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ParetoLogic / RegCure Pro

Reviewer16711 on Dec 21, 2015
I paid for this service about 10 days ago with a guarenteed 60 day refund police. The system never mad a change to my computer..it ran for over 90 minutes when used...then the site disappeared from my computer. This is not acceptable and I demand a full refund as issued by the company. I have a much more reliable company now that has done what this regcure pro site never did.

ParetoLogic - Tasmania, Hobart / Purchase of RegCure software

Ian Somervaille on Mar 25, 2014
I have paid for RegCure Pro software, and it has been downloaded to my computer. The Order number is PTLC-U2403140525-05UGH I cannot activate the software by contacting the toll free number given, because it is not accessible from Australia Please find a solution for my problem. My email address is ian.somervaille@bigpond.com

ParetoLogic - South Australia, Adelaide Metro Area / software fault no customer service access

Bill Mckenna on Jul 12, 2013
purchased RegCure Pro installed and it basically rendered my computer useless, wiped everything, all history, all settings, corrupted all my printers/scanners/anything "attached' to the system - then I did the most stupid thing I could have ever considered, I attempted to contact them via the Support section, it will not recognize my email address therefore it will not allow my issue to be registered with them for resolution, now considering this is the same address they actually sent the software to for the upload that one remains a mystery, anyway you asshole, s where I come for our...

ParetoLogic - South Carolina, Summerville / computer programs

William Vickers on Feb 2, 2012
I have unsubscribed to all of Paretologic products. on several occansions and they keep trying to renu a sbscription. Thes and all charges from Paretologic are unauthorized. I expect a complete refund and taken off their customer list. I have deleted all off their programs, especially since theu do not work.

ParetoLogic / I was charged for a license renewal I did not authorize

Hugele on Jan 19, 2012
I purchase a product from this company about a year ago, when my computer was crashing. It never helped solve the problem. I never authorized another purchase, yet I was charged $19.97 on my credit card. I want a refund since this was an un-authorized charge. I will notify my bank today that this is a fraudulent charge.

ParetoLogic / Cannot stop unauthorized license renewal charge

Leicode on Jan 4, 2012
Paid to register RegCure a year ago but later removed it from my system because of problems it was causing. Today I was sent an email saying they are automatically charging me for a 1 year renewal and the link on email to cancel renewal does not work.

ParetoLogic / Don't buy it!

Jim Dickson on Nov 1, 2011
The program cost more than I expected through not reading the fine print. {my fault] The program runs once or at the most twice & then refuses to run again. Contacting Paretologic 4 times to date brings a quick response & the problem goes away until I try to run it more than once or at the most twice. They are most apologetic & ostenibly helpful but it is not getting fixed! They have also agreed to refund the money if I want. Don't buy it! It is a total waste of money & what to me is more important a total waste of time contacting them.

ParetoLogic / Does not Work!!!

Buddhabaker on Feb 26, 2011
I installed this product 22nd February 2011, within 45 minutes it screwed up my PC. It takes about 5 or 6 attempts at starting the product before it runs. I immediately requested a refund of my purchase price, so far NO RESPONSE. I next found that as I had paid by PayPal it had inserted (without requesting or confirmation) 2 re-curring annual billing payment mechanisms into my PayPal account. Anybody using this product BE AWARE of this nice little scam. You may uninstall it but have you cleared out any re-curring payments from your PayPal account???? I'm unsure wether this can be done on a credit card but worth checking anyway.

ParetoLogic / Je n'ai jamais demandé ce service

Ma carte VISA de ma banque ING est débitée d'un montant de 48, 33 euros en date du alors que je n'ai jamis fait appel aux services de paretologic de manière payante. Je l'ai téléchargé car ce programme m'était offert gratuitement. Merci de demander à cet organisme de me rembourser de cette somme et de ne plus jamais me débiter de ces montants exhorbitants.

ParetoLogic - England, West Yorkshire, Bradford / charge for registration not received

my MBNA Visa card account shows the following item 29 jul 1o 30 jul 10 CLKBANK.COM_YNREJJLX 800-390-6035 £26.78 This was a software registration fee for Paretologic, but the software was never registered by them. I claimed a refund, but they said they could not trace the transaction. Can you please chech the transaction details for me.

ParetoLogic - Pennsylvania / How much of a fraud they are!

I didn't spend any money on this stupid program, thank God! I dled something for free on the web. I honestly don't even remember why, or even which specific program ..but, since they apparently push computer software I suspect that it was bc I was looking for a decent firewall/anti-virus program(s). I found it to be a useless program taking up space on my computer! After a couple of days I was fed up and, amongst running other maintenance on this infernal machine, I uninstalled it and largely forgot about it. But, that didn't last very long! Almost immediately I started getting Window...

