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Lift SP, Tully, New York Complaints & Reviews - Order cancel

Lift SP Contacts & Informations

Lift SP

Posted:    Cheri Gigon

Order cancel

Complaint Rating:  94 % with 93 votes
Contact information:
6828 Rte 80
Tully, New York
United States
I requested last month for the company NOT to SEND OR BILL me for the above product as I do not want it and I sure as heck don't intend to pay for this..My AX card was charged with yet another shipment. I want a credit and NO MORE Shipments or this issue will be reported to the CONSUMER BUSINESS and BETTER BUSINESS Bureau.. AGAIN..My request for cancellation has been ignored.
Comments United States Unauthorized Charges
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 21st of Nov, 2008 by   susan 0 Votes
Irequested last month for the company NOT to SEND OR BILL me for the above product as I do not want it and I sure as heck don't intend to pay for this..My credit card was charged with yet another shipment. I want a credit and NO MORE Shipments or this issue will be reported to the CONSUMER BUSINESS and BETTER BUSINESS Bureau.. AGAIN..My request for cancellation has been ignored, if you are in the similiar situation and was able to stop the unauthorize charge, please e-mail me your answer.
 28th of Jan, 2009 by   Melinda Bates 0 Votes
I order the trial and paid the shipping, I recieved the product shortly after I paid for it. Well I guess you have 15 days to respond back to the company and if you DONT they keep sending you the product and charging you the 79.95. I recieved 2 more bottles and called the company, to tell them i didnt want these if I could send them back and they told me no. My charge card was really ran up so I looked closely to the bill and they keep charging me. The customer service lady told me to give it away if I dont want it, and she cant refund my money. I am now going to contact the better business bureau also, this company should be a shamed of themselves for taking advantage of people with the way the economy is.
 1st of Feb, 2009 by   Betty K. 0 Votes
The exact same things as mentioned in the other comments happened to me. They have the worst customer service I have ever seen..It's more like customer rip-off. I'm still trying to get some "Service", but they never respond back. I DO NOT WANT THEIR PRODUCT and they are still billing me for it!
 1st of Feb, 2009 by   michelle 0 Votes
Hello, this is the manager of Customer Service for this product. Just letting you all know that our Customer Service hours are Monday thru Friday 8AM-5:30PM and the number is 866-897-2464. We do have a 30 day risk free satisfaction Guarantee. So please give us a call and any one of our representatives will be happy to assist you with anything that they can. Also if you would like to cancel your account through email you may do so by emailing info@verifyyourorder.com
Have a great day
 3rd of Feb, 2009 by   Gloria Strieter 0 Votes
I had read the "terms and conditions and understood that I would have only 14 days from the date ordered (not date I received it) before I would be charged if I didn't cancel it. I was worried about the other complaints I've been reading on line, and also because I ordered my product 1-24-09 and had not received it by today, Feb. 3. However, I am glad Michell from Customer Service wrote because I then had a phone number to call. (I had not originally seen that number in the "terms and conditions".) The person with whom I spoke was very nice, helpful and tried to trace it. Couldn't find it, so said she'd extend my trial for 30 days before I am charged or I decide to cancel. Yes, I will be charged unless I call in to cancel "in time". Gloria
 9th of Feb, 2009 by   Debra Hobbs 0 Votes
Just to let everyone know, I sent an email to info@verifyyourorder.com and I was refunded my money. I had no problems. This just happened today. It was a prompt response. The info was posted by Michelle on this website.

Debra Hobbs
 10th of Feb, 2009 by   Sarah +1 Votes
I didn't happen to catch the 15 day cancellation requirement from the date that you order the trial. Sigh... I'm a single mother of two, work full time and go to school part time. I thought it would be nice to do something for myself for a change and order a trial version of this product to see if it works and because I don't read all the fine print...I get more of a hassel. I've been charged the $79.95 since I didn't call to cancel "in time". I hope I'll be able to get my money back. This is ridiculous. I certainly won't be ordering anymore now - even if it does work.
 20th of Feb, 2009 by   ThinkAboutIt 0 Votes
Nothing is Free in life- come on people.
 23rd of Feb, 2009 by   Florence 0 Votes
They billed me January 15 for my free trial. Today, February 23, a package came from them. I then looked a my bank account online and saw that they had billed me $79.95 on February 15. I didn't sign up for this! I looked at my bank statement online and discovered that on February 2, there was a charge for $79.95 also (but no shipment, so I had no idea the charge was even there until today)! SCAM.

So, they put me on autoship (I had NO idea this would happen), billed me for two shipments, but only sent ONE. Plus, every two weeks?! Give me a break! Fortunately I caught it, finally, and called them and then called my bank. My bank said to call back and get a cancellation number and the name of the person who took the cancellation order, and their ID#. So I've done all that now.

The bank advised getting rid of my debit card that they have the number of. I'll wait a bit and see what happens, but I'll be watching my account very carefully. And I'll NEVER order a free trial again! NEVER. $160. I'm out so far. If they don't actually refund it, my bank is going to go after them, but it will take some time.

