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Holiday Inn Express

Posted:    Becky Starnes


Complaint Rating:  89 % with 9 votes
Watch out for the Holiday Inn Express Advanced Reservation rate--IT IS A CONSUMER TRAP. They will not accept your cancellation (even with 2 and 1/2 months notification in advance). Be especially wary of the Lake Okeechobee, Florida location.
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 3rd of Feb, 2009 by   S Gant +1 Votes
Ugg.. I have just discovered this and am facing losing $600 (at the downtown Miami location.) I canceled over a month ahead of time, and they are denying me a refund. I would totally agree to pay a penalty, but being changed the ENTIRE amount? OUTRAGEOUS. I will NEVER stay at a Holiday Inn Express, and encourage you all to steer clear.
 16th of Aug, 2009 by   WbSurfer -1 Votes
Since you don't say how you booked your reservations, you leave a lot of unanswered questions.
If booking on-line you can't make a reservation without having to check: 1) RED BOX which states the Cancellation Policy of that rate and reservation, 2) Another RED or BLACK BOX which states you agree and undertand the terms. I use the Advance Puchase Reservation frequently and do not have any problem with it. I use it when I am sure of plans.
If booking via travel agent or etc. you are responsible to ASK about the Cancellation Policy for what you book.
Consumer, you do have responsibility!
Sorry you lost your money, but consider it a "learning experience."
 4th of Oct, 2009 by   tigerlilyhb89 0 Votes
Maybe you should READ what you are agreeing to! The Advance Purchase option is a significantly discounted rate with this stipulation.

I know it sucks that Holiday Inn Express expects the people making the reservations at hotels to be adults and act like adults, but sometimes you do need to take responsibility for your own actions and not blame everyone else because you made a mistake.
 9th of Oct, 2010 by   Pat Bern +1 Votes
Oh please, I booked at Holiday Inn Express through Hotels.com I booked for one night and I still have the confirmation document for one night. When I attempted to check out the next day, the clerk stated that I booked for two nights and could not leave, and then they decided that we could leave but that they would continue to charge. (Some policy, if I buy a dress at a department store they do not charge me 7 times for the same dress) The manager acted like a sneaky rat, skulked off, and hid in his office. The clerk was too busy flirting with her boyfriend at the counter and was clearly incensed that she had to do any problem solving that took her attention away from her paramour. (Carlsbad)
When I got my statement, they charged me for four nights. Where they pulled that number from, I do not know except that it is a nice round ill-gotten gain and illegal profit. They also charged another credit card for another night (the same night), and they attempted to place another room charge again for the same night on a credit card that has been closed for 5 years. THEREFORE, they are fraudulently charging me 7 times for the same night on three different cards one of which was a card I closed years ago. FIA processes other cards so they have access to who knows how much information for them to mine. I read the fine print and however you parse the situation, it is wrong, so this is not MY mistake, it is their unethical activity. If you defend this type of business, you must be one of the ones that profits from this type of activity. Shame on you. I have one legitimate $ 150 charge, which they have multiplied to over $1, 000 by their fancy math. The CC Company wants the money so they do not care that it is not legitimate, what a racket. Anyone out there with any useful help other than read the small print? Who do you report this to that will listen. Not the CC companies. Stay away from Hotels.com and Holiday inn Express.
 1st of Nov, 2011 by   So disappointed with +1 Votes
I Stayed at the Holiday in in Jasper AL this past weekend. There was a physical fist fight from one end of the hall to another. NO ONE ANSWERED WHEN I PHONED ROOM SERVICE IN FEAR!!! The police came and removed the guest. People were yellow about shooting each other and everything. At first light...I packed and headed towards the office and asked for a refund becuase I was too afraid to sleep and was refused. They won't even talk my calls or call me back. I WILL NEVER STAY THERE or any other location again.
 23rd of Jun, 2012 by   Wagh Urs +1 Votes
Beware of holiday inn - cat /dog fleas are everywhere in room
Holiday inn at oceanfront surfside beach, 1601 n beach blvd, surfside myrtle beach south Carolina. This hotel has a Cheryl dangerous fleas on the bed, floor, door, walls, everywhere fleas are crawling / jumping. Fleas are very hard to catch and kill. We talk to hotel manager but they don't even bother changing of room . They changed only bed sheets but nothing else. This hotel is not safe in terms of health.
 5th of Feb, 2013 by   Adam1949 +1 Votes
They are making a living by screwing over their guests via their cancellation and refund policy. It makes the numbers look better for the handlers. Kimmons Wilson (founder of Holiday Inn and Wilson World) would have never stood for this shabby treatment. Do not book these thieves if there is ANY chance of your plans having to change. They are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to rip you off.

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