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Melaleuca Complaints & Reviews

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Melaleuca - Violation of owners

Posted: 2015-09-13 by    Reviewer75788
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I donated their products to a student who sold it on eBay. The kid received an email implying to take it off the list. Everyone selling melaleuca, etc.. Online should have the right as owners to the stuff they paid for. The products were paid for, they become our property and therefore have every right to donate, resell or trash them. Melaleuca's... policy not to resell online is I think a violation of owners' rights and the law should act on it. After all they already made billions...why do they have to bother with a very small fish.
This link may very well relate...http://smallbiztrends.com/2013/03/resale-rights-you-bought-own.html...

Melaleuca - Unauthorized charges from my account

Posted: 2015-09-12 by    Ursula B
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I was looking for work from home opportunity and it sound nice because I am about health. That is what caught my eye. Eco friendly. I tried to get people involved but that's when the night mare began. Once they heard the name they never responded. They the company teaches you to lie and be evasive. we called ourselves Women's Dream Team. You couldn't publicize Melaluca. Then, during conference they told us it was not a Pyramid Scheme. It was just that. I am presently angry because when withdrawing from my account after I notified them I no longer wanted to be involved, they saw the...

Melaleuca - stolen money

Posted: 2013-12-01 by    Barbara. Edison
Complaint Rating:  50 % with 2 votes
I was given info about company from a Mennonite! Only one dollar to sign up, cancel any time. Didnt even choose one product. Received a box in the mail that i didnt order.i contacted rep. Sbe said it was a 'mistake' and bought pkg. From me. Called melaluica to cancel.. gave me no problem to cancel. THEN...i received pkgs. For three months. Debit card being billed monthly. IM IN THE HOLE!!! CANT DO THIS ANY LONGER. IM GOING TO SUE REP. FOR FALSIFICATION, FRAUD, ALSO WILL FILE AGAINST COMPANY. BANK FRAUD, MISAPPROPIATION OFFUNDS. WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IF ANYONE WANTS TO FILE WITH ME. My income...

Melaleuca - Money Scam

Posted: 2013-05-31 by    Less than satisified customer
Complaint Rating:  40 % with 5 votes
A friend insisted I use Melaleuca products and become a member. At the time of membership it was only $1 to join so I figured why not. They are a scam because you have to spend a certain amount of money each month to maintain your "membership". REALLY! I should be able to shop at my leisure. Nonetheless, I canceled my membership and returned products I just didnt like. I followed up and they did not issue me a refund because they received the items on day 61 of me placing my original order - not the day I actually received the products which was two weeks after placing the order. So much for the...

Melaleuca - Idaho, Idaho Falls - product return

Posted: 2013-02-14 by    laura maragni
Complaint Rating:  67 % with 6 votes
I cancelled the subscription w/ Melaleuca back in Oct. 2012 and they kept denying that they rec'd the fax of cancellation, in turn billed my credit card twice and put me over the limit . they shipped two boxes of product and the acct. was clearly cxled and both boxes was shipped back to them . They have since gave me credit for one order return after me insisting to speak w/ a manager. They are claiming they have not rec'd the other box back. Unfortunately my boss who signed me up as a member offered to ship the package back so i did not have to pay the shipping costs . She can not find...

Melaleuca - Illinois - harassing emails

Posted: 2012-11-06 by    pinterestfan
Complaint Rating:  63 % with 8 votes
I received several Melaleuca products for Christmas from a family member. I used several of the products and had some that I was not interested in using. I listed the items for sale on eBay and very quickly received an email from melaleuca telling me that i was not allowed to sell their products on eBay and insisted that I take them down or legal action would be taken. I immediately called eBay and inquired about the rules regarding selling melaleuca on their site. The eBay rep. informed me that they have a list of products that business vendors can apply to be on that has rules about selling their...

Melaleuca - Do your research

Posted: 2012-03-20 by    Janet Smith ME
Complaint Rating:  75 % with 8 votes
I enrolled with Melaleuca on 1-7-2012 and because I am still new I like to search the Internet for all the information that I can find regarding this company. I am amazed at the amount of incorrect information and blatant lies that are posted on here. I am 100% happy and thrilled to be a customer and business builder with Melaleuca.

