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Indian Railways - Tirumayilai(Mylapore) MRTS STN, Chennai being utilised as urinals/Lavotory

Posted: 2013-02-01 by    Padmanabh
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Station being utilised as urinals/Lavotry
The Tirumayilai(Mylapore) MRTS Railway Station is being utilised as Urinals/Lavotries by all beggars/labourers/drunkards staying in & around Mylapore MRTS, who sleep in the station itself.
They are urinating & shitting in the station itself mostly at nights. the approach to the station has become unbearable, with the dangerous stink.
All office-goers, especially women are facing problem in approaching the STN, because of this shit & stink.
one has to cover his/her nose till he climbs upstairs to board train.


Posted: 2012-10-27 by    V. S. SURESHKUMAR
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes

Indian Railways - sleeper coaches in day train

Posted: 2012-10-13 by    asokanvvr
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
cholan express is a day train. starts chennai 8.15 a.m reaches tiruchy 16.35 p.m. and on return journey starts tiruchy 9.35 a.m reaches chennai 17.50 p.m. so it is a hundred percent day time train. but originally it was running up to kumbakonam etc and there was sleeper coaches attached to it. but it runs up to tiruchy now. but the sleeper coaches are there and extra cost is plucked out from the passengers. railway may think that Indians are always sleepy and they will sleep even during day time. but we are blabbering on other side that we are going to become super power country soon. if rules are...

Indian Railways - Change of Ticket status from Confirmed to Waiting List on travel day

Posted: 2012-06-30 by    Shashank Shekhar1
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I would like to bring this to your kind attention that there is something wrong happening at Indian Railways. Through this medium I would like to bring the wrong doings of Indian railways in front of each and every one. I had booked four Tickets on 31st May through www.irctc.co.in. Here are the booking details:
PNR No : 2335644106
Journey Date : 28th June 2012 Time: 8:40 PM
Train No : 12562
Booking Category : 2nd A/c
Boarding Station : New Delhi Railway Station
Destination Station : Samastipur
I have to travel because my wife has an exam for her...

Indian Railways - no tickets to return home

Posted: 2012-05-16 by    Aswd
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I had came to delhi a month ago, and now i am planning to go back home .

But when I had gone to but tickets there were a large number of crowds, so i couldn't get one ...

we have got no option left, but to buy tickets from the railway agents ..
But they are charging too much, the normal sleeper costs around Rs 700-800 in TATKAAL (emergency one), but these people are telling to pay Rs 1100 .

now what is this ????
Is this fair ?????
Please anyone help us !!!...

Indian Railways - Refund

Posted: 2012-03-13 by    Soumitra Roy
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 1 votes

I had purchased a Journey cum Reservation Ticket (Tkt No. 53542774) for Sealdah to New Jalpaiguri by Darjeeling Mail 3 AC from your Ravindra Sadan, Kolkata counter
on 4th March'12.
Date of Journey was 7th March'12 & PNR No. is 630 7791780.

The ticket was not confirmed at the time of Journey, it was W/L 26, 27, & 28 ;hence I could not board the Train., and subsequently I had to buy a Tatkal Ticket (PNR No. 6407913503) for Next day's Day (8th Mar'12) .

On 8th March'12, I went to your...

Indian Railways - Rude behavior and used blankets

Posted: 2011-12-11 by    Abhay Vidyarthi
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
On the 9th November early morning 1.30 am we boarded Wainganga Express (12252) at Kuncheguda station. Our berths were A1 29 & 30. Till 2.00 am no one came to supply us the bed roll despite repeated request to the TTE. He informed that the person responsible ( one Manjunath, whose name I gathered later) was actually sleeping. When Manjunath was preparing the bedroll for providing to the passengers I noticed that he is folding the used blankets to supply. On my enquiry he replied very rudely that we get only 46 blankets and these are reused for passengers traveling from in between stations.

