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Faregeek.com Complaints & Reviews - Beware buying a ticket through them

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Posted: 2011-07-26 by    Nicen

Beware buying a ticket through them

Complaint Rating:  100 % with 14 votes
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United States
This fake company is operating by one or two fellows in India. Beware buying a ticket through them. There were so many restrictions that I lost half of my ticket and they wanted to charge me more than the Airline itself for a return ticket. Every time we call them, we get the same follow from India on line. He calls himself, Rone, and each time he tells a different story. He kept refereeing us to the airlines, American Airlines, the AA kept sending back to him. The worse ever experience in using an agent to book a ticket!!!
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 6th of Aug, 2011 by   JRC26 0 Votes
DO NOT EVER USE FAREGEEK. They screwed me over pretty bad, $300, maybe more. I will post a video and a blog about everything that happened soon on my channel: Boutdonow14. I'll give you what happened in a nutshell:

*I bought a ticket to Manchester, England from New York in September for cheap

Member of my family got very ill after buying the ticket, decided I should stay and not go to Europe
Andy, the customer service representative at Fairgeek suggested that I cancel my ticket, and I would get a refund. I told him that I did not want to get burned and only wanted to cancel if I got a full refund. He told me "I didn't have to worry."
I later found out that the refund I was getting was only $92, maybe less if anything at all. There was a $300 penalty and he made it sound like I was actually getting a refund.
So now, I have no ticket and Fairgeek stole $300 of my hard-earned money. I will work for free for a week or so basically. Fairgeek refuses to work with me on it and insist on giving me a $300 penalty they tried to cover up. I would have kept my ticket in my name if I had known this, just so Fairgeek couldn't steal $300 of my money and most likely turn around and sell the same ticket to someone else.
DO NOT BUY FROM FAIRGEEK!!! PLEASE!!! They may be cheap, but they have no customer service department basically and they speak horrible English. (Sounds like they are based in India.)
 3rd of Nov, 2011 by   jeemyplay 0 Votes
I dont know about others, But I got very good experience with those fellows.
First when I made booking I booked myself for 22 Sep instead of 12 Sep, Faregeek help me to change my date absolutely at no extra cost!!!
and I face no problem at all during all my trip.
I will surely gonna use them one more time.
 19th of Aug, 2012 by   vanessa7899 0 Votes

On Thursday night, I booked a flight to India using this website. I received a confirmation email confirming my flight. The next day, I received an email from Faregeek telling me my booking had been CANCELLED with NO explanation. Just a generic "your booking has been cancelled." I responded and asked why my flight had unilaterlly been cancelled. Their response cited a "booking agreement" and they said they had left me a message about this. Complete lies. I never received a call from Faregeek and still have not received any calls from them. When I searched for the flight to rebook, the price increased by $200. I called faregeek and after hours and hours of waiting and making multiple calls, I have been given multiple conflicting reasons for the flight cancellation (one of which is that the airline refused to honor the "deal" that faregeek had advertised. Apparently, faregeek does not confirm prices with the airline before offering those prices. What kind of business does that???). They are a nightmare to deal with and I would recommend paying a little extra and using a different website to book your flights. If you use this site, I really hope that a flight has actually been reserved for you and that you actually make it to your final destination.
 21st of Jun, 2013 by   Gus71 0 Votes
I bought to two tickets from them. One for my girlfriend and one for me. Mine was confirmed and bought the same day. They charged me and no problems. For my girlfriend they sent her that email confirming the purchase but not airline confirmation. I had to call them the next day (5-10 time no customer service) finally i reached somemeone who provided me with the airline confirmation. We called the airline and confirmed both tickets. Here is the catch, my girlfriend's ticket did not get charged. No charges in the credit card and the ticket is valid. I want to see a few more weeks what will go one. Overall if you save 200-300$ book for them, otherwise I will buy from airlines.
 10th of May, 2014 by   ananomys 0 Votes
never never never book the ticket... i booked a flight and i got the e mail... but after few days i saw no money deducted from my account...i called them...my call used to be on hold for 45mins... and as soon it gets connected..dey disconnect it... i emailed them...after 3 days dey call me to take my card details...again i see no activity in my account... i called them... emailed them... 3 days past away...again no response... i email them to cancel the ticket and surprisingly i got the cancellation mail in an hour...
worst service ever seen... because of this incident I had to face loss of 300$
 24th of Jun, 2014 by   Cristina C 0 Votes
Very RUDE customer service !!! I read reviews about them and couldn't believe that they can be so bad so I went ahead and booked a trip.