Although I have only been with the company a little over two months I have ordered numerous times and love their products and have also made a decent amount of money for the hours I have put in! I would also like to note that the prices are fair and even...

Melaleuca - people complaining

Posted: 2012-03-07 by    Dean Martin
Complaint Rating:  23 % with 13 votes
Okay...so for those of you complaining about Melaleuca, tell me do you own a cell phone? and if you do own a cell phone by any chance, are you in a contract? If your not in a contract congratulations you did not get scammed. For those of you who complain about Melaleuca and are in a two year contract, listen up. So when you walk into t-mobile, sprint, at&t and etc, and your looking for a phone you like, what do you automatically notice? Oh shit! look at the price on this phone. We'll say an average price for most phones now and day cost anywhere from 100-500 dollars w/o a contract. Now once...

Melaleuca - AVOID

Posted: 2011-12-12 by    Barbora R.
Complaint Rating:  75 % with 8 votes
Melaleuca is nothing more than an MLM scam! When I joined I found that the prices were outrageously high and when you try to sell any Melaleuca product the 'team' of people above you makes a huge commission, that's why the price is so high! So when you sign up they try to get you to go out and recruit others to buy tons of this crappy product.

So after realizing this (and after being charged $70 for my first month) I closed my account and sent my order back for what I was told would be a refund. AFTER sending my order back I was told that I wouldn't be refunded...

Melaleuca - New Brunswick, Moncton - Already stated didn't want certaiun product & without my knowing they sent it to me anyway &charged me.

Posted: 2011-08-19 by    kathy savoie
Complaint Rating:  60 % with 5 votes
I didn't find products any better than what I was using.
Told them up front what I didn't want, when trying to sell these to me.
Never ordered anything. As for one thing I was away on vacation for 3 weeks.
Received a package with everything I told sales rep I did not want & they sent it any way.
Feel very underminded.
Feel sorry for poor Tide.Direct selling companies under estimating them to exalt themselves.Shame.
They have employed many people who get a pay check every week & have helped the econemy.
They to had a vision so please stop...

Melaleuca - Taking adventage!

Posted: 2011-07-16 by    Debbie750
Complaint Rating:  50 % with 4 votes
My son Michealneil is a College student and working on weekends and these people at Melaleuca is taking money for items he doesn't need. You have to be honest with people, they should have told him that he is not working for enough money and he should return when he does have a full time job. They keep going into his credit card and he keeps paying. Anyway, to cancel, you have to fill out an application, then faxed or mailed it to them. They are all about the mighty dollar and doesn't give a damn about anyone. But you cannot be successful when you cheat people. I believe in Karma....

Melaleuca - I wasted so much time and energy and money believing in the company

Posted: 2011-06-18 by    Rikla
Complaint Rating:  64 % with 11 votes
I was with the company Melaleca for almost 2 years. I worked VERY hard, and was left with little to show for it. Only twice did I receive a check for over 400.00. I barely made enough each month to cover orders I HAD to place. I believe only few people will succeed with the company. People who LIE! The products are NOT cheaper! The prodcts are NOT better! They barely work. Now after not being with the company and using the store cleaners, I LOVE them!!! They work and my home smells clean! I will never go back. The customer service was horrible. Products way over priced I was lied to tons of times!...

Melaleuca - I simply want to quit my membership

Posted: 2011-04-27 by    GB74
Complaint Rating:  89 % with 45 votes
When I called Melaleuca's corporate Headquarters I was told that I can only cancel online. When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was curtly told that a supervisor would say the same thing.

I have attempted to find an option to quit on their website but have not been able to find any that will let me cancel my membership.

It's interesting that Melaleuca will gladly accept a fax with your credit card number to become a member but when I asked to fax in my cancelation I was told it can only be done on-line....

