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Predicto - Nebraska, Minden / Refund

I had apparently signed up for this back in March, which I never did, and was charged 9.99 a month since then. I called to complain and get a refund, and all they gave me was 3 months back from what I was charged. I didn't sign up for it and I was told by my cell company that they usually refund back all charges. Well after having to threaten them a few times with a formal complaint they finally gave me three months back. But I am still not over the fact that I supposedly signed up for this, I don't even remember getting a confirmation text. Just a load of crap, I wish I could get back my other 4 months of "service" that I didn't sign up for.

Predicto - Texas / Predicto unauthorized charge

Yanjie on
Ok, I am a T-mobile user and was billed in Aug.29 of $9.99. When I sign up for Jhoos, the ad pops up to let me enter the phone number. It is just in the registration step for Jhoos. After entering the pin, I got message with all short words saying a $9.99 MAY apply. Then there was bill sent to my T-mobile account. What the hell is American government doing? There're complains against predicto all through the year, and they still scamming the customers.

Predicto - Florida / Get your money back

We were charged the $9.99 fee for the service that was never authorized. Predicto claims that you have to enter a pin number to activate the service. Well we never entered any number and were enroled anyway. The customer service person we contacted said there was nothing she could do to refund the charges. She transfered us to a supervisor who said the same thing. After threatening them with legal action the supervisor all of a sudden was able to refund me the charges for the two months by mailing a check. We will see if the check ever comes. In addition, I contacted Sprint who said they would...

Predicto - Kansas, Minneapolis, / illegal charges

This PREDICTO company is a SCAM, FRAUD, and crook! They can't read - they do not understand a simple NO! They also laugh at THREATS! Simply put - I did not order this "service" - there is no "signed contract" and further I REFUSE TO PAY THESE HOODLUMS. Folks - you need to pay attention to your bills - I CAN NOT SAY THIS ENOUGH. THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF CROOKS OUT THERE WHO ARE MAKING MILLIONS OFF OF SUCKERS BECAUSE THEY DON'T WATCH WHAT THEY ARE BEING CHARGED FOR. This company has the right to CHALLENAGE the above statement - or write me personally. But, liars and still liars no matter what color their spots are. Comrade Dave

Predicto - New Jersey / SCAM!!!!

My husband recieved an unsolicited text from these bozo's, promising him a chance to with $25 if he predicted the winner of the grammys. That was the ENTIRE content of the text message. When I received the cell phone bill this month, there was a $9.99 charge. I called the company and they claimed that he had to have gone through an 'extensive' verification process in order to have this charge appear, so there was no way they could refund the charge. I wasn't taking no for an answer...I demanded they show me proof of the 'extensive verification process' so that I...

Predicto - Indiana, Auburn / Unauthorized charges to cell phone bill

I've been around and around with Centennial Wireless. They say this is MY problem (I've been receiving charges since March!) and that I need to cancel and try to get my money back. Here's my problem. . .I didn't solicit this, didn't sign anything and I'm told they simply get your cell phone number and send a couple of texts, then bill Centennial! Shouldn't the FCC be getting involved with this?!?!? How dare Centennial take some fly by night company's word for it that I'm a subscriber and just arbitrarily add the charge to my cell phone bill! I see lots of others are having this problem. . .what can we do?????

Predicto - Missouri, Republic / charging money illegally

Doncam on
This company is charging me $9.99 per month and keeps sending me emails that I have to pay for, and it was all unsolicited.