ParetoLogic - California / DECEPTIVE PRACTICES

DO NOT BUY THEIR PRODUCTS!!! DECEPTIVE PRACTICES!!! This company hides the fact in their end user license agreement (which only pops up when you're downloading the software) that your purchase will become WORTHLESS after just ONE YEAR! YOU WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO USE THE PRODUCT FOR ITS INTENDED USE!!! YOU ARE BUYING THE PRIVILEDGE TO USE THEIR SOFTWARE FOR ONLY ONE YEAR! They will KILL your purchase after one year and you will not be able to use it anymore unless you fork over more cash! This is like buying a DVD movie and after one year, it won’t play anymore unless you shell out...

ParetoLogic - Kentucky, Paducah / do not want product

We tried to download product and it did not work; then we found we had Norton Security Suite and did not need the RegCure PC Opimizer and they tacked on the Privacy Contorls product. The total came to $39.94 and we are asking that it taken off our credit card. Receipt ID PTCL-U160910-50LAD My name is: Mikel Fields Thank you

ParetoLogic - Florida / Faulty Product but I did get a refund!

I had similar problems with RegCure from Paretologic. It did not fix my problem and actually caused other programs to fail. I uninstalled the program, contacted Paretologic and SafeCart for a refund. Like other posters I got no reply. After 48 hours I e-mailed PayPal about the problem. They contacted SafeCart and within 24 hours I got a reply from SafeCart saying I'd be receiving a full refund. A few days later the refund appeared on my credit card. So there is hope if you paid with PayPal. Check it out, and good luck!

ParetoLogic / unleashed a trojan on my computer

This supposed registry cleaner is in fact worthless and did nothing but harm. Minutes after installing it, my firewall went mad and found a trojan. I had opened no other windows so it had to be from the RegCure Registry Cleaner. The trojan was actually the cleanup30.exe file. No disputing that one, unless the trojan had the same name as the regcure exe file and installed itself simultaneously, but I have a better chance of winning the lottery than of that happening. There is no contact number and my emails to their (bogus) customer service email address bounced back. On their website it...

ParetoLogic - California / regcure

purchased renewed product license plus the limited time offer $49.92 now the program works on a limited bases and there is no way I can find to get help online. The product no longer works completely to repair what it was downloaded for. Would like to just have the product work if not want my money back. http://support.paretologic.com good luck getting any feed back or help.

ParetoLogic / software does not work

I purchased software from this company to fix a problem I was having on my computer. It did not do anything. When I call them I only get an automated system that sends you right back to the first promp no matter which option you choose. Also the e-mail adress thry provide is invalid. I would like this charg taken off my card.

ParetoLogic - New York, Rochester / Defective Download

I ordered a renewal of my license for RegCure PC Optimizer on October 30, 2009 for a charge on my VISA credit card for the sum of $49.92. The program downloaded and I also downloaded program updates. The program does work and, instead, gives an error message. I filed a similar complaint last week but I have not yet received a reply from you. Please provide another download for this program to my above listed e-mail address. My SafeCArt Receipt ID for this order is PTLC-U301009-92EVM.<br /> <br /> Thank you, '<br /> Horace C. Roberts


I purchased Paretologic's RegCure, and for and additional sum of money, also received their Privacy Software. Each time I booted the computer, the Privacy Program would stil be listed, however, it's folder was empty and program's software gone. I contacted Paretologic's Support who of course told me this was the first report of such a problem. They provided a suggestion, which when implemented, did not resovle the problem. I decided to reload Privacy on a weekly basis and run the program for security. The program would run, after rebooted, the software was again wiped out...

ParetoLogic - Washington, Lynnwood / DriverCure and RegCure

I would like a refund on my purchase 5/26/09 for Drivercure and RegCure. They do not work properly on my computer. My license keys for the products I bought are: Driver Cure - 23003-2AB20-A1675-697DC and RegCure - 27803-2B520-855D9-FF3C2. The purchase price was $49.90 for the DriverCure and $49.90 for the RegCure. My e-mail address is happysounds2@yahoo.com. I have already called 1-888-479-9444, Ext. 1 and the women who answered gave me your e-mail address of Refunds@Paretologic.com and instead I can only get into a compliant section. She also helped me to remove the above programs from my computer. Please contact me at my e-mail address regarding my refund or please send my refund back into my account. Thank you.
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