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Kmart / Sears Complaints & Reviews - Scam and shady accounting & sales practices

Sears Holdings Coproration Contacts & Informations

Kmart / Sears

Posted: 2011-08-31 by    johnjustice

Scam and shady accounting & sales practices

Complaint Rating:  50 % with 2 votes
Contact information:
Kmart / Sears
United States
Why does Sears / Kmart engage in these shady sales practices?

I bought five pair of jeans today on Kmart.com today:


total is $93.95

I also have shipvantage which means FREE shipping

and a 15 percent off coupon that was honored online AUGUSTSPECIAL15

which means that my total after savings is $70.46

add CA tax and the total should be about $75.9

instead Kmart.com charged me 86.04

and included some weird "delivery charge: free and shipping charge: $7.75"

Sears.com does this too but I never took the time to review my
receipts carefully and catch them in the act; also
because their receipts are really weird and unique in their
formatting. I think that Sears and Kmart engage in
systematic practices to take advantage of customers.

Sears and Kmart accounting and sales practices appear to be shady.
Comments United States Online Scams
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 31st of Aug, 2011 by   johnjustice 0 Votes
I am buying from Sears/Kmart it's because I am stuck with Sears gift cards that I bought and I am trying to get rid of them.
 31st of Aug, 2011 by   johnjustice -1 Votes
thx Rod; I could not wish the pain of dealing with Sears / Kmart to anyone not even the MIL
 31st of Aug, 2011 by   Ellen67 0 Votes
What is weird about the shipping charge?
 31st of Aug, 2011 by   johnjustice 0 Votes
To clarify:
shipvantage is a program where you pay sears / kmart $75 each year and you are "supposed to" receive free shipping and free delivery (which is the same thing). Amazon has a similar program but the difference between Sears / Kmart and Amazon is that Amazon does not cheat the customer and is transparent in what it charges the customer.
 31st of Aug, 2011 by   johnjustice 0 Votes
And Amazon is just an example; I have never encountered a major / large online retailer that engages in the systematic practices that Sears / Kmart engages in taking advantage of customers.
 31st of Aug, 2011 by   johnjustice 0 Votes
Sonyvega you are correct. I messed up. Thanks for pointing that out.
However if Sears / Kmart had a simpler format for their receipts; this would not happen. I have had so many problems with them that I do not trust them anymore. See my Sears and Sears Holdings complaints.
But you are right sonyvega I computed the number wrong on this one.
So Kmart did not do anything wrong on this one; except provide strange and confusing receipts.
 31st of Aug, 2011 by   Ellen67 0 Votes
Did you contact them to rectify the shipping cost? Did your ship advantage information link to the order?
 31st of Aug, 2011 by   johnjustice -1 Votes
My bad on this one. Kmart / Sears should also adjust their receipts so that they do not show shipping charges or delivery charges broken down for those who pay for shipvantage. It is confusing.
 31st of Aug, 2011 by   johnjustice -1 Votes
The receipt does not break down the refund of the delivery / shipping charge or any other savings and this is confusing.
 31st of Aug, 2011 by   johnjustice -1 Votes
Until I get rid of all my gift cards, it is cheaper for me to pay for shipvantage; which is free for the first month trial; rather than pay shipping each time. Amazon does the same thing; free one month trial.
 31st of Aug, 2011 by   johnjustice -1 Votes
Ellen67 I contacted Sears / Kmart this AM regarding misinformation from one of their customer service / ordering reps regarding price match with a particular retailer. I was given wrong information regarding Sears' price match. This is in addition to other problems I had with Sears / Kmart with placing orders and obtaining inaccurate receipts in the recent past. I am in contact with some of the highest level Sears / Kmart customer service employees and they handle both Sears and Kmart. I still have not heard back from them regarding that issue probably because it takes them a couple of days to respond; so when this apparent new issue came up I emailed them and I also made the complaint on here. But this latter one was my mistake in computing that was aided by their weird receipts.

In a nutshell, dealing with Sears / Kmart is like a full time job. I recommend other trouble-free retailers like Walmart, Costco, Target or Amazon. Based on my experience they provide better service.
Kmart may be better than Sears based on my experience even though they belong to the same company.
 31st of Aug, 2011 by   johnjustice -1 Votes
Their receipt says that they charged me a delivery charge but Kmart actually credited it back on the same receipt and lumped it with the discounts. It was my mistake in computing the charges that was also aided by the fact that Sears.com / Kmart.com receipts are confusing as they break down charges but they do not break down credits.
 1st of May, 2013 by   Lucy Her 0 Votes
I got an email from KMart on my birthday, and it was for a Happy Birthday coupon for $10.00 off if you spent $45.00 or more, online or print to use in the store. I printed it and went to KMart. I spent $47.00, and when I handed her the coupon she scanned it and it took 1 cent off! She said the coupon was to add $10.00 in points not a discount coupon! I asked for the manager who agreed with the cashier. They refused to return the coupon! I had saved it so I went home and read it, they were wrong! I emailed a complaint to KMart with the email in it, and Mark from Sears customer service emailed me they were sorry and would mail me a $10.00 gift card. I never got it! After waiting 2 weeks I emailed him again, along with the previous email where he said he would send it, and still I have not heard anything. This is May, my birthday was early March. I unsubscribed from both Kmart AND Sears (I also got $10.00 off Sears if you spend $30.00 which I refuse to use). They are both a ripoff, beware if you get Birthday or any coupons! by the way I never got the $10.00 in points!
 8th of May, 2013 by   SearsCare 0 Votes
Dear Lucy Her,

My name is Edwin and I work with the Sears Social Media Escalations team. Please accept our sincerest apologies for level of service retendered in reference to the customer service rendered in reference to the gift card that was offered and never received. We’d like to talk to you to see how we can be of additional assistance in reference to this matter. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (Lucy Her), phone # used at time of purchase to SMAdvisor@searshc.com. We look forward hearing from you soon.
Thank you,
Edwin C.
Social Media Moderator
Sears Social Media Support

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