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Unauthorized billing

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I ordered Meaningful Beauty from a TV ad that said I could get their product valued at over $100 for $29.95 plus shipping and handling. When I ordered the product I asked the lady specifically how much I'd be charged for the shipping. She said the shipping would be 9.95 and the product would be $29.95.

When I received the shipment there was an invoice attached for $109.95 plus $9.95 for the shipping. I called customer service and told her there was a difference in the price that I was quoted and the price that I was being charged. She told me it was the total instead of being charged installments of $29.95. I informed her that I'd be returning the product and to cancel any future shipments. She had the gall to ask me what the reason was that I choose to cancel.
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 27th of Oct, 2008 by    0 Votes
I agree! Meaningful Beauty has been charging my bank account without my permission, for product I have never received. I am going to file a complaint with the BBB.
 22nd of Nov, 2008 by    0 Votes
I ordered Meaningful Beauty and was told it was 29.95 plus shipping and handling. I too received the 109.95 charges instead. The customer service department was just as unhelpful. I went to their website and it advertises the 29.95 for the 1st shipment. I'm going to file a complaint too.
 16th of Jan, 2009 by    0 Votes
i ordered Meaningful Beauty and it made my skin very dry and it started flaking.. i used to it for 10 days or so and my skin started burning because of the dryness caused by the product. it was very very painful and it took me a while to recover.
i discontinued using it and started using $5 product and it works a lot better.
i cancelled the next shipment and they still sent me next set which was around $80 or $90 dollars. it was charged to my credit card and i had to call them so many times to make sure my account was cancelled and i won't be charged again for products i didn't even order. they had many excuses for not canceling my order right away.. it usually takes a week or two to receive returned product and for the warehouse to notify them that it was returned takes another week and for them to return the money back to your credit card account takes 2 weeks.. blah blah.
i think it's just bs. if there's anyone out there who is considering ordering it DONT DO IT!!! it's just a troubled skin and uncontrollable charging to your credit card waiting to happen!!!
 3rd of Feb, 2009 by    0 Votes
Their products may work, I don't know, I never had the chance to try...but the way that Meaningful Beauty runs their business is ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. They charged my credit card, I never recieved product... and when I cancelled, they were unwilling to refund my card because they didn't have the order in the system. It was unbelievable. There are other ways to have beautiful skin. You don't need to deal with a company that behaves like this. It sounds to me like its all a big scam and they just make it difficult for people to get and or return the product. Got to a spa or a salon. Beautiful skin is not cheap... if it is that cheap.. it's probably too good to be true.
 10th of Mar, 2009 by    0 Votes
I agree TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! Products are good, but not worth the hassle. I cancelled my shipment after billing problems and they kept sending me notices in the mail that my bill was late. I called and they said disregard the statement. Then they accidentally refunded me thirty dollars and sent me a final notice bill for it dated two days later than the refund. They said that they refunded me the payment for the shipment I sent back, not for the one I still owed on. whats the difference? The way their company runs business is confusing and inconvenient for customers. Too bad.
 21st of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes
I agree !!! I called in, got this young Filipino girl who just wanted my information & was "beating around the bush" to answer my questions about the product. I asked her what the total charge was before giving her my credit card information and she clearly stated only 29.95 plus s&h. Once i gave her my visa number she started going on that I was signing up for a charge of 109.95 every 90 days! I immediately became skeptical because I asked her specifically what the total charge would be, BEFORE I gave my visa number. Her accent also made it a little hard to understand her, so I asked to be transferred to a supervisor. "Nico" came on the phone and I asked him what assurance he could give me, because I felt this was a misrepresentation of product. He told me to check out their website online, so I googled their name & this complaints board popped up. Yet, another red flag going off. I told him right away what I saw and I told him to cancel the charge immediately!! I also called my credit card company right away and told them to put a block on the card.
Thank god for websites like this, this stopped me from making a big mistake! I feel sorry to all that have been ripped off by this dupe.

