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Easy Saver, Lanham, Maryland Complaints & Reviews - Unauthorized charges!

Easy Saver Contacts & Informations

Easy Saver

Posted:    Valerie

Unauthorized charges!

Complaint Rating:  99 % with 1781 votes
Contact information:
Easy Saver
Lanham, Maryland
United States
Phone: 800-444-9491
I have been billed by Easy Saver Rewards (EASY SAVER 800-355-1837 PA) for $14.95 per month since making a purchase on Proflowers.com. Easy Saver is apparently associated with ProFlowers and I inadvertently signed up for their 'services' while placing my order. They claim that I requested to be a member when I replied to an email after placing an order. I do not recall replying to any email or asking for the service. Obviously, their business practices are disingenuous at best, since I, and many others, have been fooled by this blatantly unethical business practice.

I informed ProFlowers of this problem and they gave me this number: 800-444-9491, which is different from the one on the bill and on their website. I talked to a service rep. named 'Linda' and she was willing to give me only a fraction of my money back after a long-winded sales pitch about how great their service is. She became rather forceful and obnoxious when I demanded all the money back, claiming that Easy Saver had legally billed me since I signed up for the service. I asked for a manager and talked to 'Jennifer' and she eventually promised to pay back the charges.

Thus far, I have been credited with all but one of the charges; they credited my card a few charges at a time.