Yes you might save a little compare to other websites and when I say little I mean about 10$ saving though when it comes to customer service they absolutely do not care about your needs or wants or concerns for that matter. They don't even stay behind their promises. I paid 30$ money back guarantee (you should be able to cancel for any reason or change a flight booked without no penalty within one day of booking), totally crap!

I booked this morning a trip with them and called customer service in the afternoon to change the airplane companies that I found more favorable to me and guess what, can't change, can't cancel, if canceled will lose the money for one flight from the entire booking. So what's the 30$ guarantee for I paid? I asked for that amount to be refunded since the guarantee was not honored and of course no refunds.


My flight still has to come and go and hopefully all will go well without any other surprises or cancellations or any other changes I hear it can happen and without any notified by the Faregeek.com!
 22nd of Jan, 2015 by   hereweare 0 Votes
This is not a good website. I received an invoice for one amount and my card was charged another on two different flights that I made reservations for about a week apart. When I called to ask why both times, I was given two different answers that made NO sense. Needless to say, I will not be booking through this site EVER again. I kind of feel as though the extra money might be going directly into someone's pocket. LESSON LEARNED :)
 11th of Feb, 2015 by   annunziata 0 Votes
I just bought a ticket through Bookairfare which is the same as faregeek through this new side called Skyscanner, well i booked it with insurance and insurance against cancellations and the entry went through and the comment on insurance was that it was sold out and not available (how can insurance be sold out) well long story short after much crying they said that they would cancel ticket but I had to pay $865. cancellation fee when I was supposed to be covered with insurance. Biggest bad people ever I told him how he slept at night taking money from a mother and children who have not been home in 25 years. I am disgusted and disappointed.
 18th of Feb, 2015 by   MarieSmith 0 Votes
I booked my boyfriend a plane ticket from Manchester United Kingdom to Roanoke Virginia this was an e-ticket. Well so goes my story and this happens Monday Feb 16 2005on the site it was confirmed and pd a ticket for 574.00 well I was charged my boyfriend got to Manchester airport and waited 9 hours well time to board and not a dam ticket booked at all ive emailed them several times and have had no reply I reported to the BBA .. DO NOT EVER BOOK A FLIGHT WITH THESE PEOPLE STAY AWAY FROM THEIR SITE . I even had a phone call confirming the flight and everything ... USE lastminute.com
 9th of Mar, 2015 by   Wendy W. USA 0 Votes
I booked on fare geek several weeks prior to my expected departure. Exactly 1 week before I was set to leave I received an e-mail from them saying my flight was cancelled. Upon calling customer service to find out why, I sat on hold for 35 minutes and ended up speaking to someone who apparently has no control over their bookings. From the conversation, I learned than the price that they had advertised on the site, the price I purchased at was not available. They said they do not charge our cards until the ticket is issued, in that time period the price had changed to the tune of DOUBLE. So, my $774 dollar fare turned into a $1500 fare, quite literally. They informed me that they had contacted me regarding the price change of which I received no contact, nothing on the answering machine, nothing in my e-mail at all. They insisted that they had, and I was obviously wrong. They also noted that they were not in control of the fare prices. Why would they confirm my cost then, send me a confirmation e-mail and then try to tell me that their confirmation wasn't valid. What good are they then as a travel broker if the prices they advertise would change between the time you CONFIRM the flight and the time they finally decide to charge the card and lock in the fare. I'm extremely dissatisfied and will NOT ever be booking with them again.

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