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MJM Fine Enclousers Pvt. Lmtd / Refusing to return my BE Original Marks Cards

Krishna Prasad M R on 2016-02-10
MJM Fine Enclousers Pvt. LmtdI was working in MJM Fine Enclosure Pvt Lmtd from 10th July 2015 as Graduate Engineer Trainee. HR Dept of the said company has collected my BE certificates for verification and later they have refused to return to me, the company has given acknowledgement for the same. I'm denied...

Ruby Tuesday / Employee/cook

Reviewer48933 on 2016-02-07
My boyfriend and I came into Ruby Tuesday on Saturday night for some takeout. He had gotten there before I so he went ahead and placed his order. When I arrived the resturant was empty it was about 11:15-20. I've worked at restaurants before so I know closing time is the worst time...

Vijetha Super Market / Cultureless and Nonresponsive behavior of staff as well as managers

Srinivasvardhani on 2016-02-07
Worst ever super market with no hospitality towards the customers. For Vijetha, the work "Customer" is a useless word and they never care for the customers. If you enter Vijetha super market, you will be treated as if you were a beggar and they are giving everything for free to u...

Costco / Rude Empolyee

Reviewer34245 on 2016-02-06
As I was walking through a Costco in Maplewood, Minnesota, on 2/6/16, I saw samples for something called "Eco drinks" or something like that. I had seen other employees give out that kind of drink sample to other families ( so pretty much people of all ages), so then I went and helped...

Shell / Poor customer service

Reviewer20570 on 2016-02-04
I just have been to shell gas station at king george and 88, feb 4, 2016, the girl GSA working there has no manners to talk to the customers. Being rude, she asks me, where ru on this till or the other one? When i asked the other gsa that it is no way to talk to a customer, after me...

Lowes / Unethical behavior against employee rights

Reviewer29228 on 2016-02-02
Does Lowes not offer any chance of advancement within the workplace? My son works for Lowes paint dept. for two years. He is courteous, very informative and spends time to advise customers, keeps his department well stocked; neat and clean, has always done what was asked of him and he ha...

Dollar General / Employee treatment

Reviewer62009 on 2016-01-31
My daughter is a GM at a Dollar General store in rural California. She works 16 hours a day, although she is only paid for 8. She is at her store 7 days a week because she cares about her store. Most managers are exempt employees because they have 24/7 responsibility. My daughter has that...

Dollar General / Treament of workers and customer service

Reviewer47494 on 2016-01-31
On January 30 2016, I was in dollar general store 13124 on MLK and I seen and heard the AM on the phone assuming it was the SM informing him that the MOD said she was going to close the store if she did not get a cashier before dark. I do not blame that MOD because she should not be in...

Aramark Uniform Services / General manager

Reviewer23919 on 2016-01-28
Aramark is a fun place to work for but when the new general manager came in the picture everything gets messed up he had no respect for the employee no positive feed back to us drivers and all he do is rip you in pieces I want corporate to know this because I can't do it anymore we...

Lexi Alexander / Employee in Northern VA

Reviewer77127 on 2016-01-27
Beware if you remotely come across this woman, even without a formal introduction. This hypocritical woman has a history of getting jobs in non-traditional ways (everyone talks about it) yet likes to spread false rumors about other women she does not know, hindering their professional...

Levi's Outlet Store / Terrible Behavior of manager

Reviewer26519 on 2016-01-26
I stopped in the Levi Outlet Store in the Miramar Outlet in Naples Florida this morning. I tried on some Jeans, and was ready to purchase two pairs. My wife went to the register to pay while I was getting dressed in my own clothes. I just completed Prostrate Cancer Treatment, and like...

Coles Supermarkets / Service / Management

Reviewer13514 on 2016-01-26
Where do i start about service? For one the new roll out of oneteam that is a joke. I understand that employees to be multi skilled to work another department but to be coached about oneteam and rosters changed to accomodate oneteam rosterg in fixing rosters to service the public. How i...

Planet Fitness / Service

CaptainDanny on 2016-01-26
Just before midnight on 1-25-16, I entered the newly opened Planet Fitness in Hammond, La after ending my shift work at a nearby Emergency Room. Already a customer from the Gonzales, La location I was excited to visit this new one located near my place of work. I was greeted by two...

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) / Manager Service Complaint

anits on 2016-01-25
Employee at register - Grace, was polite and professional and did her best to finalise my order. This feedback and dissatisfaction is 100% related to the manager on duty-Emma. Grace advised me there would be an 8 minute wait on zinger fillets after I had ordered and paid. I confirmed as I...

Werner / Driving truck

Jessandjoe on 2016-01-21
I was a former passenger on a Werner truck, my wife Jesse, is a former employee of Werner, alot of what has transpired I witnessed first hand, they push their drivers too hard, too much, they pushed my wife past the point of exhaustion, damn near caused her to have a heart attack multiple...

Costco / Hearing Aids- Employee Rudeness

Di-eck on 2016-01-20
On 1/15/16, I took my 92 yr. old father into the Costco to get new hearing aids. The hearing aid technician that helped us was rather rude to both myself and especially my father. He assumed that because we are Asian that my father's hearing problem was not due to his current hearing aid...

Family Dollar / Drunk, vulgar employee

Reviewer22894 on 2016-01-20
On January 20, 2016, while shopping in this store along with several other shoppers (children among them), I heard and saw and this drunken employee (Eddie) loudly state he was going to ask his girlfriend to perform oral sex on him for Valentine's day (I cleaned this up). This isn't the...

Continental Mercantile Corporation / Recruiting

sasank narasimhalal on 2016-01-20
Continental Mercantile CorporationRespected Sir, My name is SASANK NARASIMHALAL . I am already attended the interview conducted on 12th December 2015 at Continental Mercantile Corporation ( Kochin - India )and it was conducted by your HR team . I am got selected and i already signed your salary egreement paper and i...

Wipro / HR and Settlement Team

Reviewer57230 on 2016-01-18
About my service @WIPRO: ================ - I joined WIPRO as a WASIAN at 2007 and have been working for WIPRO for the past 7+ years and would always continue to work for WIPRO.. - I am proud to share that I was always billed from the date of reporting at Chennai. Please refer my previou...

Stacy Willie | Pepitos | Minneapolis | Stacy Willie / Stacy Willie Pot Head Head Service

Stacie Willie of Minneapolis Minnesota goes to work high everyday. She claims she uses a large amount of marijuana to control pain but refuses to be seen by a medical professional to clear it, keeps using drug dealers to acquire it. Her service suffers as a result of increased usage...
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