they occure? Was is also the brooker, (Gain cap.?) who cuts the stoplosses? or does the forcasting (multiple timeframes) not it's work? I'm curious about this. I am willing to buy this software to, but now I do have my concerns. Could you email me, I'm happy to discuss. Also about the licence.
 19th of Mar, 2009 by   duped 0 Votes
Nexgen is very convincing to newbies when it comes to predicting moves off fib lines. I bought the software a year ago and have taken 2000 trades. Any fib line market reaction is mere coincidence. Nexgen is clever though. They first talk you into using Ninja trader instead of the Tradestation order bar. Tradestation's order bar is superior to ninja. So why doesn't Nexgen recommend it ? Because Ninja forces you to mark your own charts which throws accountability out the window. If you use Tradestation, your trades are marked and can't be edited. With ninja, you can make your trades look as wonderful as you like. Nexgen claims exceptional education. So far, all they could do for me is criticize my trades after the fact. I have yet to hear anyone at nexgen actually walk through a live trade setup. Don't buy it - I fell for it but regret it.
 20th of Aug, 2010 by   nexgenuser 0 Votes
Interesting to hear fallen nexgen users. I am using it for 2 years now. There are lots of false signals, but have to find the way to filter most of them. I am using for FOREX exclusively, where the market very choppy sometimes, but I can make money with it. Itook some times to get to this level. Almost a year I was frustrated and painful about my trades, but I started to log them, and found another simly indicator free confirmation to take the best possible trade only.
 17th of Oct, 2010 by   Sunny79 0 Votes
Although Nexgen is very good software to get information about the futures but it is still a lagging software. It does not tell you any entry points and nexgen staff does not have set rules for that either. They claim that they have setups but in actual when an individual is watching live market, it does not prove.
My conclusion is that Nexgen is good for plotting triggers but it is not complete trading software for the price they charge.
 28th of Nov, 2010 by   F Bradley 0 Votes
I suppose one would have to expect that with any bona fide system for trading, there would have to be some detractors and naysayers, after all, that is what makes the world
go round. I cannot help but ask the folks who used T3 for a year, and lost lots of money..."What on earth were you guys thinking?" Don't the folks at Nexgen drill into the heads
of any new user, that you should sim trade for a "significant" period of time before trading with real money? Anyone that loses a lot of money with T3 is doing something wrong...first, trading with real money, and second, not having a clear idea of how to read the indicators. And I should add a third faux paus, and that is, not having a clear trading plan, since if a trading plan had been in place that would limit the number or dollar amount of losses per day/per week, then these losses would never have happened. So it appears that these folks who lost money had no clue what they were doing, and instead of trying to blame Nexgen for a faulty program, they should instead point their fingers at themselves and place the blame where it belongs.

As for the user who thinks that it is mere coincidence when price happens to turn at a fib level...if this is an indication of your belief system pertaining to trading, then there is no program that will work for you, because you are going to fail no matter if you were given trades on a golden platter. Try telling Joe Dinapoli or Larry Pesavento that you think pivots at fib levels are hogwash and see how far you get; you are the one that would be chased out of town my friend. I suggest you forget about trading and try something where someone hands you dollar bills every day on the street corner...that is one guaranteed source of income that you wouldn't be able to complain about, but then again, I could be wrong.

As a Nexgen user for about 4 years, I have found no better program anywhere. Sure, there will be some losing trades, but no one at Nexgen has ever intimated that their program is the Holy Grail. It is even possible to make money using only ONE of their indicators, believe it or not. Add the others in their package and it can be an awesome tool in the hands of someone who goes through the steps to learn the indicators and learns how to manage trades after they are entered. After reading theses posts, it is very easy to see how greed can overtake common sense when it comes to matters of money; greed allows a person who buys a program like this, to go through a few steps to become familiar with the indicators, without spending much time in the educational rooms. Then as if by magic, this person thinks they are ready to jump into the markets to make a killing, because all they can see is dollar signs, but when this expected windfall doesn't materialized, it is automatically the fault of the software, instead of the user. What would we think of a wanna be fighter pilot who read over the manual, maybe spent a few hours in a simulator, then jumped into a plane because he was eager to get into the action of flying? Would it be a surprise if this wanna be pilot crashed and burned? Mastery of any skill set takes dedication, perserverance, patience, and lots of time; anyone who doesn't possess these qualities had better learn to incorporate them into his/her personality for their days as a trader will certainly be numbered in the single digits.
 10th of Dec, 2010 by   sun79 0 Votes
This software is a good plotting of Moving Averages, there is no trade setups and there is no magic for 16500.00. I would say SAVE YOUR MONEY. I am their current user and trying to learn from last 1.5 years. 1>> Their salesman are real salesman, they do not care a shit about individual emotion and respect. 2>>> They have no set of rules, I say them changing 3rd time now in last 1.5 years.3>>>Biggest ripoff ------ Same company(NEXGEN) created a new software "Revolution", used same Nexgen software tools and added entry signals and changed around some colors of the indicators. Now they want to sell that separate EVEN THOUGH THEY TOLD THAT ANY SOFTWARE UPGRADES WITH NEXGEN WILL BE FREE FOR LIFETIME. it is same freaking Nexgen software with entry signals. That tells me HOW GREEDY they ARE. They are a company of greedy, rough salesmen who are full of SCAMS. They say something and do something.
5>> Software is again few moving averages put togeather, somebody need close idea --they are moving average 21 and 27.
 12th of Dec, 2010 by   sun79 0 Votes
Again looks like a salesman of Nexgen writing above comment. My objective is to point to tell any new buyer what exactly is behind the shining star.
1>> I nexgen's sales call they claim their users can start making money in 2-4 weeks, this is what they claimed when they sold me that. "It is Holly Gail and you can start making money in 2-4 weeks". REALLY!!!
2>>As I mentioned if somebody spend 16500 on education and testing they can make their own way to success as I did, !
3>> No holly Gail, , , They make to talk to their users, who will convince you that it is the best system ever. DO NOT TALK TO ANYBODY, it is a sales call...
4>>>Another disappointment::::: They just launched another software and named it different than privious. They used same Indicators and added entry signals, and now they do not want to upgrade previous owners. EXCUSE " It is a different software program(Name is different), this is my will if I will give it to you or not"
Really----- why would NEXGEN claimed and promised that we will get lifetime upgrades of the software. "It is not the same softwrae"--IT USES THE SAME TEMPLET AND INDICATORS.
 16th of Dec, 2010 by   daveohio 0 Votes
I'm thinking about doing the 7 day free trial to learn some things...what u guys think about that? True I don't think its worth the $5000 they want.
 21st of Dec, 2010 by   sun79 0 Votes
Well try their demo, at least you will ge their macdBB, which they use a lot for trading, and use EMA 15 to enter.
You can still make money, at least you will not be draining money ..every month
 4th of Feb, 2014 by   Lindat3 0 Votes
This John Novak of Nexgen sounds like a scam artist. I will stay away from John Novak of Nexgent3.com. John Novak of Nexgent3.com just did a ninjatrader presentation--he's using hybrid renko bars, keltner channel and a laquarre oscillator! How do these guys stay in business being such a scam. Doesn't anyone type in the vendors name followed by review? Nexgent3 review--it's that easy--no? Why would anyone even demo a product with out knowing the price--John Novak of Nexgen doesn't list the price anywhere on his scam website. Why would anyone demo a daytrading system without knowing the cost. John Novak of Nexgent3.com looks like a scam--this is not a review, just my 2 cents.

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