Indian Railways - Train Delay

Posted: 2011-11-12 by    garima sidher
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
This is a Complaint against Indian Railways regarding Train delay for 11 hours on 11-NOV-2011.
Ranikhet Express (Train No: 15013): was scheduled to depart at 10:40 PM from Old Delhi Railway Station. Then announcement was made, it will depart at 4:00 AM . But problem did not end then. We wait there till 4:00 AM. Then they announced train will depart at 6:15 AM and further announcements like 7:40 AM, 8:10 AM, 9:40 AM. Finally train delayed for 11 hours. This is the facility that is provided by Indian Railways. For 5 hrs journey, we waited at station for around 10 hours.There was no proper announcement...

Indian Railways - Fraud by TT

Posted: 2011-11-11 by    radhapatil
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From : Mrs. Radha Patil,
Gajra Park Building- 1,
Indira Nagar, Kamod Nagar,

Dated : 11.11.2011

The Chief Officer,
Vigilance Department,
Indian Railways.

Respected Sir,

Re : Complaint against fraud and misbehavior of TT.

I, Radha Patil, hereby would like to let you know about the fraud committed by your TT and chief ticket supervisor of 12618 - Karnataka Express : New Delhi to Banglore : Dated 09 Nov. 2011.

After taking current reservation from New Delhi...

Indian Railways - Non-Application of VIP Quota By Dehradun Station Master

Posted: 2011-10-30 by    siddharth Navinchandra Khnduri
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Respected Madam/Sir, i, siddharth N Khanduri, along with my mother Smt Kusum & brother Rishi had forwarded a VIP Quota Application Form at Dehradun Railway Station, India on 29-October-11.The Train No was 12206, Ticket PNR No was 2553549818, Date of Journey was 29-Oct-11, Journey was from Dehradun to New Delhi, Class 3AC.But, in the evening when we checked the prepared Chart of our Train of our travel, we were allotted 3 RAC(Reservation Against Cancellation) seats as against 3 Confirmed seats in lieu of the VIP Applicaton Letter we had submitted!This meant that VIP Quota was not applied in our case...

Indian Railways - Mmts sec - bad to bolarum

Posted: 2011-09-29 by    K. Eswari
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the train timings after office hours from sec-bad to bolarum is like 6-10, 7-10 and then at 8-45 and that is the last one form sec-bad, due to ongoing telangana badhs and RTC non-cooperation for running buses, high percentage of public now opting for the local trains. But according to the use usage railways authorities neither increased the bhogies of the local train nor palnned any train between the 7-10 to 8-45 timings.
The one more problem is that there is no specific paltform fixed for the arrival of the same train, all the people have to rush to the paltform according to the annoucement,...

Indian Railways - Ticket Inspector Characterless Misbehavior

Posted: 2011-09-17 by    dbahadur
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 1 votes

To Indian Railway Authority

It’s been very bad experience traveling in our own country were Indian person wont respect Indian.

The complaint is for the Ticket Inspector (Fat, with Mustache) I don’t remember the name as if I haven’t seen him wearing his uniform, he use to remove his uniform frequently.
He was in charge for the B2 compartment dated 15-Sep-2011 Train no: 17031/HYDERABAD EXP.He got down at pune station

I am traveling with my Wife, 3month baby, mother and my younger brother...

Indian Railways - Dirty and used bedroll in A/C coach

Posted: 2011-09-11 by    Sharanya Koraput
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
Purushottam Superfast Express (Train no. 12801) from Bhubaneswar to Gaya on 10.09.2011. We were initially given extremely dirty and used bedroll to which we objected and asked for clean bedrolls. But the attendant refused us saying he did not have any clean bedroll as all the sheets he had were of the same nature - dirty and used. So we asked him to give us the complaints book on the train so that we could register our complaint. He referred us to the TTE. We asked the TTE at Cuttack railway station for the complaint book and he told us he will give it in one hour's time but through the night...

