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Circle K / Employee service

Usonics on Sep 26, 2016
I went in to get a ice cream, the machine did not say out of order it and it put out ice cream just fine. Half way through it started to beep. I assumed that meant stop so I did. Well, when I get home I realize it's not flavored so my wife calls and the lady was nice and said bring it back...

OTE Service Salalah / Employees in the branch are total weirdos

Sai Manju Lakshmi on Sep 25, 2016
This automobile service centre located in salalah has a bunch of employees who really don't value the worth of having a nice job and immense perks that no other company offers in the world. There is a guy who is a asst. Manager for GMC brand. U can recognize him straight away if you...

McDonalds Phils / Management

Islyn on Sep 24, 2016
I would like to report an incident that took place on Saturday, Sept 23, 2016 at around 1am at Mcdo Sta Ana branch fronting Holy Cross Davao City. Me and my 2 officemates used to eat during our break since our work is graveyard and Mcdo is the only foodchain open 24hrs. At that time, we...

The Check Cashing Place / Unethical behavior

Don't Play on Sep 22, 2016
On Sept. 21st around 2pm, I went into The Check Cashing Place (CSFC) located at 1815 Grand Concourse, Store #78. I was serviced by Maria who is the store manager. She was very rude, disrespectful and unprofessional. She never apologized for the error she made on my transaction. She should be terminated.

Costco / Pharmacist clackamas oregon costco

Angela Breedlove on Sep 21, 2016
I have had the displeasure of being spoken to in a rather offputting manner on several occasions, simple respect and kindness when working with the public isn't much to hope for. This woman is just plain rude and disrespectful. Katherine should not be speaking on the phone or in person to...

Costco San Francisco / Employees

Alexkirby on Sep 21, 2016
It was 8:25pm I was running to grab baby wipes while my partner went to get in line. 2 Costco employees started yelling at me from halfway across the store that they were closed and that I could not get the item I wanted. Both employees were extremely rude and quite frankly have made me...

Goodwill Industries / Customer service

Robin Reynolds on Sep 21, 2016
This review is for the goodwill located in golden, co. The employees here are completely rude and always look miserable. Forget about asking for any type of help because the time i did no only did the boy snap at me but he spoke to me as if i were an idiot like how dare i ask a question i...

Wipro Ltd. / HR Negligence

Suha Fauwad on Sep 20, 2016
Wipro Ltd.Hi Team, This is Suha Fuawad and I have worked with Wipro Ltd in Noida for 24 months as a customer services associate for TalkTalk process . My employee ID was 613425 and company's employee ID was suha.fauwad@wbpo.com I have left Wipro on 31Aug'16 with 2 months notice period. While...

Dollar General / Manager Elvira

Kay Jarvis on Sep 19, 2016
My friend and I was in Dollar General in Lineville on Sat Sept 17th. We had some stuff we was gonna purchase and one was a pair of men pajamas. The sign said 40% off grey dot men pjs. Well we was checking out the lady rung the item up and it didnt show the 40% off. Well my friend ask her...

Captain D's / Employee working with an herpes outbreak sore on lower lip.

Captain D's customer on Sep 18, 2016
My co workers and I visit captain d's in Fitzgerald 's daily for lunch. On numerous occasions we've asked that this employee (Latonya Scott) not handle our food.. She has an herpes outbreak bump that appears on her lower lip that has white substances exiting the wound. She has unacceptable...

Dollar General Corporation / Manager behavior

fatboy2003 on Sep 17, 2016
I have been coming in Dollar General for quite a while and do not mind spending money there.The reason that I am writing this that in Woodruff SC.after standing in line for almost 10 minutes while a refund held up the line, the manager said I will take someone over here. Now, we live in a...

Shermco Industries / Service - general manager

Garryla on Sep 16, 2016
09/16/2016 - I am not one to complain much nor am I one to say good job to much either. My complaints is a bit of both. I made a reservation three days ago for Holiday Inn Pearland TX on main street. Got off of work from a job site at 330pm, tired and ready to relax. I found the Holiday...

Digi / Digi / Extremely poor and bad connection

Helen Xin on Sep 15, 2016
Digi poor connection data cause a problem of posting status at Facebook. It totally can't proceed and posting. Always show connection of H / H+ at my house area only. When I at different place. My data connection is good (4G) and function well.

Circle K / Manager

Skylar Meléndez on Sep 14, 2016
During the day with the daytime crew, they do not do the responsibilities needed to keep the store moving at a good pace for the afternoon and night crew. The manager has been informed plenty of times and has not done a thing to fix the behavior of the lacking employees. During the...

KinderCare / Employment

Drummer33 on Sep 14, 2016
I am a former employee of kindercare and I had an awful experience. After only a week my hours had already been cut without my knowledge and approval after being promised at enployment a full time position of 8 hours a day. The only change in time I was told about was me having to work...

Dollar General / Employee rudeness

Rodham on Sep 12, 2016
I am a 40-year resident of Raleigh, NC and frequent the Dollar General store at 1131 Falls River Avenue #101 on a weekly basis. With the exemption of one employee - who generally works mornings, my experience there has been a pleasant one. The store is well-kept, and the staff professional...

Coles Supermarkets / Activating a iTunes card

Viv Interrigi on Sep 10, 2016
Hi I bought an iTunes card from Coles a few weeks ago for my husband's Father's Day. We gave it to him last week and realised that it was not activated . He went back to Coles Southland in Melbourne today to ask them to reactivate it and was told they could not as we had no receipt. I do...

Costa Coffee / Delivery driver

shannylouu on Sep 7, 2016
Costa CoffeeI think you need to be more careful of who you employ as your delivery drivers... they don't really give you a good reputation when they drive like idiots. The driver of the van registered 'FN64 BWF' on 7th September decided to cut me off on two occasions. Getting himself...

Sedgwick / Workman's comp

kountryangel on Sep 6, 2016
I was injured at work on 9/1 went to the emergency room after work that night as I was manager on duty and was not allowed to leave. I was called by Steven Lowe in the morning of the 2nd. We worked our the details on which doctor to go to. I drove 2 hours to the dr, since it was in the...

Dollar General Marietta Ms. / They don't give me the discounts

Rhonda Fleming Johnson on Sep 5, 2016
I have the app on my phone and every time I put my phone number in at cash reg they do something wrong and I don't get the discount and I spend plenty of money to get it . They tell me U can you it next time. But I have to buy more to get discount. Like today I spent 129.00 dollars and I...
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