Melaleuca - Virginia, Suffolk - BIG RIP OFF

Posted: 2011-04-27 by    kinkysue
Complaint Rating:  52 % with 23 votes
My complaint started the day I talked to MS KATHY REECE. She is a melaleuca director; I had several
questions for her. One of the questions was " Do the seven websites cost?" Ms Reece replay was of course
not. Imagine my suprise when I went to their Promo center and found out that It not only cost $15.00,
but you can't get any where without their training center. I had only been with the company for about
2 weeks when I come to realize that good old MELALEUCA IS NOTHING BUT A PYRAMID SCHEME . Check
it for yourself. When I question Ms Kathy Reece about it...

Melaleuca - Minnesota - keep charging my credit card after cancellation

Posted: 2011-04-02 by    deb simon
Complaint Rating:  93 % with 14 votes
i have cancelled my melaleuca membership 3 months ago which they tried to make it imposssable !!! thought i finally was done with them until i got my credit card charged $29.95 listed as health care savings on my statement. they said as 05 i signed up for this card which i didn't ...we have our own health care!!? looking back we were charged every year for $12.95 seeing the listing we thought it was from our health care as it did not say melaleuca like when ordering products . stay away they are scamming people!!! every month prices would go up or less product ! example the provec cv you have...

Melaleuca - New York, Fort Salonga - COMPANY STEALS MONEY

Posted: 2011-03-04 by    Disgusted-Tricia
Complaint Rating:  33 % with 3 votes
This is the worst company ! DONT EVER SIGN UP ! They told me that if I did not like I could cancel. I have been trying to cancel since November (5 months) I had to cancel my credit card and refuse every shipment . They told me I had to go on line and cancel... When you go on line to cancel they dont have paperwork. They will not email paperwork to you. They do not cancel over the phone WHAT THEY DO IS ILLEGAL ! They keep sending product even when you refuse it! IT IS PATHETIC AND SOMEONE SHOULD SHUT THEM DOWN!...

Melaleuca - Scam

Posted: 2011-03-03 by    Niehus
Complaint Rating:  80 % with 15 votes
Do yourself a huge favor and avoid becoming a distributor with Melaleuca. They have the worst reputation in the direct selling industry for dishonestly dealing with their marketers. Their CEO, Mr. Frank VanderSloot, will bring frivolous legal action against you if you decide to move to another company. He is also notorious for changing the compensation plan on a whim, and in the process, cheating their distributors out of their hard earned commissions. Don't believe me? go to: www.mlmwatchdog.com and see the actual proof for yourself....

Melaleuca - Unbiased Opinion

Posted: 2011-02-17 by    Ethicalbob
Complaint Rating:  71 % with 34 votes
In my attempt to remain objective and unbiased, all I can say to this point about my exposure and experience with Melalueca as a spouse of a marketing representative, is that all appears positive with not only the products and service, but also the service and support Melaleuca Corporate provides to its direct customers and marketing reps. That said, it appears some marketing reps don't sufficiently educate consumers or correctly convey how the membership program works.

As for comparisons to more traditional MLM programs, there appear to be some similarities however, Melalueca...

Melaleuca - Would not honor request of cancellation of account

Posted: 2011-02-07 by    Exp K
Complaint Rating:  92 % with 12 votes
I have the same complaint as I see as many other customers.

Definitley verifies to me that this is what the company employees

must be instructed to do.

They purposely make it extremely difficult

to cancel account.Yes it is very simple to sign up yet when it comes to cancelling and loss of revenue for them then it is very difficult. Their customer service is

horrible not helpful in any way including supervisors, managers etc.

I would not recommend becoming involved in a company which is not considerate of their...

Melaleuca - Refuse to cancel my monthly order

Posted: 2011-01-25 by    Robbgots
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 3 votes
They refuse to cancel my monthly order. I have tied twice they say they can't cancel by phone. They say I have to fill out a form. They did not e-mail me the so called "form."

Now they say they will snail mail me a from to fill out to cancel. Why can't it be done by phone? I will be contacting the BBB and the Attorney general.

I spoke to customer service twice. My opinion, they hope you just give up. I strongly advise against singing up for a automatic ship program. Also I feel the product is way over priced....

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