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US Post Office - Nevada, Henderson / Mail deilivered to wrong address

Reviewer94934 on 2015-11-02
Saturday Oct 30th: I had my neighbor from across the street bring me what looked like a complete day of mail. I had been waiting for 2 checks in the mail, one for $3400 and one for $50. I had already called my one institution for the $3400 check because I hadn't received it when I should have gotten it. These are articles of mail I do not like going to somebody else's address. This has happened in the past with other mail but it wasn't enough to write a complaint about until now. I am sure that you would feel the same way I do if somebody else got your mail and it was a large...

US Post Office / Can not buy stamps at Kensington post office

Reviewer25499 on 2015-10-15
For more then 3 months I have been told every week by the Kensington Post office that they are out of 71¢, 21¢ and $1.20 stamps and they only have 49¢ stamps. I cannot even buy extra postage to add to the .49¢ stamps. I use a great deal of these stamps per month and have had to make do with – 49¢ stamps and over pay on every envelope I send. I am retired and live on social security. This is costing me approximately $10.00 overpayment a month. I have given up going to the post office and waiting online for 20 to 30 minutes to be told "We don't got them stamps" try again next week. I...

US Post Office / Irresponsible mail delivery

Daihera on 2012-01-11
On this occasion my mail was delivered to a completely different street while one of my neighbors mail was delivered to me. We are a small town (1 square mile) with a local Post Office that continually makes delivery errors. One would think any job worth having is worth doing right - in the village of Greene that is not the case - I just answered my door to find a stranger delivering me my mail on a Sunday because the government paid employee that is supposed to do the job didn't.

US Post Office / Loop Mail

jimCT on 2011-07-07
Both I and the Postal Service made a mistake on a $200 package delivery, but I'm the only one who pays. I had mistakenly left the apt. number off the package. However, according to tracking info, the Postal worker who carried it marked it as delivered, before actually delivering it. Thirteen minutes later the worker marked it as undeliverable as addressed. Had the worker not first marked it as delivered, the package would have returned to me within days. Because of the worker's impatience, the package did not return until six weeks later. In that time I made roughly 15 phone calls to...

US Post Office - Utah, Salt Lake City / Delivery

We had company whose car was blocking our mailbox (it was past 5:00). Rather than get out of his vehicle or hold the mail for the next delivery our mail man chose to drop the letters on the ground, despite the fact that it was raining. I thought this was a poor way of handling the situation and makes me wonder the quality of employees working for our post office.

US Post Office / Awful, awful, awful

Felix on
I lived in London UK for four years and had my mail forwarded to me. In the spring of 2008 I canceled the mail forward and asked that mail be sent to my home in Portland. I returned to Portland in July with a nice stack of mail waiting. Mail arrived over then next few days, then I joined Netflix. They kept sending me DVDs but none of them were ever delivered. I called USPS and they investigated. There was no improvement and I discovered other mail was being redirected back to London. After 5 calls to USPS I now am receiving no mail at all!!! So instead of fixing the problem of some of my mail...

US Post Office / Fraud and lies

I was just contacted by a debt collection agency and a gentleman named Richard Stokes said that online listing (which was a fraud to begin with) was extended to 2009 and now they are attempting to collect over $600. I have proof that the account was a fraud, but he does not seem to want to hear about it... his company is called DRS (Debt Recovery Systems). Beware if this guy calls you.

US Post Office - Florida, Yankeetown / getting mail

When someone sends mail and makes a small mistake on the addresss the post office keeps it for awhile than sends it back. We have less than 400 people in our small town. our PO number is 332 and if a person makes a small mistake and writes 323 or 322 the PO person holds it for days than sends it back. We were waiting for a doct0rs prescription so we ask & they had it. People seem to make the same mistake. I don't know why this happens. The PO writes on the envelope sometimes when this happens and puts it in our box than other times they send it back. It is always a different person making...

US Post Office - Connecticut, Avon / RETURNED MAIL

wicked on
I would like to make a complaint about this but don't know how. I live in a shared apartment with many people. Only one of our names is on the mailbox. The mailman only delivers to the person whos name is on the box. I find this to be really annoying. Is it that big of a deal to deliver to the others? Is the mailman just lazy, stupid, or both? Is the mailman allowed to do this under the guidelines of his job?

US Post Office - Florida, Margate / Ultra-Poor Counter Service

I would direct this straight to the USPS.com site if I could, but they have no mechanism for doing so. Idiots. The post office here in Margate, FL has slots for 5 people to assist with mailing, stamps, retrieving packages, et. al. On Saturday, February 21, they had 2 people working and 30 people in line. Today they have 20 people in line and ONE person working! WTF? I waited for 30 minutes and moved 2 steps up on Saturday before leaving to go live my life. Today I waited an hour. Does the Post Office make their customer service extra crappy in advance of postal rate increases? Is that their plan?

US Post Office - Ohio, Cleveland / lousy ongoing mail service

Yesterday evening I received my mail with my large envelope opened (ripped) open. Also, some catalogs I was waiting for was ripped and is missing. To continue, when I go to the Broadway Ave. Post office The people working there are very rude and you are kept waiting for long periods of time to receive the mail . I am extremly angry and fed up with the lousy service this post office does. Something needs to be done.

US Post Office - Georgia / Late Mail Delivery

I requested my mail to be Held and delivered on Sat, November 15 but only a few letters were left. This indicates not all the mail was delivered after 4 days. Someone not doing their job. Reference: Confirmation Number is WEH62112764 What Happened? A response is requested. Thank You

US Post Office - New York / Postal Driver

Female Postal Driver at Williamsbridge Road in Bronx, New York 10461 - License Plate P011019 on 4/24/08 was screaming at the traffic light asking people to go through it, nasty and very disrespectful to other drivers.

US Post Office - New Jersey, Englewood / Unprofessional clerks at Englewood, NJ Post Office

Valerie on
On February 7 2008, I went to the post office at 77 Engle Street in Englewood, NJ to file forms for a US passport. With me, I brought all required documentation: proof of US Citizenship, proof of identity, and 2 pictures Before office clerk started to process the documents, she asked me for marriage certificate which I did not have with me as it is not a required document. I was informed that application cannot be accepted without this document. Clerk could not give me straight answer why she's asking for the document. She was rude and called "next customer" why I was still in line waiting...

US Post Office / Poor service!

My daughter, Kristin McGowan, is not getting adequate mail delivery. I sent a package for her friend's birthday in January. It never was delivered. It was not returned to the place I ordered it until MAY!!! I received an email asking for an updated address. Since the address was correct, and the package not delivered, I had it sent to me and I gave the birthday gift when he came to visit in June. Last Thursday, I sent a birthday card and a check for $50 to my daughter. Today is Tuesday. Nothing has been delivered. Will she get it? She is on medication that needs to be...
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