DUMB ME. What was I thinking????
 23rd of Feb, 2009 by   Florence 0 Votes
Also, the man I spoke to told me that on their web site there was a link for "Terms" which supposedly said I would be enrolled in auto-shipments. This was false. There was no such link, and no such information anywhere!
 23rd of Feb, 2009 by   Florence 0 Votes
Also, my bank send to return the product and get a certified receipt of delivery and then call the bank to give them the number, so they can go after these people.
 24th of Feb, 2009 by   stefon Vermullen 0 Votes
I didn't get involved with this product but I feel your pain on this. Comcast cable really put it to me on billing me AFTER I requested disconnection.Also billed me for unreturned modems that I DID return. They sent me to a very rude collection agent. They still claim more owed then I really do. Companies get too big and don't care.
 24th of Feb, 2009 by   Meynard 0 Votes
I agree with the complaints. These ad companies do try to lure any unsuspecting consumer and once the consumer founds out, it's kind of late already. I think these companies a bunch of crooks!
 26th of Feb, 2009 by   I*got*scam 0 Votes
I have the same problem with LIft-Sp.
I ordered it last week and it took more than a week to arrive at my house.
I read everything carefully from their website and didn't want this other creme they offered for $29.99.
I got the items just today and guess what? They charged me for the creme which I checked on that website that I did not want.
I got back right away and they talked to me like it was my fault. The representation on the line told me that I probably did not read the stuff and did not or forgot to check the appropriate box. Well, I did forget. I read all of the complaint about LIFT-SP and decided to try it and guess what? This company is charging people for things that they did not want. They told me I will see the credit of $29.99 back on my credit card in 6 to 12 days. I don't buy this from them. It shouldn't take that many days. I am caling my credit card company tomorrow to block them from every charging me for anymore stuff.
I used tons of it on my face and it does not work. I don't even have that much wrinkles and the little wrinkles that I have is still there after using Lift-SP...
Make sure you call them right away if they send you something which you did not order. In fact, they try to lie to me that the other item was a free sample. It is not a free sample and my credit card got charge for it..
This company is a scam.
 6th of Mar, 2009 by   Shelby 0 Votes
STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT - IT IS A SCAM, PERIOD! I received their 'trial sample' with a charge to my credit card of $6.95. A few weeks later a charge was made to my card for approximately $100(Cdn) for the next bottle. It never came - apparently was 'held up at the border'. So I cancelled my credit card and had a new issued (so they couldn't charge me AGAIN). Phoned to see where the second order was told that the $100 fee was for the trial sample! STAY AWAY IS ALL I CAN SAY. The product sucks too. So I am out $100. I wish I knew how to report them. Better Business Bureau?
 11th of Mar, 2009 by   Claudia 0 Votes
Thanks for al this information...i would like to Order Lift SP..but my searching her wasn´t for nothing and i like to stay away from this produkt.
Nobody lost his wrinkle ??????????
 12th of Mar, 2009 by   Joan +1 Votes
My story is much the same. I did get their "call center" and apparently they are not permitted to give out any actual business information. They've charged me twice and then the 12 year old call center gal told me she was going to "blacklist" my card so no one would accept it. I have turned them in to the Better Business Bureau and I've notified the Attorney Generals Office in Arizona. I've also notified my bank who expressed their surprise over the "blacklist" threat. Liars and Thieves. For your information, Corporate Headquarters (which is probably the back of van in the local shopping mall parking lot) is:

16192 Coastal Highways
Lewes Delaware MD 19958
 16th of Mar, 2009 by   SPL +1 Votes
Yeah, I fell for it too. Age 56, intelligent, but at this point, I think, as ignorant as all of the other people who fell for
this scam. I received the sample for $4.95 and subsequently received 2 charges on my credit card in February for $79.95 each.
I did not order or receive any product. I also contacted my credit card company who will reverse those unauthorized charges,
and I will be contacting my local news stations and papers, consumer agencies and the Better Business Bureau in addition to any
forums or blogs I can find. On my order form, it states " 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!". The people who write in saying they got results from their complaints most likely work for the company. LETS PUT THESE PEOPLE OUT OF BUSINESS!!! WE CAN DO THIS COLLECTIVELY!
 17th of Mar, 2009 by   c2t +1 Votes
They have changed the web site since I ordered my "free" sample. Now the terms are plainly stated on the website. They are very careful not to call it a "free sample" but a "trial bottle" that must be cancelled within 12 days of order. Unfortunately, it can take over a week for it to arrive. Not much time to see if it works. Many think that the 12 day trial period begins from receipt of product. Not so. From date of order. I talked with customer service. You can return your shipment, but they will still charge you for it.

They did cancel my second shipment, but refused to do anything about the first (which of course was the "trial" bottle!)

If a product is truly good, you do not have to use "slick" marketing to "trick" people into purchasing it. They will be beating down your door to get it! Especially if it removes wrinkles!! :)

If BBB gets enough complaints, maybe this company can be stopped. .. at least hit them where it hurts (bank account). It's companies like this that make online marketing difficult for honest companies who have good products. As the old saying goes, "Buyer Beware!"

Unfortunately, a lot of people will not use the product now, even if it did work. Anyone in business knows that it takes 20 times more effort to get a new customer, than to keep a satisfied customer. Good customer service (one who truly honors 100% money-back guarantees) is key to business success.

 17th of Mar, 2009 by   Francine B├ęgin +1 Votes
I was charged on my credit card for the products I did not receive yet. It a fraud. I called them and they told me I will receive a credit, I did not receive yet.

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