Indian Railways - Waitlisted Seats in Railways

Posted: 2011-08-17 by    V. S. SURESHKUMAR
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I have reserved a ticket for Ernakulam, Kerala State in 3 Tier A/C Compartment on Train No.12618 - Mangala Lakshadeep Express for 5th September 2011, but the ticket is waitlisted. Incidentally, the reservation has been made through online on 29th July 2011, but still the status is same the (Waitlisted). I am very often checking the status of my ticket through their website. Apparently, I believe that there is an illegal tie-up between the Railway Reservation Officers and ticketting agents for harassing passangers.

Further, I had a bad experience when I had travelled with a family...

Indian Railways - Most Dangerous and Killer Duvvada Railway Station Platform # 1

Posted: 2011-08-15 by    venugopalkvg
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Indian Railway Department is becoming worst day by day and it is purely a dirty organization in India. Day by Day passengers losing confidence in boarding trains from Duvvada Railway Station because many people are losing their lives in the Duvvada Railway Station due to the department's negligence of passengers safety. Recently my father(62Yrs) died due to the Duvvada platform's wrong construction and it is very low in height. Nobody is taking care to increase the height of the platform to the 1st step of the train. Presently it is touching 3rd step of the train....

Indian Railways - Non allotment of birth

Posted: 2011-08-01 by    Prof RP Mahajan
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Indian Railways
Location: India

Prof. RP Mahajan on Aug 1, 2011

Non allotment of birth despite no 1 RAC
I would like to submit here that I was having RAC no 1 ticket, 3AC train no 2961 dated 23.06.2010 from Mumbai to Indore. I presume that I was not provided a birth deliberately due to reasons belonging to the category of non compliance of duty of the railway employee for personal gains. I would further like to state that the information which is available so easily on the database is not deliberately provided to me so that I cannot file a case against...

Indian Railways - Unauthorised passengers without legitimate ticket

Posted: 2011-07-10 by    SANJEET GHOSH MOULIC
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The 3rd AC Coach in the Rajendranagar Banka Intercity express train no 13242 is occupied rampantly by the unauthorized passengers even in the presence of the TTE and the GRP. This is really very shocking; when passengers with regular reservation are made to sit at the behest of these idiots, who are nothing but nonsense to tolerate just due to the lackadaisical attitude of the incompetent and parasitic railway staff, who turn touts during the night, to very gleefully accommodate such passenger's requests at the lure of some money. The present incident is supposedly of 10th of July, 2011. Request...

Indian Railways - amount debited but on line ticket was not generated from IRCTC

Posted: 2011-07-10 by    dileep pradhan
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Today (10/07/2011) I have done an online transaction to purchase a ticket from New Delhi Kolkata Rajdhani Exp from New Delhi to sialdah Kolkata boarding on 25/08/2011 for 4 persons. Unfortunately after the payment was made through SBI Internet Banking Transaction Ref No IG57721956, the transaction was disappeared without generating the ticket.
This is really an uncomfortable situation for me. Either issue the ticket if the payment is already confirmed or refund the amount.

Expecting a reply as soon as possible.

Thanks and Regards,...

Indian Railways - Train departed before scheduled time

Posted: 2011-07-07 by    Suchandan Pal
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I, along with my family (wife and daughter) and parents, was supposed to visit From Loharu (LHU) to Delhi Sarai Rohilla (DEE) on 1st July 2011. I had a confirmed ticket (Ticket no. 43022730) in 3-AC in train no. 14706. As every year the Indian Railways reschedule their train time-table, no departure time was printed on the ticket. Instead, instruction was given to get the rescheduled train time and I saw from the official website (www.indianrail.gov.in) that the departure time of the train has been rescheduled to 16:55 hrs from LHU (towards DEE) instead of its previous time 14:50 hrs. On the journey...

Indian Railways - Eunuchs on Asn-Hwh Psngr trains

Posted: 2011-07-06 by    Bongshodondo
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
All superfast trains from Asansol Jn to Howrah Jn at West Bengal are infested by vile eunuchs who abuse and irritate the passengers. As usual, the R.P is not to be seen when they are around. Perhaps it is high time to enforce some tight rules to prevent vagabonds and launderers....

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