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Hughesnet, New York Complaints & Reviews - 2-Year Contract??

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Posted:    MariaMc7

2-Year Contract??

Complaint Rating:  100 % with 6 votes
Contact information:
New York
United States
I'm trying to cancel my Hughesnet service because we are moving to an area that offers broadband (THANK GOD!). Hughesnet sucks... it's just sucks.. Slower than dial-up at times. When I tried to cancel today, the barely English-speaking gentleman on the line said I signed up for a 2-year contract term commitment. I'm pretty sure this was never discussed or brought to my attention AS my rental lease was for one-year FIRM. I don't believe I missed the fine print as the deal was made over the phone. I'm also told that I have to pay the shipping cost to return the dish. I told him I understand I bought the dish. The refund is $200. The early term fee to break the contract is $400. Anyone else have this issue?
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 9th of Jul, 2009 by   lscheye +1 Votes
I just canceled my service with Hughesnet and was told that there is a $515 early termination fee because of when I signed up. I have searched high and low and cannot find that information in an easily accessible location. You have to go to a different web site (different from the HughesNet customer care site) to find this information and apparently you have to get the web address from an account manager. I could not agree more--the service stinks. I have waited five minutes for an internet site to come up--I have almost fallen asleep several times waiting...and waiting... I am going to pursue this further as I don't feel this company treats its customers fairly. Their advertising borders on false and it is time someone does something about this!
 15th of Jul, 2009 by   JR in Wyoming +1 Votes
Same boat...my situation is INSANE.
Due to a particular area that I live, the transponder I'm forced to use can barely stay up with dial-up...multiple disconnects...horrible bandwidth. I paid $1, 800 cash for the equipment, then after a year, I actually shut down the system because it was just too frustrating. After multiple calls to HughesNet "people" that speak some form of broken English, rude, condescending, and no help in resolving MY technical problems (a lowly customer begging for help).
Finally, I called to cancel. Get ready...they COULD NOT cancel my contract until I FAX THEM A LETTER ON COMPANY LETTERHEAD !! I'm 130 miles to the nearest fax machine!! So, I went to town, faxed them a letter (we don't have "letterhead" stationary)...guess what?!? Still charged my account another month. Another phone call...they couldn't accept my cancellation because it wasn't on company letterhead !!! My next call was to my bank to block the next charge attempt.

I'm going after this disgusting excuse of a service provider. HughesNet has the WORSE ethics, customer service, and attitude. If you are remotely thinking of using HughesNet...RUN, don't walk...RUN as fast as you can away from them!! JR
 26th of Oct, 2010 by   shelly knox +1 Votes
I just got charged 400.00 to terminate Hughes Net. I called and the 2 people I talked to couldn't speak english. They said I knew the charge and there wasn't anything they could do . The biggest mistake I ever made. They just charged it to my charge card.
 26th of Mar, 2011 by   Erickson in Colorado 0 Votes
I could not agree more, I was just in a similar situation. I have called them several times and chatted with them about several things and I just get a run- a- round. They cannot or will not answer a simple question. They direct you to someone else or a link to figure out your own problems. I had a contract for two years and if it was not for that, I would have cancelled sooner. In the long run, it would have been cheaper to cancel early. Now I have problems getting the kit to return the equipment before I am charged 400.00. I am still waiting for the kit. I will never use Hughesnet again.
 27th of Apr, 2011 by   angry woman 1234 0 Votes
I hear all of you I have had the service for only 4 months and yes it sucks!!! I am thinking of cancelling it. It sound scary though. We keep going past our dowload alowance every day. When we started it was supose to be 350MB but now it is 300MB. So i called and asked about another plan. The one that is offerd for 89.00 show dowload allowance as 400MB, but the person I talked to told me that it would only be 350Mb download. Ya nothing they offered me when I got it is the same.
 8th of Jun, 2011 by   Okraqueen 0 Votes
Report your credit card stolen or dispute it with your bank so they cant keep charging you!!
 9th of Jun, 2011 by   angry woman 1234 0 Votes
I really want to get rid of this hughesnet but I am worried that they will charge my bank card even though I went to paper billing and pay an extra 5 dollars to get it. And pay through the one time check payment on the interent. So i am now paying for the stupid hughes service and a local internet service that is $60 dollars cheaper than hughes!!! And no downlaod limits!!!

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