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Black Crush.com Complaints & Reviews - The site attempts to access your computer

Black Crush.com Contacts & Informations

Black Crush.com

Posted:    mmc712

The site attempts to access your computer

Complaint Rating:  93 % with 30 votes
Contact information:
United States
I 100% agree with what everyone has said. I thought it would be fun to check out some "freaks" in my city. I didnt do any research until now. I only been on the site for three days and everyday i just see more red flags. Dont get me wrong. I was stupid for not checking out the site first but like most guys those beautiful bitches drew me in. The first red flag came to me when i joined and not even ten minutes a fine ass girl fifteen minutes from my town sent me a freind request. Mind you i was browsing photos and havent edited anything on my profile or attempted to upload a pic. These girls are supposed to be "horny" right lol but no one would come to a blank profile. I dont care who you are. Then i tried talking to the girl and guess what... yup no response. Second red flag is that i actually starting reading the profiles and guess what... yup they all started sounding EXACTLY THE SAME!!! Third red flag was the multiple females itried to contact. I know about law of average, the more you talk to girls eventually one would bite. I continued to receive no responses so i went to the bottom of the barrel scrapping for scraps and yup even the grenades and chupacabras gave me no response. And to top it all off some chick sent me a message, i messaged her back and guess what...yes again, no response after he profile was saying she was online the entire time. Last red flag is that all of the women seem to be off of the site just one hour after you try to contact them. This site is a peice of shit fake. Stay from this scam site.
Comments United States Online Dating Services
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 18th of Feb, 2010 by   shawn wheeler 0 Votes

back in black - membership
United States

29.91$ was debited from my bank account due to a partner from a credit offoer from someone else
 2nd of Jun, 2013 by   ABB#1 0 Votes
EASY and SAFE is a LIE. I'm a truck driver who had to pay dearly. After sleeping with 3 females from that site upon taking a physical for the DOT I contracted HIV
 14th of Aug, 2013 by   delinquent +1 Votes
I don't know about the site trying to access your computer, but the whole site is a scam. I signed up for a 2 month trial out of curiosity. It's amazing how many hot black women from little bumfuck suburbs and one horse towns are on there, eager to connect with you, eager to get you to text their phone (which costs more $$). But hardly any from the major city right next door. Out of curiosity, I signed up for another account (a free one this time), different email address, located in another major city 1000 miles away. Guess what? Same photos, usernames, same ads, but their locations are small bumfuck suburbs and one horse towns outside that major city. I'll give props to the programmers of the site for writing a pretty sophisticated social engineering scam, but a legitimate site for meeting women? Not a chance in hell.
 9th of Nov, 2013 by   WHAT THE ?UCK !!! +1 Votes
Exactly! I just signed up for a 3 mo. Plus get 3 mo. Free deal. Cost me $70. 00. No. . . Deal indeed! Leaving flirts or messages to supposed profiles and get nothing. And i make sure i do a message right back and get nothing. Something interesting: did u stop and think who is taking all these wonderful real good angle pics on most profiles? Like to good of a shot, like it was a photo shoot. Hmmmmmm! Every now and then you'll see a pic with what appears to be a cell phone taking a pic. Yea, look when u get a chance. Definite scam. And we must take this and all other sites that they own. And it is over 10 other sites. Including blackpeoplemeet.com. I agree with the comment from up above by:delinquent. I had someone in nigeria pull up the site. And they even got the same women around the corner from them that is suppose to be around the corner from me. Hows that? I even went a lil further and tried to speak to a live agent. She came on line and said: hi my name is joy, how may i help you. I wrote back: how do i go about geting all or partial of money back from this website for having fake pics and profiles. After i wrote that and 2 other messages whoever the person was on the otherside stop speaking all together. Go figure. Yeah definitely a good programming ripoff. We gotta get it shut down soon. . . They probably put the new choice that they seem to have now about searching up to 1000 miles out after this guy above complained about he did another account 1000 miles away and got the same women. Definitely a amusing but not so funny thought !!!
 17th of Nov, 2013 by   Too smart by 1 0 Votes
Black crush is not only a scam but it subjects u to torturous frustration.
They constantly dangle the possibility of making a connection but it's just a ruse a tease.
No one ever responds after the initial contact and so they distract u by just sending u another enticing email and another. It creates an addition and a craving that is never fulfilled. They are evil by subjecting people to this.
They should be shut down!!!
 17th of Nov, 2013 by   Too smart by 1 0 Votes
Black crush is not only a scam but it subjects u to torturous frustration.
They constantly dangle the possibility of making a connection but it's just a ruse a tease.
No one ever responds after the initial contact and so they distract u by just sending u another enticing email and another. It creates an addiction and a craving that is never satisfied. They are evil by subjecting people to this.
They should be shut down!!!
 19th of Dec, 2013 by   Cheatersite 0 Votes
I agree with above comments. There are no girls just pics, It is a Hoax site. Site administrator is plays with your emotions and keeps on sending messages and correspondence on behalf of pseudo 'Girls". Everything is manipulated behind the scene by site staff and a very sophisticated computer program to keep track of every "paid" members activity. They make money on your text messages-more text you send more money they make. They are reading all your emails, flirts and texts- and responding to them to look real. Just imagine your are corresponding with a bunch of thugs sitting on the other side of isle and acting as "Girls" by displaying a fake photo. This girl exists simultaneously in 20 plus cities or more at a time...wow???

