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Acai Berry and Colon Cleanse, Lockport, New York Complaints & Reviews - False advertising

Acai Berry and Colon Cleanse Contacts & Informations

Acai Berry and Colon Cleanse

Posted:    katscream

False advertising

Complaint Rating:  94 % with 54 votes
Contact information:
XM Brands, Inc.
Lockport, New York
United States
I found an article, Health News 6: Acai Berry Exposed" that looks like legitimate Health News. It starts out as being skeptical of Acai berry and Colon Cleanse products, then ends up selling them. DON'T BELIEVE IT. I can't find any info on the name of the advertorial or the staff reporter who wrote it. I've been scammed by XM Brands, Inc. and am an advocate for exposing these crooks.
Comments United States Diet Products
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 7th of Sep, 2009 by   EHJ 0 Votes
Warning!!! Scam Alert!!!
When you order the “Free Trial” you will be asked for $4.99 shipping and handling… The order form/site is very hinkey - no confirmation of order page, no confirmation email - nothing… But low and behold - I am now seeing charges to my card of $90.00 a month. They will not answer their phone and their support email link is non-existent. Now that I do a bit of research I find I’m not alone…
Fair warning!
 10th of Feb, 2010 by   Theodora Chitsiku 0 Votes

acai berry coclon cleanse - just want to stop product
549 e nees apt 175
United States
Phone: 5594354136

I just want to stop product from being sent to me and the debiting of my account for the products
 6th of Mar, 2010 by   LilyC 0 Votes
I saw this, too. It was being linked to by a facebook group called "News You NEED to Know."

I tried to click on a link to another story, then I tried to search something, then I tried to click on another section. The whole "website" is rigged to take you to an ordering page for the products.

Absolute bull. Be careful what you believe.
 24th of Mar, 2010 by   MCTaylor07292009 0 Votes
I have been swindled for the last time. I'm one of the unfortunate people that read an article on News 6 Chicago advertising whether or not these products work. They recommended a free trail for both the cleanser and Acai berry for a shipping price of about $3.00 for both. I did not receive the product in the 3-5 days it stated and thought nothing of it until I received an email alert from one of the products stating I was to be charged $169.99 for a year subscription and NO REFUNDS. Reminder that I still did not have the product. I right away responded I wanted my money back and to cancel whatever it was they call a SUBSCRIPTION. After review of the email it also stated you have to pay an additional $12.00 for each time you need a new bottle. What kind of scam are these people running here? I'm seriously in need to loose weight. I'm well over the weight I should be according to my height and age but trusted that this would work. I have tried repeatedly to request a refund and I am told I can keep calling to speak with a supervisor. Apparently everyone at the refund center is a supervisor. That says a whole lot. Oh and by the way, the Acai Berry product is from the same company as the cleanser but of course you have to cancel that at a different number too.
 12th of Aug, 2010 by   BARowen 0 Votes
Scam artist alert. OMG, what is with these people? I misunderstood the terms? I think not. I was smart enough to PDF the order form prior to my submitting and had to read to 3 different representatives what was written in the "Offer Details" section. They've taken out $99 from my checking account, I haven't received any product, and I'm told I'm not reading the offer correctly. So, now I have confirmation numbers on both cancellations and we will see what happens. DO NOT PURCHASE THE PRODUCT AND GIVE THEM YOUR CC INFO. I suggested to "Charleen #471 - the floor supervisor" to locate a new job as her employer is not on the up and up.
 20th of Sep, 2010 by   Another Dissatified ExCustomer 0 Votes
I too read the Health News 6 Acai Berry story fell for it. There was a discount code number for shipping, etc. I did read what I thought was all the fine print under offer details which stated you had to cancel within 14 days of ORDER date so I don't know how you would even have time to try the product and then cancel. It also stated the Pedometer is mine to keep for free as well as the Lean Spa Cleanse. In any event, it is very deceiving as you don't realize the product you get to keep is in addition to the product you ordered. Apparently there was more fine print somewhere else, but not on the order form where I was told it was. I did manage to get a customer service rep and she gave me two choices: Return the product and pay the return shipping or do their "Easy Cancel" where you have to pay another $19.41 on your credit card. Since I didn't even have the product yet, I was afraid I wouldn't have enough time to return it in the 14 day window and then they would start charging me the $80 or $90 everyone else is indicating. I think that this is very deceptive advertising and this company should not be allowed to use a news station to SCAM customers into buying there product. Since the company has to trick people to buy their product I can only assume that is not any good. I regret that I did not do more research and would never have fell for it had it not been for the bogus News 6 anchor that lost all the weight.
 10th of Nov, 2010 by   D. L. Zolly 0 Votes
This is a lieing cheating scam that uses false ads and major networks as a reference.Anyone who wants to go after this bunch of crooks in any way please contact me!They are a fraudulent company, probably not from the U.S. as all their customer service seems foreign.
 12th of Apr, 2011 by   learnthehardway 0 Votes
I totally agree!!! I HAVE NEVER ORDERED ANYTHING ONLINE MUCH LESS A DIET AID. However, as the complaint above says, using a major network as a reference stating they gave it their stamp of approval was the ONLY reason i agreed to try it. i had no intentions of continuing with any future orders so i cancelled it as soon as i got the package. i got my order in about a week and made sure to cancel it within 14 days (was 9 days). actually got a human on the phone. shocking. did the same cancellation as above. i agreed to send back the empty bottles...whatever...a few bucks to learn my lesson to NEVER order online! I immediately called my credit card company to put a hold on my credit card so that NO charges will go thru. again, another inconvenience to learn my lesson. i could have gone thru the dispute after the fact with my credit card company but i was trying to avoid it and deal with it before any charges came down. let's see if i'm successful. how sad that they were allowed to quote and use the misrepresentation of the networks to lure people in. absolute losers!

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