When it looks to good to be true, 99% of the time- IT IS!!
 10th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
AWFUL! I have read so many terrible reviews about this company, so I decided to not only call and cancel my order and the recurring charges, but I also canceled my credit card and got a new number. Well...low and behold last week, I received a new kit from them and I was laughing as I thought, I just got this for free, they can't charge my old card. Well after further review of the invoice, they had illegally obtained my new credit card number!!! Totally scary! I called right away and explained how they were stealing from me and they illegally obtained my cc #, etc... The woman was less than competent, so I asked to speak with a supervisor. She got on the phone immediately after I was put on hold and told me she would refund my money right away. I again asked how they got my new cc#, her explanation was...the bank called and gave them my info! NO BANK would ever do that. So I once again had to cancel my card and get a new one. If this happens again, I will press charges!!!
 29th of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
I agree with the horrible customer service. I ordered the product for 29.99, they in turn charged me over $100. When I called to question it, they told me because I added the toner which I was told would be $1 extra it automatically upgraded my shipment to a 90 day shipment instead of the 30 day shipment which I wanted. Once again, the rep did not tell me adding the toner would upgrade my shipment. When I complained, they basically were not trying to help me. Then I called back to speak to a different person, who told me I had to send the shipment back and I would be credited the amount once they received the shipment. Well I was glad I purchased the shipment delivery confirmation at the post office, because when I called meaningful beauty back they tried to tell me they did not receive the shipment. When I told them I had a delivery confirmation that they did in fact receive the product the rep gave me some BS story about not being able to find it in theri system. I gave them the confirmation number, and told them I will give them a week to straighten it out. I called back, and I was told they did receive the product-duh I knew that already-but that it takes 2 weeks for it to be processed in their warehouse, then my account would be credited. To make a long story short, After a slew of phone calls to them, and 2 months-yes two months, they finally sent me a check-which was not what they said they were gonna do. They were supposed to credit my credit card. Anyway, I cashed the check immediately, cuz I wasn't sure if the thing was good or not! I have to say for the time I used the product, I did like it-it made my skin soft and glowing, but it was not worth the hassle. I can go to the drug store to buy a product that will make my skin soft and glowing. And to add to a comment made by another person on this blog about consumers should know infomercials are scams-or whatever she said- I've never bought anything I've seen on an infomercial before but I took a chance since the product was being backed by Cindy Crawford that it may be a decent product. My neighbor uses Principle secret by Victoria Principle and she loves it-but it's geared to women a little older than me and is quite pricey-so I figured I'd try this product instead hoping to get great results. Anyway, I say Buy at Your Own Risk-dealing with their customer service center and their deceptive ways totally turned me off. I will be goin to the clinique counter-or even Happy Harry's from now on!
 14th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
I totally agree with these comments.Thats why I came here to comment.Their customer service did the same thing to me telling me one price of $29.99 and I was shocked when I saw the invoice reading of my credit card being charged for more than $130 Canadian dollars.I called the company and they told me that was 3 easy payments of $29.99 plus tax and shipping and handling.Its not about the poor service.If so many complaints are saying the same thing means the company is doing a fraud on purpose.And to add up I have to say that the products are not worth the shock they give to all of us.And I agree that even a $20 products would do better...Paran
 19th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
I purchased this product and it was very clear in the writing that the product would be replenishing on autoshipment. If you didn't want this to happen you should have read the contract you entered by purchasing the product. You had 30 days to cancel any future shipments. If you were smart enough to read the agreement, you'd know that. It's not a SCAM, there are just a lot of idiots who purchase it and don't understand what they're doing.
 19th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
LESSON: Never use the phone to order infomercial products. A phone representative is NOT going to read any disclaimers to you. Go ONLINE and purchase that way, and READ what you're getting into. If any of you had done that you would have known how to have this product the way it was advertised. I paid only $30 for my starter kit, and then 100/mo for the auto shipment, which I canceled because it's just too much product and I don't use the same products all the time.

