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Primus Canada / High speed internet

Reviewer72907 on 2015-12-11
Poor internet service that was down more than it worked. Constant lack of internet reception that was down for over a week at a time. You call and they couldn't even tell you when it would be fixed. Promised a credit but never followed through and kept billing me for 3 months after cancelling. When I called to discuss the credit and over billing I was rudely told they couldn't do anything for me. They just put me on hold for a long time hoping I would go away. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS POOR SERVICE PROVIDER...

Primus Canada / Poor Internet Connectivity

Reviewer67586 on 2015-08-15
BEWARE! Primus’ affordable price and unlimited internet usage may be appealing, but poor internet connectivity is a deal breaker. I was originally subscribed with Rogers’ Internet, Cable and Home Phone. I decided to cut the cable and rely on Netflix and free OTA broadcasts. Primus’ unlimited internet usage and VOIP telephone appear to fit my needs. Enrollment through Costco was quick and installation with a Bell technician went smoothly. I subscribed to Internet 60 and Basic Digital Home Phone Bundle. The initial 2 week period was great. No issues with streaming Netflix. VOIP...

Primus Canada - Ontario, toronto / left our port in the air

fadia pahlawan on 2015-03-14
I requested Primus phone and internet service in February for it to take effect in March. I called 2 weeks before the starting date to ensure them sending me the box and the technician on time, they could not confirm and advised that someone will call back shortly.. that never happened nor did I receive the box in the mail a week earlier as promised. Meanwhile bell called to win us back so we thought Primus could not be trusted, better to leave things as is with bell. What do you know; primus pulled our port and denied bell access to it. For 4 days they denied that they did so with all sort of...

Primus Canada - Ontario, Mississauga / Ordered 7.0 Mbps service getting Only 0.03 Mbps

John_Smith_Bad_Service on 2015-01-15
Jan 15, 2015 As a Costco member in Mississauga I noticed that Primus Canada representative was promoting their services. It captured my attention and I learned that I buy and receive a 7.0 Mbps (download) service for 32.99 / month + tax. I was happy and exited thinking that I got myself a very nice deal. Oh boy was I wrong! Bell Canada came and did what he had to do. Bell Canada Rep was very knowledgeable and professional. After connecting and testing the Dry Loop, he indicated that his job is done and rest is up to Primus Canada. Right from the start there was no internet, sometimes when...

Primus Canada - Alberta, Calgary / Internet Service

Gunner86 on 2014-09-25
The worst customer service ever. Took me almost a month just to have my internet running. The internet is very slow and the connection is always disrupted. To make things worse when you try to contact Tech support you could be on hold for over an hour. I once called at 3:00 AM EST and i was on hold for close to 2 hours and that is when I had my services canceled. dont be misled by the cheap fees (which I was) they are about $12 bucks cheaper than Telus or shaw and trust me $12 extra a month is tottaly worth not going through their BS!

Primus Canada - Ontario, Ottawa / Poor dishonest service

Sean Fordyce on 2013-05-10
On April 1st I booked a move within the same city, Ottawa. The date for the phone and internet to be moved was April 22. As of May 3 we had no phone. Internet was working at the old address but not new address. Since Primus is a reseller in this location move was to handled by Bell?. They then told me that they had neglected to tell Bell about our internet-- booking the move with Bell almost a month after I had booked it with them;. Bell's first date was May 8th due to Primus delay in booking move ticket.. At end of day no service/. We troubleshooted extensively pluging into demarc.. Note...

Primus Canada - British Columbia / Worst Service

Keitaicity on 2012-07-04
Over one year ago and after our 3 years contract ended with Primus, we have switch the internet service to Shaw (cable). As per Primus return equipment package, we have send them back the Internet Modem. and they indicated they have received it. One year later they call me and tell me the Modem that we send was a DIFFERENT MODEL'S MODEM!!! So they bill us almost $300 for it! And because they had TALK to ME and I had no response, so they send my case to collection agency! First, There is no way we send they a WRONG MODEM!! Shaw uses a different modem, we have no use for 3 to 4 year...

Primus Canada / Beyond Incompetent! Disconnected my phone!

Zagg35 on 2011-07-03
4 days without a phone with Primus. They have lied and backtracked to cover their incompetence. They disconnected me by mistake and now have jacked me around with fake service calls(had to *** work etc.)and still not fixed. A Bell line tech called me and told me that they disconnected me and all they have to do is issue an inward order to connect. I have told them this 3 times now in emails and phone calls and still no service. Now, getting emails saying they are monitoring it and totally ignoring the real issue from Bell.

Primus Canada / WORST Telephone Service

Latina on 2011-03-21
I decided to switch to Primus after receiving a promotional letter, BIG MISTAKE! The line is full of static and is faint! I was unable to receive any inbound calls for 8 days and counting since I switched to them. Their technical support is atrocious and one of them was so arrogant, aggressive and hung up on me after telling me get the technical issue resolved myself!!! The nerve of these people! They do not have the manpower to send technicians over to your home like Rogers or Bell so they constantly try to delay the whole process in order to avoid sending technicians to your home which they do...

Primus Canada / Claims to not receive returned modem

Vork on 2011-02-11
I've returned modems to Primus twice and each time they claim they have not received it and billed me almost $100. The return label they send you has no tracking or signature upon receipt so you cannot prove that they received it. I was told by the postal clerk that other ISPs such as Bell do provide labels with tracking so you can prove it was sent. Primus knows that if you use their shipping label you have no proof of receipt so this must be a good revenue stream for them. The last one I returned was in November 2010 and it wasn't until I cancelled service with them in late January 2011 that they claimed not to have received it.