If this happens to you, I suggest calling the 800 number I listed above and demand your money back. If that fails, ask for a manager and tell them you are willing to file complaints and inform the media of their unethical business practices. Also, informing ProFlowers, or other companies linked to Easy Savers, would be a good idea.
Comments United States Unauthorized Charges
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 20th of Jun, 2008 by   Betsy 0 Votes
Thank you so much for this info!!! I just got refunded the charges that they made on my account witho ut any problem. It was also nice to get a representative who sounded American and that wasnt reading from a script!! I thought I'd have to fight to get the chrages back but it was fairly easy!!! Thanks again!
 21st of Jun, 2008 by   Kendra 0 Votes
I also had an illegal charge on my credit card statement that came today. We bought flowers for mothers day for our mother in law and DID NOT agree to buy anything from this Easy Saver company. I called our credit card company which has the most wonderful customer service. They will be taking the charge off our statement and going to bat for us with this fraudulent company. We have to do nothing further. The CS rep said that there have been MANY COMPLAINTS about this company EASY SAVER...and we are not the first! It alarms me that companies can get your CC number however they do it and charge you whatever they wish in the hopes that you do not check over your credit card statement. Wecheck our statement every month matching the charges up with our credit card receipts. This helps us stay on budget as well as watching our for fraudulent charges on our statement. It is time consuming but well worth it. How many people do not check and end up paying money they do not owe for anything each month? I feel badly especially for the elderly that are taken advantage of.
 24th of Jun, 2008 by   tiffany doyle 0 Votes
Boycott Proflowers, this is a total scam. I just supposedly got 2 months credited out of 5 they've ripped me off for.
 24th of Jun, 2008 by   Toni 0 Votes
The same thing happened to me. That whole thing is such a scam!!! They only gave one month of the $14.95 back. I told them to cancel that right away. The lady was very nice, but after all the complaints they have they are probably use to it. I will never go to that website to buy flowers ever again.
 30th of Jun, 2008 by   kinga 0 Votes
Thank you for all of you comments and I got all of my money back from Pro Flowers but what if I would never notice the charges?
 1st of Jul, 2008 by   Alex 0 Votes
I'm also having the exact same fraud commited against me. I saw a $14.95 charge from "Easy Saver" pop up on my bank statement and since I'd never heard of the company and found other complaints of fraud through Google, I just called my bank directly and told them I was disputing the charges and they are going to send me some paperwork. I'm not even going to bother calling Easy Saver and dealing with them directly. I had no idea there was a Pro Flowers connection. I do believe I bought some flowers from them this past Mother's Day. Thanks for the info!
 1st of Jul, 2008 by   tonya 0 Votes
I had the same charge of 14.95 charged to my credit card .I call the number listed above (thanks for that) and demanded a refund .I also did not get the email they were talking about, I will never use Pro flowers again.
 1st of Jul, 2008 by   JoDee 0 Votes
I'm glad I am not the only one this happened to! I started noticing the charges on my bank statement and called the number on it and asked what they were. The lady told me I signed up for it and they sent me an e-mail letting me know about it--needless to say, I didn't get the e-mail. I was beginning to think I really authorized my card to them; glad to find this website to learn about them.
 4th of Jul, 2008 by   chris 0 Votes
I just today, 04 july 2008, discovered the charge from easy saver, due to me ordering something from proflowers. I ordered 2 flower arangments back on mothers day and on that day I was charged $1.95 by easysaver. Somehow they dident rip me off anymore after that untill I ordered with proflowers again, two months ago for my girlfriends birthday. Today I figured out I have been charged twice, once each month for $14.95 each since my last proflowers.com purchase. Awesome, I love giving my hard earned money away. YAY!
 6th of Jul, 2008 by   Nick 0 Votes
Do not depend on Proflowers or Easyscammer to get your money back. If either company was ethical, we would not be discussing this.
If they are not cooperative, contact either the local prosecutor, the local police department, or the state attorney general. I would give them one phone call, and inform them of where I'm going after I hang up.
You should not have to beg to have YOUR money returned to YOU.
When they get a letter or phone call from the PA or AG, as RWR said, "When they feel the heat, they see the light."
 7th of Jul, 2008 by   Julie 0 Votes
Same situation happened to me, but I called the very top number (after reading this complaint) and the guy I talked to had no problem, I just told him I was charged these fees and I dont know why but Id like to cancel whatever it is and he said ok, verified my info and said Ill get my refund for the 2 charges in 7-10 days.
 7th of Jul, 2008 by   Carla 0 Votes
I just called my credit card company after getting my bill and typing in EASY SAVER in my browser because I too didn't know what it was~!!! thats when I saw these other complaints. its good to know I am not the only one, but feel sorry for all of you too. My credit card company immediately called Proflowers and within 2 minutes Proflowers reversed the charges to my account. I do have a special online Fraud Detector on my credit card, don't know if that made it easier or not. Call your CC company!!! tell them about the scam. I then wrote Proflowers and told them after all these years using them and ONLY them, I would never again and why. I wish you all luck! Carla ps just checked my MAY billing..guess what? YEA they charged it too. I need to check my statements closer!! My CC company made me talk to proflowers directly first for the May charge...the guys RANDY was so darn sweet.. yuck..and he said it would take 1-2 billing cycles. why is that? in this computer age??.I didn't say anything other than i didn't order this or that I would not use them again. they will figure it out. if enough of us pass this on maybe we can put them out of business.
 8th of Jul, 2008 by   LoriG 0 Votes
I have the same thing happening to me. Except I never bought anything from proflowers! EVERYONE NEEDS TO BOYCOT PROFLOWERS.COM so that they do something about this! Thanks to all for the information so I can get my money back.
 8th of Jul, 2008 by   LoriG 0 Votes
We need to group together to get Ever Save ousted by sending in complaints to the BBB.
I called the phone number 1-800-355-1837 and they are refunding my money...we will see. This is actually a company called Encore and they have links on a lot of places. Two are www.cherrymoonfarms.com and www.proflowers.com. I am sure there are more. They said that they were located in Pensylvania. If the BBB for that state where they are orriginated gets enough complaints they give the complaints to the state for a class action suite. Here is the BBB's for PA:

Better Business Bureau
528 N. New St.
Bethlehem, PA 18018-5789
Fax: 610-868-8668
E-mail: info@mybbb.org

Better Business Bureau
1337 North Front Street
Harrisburg, PA 17102
Fax: 717-364-3251
E-mail: info@mybbb.org

Better Business Bureau
4099 Birney Ave.
Moosic, PA 18507
Fax: 570-342-1282
E-mail: info@nepa.bbb.org

Better Business Bureau
1608 Walnut St., Suite 402
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Fax: 215-893-9312
E-mail: info@mybbb.org

Better Business Bureau
300 Sixth Ave., Suite 100-UL
Pittsburgh, PA 15222-2511
Fax: 412-456-2739
E-mail: info@pittsburgh.bbb.org

Make sure you let them know how unethical they are because if you click on their link you will get charged.
 8th of Jul, 2008 by   Johne Cook 0 Votes
I really appreciate this post. I just discovered these charges on my account. I sent my wife flowers in February for her birthday - that's when I fell into this trap.

