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Starbucks / Barista

1994kaley on 2016-06-28
Enjoying my drink at the new Starbucks on Washington and Lomas in Albuquerque and two baristas are having a conversation behind the cash register about being a dike. As I think its unprofessional to use that term I ignore it, it then goes into a conversation about juggalos and anal...

Sonic Drive In / Rude Services

SybilKirk on 2016-06-27
Dear Sonic Representative, My mother, my son, and I went to sonic June 20, 2016. When we were placing our order, the lady that took our order was rushing us. My mother asked for a kids meal first, and the lady ask is that all. Then we went on with the order but throughout the whole thing...

cutri fruits / not being payed

vo phong on 2016-06-25
feb 2016 I worked for this cutri fruits Nathan cutri and he hasn't paid more than 20 people he told our supperviser to get us off his property and he will not pay because we were no good but we work there 1 week and he say all good until then he employees many contractors and illegal...

A-One Star Hotel Pattaya / rip off, lies, scams

Robert Lacey on 2016-06-23
2 adults and 1 child put into a broom cupboard for a room, then charged 700 baht per night for a bigger room, no coffee or tea making, no mini bar, tv had 1 english channel bbc news, no football channel, swimming area was a joke hotel has 258 rooms 4 sunbeds, gym also a joke i went there...

Starbucks / Service

Cupcake324 on 2016-06-22
I got a mobile order for a peach iced tea. When I got there instead of making my drink I saw the employee put my cup off to the side and he continued to make other drinks. I stood there for 15 almost 20 minutes and nothing happened. I even pointed out to my friend who was standing next to...

Total Oil And Gas Company / Job Offer

M.Zahid Arici on 2016-06-21
I have recieved an email for a job offer from Total oil & Gas. They are referring to a travel agency which they are indicating to pay all travel costs through moneygram. In short it is all fake and Total should take precautions about it.

Bjornson's Shell / unethical behaviour

Bjornson's Shell 734 N University Drive Fargo, ND 58102 06/17/2016 6:00 PM/CST While using the ATM machine, the cashier was conversing with a couple customers, possibly acquaintances, for several minutes, ALL were using very vulgar language the entire time. At no time did the employee ask...

RIU Hotels / Bad experience

Dtroutt61 on 2016-06-14
RIU HotelsThe room was clean. The hotel staff weren't friendly, took me 4 calls to get a coffee maker in my room and 5 additional calls to decaf coffee. The buffet restaurant was ok, though the food wasn't always fresh and the service was bad, I had to ask for a napkin and silverware. On...

Carrefour / Attitude of a staff member

Jenny and John Farmer on 2016-06-13
We shopped at Carrefour Antibes Pasteur during our vacation between 04/06&11/06. On two occasions, on 4th & 8th, as we prepared to pay at the check-out, the till operator demanded that she should inspect our empty bags. When challenged, she said that we might have put something in...

Netgear / I will never purcahse anything with netgear again this a warning

ARLENE SCOTT on 2016-06-12
I purchase a Netgear in when I tell u they hung the phone up on you it want let you get ant extended internet then you go this same man on line with you in tell u he will call you back ok that was 11:30 pm last night so here we go the next day its the same man answering the phone again ant...

New Prime Inc. / Employment

Danny Hatcher on 2016-06-11
I drove 50k miles and was just out of a trainers truck. I had gotten my CDL and gone through another school prior to this. I wound up with a Walmart dedicated route. I caught pneumonia and wound up in the hospital. Due to the doctor not releasing me quick enough, as a company driver I had...

Debra Elliott / Coke cans

Debra Elliott on 2016-06-08
My husband and I don't buy anything but coke when buying pop by the cartons. Within the last 2 months or so, we have got 2 empty cans without any coke in them. The top is still on and the cartons is not wet. I don't know how to get a hold of anyone to complain. I am an individual not a...

Wendy's / Employee not being treated right

Smh100 on 2016-06-07
I just started working at Wendy's and at first everything was ok I was working for another store until the new one that I applied for opened up I was getting hours at the old store but as soon as the new store opened I realized how rude the store manager is and how bad she treats her...

Shoney's / Doors locked 37 minutes before closing time and we were refused service.

Kmwg on 2016-06-04
Shoney's of Walterboro SC refused us service the other night at 9:23 pm. We arrived to see people still inside eating and when we tried to open the doors they were locked. No hours are posted on the business so I Googled their hours and they did not close until 10pm that night. We knocked...

Shell / Customer service

Liz Brandt on 2016-06-03
Repeatedly the cashier working is on her phone during her shift even while assisting customers on the register. She speaks loudly, has arguments and even uses profanity in front of the customers in the store while on her phone. Very unprofessional and extremely rude.

Dollar Tree / Manager

I am a frequent shopper at the Dollar Tree and spend a lot of money buying items for decorating every month. I also buy gift bags and things also. I went in the day after Memorial Day to purchase specific gift bags that had recently been placed out. When I was checking out I had give the...

Dollar General / Store and Employees

Joanne Vandergriff on 2016-06-01
Dollar GeneralI arrived to employees both were outside the store sitting smoking with two others people. The store in disarray, but the employees were relaxing, smoking, joking. You have to walk through a cloud of smoke to even get in. The door is wide open so actually the smoke was even inside. I have...

Sedgwick / Short Term Disability

Clover Scott on 2016-05-27
I recently had surgery for omphilitis. After the doctor opened me up, he found a hernia as well. The omphilitis caused bleeding from the navel, so I couldn't work prior to surgery. I have had my doctor fax numerous documents, but Sedgwick still put me through hell and denied my disability...

Circle K / Gas station

Dorothy Henson on 2016-05-26
I was at the Valero at 1 N federal highway in pompano florida 33060 on may 25th at approximately 8:30 am and I had an awful experience . I don't normally make a complaint against a worker but this can't go unreported as I had my daughter with me . first off the employee was rude...

Costco / Membership Customer Service

Ralph808 on 2016-05-26
So, we went shopping yesterday and my husband's card doesn't seem to work. The cashier advised us to go to membership and have the problem fixed. At the membership, I spoke to "STACEY" and explained her the problem. She checked the card and says it's working. But I keep...
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