Predicto - Florida / unauthorized usage

Predicto is nothing but a SCAM. You get enrolled somehow and then they talk all sweet to smmoth things over. They are not from the stated by any way and should not be allowed to enroll someone without there authrization. They promised to refund me 10-15 days and it has alreasy been 10.Not very encouraging. This company should be stopped.Does anyone know a legal way that we consumers can go aginst them and make them pay for all this frustration? I am contacting the BBB and telling them about the situation. Any other ideas? Lisa in Jacksonville

Predicto / unathorized charges

I got my monthly phone bill $10 higher than usually I checked it and surprise a $9.99 dollar charge for stupid predicto company what I remember is I was in yahoo and I saw a little window on the side about IQ test they asked my phone number thats all I remember few days later I got a message asking about what I tought about some celibrities, are they going to divorce or would they stay togehter something like that I erased it, after that I remember I recieved 1 or 2 more messages I erased them that was it they never asked my permission to get the membership or anything, I called this predicto...

Predicto / Can't Cancel

As a user of Gaia online, I thought it would be ok to sign up for this service to get Gaia Cash as part of the Gaia Cash Offers scheme and cancel my subscription straight away. It says you have to be 18. I am not 18, I'm 14, but I signed up anyway because I thought it would be ok. Now I have spent lots of money trying to send a text to 61400 to cancel my subscription but it does not work. I keep emailing them but they reply with the same message: text to 61400. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME! IT'S ALREADY CHARGED ME LOTS AND I'M GOING TO GET INTO SO MUCH TROUBLE! HELP ME PLEASE!

Predicto - Florida / Unauthorized charges on my credit card

brutis on
When i went on line to check my credit card statement last week i saw 150. 00 woth of charges stating sprint download. I called sprint which showed no charges and stated that they only charge my sprint account and not my credit card. The sprint rep told me it was from predicto.com. I never heard of them and sprint told me i had to report fraud to my creditcard. I called my credit card company and had to close out my account and get a new card. They are still in the process of disputing the charges. They also told me the found 2 other charges on 2 prior months. The 150. 00 worth of charges were...

Predicto - Oklahoma, Stilwell / Did not authorize

I Had unauthorized charges on my Cell phone bill for this, but I don't recall ever signing up for this service. I was charged for two months (I should have checked my phone bill more carefully and I do now) of Predicto when I never signed up for it! After I called their customer service line I was told they would cancel my "service" and no longer charge me. I never used their service and told them this. They told me I signed up for it, texted them to register my phone and logged on to their website and that's why I was being charged for their "service". I did none of these things but they kept claiming they had records of me doing this. I requested a refund multiple times and they denied!

Predicto - New Jersey, Fort Lee / Fraud and scam

Mark on
I noticed today that I had a 9.99 charge on my spouse's cell phone. My spouse barely uses his cell phone, only answering my calls. He usually logs about 100 minutes or less per cycle. I call Verizon who said he had subscribed to the service by going responding to a text and that I needed to speak with the company directly. After Verizon connected me the sales person on the phone tried to kiss me off by telling me that not only did my spouse respond to a text, but he went on the internet and entered a pin, #16327. My husbands phone does not even get the internet. And he certainly did not go...

Predicto / Fraud and cheating

Nancy on
Started receiving text messages months ago. Had no idea what it was nor that we were being charged for it. I looked up the company, and know for a fact we never signed up for this service. I have no idea how they go the number, or we were in fact being charged for this ridiculous game. This should be illegal. I called the company and told them to take my number off their list, and I received a text message saying they would. Beware of this company and if you see any ridiculous texts coming through on your cell, investigate!

Predicto - Illinois, Petersburg / unwanted text messages & $9.99 charge

It is reported on my At & T cell bill that I ordered something on 1/18/09 from "Predicto". The charge they made is for $9.99. I ordered no such thing, but received about 15 text messages... Barb Miller

Predicto / Unauthorized billing

Valerie on
This company is swindling the consumer. Our family uses 5 phones, we were charged on 2 different phones in one month $9.99 each for this rip-off service! It was never ordered, never authorized, never wanted AND we are forced to pay it on our bill. The company refused to refund the money stating that it clearly stated a charge would be imposed if the service was used (via a txt message to my children, all they had to do was respond). My children remembered seeing the txt but didn't know what it was. This is ridiculous! I have put a block on our phones so that it won't happen again. Someone...
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