I called 800-444-9491, spoke with Rhonda. She asked how I was doing. I dove right in and said I wanted to cancel my service. She asked for my ZIP code and last name, and confirmed my first name and address. She cancelled the Easy Saver thing, and then I explained I was not happy about being charged for a service I did not sign up for, and that I wanted my money back. She said she could authorize two months, but anything more than that would have to go through an account manager.

When she came back, she said they would refund all the charges, and they would appear in my account in the next 7 - 10 business days.

I was on the phone for less than ten minutes, Rhonda was patient and gracious and didn't try to sell me anything. I thanked her for a fast and painless experience. I'm extremely unhappy with Easy Savers, but Rhonda was a real pleasure to deal with.
 10th of Jul, 2008 by   Donna 0 Votes
This happened to me twice. The first one after placing an order with ProFlowers.com, a window pops up indicating to click there to get a discount on your next purchase. Who wouldn't want a discount?! So I clicked on it. There's no indication at all that you are signing up for an Easy Saver membership. When I got my credit card bill, I saw the $14.95 charge. I called them immediately and they credited my account. I don't exactly remember how look it took for the credit to appear but it did. Second time around, same thing. Just called the 800 number above and they said they'd credit the charges again. The lady named "Shannon" was helpful. I hope I get the amount credited soon.

TO EASY SAVER: Please display a more explicit text about your services and your charges. Being sneaky like this will not get you anywhere. Only good thing is your customer service which has been helpful so far...
 10th of Jul, 2008 by   Daniel Sparkman 0 Votes
Thank you so much! I had just noticed the charges on my bank statement after they had charged me FIVE TIMES of 14.95! Every month since March 08. I don't look that closely at my statement but have learned it pays to spend a little time on it. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!! Don't get cheated out of $74.75 like I did. Thanks for the number. I wouldn't have found it if not for your help. Thanks.
 10th of Jul, 2008 by   jess 0 Votes
I had a similar experience of inadvertently signing up for this through an online order. I checked my account online just a few minutes ago and discovered an unauthorized charge of 16.95. I ran a google search and found this complaint (thanks so much!) and called the number the gentleman left here. The woman I spoke to was very polite and assured me that my "memberships" would be canceled, effective immediately and that I would be refunded the 16.95. From discovery to resolution was about 5 minutes. I'm not saying that what they do is right at all, but I do want to let people know that there are people within that company that are helpful in resolving the issue.
 10th of Jul, 2008 by   jess 0 Votes
It is also worth mentioning that people ought to be a bit more diligent with their bank and credit card accounts so you aren't charged for 6 months. While Easy Savers does is very shady, people need to take responsibility for their financial accounts.
 15th of Jul, 2008 by   Gustina H 0 Votes
My experience with Pro-Flowers is the same. First of all I normally use another source for purchasing flowers, but heard an advertisement for mother's day on the radio that sound great and I was foolish to use them. It turns out that the cost was actually more. What a hoot. Fortunately I caught this when only two deductions had been made. I have another complaint and that is with TLG-Great Fun. They have deducted 11.99 for several months and I am not sure how that began as I do not buy from TV. I use my bank card for in-store purchases, for ATM transations and sometimes to pay bill, such as my car insurance. The only store that I frequent that insists on putting my card number on the back of the transaction is the Avenue (a clothing store). IF I WERE GETTING ANY BENEFIT FROM THESE TWO, I WOULD NOT BE SO UPSET, SO WHAT IS THE MONEY FOR? My short solution to all of this is to have my bank start a fraud investigation against these two entities. Further, they cancelled the bank card so no other transactions can be made and will issue another card. I am waiting the results, further I have reported this to my homeowners insurance carrier that provides fraud coverage. GOOD LUCK one and all and I will continue to try and find a way to put these two out of business or to change their unethical practice.

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