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KinderCare / HORROR

MOMMY.ANGRY on 2015-06-05
After researching the best possible child care for my children, I decided, NOT ALL KinderCare locations were the same, and decided to send my children to the St. Francis location. I was in HORROR! The staff, although some very friendly, others were hateful, mistreated my child. The daycare's sanitation is completely questionable, the smell is so unbearable that my father picking up my children in the event of an emergency, left him gagging and very angry at both the facility and me for sending them there. It's been a reoccurring issue. My son and daughter come home with marks and...

KinderCare - Georgia, Atlanta / bad service

SoyCandles on 2013-05-29
If your child will be at this center outside of when the "lead" teacher is scheduled, you might want to double think your decision. After a year and a half I have had enough and my child will no longer be at this center. Staffing issues that involve next to no training seem to be the norm between the 3 rooms my child has been in at this location. When the lead teachers are out sick or on vacation, the rooms are run well below standard and it is pure chaos. My child was consistently not given milk we provided (they don't have organic milk available), daily communication logs were not...

KinderCare - Wisconsin, Franklin / Cleanliness

Daisylvr on 2013-02-20
Center is filthy, from entryway to classrooms. Cleaning not done consistently-evident through smell, build up of fingerprints & other bodily fluids on windows and doors. From smashed cracker crumbs, to dust and tattered poinsettias still outside, Christmas was probably the last time they ran a vacuum. Dirty classrooms also leads to numerous sick children-visibly evident at drop off and pick up. Lack of clean shows lack of pride in center and staff. What once was a clean center-is now a collection of old rock salt, crumbs, dust and germs.

KinderCare - New Jersey, Paramus / unprofessional

KLCPARAMUS on 2012-11-25
EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL. I'm ashamed to work here after I see what goes on when parents aren't around. When i complained to my Staff Director, the Manager, about a teacher saying the N word around 3 year olds, she ignored it. When I complained to her about a staff member coming to work drunk and harming other children by throwing books in the air out of rage, she said she would talk to that member about it, and she should've been fired! Nothing was done. They don't care about the kids well being, they just want to make sure they get paid. I would never ever let me child go...

KinderCare - Alabama, Mobile / teaching the kids to fight while in daycare

BB.Proud.Mom on 2012-07-01
It is terribly sad that these daycare centers hire these uneducated, thuggish, rude, abrasive, violent, and emotionally damaged women to staff their daycare classes. These women are from rough neighborhoods and they are probably victims of domestic violence and control-freak mothers. They bring their mixed up, screwed-up value systems to work with them at Kindercare in Mobile, Alabama. The center will give them the title of "Daycare Teacher" when they have no qualifications to teach anyone anything. They bring their own beliefs into the classroom with them. They learned in middle school (and...

KinderCare / Don't sent your child to Clayton Ohio Centre

HayIey on 2012-03-28
During my time at Kindercare, they allowed metal tape measures to be in the 5 year old classroom! Are you kidding? One boy held one end and the other boy held the other end and a little girl was holding the middle of the tape just as I walked in. You guessed it!! One boy pushed the button to make the tape re-track and the little girls fingers were sliced. To the point of blood all over her shirt, blood all over her hands and the floor and she had to be taken to the emergency room. What genius ever thought this was a good idea? Then when I grabbed the five year old boy and shook him for...

KinderCare - Washington, Puyallup / teacher

daycare on 2011-11-30
First, I went to thanks kindercare, my kids have a lot of fun at day care. But today I went to complaint something. Before my daughter at Mrs peeya and Mrs Allison class, she is so happy and went to go daycare everyday. since she turn to 5 year old, she go to new class.First two month, she is ok, after that, she cried and mad excuces every morning that she doesn`t want to go daycare. We started to think that something was going on in her class. she told me Mrs yee always talked in a mean voice to her. When she ask Mrs yee something, Mrs yee sometime no answer, sometime yell(low): go way! she...

KinderCare - Arizona, Glendale / Unethical Work Environment/Violates Health Deptartment Policies

Teenmom2 on 2011-07-07
As a former employee at Kindercare, I must express my dismay at how this company is run at the corporate level. I enjoyed my former job and loved my co-workers, including the center and assistant directors. I need to voice that for-profit corporations and the business of taking care of children is not a very good combination. These directors are placed under a huge amount of stress by keeping their enrollment numbers high at the expense of the teachers in their employ. Often there are not enough teachers to cover basic needs such as lunch breaks. I worked an 8 hour shift for months without...

KinderCare / Unethical work conditions forced on employees

D.freeman on 2011-06-10
Twice as an employee with Kindercare learning center, I was forced to work while sick. I was told if I showed an effort and come to work sick, I could leave. Not true, next day went doctor, and I had shingles. A prior time, my back went out, couldn't leave, and I worked the entire day. By that evening I couldn't move, I was in excruciating pain. The working conditions are appalling working. We take care of children and we expose them to illness, because we are afraid we'll loose our jobs if we walk out sick.

KinderCare / Dissatisfied with job

mommiof3 on 2011-05-06
Ive been an employee at kindercare for about 3 months. I was hired as the school aged lead teacher. After a month there, my hours were cut and I was expected to deal with 22 kids alone, in a room by myself and at the time I was pregnant. I loved that job and my kids until my hours got cut again. Now I went from 4 hours a day to 2 and a half. I always asked for more hours but was unsuccesful. I felt like i was a slave and they worked me, like one. I finally decided to quit and when I did I was told that mfy director was waiting on me to do so.

