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Cleverbridge Complaints & Reviews

Cleverbridge / Purchase of Nero via download diriect to my PC

peter edwin thompson on 2016-04-02
I purchased a bundle from Nero on the 26th March at a cost of £19.99and it was paid for through Pay Pal.The Amount is shown on my bank statement, which is Barclays, twice. I only purchased one download., direct to my PC. The Nero purchase number is Nero, AG, #89390546 and the bank number of the...

Cleverbridge / CBA Parallels

Geoffrey Sims on 2016-02-03
I recently installed this product - but my bank account was charged twice for it in the sum of £34.99 dated 30 Dec - Ref CBA ParallelsCleverbridge DEU This is clearly an error and I would be grateful for a refund of £34.99 as there is no way I could have use for a second copy.

Cleverbridge / Double charged for Dell Backup and Recovery Renewal

Doug1960 on 2015-12-01
After trying to auto renew my 80 GB Dell Backup and Recovery Cloud Storage I was forced to purchase the 120GB since it would let me even select 80GB even thou I'm only using 20. So after purchasing the 120GB package I get 2 emails with 2 different reference numbers. I call Cleverbridge...

Cleverbridge - Indiana, Chesterfield / Paintshop 8

fatboy.66 on 2015-09-29
Sir: Photoshop. 8: I purchased and loaded now says I am not authorized. I bought your software on Aug 21, 2015 and processed the code and thought everything had passed. It now tells me my trial period is up and I cannot use it. Paid for it through Pay Pal invoice Number 78653976 a total of...

Cleverbridge - Nevada, Las Vegas / they charged my debit card $75.00 and I don't even know what or who they are !

David L. Hall Sr. on 2015-08-05
I was charged $75.00 by this company, for which I didn't authorize, nor do I even know who they are. It says they are some kind of software company for businesses, which is totally out of my realm as I am a disabled Viet Nam Veteran. I am on disability and can't afford to have money taken out of my bank account by some con game!

Cleverbridge - Illinois, Manhattan / almost exceeded the bucket again!

EricWDodder on 2015-07-13
This is Eric Dodder at the above phone number and address. You charged my credit card $35.00 for backup service then the next day you said I almost eceeded the bucket of 20 GB. There is no way I am close to 10 B let alone 20 GB. I only backed up twice, on July 5 and 13. I am not doing...

Cleverbridge. Net / Disk Drill - California, Studio City / Foreign Transaction Fee

DStimac on 2015-07-12
I bought Disk Drill from CleverBridge.net. At the time of the transaction, they did not disclose that there would be any foreign transaction fee. They gave the total of $71.20. When this charge appeared on my credit card statement, there was also a foreign transaction fee charge of $2.14...

Cleverbridge / Malwarebytes Corporation / Groundless invoicing

Juhani Luhtala on 2015-01-17
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium 1 Year Subscription. Reference No 61009473 ID: 3QY19-G57HV Key: D4V4-KX6D-XW9C-EKF6 I bought your product in order to clean my old computer with Windows XP. It did not help very much. I was obliged to buy a new computer with Windows 8.1. See encl. Therefore I did...

Cleverbridge Security / Unable to download Reviver software LLC

Mrs J Sherrington on 2014-12-30
I needed help with a long running script and found reviver install company that offered free scan. They then said they needed money to do the repair. I paid the money and then it was impossible for me to do the necessary download and register. I was then left having paid and then not having the problem solved and no means of getting help.

Cleverbridge - Alberta, Drumheller / I paid for Avira Anti-virus pro but was not given an activation code

William D Broadhurst on 2014-12-10
Invoice AKD-73638008981 dated 11/28/2014 Reference number 66684488 purchase of Avira Anti virus pro---I paid and received confirmation of payment I was also sent an E.mail with activation instructions, However when following these instructions I had to supply and activation code which I...


Eunice Hill on 2014-11-10
I have found a transaction on my credit card statement of £31.61 (for which I have been debited) and I have no idea what it is for. The transaction is dated 21st October 2014. All Paretologic programmes were deleted a while back when the computer had to be repaired on 30th October...

www.cleverbridge. Net Koeln De / Unauthorised debit to my credit card

Derek Kilfeather on 2014-10-02
On 20 January 2013 my credit card was debited € 35.45. The legend on the bill was as follows: WWW.CLEVERBRIDGE.NET KOELN DE 35.45 46.35 USD @ 1.3074 (Includes cross border handling fee of € 0.60 I have no record of any transactions, orders, deliveries, or downloads which would explain...

Cleverbridge / Refusing to accept my Debit card

sam clarke on 2014-09-10
I have tried to purchase Piriforms PC health advisor mpre than 10 times why arent you accepting my perfectly legitimate Debit Card, I wrote to Piriform and they suggest I contact you. On 28 august under ref no 62779181 i purchased 2 of there software items using ther same debit...

Cleverbridge System Tweak Software - Alberta, Calgary / I cancelled my order back in early may and I have not received my money back to date.

Gordon Andrew on 2014-06-28
I paid for the system tweak software back in April of this year, it did not work with my intranet provider. Whom is Telus, the fellow said that they would fix the problem, but to give them a couple of days. I did give them time to resolve the issues but they made the problem worse, so I...

Cleverbridge / Credits not authorized

luisa cs on 2014-05-08
kromtech Cleverbridge tok maney from may account without my authorization. MacKeeper - which I have already desinstalled - asked me to subscribe in Kromtech Cleverbridge, they have never confirmed my payment nor allowed me to activate MacKeeper - another fraud! - So, if you don't...

Cleverbridge. Net / Company charges for nothing and their website didn’t work

Poerto on 2014-05-02
I noticed unauthorized charge from my account. The company www.cleverbridge.net took $25.99 from my account. I never ordered from them, as well as I heard about this company for the first time. It was impossible to contact the company, because their website didn’t work and I...

Gfi Software Cleverbridge. Deu / Charge

Dave gmB on 2014-04-27
Charge appearing on bank statement. dated 19th March 2014 for NZ$37.50 I cannot recall any dealings with this company not have I any software on my PC with likely titles. I did purchase PCRX and Spyware Terminator on the same day which were paid separately (these have since proved problematic and have been Uninstalled)

Cleverbridge Computer Security - Georgia, Dawsonville / false offer

Sue Zachry on 2014-02-12
Offer of complete computer services, including security. lst month satisfaction or money back. Paid through PayPal thinking I could cancel if I wanted to. They have done nothing for me - never heard of them afterwards, nor could I find them! I have my transaction # and want my $29.95 back, and no more charges made.

Cleverbridge Ag Koeln - Florida, Saint Petersburg / Unauthorized debit from checking account

cclinker on 2013-12-08
See the information below from my checking account. This debit to my account was never authorized and I have never purchased any product(s) from this company, in fact I have never even heard of them. I want this debit refunded to my account without delay or I will do everything possible to...

Cleverbridge - Northern Territory, Katherine / Unauthorised withdrawal

Shona Gower on 2013-09-30
I am an individual, not a company. i have found a deduction from my bank account of $29.95 which is unauthorised. I have not even provided details of that particular account to anyone. I would really like to know if I can get my money back.

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