It is so disgustingly painful that why people are being fooled so easily!
 23rd of Dec, 2013 by   hotbody13xx 0 Votes
Black Crush dating site is a total scam and only has fake profiles! DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!

I found this on the internet as well

I use to work as a chat host for this company and it's very secretive. You have to watch what you say. They fired me just because they wanted to get new females and get rid of the ones that has been on for a year or so. Since I was getting paid for topless they got rid of the girls that were fully nude also so to give all other girls the cheapest pay rate by using them as not nude which is 10 cents a minute. Mostly all the profiles are fake. You email people and there is no response. The company is fake, customer service is horrible. It ends up in one persons hands for a decision. They make it like there is a lot of people working but it's actually a few people. They were late on one check and kept booting us girls off on purpose so we wont be able to work. We would loose a lot of money just because only 8 girls are suppose to be on at one time. What type of work is this. I had no choice but to stick with this company because it was working from home and there was nothing else out there. To be safe with your money I wouldn't waste it on this company. Hopefully more and more of these complaints show up so they will loose customers and close down. I have decided to come out with this because I'm tired of being treated like shit when I'm a good worker and others are being scammed. Money is hard to come by. I understand that you may want to meet someone quick and all but not on these sites. They are worthless. Yes the money came in handy but when they want to get rid of you for no reason I will not stand by and keep quite. If anything if you want to date go to plentyoffish.com it's free and I met a few people on there. Free profile and free to message. At least you will get a response. And also Zoosk. Help boycott these companies. DO NOT GO TO ULUST.COM EBONYLOVE.COM AND BLACKCRUSH.COM SCAM SCAM SCAM ALL YOUR MONEY IS GOING TO LIVE VIDEO CHAT!!!
 9th of Apr, 2014 by   BENEBRONKO 0 Votes
Maaaaaannnnn. . . Fuck blackcrush.com!!! I 've sent several messages out to them ragedy bitches and thier responses have had absolutely nothing to do with my initial message - like they're either computer - generated or being answered by a group of old naked women in some foreign country! I took the bait from one of these "broads" requesting contact through her personal email address and when i did, she claimed to be a real family - oriented person and wanted to know about my birth city, my parents names, what high school i attended, etc. . . Thats shit ppl ask when youre trying to get verification passes for credit cards & / or sensitive sites when you want to change your passwords & codes or have forgotten them, right?
 19th of May, 2014 by   skyking61 0 Votes
I agree and like most of you tried a trial but only to discover the scam i thought it was very interesting how you never receive emails or flirts until you log in. Then you get no response so I am in IT and realized what was happening so I canceled before my trial was even over only by one day though no need to waste money even though there was not going to be a hook up they do have some good looking bitches on there
 10th of Jul, 2014 by   jasonJ 0 Votes
Im the Owner of BlackCrush.com and BlackCrush entities. Ive made OVER 40 MIllion off of young minded guys like yourselves, its Fun.
 16th of Nov, 2014 by   bobbybobby 0 Votes
Fake profiles. Theres little farm community in my home town theres like less 1000 people there and there all Hispanic farm workers. Believe me I would know if there was some beautiful black women there. All Hispanic! THere is no other people there let alone dozen of beautiful black women. So I know for fake that they have fake profiles to draw you in.
 20th of Nov, 2014 by   Petelaw 0 Votes
The site is so fake legal actions should be taking to shut it down or file a lawsuit against the company in Supreme Court. I'm sure the court can possibly get everyone's monies back plus legal fees plus extra. I know a law firm in NYC that can began the process if anyone is interested.
 27th of Jan, 2015 by   julz_drift 0 Votes
well if you view enough porn on the internet, you'll recognize some pics every other page, really really old pics. So yea, waste of time.

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