KinderCare / Terminated

I had been working for kindercare for a little less than a year when I put my 2 weeks in. On the Monday following my notice my boss suspended me then fired me for telling a kid to stop trying to run out of the room at drop-off. The director also moves kids from room to room to accodomate the ratio whether or not the child belongs in the room, for instance a 18 month old in the same room as a 3 year both in the 2 year old room. She would move up 2 year olds to a preschool room with kids who are 3-4 years old.

KinderCare / All depends on which one you work at

Lizzy87 on 2011-02-04
I am currently working at my second KinderCare. I LOVED the first one I was at. The staff were so nice and the administration was fantastic. But, it was a center that had been bought out by KLC and retained most of its former policies, usually telling KLC to shove it. The one I'm at now is extremely "corporate" and it ***! I've been there for three weeks and I'm already looking for a way out the door! They cut hours ALL the time and despite the fact that I was hired to be a preschool teacher, I barely spend any time in "my" classroom. In addition to that, they change the policie...

KinderCare / They don't care

Luisa on
My son was pinched by the directors daughter and scramed at by both the directors son and daughter. Then she went in the room after I left and called my son a lier right in front of the children and it was in a loud voice. The director has made VERY inappropriate remarks to the parents there. My son has had woodchips thrown at him. The directors daughter is a thief! The assistant director Amanda Novakowski has had her boyfriend Jason Schleweis there to try to kick my but. When I saw him I was thinking him and what army. He works at BAXA in Englewood. Go to another center there is a Highlands Ranch Learning Academy near Broadway and Dad Clark that is soooo much better you will thanks me later!

KinderCare / Worst service ever

Marko on
I have worked in the child care field for almost 30 years. Kindercare is by far the worst I have ever been employed at. There are so many complaints that I don't know where to begin. The director at this center was all about the money and keeping upper management happy. I don't think she ever spent any time in a room unless she was giving a teacher a bathroom break. She was rude to staff and rude to parents. I believe he only reason she is still the director is because she cuts staff hours, and orders the worst and cheapest food possible for the children. There are never enough...

KinderCare - Indiana, Indianapolis / Termination

I worked at KinderCare for almost two years before I was let go in April 2009. I had a lot of concerns with the center I worked at prior to my termination. These concerns happened when we switched center directors in early 2008. This particular center director transferred from another center nearby. From that point on, I was out of ratio on days when I had almost 20 children during the early morning hours with little or no help. I got fired because of a blog I posted on a popular social networking site regarding my frustration with the company. Nonetheless, I got suspended without pay. I wa...

KinderCare - Ohio / HORRIBLE place to work for and to send your child to

I have worked for KinderCare for over a year now. I came to them after my other center was closed due to the failing economy. I thought that working for KinderCare, a company with such a reputable name...the largest provider of childcare in the country, would be fantastic. Boy, was I completely WRONG! I guess I'm glad to see that the same crap is going on all over the country and that it's not just my center, but it's still terrible. Here is my little list of complaints: 1. Curriculum. WHAT A JOKE! When I got there, the box for each season was missing 75% of the materials. My other...

KinderCare / Treats their employees like sh*t

Natasha on
My daughter worked at Kindercare in Chandler, AZ for 8 months. Even at first she concerns about their motives, there seemed to be much contradiction in procedures between staff and employee. But what really got me was this; When any of the girls (employees)needed to use the restroom they would call in to the staff office via intercom requesting a "code blue" (potty break).The staff would make them wait 30, 40, 60 minutes before sending someone or come themselves to relieve the employee. One time my daughter was waiting when a fellow teacher came in and covered for her so that she could go to...

KinderCare / unfriendly staff and poor mangement

The problem with KinderCare is they are a large business and they have lost sight of what is truly important. They want to make money, just like all huge businesses. I have worked for them for 5 years and have noticed that each year it gets worse. It's not so much the staff, honestly. We're just following orders because we, too, need our jobs. As far as unfriendly staff complaints, you all SHOULD say something or leave. Each center belongs to a larger district- call the District manager if your director is the clueless one. You would be surprised at how many parents do not say hi to...

KinderCare / Ugly encounter

Bob E. on
Just had an ugly encounter with the director of kindercare in greenville nc- leteisha byrd. Was talk to like I knew nothing and she was the queen of know it all. Kindercare needs to seriously look at each employee as a face of the business not some ghetto corner ***. If I were a women she would have worn an *** whipping about 30 minutes ago. I feel sorry for those kids because if she will talk to an adult like that you know she is worse with the kids. The sad thing is that the lady not in charge I spoke with first was very nice and helpful. Another case of the wrong person in charge and getting paid more to *** on people.

KinderCare / Not fare with hours

RickT45 on
I use to work for kindercare at center 000156 the director has not been far with the hours to each teachers, she is a very cold person that only trys to impress her boss and not trying to keep the teachers happy that been thier for years that love to work childrens. as a former employe i feel the right to do something about it before they take action and try to go above the DM. our directors name is Shelly Hanes when the teachers try to talk to her in a nice restecpful way she just lies to you in your face, we *** told to just work the hours that she gives you. Can you please help my former friends at center 000156 THXS...
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