Meaningful beauty is no better than products you can buy at Rite Aid. Though, I love the cleanser and the eye cream. The rest of the products are oily and not good for men. They smell girly, and leave skin looking "shimmery" which sucks for men. It's so hard to find good products for men that leave a matte finish.
 9th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
hmmmm..better yet go to ebay.com and buy it..your only going to get charged once. thats what i did.
 13th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
You really need to take the time to read the agreement to understand what you are doing. I was going to use a charge card, however, the company needed to wait for more shipment to come in before they could fill and ship out my order. I decited to pay by check when my shipment arrived that way I could be in charge of the bill. I did not know when my shipment was going to be mailed out and did not want any discrepency on my credit card regarding this matter. I really love these products! I have read many complaints regarding credit cards. I just read my bank statement from last month. There was a service that opened another account in my name for a service that I had cancelled long ago. This service was charging me twice a month for 2 accounts. These things happen and we just have to make sure they get it right the first time. Ask questions for customer service when ordering!!! The commercial states that you can make 3 payments of 29.99. It clearly states that! Ordering my product was fine. I was told everything I needed to know. I was given options. I appreciated that. The only thing I am wondering about is that apparently there are other Crawford products. I ordered a Meaningful Beauty Wellness Vitamin & Mineral 30 day pack for $4.99. In my e-mail from Meaningful Beauty they were offering a product for acne. I went to my account on the Web and could not find the products. So I sent an e-mail to customer service.
 10th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
I ordered the 29.95 starter kit but was charged 55.95 Canadian. I was told the 29.95 was no longer available and i had actually paid 39.95 plus shipping and Canadian tax and then the conversion to Canadian dollars. i was told that the 29.95 was no longer offered. I went to www.meaningfulbeauty.com to make my next purchase as i have had great results with the products since i have quite oily skin. I ordered a 5 piece kit at 18$ per unit which should be $90.00 total then add shipping and Canadian tax. However i was charged 24$ per unit totaling 135.95 with taxes. That doesn't include the us to Canadian conversion. I called in for a explanation and correction. The first women i spoke with said she would fix that right up for me. I hung up and thought that was to easy. So i called back to confirm. It was not corrected, i was later informed that it could not be corrected. I asked to speak to a supervisor who was informed by his supervisor that it can not be reversed as i was already charged. Well i was only charged for half so it could be corrected. So he put me through to his supervisor. I explained to mary employee 5021 That both the summer catalog i received with my most recent order and the website quoted above, quoted 18$ per unit. As well when i made my purchase none of this was explained. (isn't that just good customer service?). She said that next time i can do my order through the Canadian web site and be charged 23.40 per unit in Canadian and i would save a little but that she can't change my previous order and i just have to pay 24$ per unit. She also said that the catalog was not supposed to be in my box with my products. There was no real explanation as to why i was charged 24$ as opposed to 18$. The excuses kept changing. At first i was told the 18 was the old pricing, yet i have their summer catalog with that price quoted. Their web site today shows the price of 18$ per unit and it showed that they day i ordered as well. So where did the dollar amount of 24$ come from? or do they make up prices?. This price was not on their Canadian or american web sites as a preferred customer. Its a shame companies don't have to be held accountable for their advertising. I canceled my orders and asked to have my credit card removed from their file. I double checked that the card was removed. I would have continued to use this product if the company could stand by their advertising and prices and truly want to solve our billing issues. They would have a lot more happy customers who would stay with them a lot longer. instead of for one to 2 orders. However long it takes you to realize they scam you with the pricing and advertising. come on be true to what you say.
 2nd of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
The prices are different for different areas, I would know, I sold this product via tele-offers. All of the info is stated, in the script, but the wording is very clever and if you aren't paying attition it will fly by in the script. For best results if I were to use this product would be to order from the website. In addition to price changing there agents who sell this aslo sell like 100 other things as well and often do not take the time to explain the offer or are unfamiliar with the offer and product being sold.
 26th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
I ordered the skin care products. But I was sent two boxes of minerals unsolicited. I called to stop them from shipping me the products every 30 days automatically. But they did anyway. Now I have to do the chores and spend the time and gas to return them out of my own pocket. How could they act so ethically? It was stupid for them to assume we could be cheated in light of the web capabilities where consumers nowadays could spread the word about issues. Bad marketing! BTW, my skin broke out after using the products. I am wondering if the products were developed based on legit R&D. I am very frustrated why FDA does not regulated skin care products.
 15th of May, 2011 by    0 Votes
i just ordered the product out of my stupidity and then read about it on the web. I am freaking out right NOW!!! i called customer service to cancel right away and the woman who answered said that she wouldnt be able to do anything now because the information did not have time to process: basically what happened was that i received a confirmation number, which was followed by : "we are unable to process your card at this time. we will attempt to complete ur order within 14 days...if we can obtain an authorization, you will receive an order confirmation". Has ANYONE GOTTEN THIS MSSG AND RECEIVED THE ORDER, WAS SCAMMED, or WAS EVERYTHING OK ?????????
 4th of Jun, 2011 by    +1 Votes
The Customer Service is terrible, I will never order another product from this company, its not the product its the customer service that hurts this company. I cancelled my account before the second shipment, they charged my account after telling me that my account would NOT be charged. I called back, they told be that they could not stop the shipment and that I could return it when it was received and they would credit my account, I did that and now they tell me it takes 4-6 weeks before they will credit my account and to make matters worse they were extremely rude on the phone.
 30th of Aug, 2011 by    0 Votes
When I ordered I specifically asked exactly how much was the total for ALL...the guy said my total charges would be $56.65. He then tried to keep selling me stuff and I said to please stop. I received the product. Today I checked my bank account and an additional $46.65 was charged so I called and a lady named Morgan said that there was still one more payment of $46.65 owed and that it would be deducted from my acct in September because the total was $149.94. I was SO FURIOUS! I told her that I was told only about the $56.65...she said she was sure I was told about the extra charges when I ordered and I told her even if the product works, they were still running a pretty good scam and asked her how does she sleep at night and hung up. I hear of some of the horror stories like this but with Cindy Crawford's name attached I didn't doubt it when I was told it would be a total of $56.65!!! Shame on ME! They're all fkn thieves!!! And I will NEVER buy from an infomercial ever again!!!
 19th of Oct, 2011 by    0 Votes
I returned the 1st automated shipping without opening the box. Now 79.90 has gone to a collection agency and the company refuses to budge. They are a disreputable, terrible company to do business with. BEWARE!!

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