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McDonald /Seign Lane Baton Rouge L A / Hot spicy chicken sandwich / fries / mcnugget

Debbie Stone on Dec 4, 2016
The sandwich was ice cold and fries taste like grease.no taste! The mcnugget was not cook . I got home was eaten everything it. I got so sick. Everything can up . The manager over this store. She not friendly at all. She let me stand in the rain for 2. hours. Didn't wait on me. Whatever...

My Opinions and Opinion World / I made a complaint about an issue and was unsubscribed!

Big Moo on Nov 29, 2016
I have been with My Opinions for quite a while doing online surveys and as at 8/11/2016 I had over 34, 000 points that I have yet to claim. I sent an enquiry to My Opinions and the response I got was "You have successfully "Unsubscribed". When I have tried to email them I get the same...

Awok.com / Bad service I have ever got

Mwesigwa Simon Simon on Nov 23, 2016
i ordered around 5 items and only 3 were delivered and they made me another order under #942-545-186-9 that i waited for more than 2weeks. when i called they told me the color of the watch was not available then was like ok then. today 23rd Nov.2016 someone called me on 0528594126 that he...

RewardsFlow LLC / Home depot gift card email notification

DCleek on Nov 15, 2016
Appears as a survey promising a $100 gift card upon completion but in fact solicits the receipient's email address which opens the floodgates for a deluge of other unwanted email. The operation seems to be under the umbrell of the National Consumer Center, and their website is administered...

My Survey / Contact does not work

Lserv on Nov 10, 2016
I am having problems contacting MySurvey with the help button. Nothing works; neither the one on top or the bottom one. I then chose to send an email to carol@mysurvey.com It came back. Then, I tried to send it to carol@reply.mysurvey.com Again, it came back. I have problems with...

Jotform.com / Can't log in

JissMarcia29 on Nov 1, 2016
I had an account on www.jotform.com and used this site for quite a long time. But for some reason now I cannot log into my account. I sent JotForm a message asking for help but they simply ignored me and never bothered to reply. There is absolutely no customer service, they never reply and...

Global Test Market / Redemption

Harlow1 on Oct 31, 2016
Aug. 30, 2016, I redeemed points for a $50 cheque. The cheque never arrived after waiting 8 full weeks. Usually I receive my cheques after 4 weeks. Now they are going to make me wait another 10 full weeks to investigate this issue. They have recently canceled this option on their website so...

Ioffer.com / Bedding set 2 time

Dina Zavulunova on Oct 15, 2016
i, order in ioffer 6 of july bedding set the seller wrote me that they just exept westion union i trast him the name his is happennes he said me to send, to chaina i send 6 of july to chaina he gave me tracing number in 1 mounth the item came i call almost2-3 day to know the post ofice...

Zuuvu.com / Unauthorized credit card charges

Helen Chan on Oct 1, 2016
On Sept 27, 2016, I saw an ad about joining a focus group of iphone, and it will send me an iphone7. I followed the instruction, which shows me that there were few spots left and I was accepted (as I answered few questions about iphone correctly) to register for that. So I registered my...

Makemeheal / Money extortion

Adel wilson on Sep 24, 2016
MakemehealA malicious defamatory review was posted on their website, from an individual hired to tarnish reputations. This review was entirely libelous, and they knew it. When I requested that they have it removed because it is totally untrue and was removed from other websites due to its maliciou...

Walgreens / $3000 monthly sweepstakes

Conniejohn on Aug 18, 2016
On Aug 17, 2016 I received an invite on the back of my receipt to participate in Walgreen's $3000 monthly survey sweepstakes. It said to " just visit www.wagcares.com within 72 hours to take a short survey about this visit". I was to be entered in a sweepstakes for $3000. When I went to...

SurveyMonkey / Auto-renewal

Lika on Aug 12, 2016
Signed up for SurveyMonkey and paid for my first month. One month later they charged my card without my permission! They never asked me did I want to renew my membership, was I interested in their service and etc. They just took my money as if that was nothing special! I contacted SurveyMonkey...

OnePoll / Waste of time

Erika on Aug 12, 2016
This site is a total scam, don't waste your time here. I waned to earn some extra money so I decided to try OnePoll. I signed up for the service and each day received new surveys. My main goal was to earn £40. But one day they just stopped sending me surveys! I have £39 on my account and...

Opinion Outpost / Account frozen

Cansada on Aug 9, 2016
8/9/2016 - Until last night everything was fine. I have been taking surveys for them since May with no problems, then this morning when I tried to log in I get a message "Account frozen due to data concerns"???? what does it means??? what data????. I am the only user of the computer where...

Mohammed Salim khan / Money sent to India but not received yet

Ramjan Khan on Aug 7, 2016
Mohammed Salim khanDear Team, I sent 95240 INR on 1 Aug 2016 but still my family could not receive the money even I have gone 5 times to the branch, and the western union staff say that its suspended, but please help me to solve the issue when we can receive the money back. MTCN SENDER NAME RECEIVER...

Valued Opinions / Overall experience.

Lis76 on Aug 6, 2016
Recently, I have had multiple times in a row where surveys are not suitable or closed and there is no payment for this. This gets me frustrated because knowing the fact I won't be paid anything because of one of the two reasons kills me the most. Also, on the home page after you log in to...

Aliexpress / coin necklace

sanju 7 on Jun 12, 2016
i have ordered this product and done my payment by credit card ..even i got the message that my money has been cutted...the order has confirmed..and after some days i got a msg your order has been cancelled because of no payment..wat the hell?..i had texted them by gmail ..many times to return my fund..no response

HomeShop18 / Roti Maker not working properly and not as per shown in the adverticement not getting support from C.Care to get refund money.

Bhavita on Jun 8, 2016
HomeShop18Please support to get refund money, no support have been received for the said complaint . Roti Maket not working properly and not as per shown in the advertisement. Online order was given to Home SHop 18 based on Television advertisement. reference order no. is 130172019. received on 4th...

American Consumer Opinions Panel / Survey Panel

Harlow1 on May 25, 2016
I have had it with this panel. I cashed out March 26, 2016 and still have not received my money - a measly 12.50. They say 6 - 8 weeks. Will not answer my emails and probably will not pay. No more - there are plenty of honest survey panels that actually pay and do not make you wait 6 - 8 weeks for nothing. They are disgusting.

TapJoy / Fraudulent advertising, non-payment of contract and refusal to communicate

Charlie Whitlock on May 20, 2016
I've used Tapjoy's rewarded advertising many times and sometimes the rewards are paid out, sometimes not. up until a few months ago, they've always been ok at communicating with me when somethings gone wrong. Recently I had completed several surveys which I was not paid for and they refuse...
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