Primus Canada - Ontario / Preauthorized Payments

NEVER SIGN UP FOR PREAUTHORIZED PAYMENTS TO YOUR VISA ACCOUNT! I cancelled my PRIMUS Home Phone and returned my modem by Canada Post. (Primus sent me the Canada Post postage) Canada Post did not deliver the modem and Primus has charged me $112.00 for the modem. Since this is charged to my Visa, I called Visa to reverse it and VISA REFUSED. I have to provide proof of delivery before VISA will reverse the charge. Canada Post is looking for the modem. If I was not on preauthorized payment I would not be forced to pay for Canada Post's mistake! To add insult to injury when I have called the Visa dispute department I have received a lecture on preauthorized payments. I am now not using VISA!

Primus Canada / Extra hidden fees

Kya1101 on 2011-01-24
As discussed on phone with Supervisor on Dec 14, 2010 termination fee was waived. Modem is being mailed back paid by customer. Representative agreed to no termination as account was cancelled within 30 days of start of service. There is a cancellation fee of $75 on billing. They charged for 2 month of service not one. It took over 3 weeks for service to begin. We were moving at end of December and there was a "move" fee. A fee for mailing back the modem. A fee for cancelling. A fee for a paper bill. A fee for UPGRADING services-we wanted to be broadband not local and rep wanted an upgrade fee.

Primus Canada / Bad product and no refunds

jantien on
In July of 2010 we decided to go with Primus for our telephone service. What a mistake. Over the phone they assured us that with a modem they could deliver a good and efficient phone service. We tried this out for about two weeks . When we dialed we got wrong numbers or a voice telling us that long distance applied, which was not true. Also we couldn't use the telephone numbers we had stored in memory as that would for sure give us the wrong connections. We were told we had to dial slowly. That too gave problems. After two weeks, on Aug. 3d, we cancelled our service. We sent the modem back...

Primus Canada - Québec, Montreal / Very rude service

I telephoned Primus Canada whose customer I am for their triple value bundle. I've noticed they are never easy to get over the phone for any customer service. Today I got a male employee named Roger who was very rude and impatient and gave sometimes wrong information, then had an attitude if we asked him to repeat or clarifie something. Positively obnoxious attitude. You would do well to give better customer service or risk losing your clients.

Primus Canada - Ontario / Totally Useless Company

MMcKean on
I made the stupid error of trying to save money on my home phone and fell into the Primus Canada trap. My horror story began in February of this year and is STILL ongoing. Their "BELL" technician arrived to change my phone lines over from Rogers to Primus (little did I know they used Bell lines .. had my fill of Bell years ago). After spending 3/4 of an hour listening to the Bell technician tell me how HE could save me so much more money by switching my household over to satellite, Bell internet and Bell phone on a bundle, it turned out that he did NOT disconnect the Rogers junction box that fed...

Primus Canada - Ontario, Hamilton / service

I was with Primus Canada for a year and a half and there service was terrible. The company is not capable of helping with consumer complaints such as internet interuptions and phone static. They have too many technicians who dont have a clue what they are doing. The only time they try to help with your service if you threaten to terminate contract. I highly doubt will be around for a long time as they have no idea what to do when presented a problems by consumers. I wqould not recommend this service to my worst enemy.

Primus Canada - Ontario, Hamilton / disconnect without warning

They disconnected my phone for 4 days without warning or phone calls while keeping 250.00 deposit in there account. Obviously the 250.00 deposit they collect from various costumers is just to make money on intersest otherwise they could have used it instead of disconnecting my land line without warning.Shame on you Primus I hope people will see this and learn about your illegal practice. Thank God we have the internet to voice our complaints and let know other fellow Canadian about it ..Unlike the old days you can't just suck up peoples money the way you want knowing that we don't have the time and money to take you to court.

Primus Canada - Ontario / will not return over payment

jljone on
I cancelled my internet and home phone service back in July after terrible internet service. I returned 2 modems to Primus as instructed. In September, they proceeded to remove 124.67 from my bank account to pay for the modem. I called them, they said - "oh yes, you did return the modems. sorry." My problem? They have still not returned the money. After several phone calls, I was told 2 - 4 months to get the money to me. "Be patient"..."It is policy..." I am furious!! They will not let me speak to anyone above a Customer Service Supervisor. I feel trapped and without answers... PRIMUS SUCKS!!!

Primus Canada / Stay away from them

RikD01 on
Activated home phone service in October 08 via telephone call to Primus CSR. Never advised of any term committment requirement, never signed any term committment and never received any contract of service. Requested and received calling cards but the cards were unsecure. If lost anyone could use them (no secret PIN) and Primus could not fix this. We requested an unlimited Canada/US long distance plan for which we were billed $19.95 monthly. Started getting bills including the $19.95 for the LD plan 'Plus' charges for all long distance used in the month, as well. Had to call...

Primus Canada - Ontario / bad services

Maggies on
Just want to share my experience with everybody with Primus Canada services in Canada... I supposed to switch my home phone service from Rogers Wireless to Primus Canada on Aug 28, 2009. I supposed to have someone come to install the home phone on that day but the waiting time from 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. but finally no body show up then I called to Primus Canada on Monday Aug 31, 2009 to clarifly. Ann ( from Primus's saled rep) said they came already but nobody there. I was so angry already the first I'll been waiting for whole day but no one come (why they don't call me whatever...
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