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Ihookup.com - Pennsylvania / login

POdCustomer1788 on 2013-03-10
I had been on the site for hours, answering messages and flirting. All of a sudden a window popped up telling me I had to "validate" my account or email address or something like that. They told me that they would send the necessary link to my email address. Guess what? Said email never appeared in my inbox or spam folder. I feel as if I spent my money for nothing. Now, whenever I try to visit the website I get told that it is "broken."

Ihookup.com / This site is so gender-biased

Ivitare on 2013-01-25
I'm a woman. I want to register on this site for the heck of you-know-what. When I registered as a woman, I received this message saying "account is suspended" even if I haven't used the site before. I tried registering as a woman for at least 10 times and I always get this kind of message. I even asked my female friends who wanted to try this site if they get the same message. Apparently, they also receive the same message from the site. Then I tried registering as a man... well what do you know, the site worked! Now I have an ihookup account saying that I am man looking for a man. WTH. This site is so gender-biased. Can't a woman hookup too?? Total bull crap.

Ihookup.com / All bots that I could see

Darolose on 2013-01-11
Total scam, as is any site that bombards your e-mail with 'views' and buddy requests, etc. I too fell for the 'donation' subscription thinking maybe there was someone real there too, there isn't. All bots that I could see. same few I fav'ed would be on-line constantly, yet no response to e-mails or 'flirts'. after a week, one did respond, with an inane response. Couldn't even recommend as a porn site, you have to ask for Key to see private albumns, and then wait to see if granted :) Usually not. If anyne has any sucess, it could only be becasue some...

Ihookup.com / Stay away from this website

Riosole on 2013-01-03
It took me about two weeks to notice I was getting messages from women saying thanks for contacting me when I never did email or flirt with any of them. I also noticed that no matter when I longed in I could find the same people that are said to be close by just haven logged on or they came on with two minutes of me logging on. I began to wonder do any of these women go to work. HINT HINT GUYS AND GIRLS THIS IS S SCAM!!! . Reporting them is a waste of time because of the fine print statement and also 35.00 is not much when you consider everyone would have to have a class action law suite. DON'T BUY IHOOK-UP AND A FEW MORE THAT ARE ASSOCIATED WITH THEM> DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!

Ihookup.com / 90 percent fake adds and bot accounts most overseas

Trikee on 2012-07-30
This is a SCAM! If you Have Paid for it, Reverse the Charges on your Credit Card, you have up to 3 years to do this. Claim fraud which it is and you will automatically get the money refunded to you and they have to prove it's legitimate. Enough People doing this and the CC company will cancel their account. Pass this on. I'm doing this and you should too. 90 percent fake adds and bot accounts most overseas.

Ihookup.com / Obviously something fishy

SAndermoine on 2012-07-05
Received spoofed spam emails that are telling me I signed up from I.P. address X.xx.x.xx when the one they listed traces back to my OLD HOUSE at my home town where there's NO INTERNET ANYMORE. Obviously something fishy and I've searched for more of their bull$#*! spam and found the same rthing, menagelite21401 (whatever kind of username that is...) signed up form X.xx.xx.x!

Ihookup.com / 98% of women on that site have no idea they are on that site

Cibizze on 2012-06-15
Since it was a gift membership for a month I said whatever... funny how before you pay you get flirt after flirt and messages you cannot read until you pay. I got a message from a "woman" who's profile said she was in my area...after a little back and forth she asked me to join her on a chat site... after about 6 minutes I concluded it was a guy and he/she was in Ghana and started asking me for money LMAO. And another time I had one who said she was 20 miles away... turns out they were in the UK. I have some excellent facial recognition software, and can say 98% for the women on that site have no idea they are on that site...their pics have been stolen and added to this "turnkey" business.

Ihookup.com / Stay away from these guys

Pisgate on 2012-06-08
It gets worse - I had an email from them "because an iHookup account with the username x was created on 2012-06-07 14:54:41 from IP address <blank>" - the email contained a username and password combo I've used on other sites, so either someone signed up on my behalf or else they've bought my login details from a scumbag, created me an account and then spammed me. Either way I'm totally not amused.

Ihookup.com / I believe this place is fraudulent and should not be in business

Silicine on 2012-05-13
Paid for a two day trial subscription, but to do that, you have to also pay for the 30-day subscription, which you are supposed to get refunded if you cancel within two days. They do not refund the money. I just an email from a "lady" who had given me access to what are supposedly her private photos. The emails says this: here goes 20 q's! movie? vacation spot? color? sport? food? sexual position? car? band? type of music? tv show? animal? body part of the opposite sex? hobby? place in your house? article of clothing? raunchy turn on? way to relax? position for sleeping? book? toy? I believe this place is fraudulent and should not be in business.

Ihookup.com / Avoid dealing with this ppl

Veriscoe on 2012-04-22
I have used the site for a few weeks and it started off oK, But when you get the same set of photos from two different names in different cities and when I reported it they claimed that the could not find the users on the system, and I would agree that the same questions are asked by all that you are hooked up with. And just one one point when you log on, it always by coincidence that yor favs will just login in as the same time as you not a site I would recommend.

Ihookup.com / Sex Offenders on Site

FormerUser20122 on 2012-04-04
iHookUp allows Sex Offenders to sign up I got sick when I found out the man I was in contact with on an on line date site is actually a registerers child molester. He is able to get on date sites hook up with women and the website has no background check or idea about who is actually on their website. Yikes. Watch yourself ladies it seems not only do we have to police on line date sites but now we need to be aware of who we are talking to all the time. This is a very scary thought. IHookup shame on you for not having better security on your site. Never again! Watch out for this guy:http://www.homefacts.com/offender-detail/IN1262841/Michael-David-Walker.html

Ihookup.com / Avoid this website at all costs

Izze on 2011-12-19
Well I didn't do anything but review it online I get loads each day from people saying they want to $#*! me, join this site. Just review everything you get sent then write about it like I am and then other people can see that is bogus and don't hand out there money. We got to close this down. The government should be more vigilant about Internet fraudsters they really do piss me off.

Ihookup.com / The whole site is geared in a way to get you to enter your payment info before letting you see how fake it really is

Silichka on 2011-12-19
I had gotten rerouted to this page when opening up an email, started with entering my email but stopped when it asked interests.closed the page out and statred FBing. but the site had selected interests for me (Prob popular ones). and then i statrted getting massive amounts of email leading to the cc entering screen. just so the emails could be viewed. the whole site is geared in a way to get you to enter your payment info before letting you see how fake it really is. i truly feel for the guys that get taken by this $#*!...and it is $#*!...

Ihookup.com / Use your head and think before paying for a site like this

Pariled on 2011-12-12
Was skeptical to say the least. i never paid because of that. i was getting flirts from really cute girls and they all were girls i would marry based on looks alone. common sense should tell people its a scam, i mean girls that good looking don't need to come to a site like this for sex or even dating usually. if us guys had it easy as even an average looking girl we would be in heaven. they go to a bar or wherever and could pick up a guy within 5 minutes probably. so use your head and think before paying for a site like this.

Ihookup.com / The people who own this site are making approximately 20,000.00 a month from suckers like you

Movare on 2011-11-30
Everybody that has made a statement about ihookuo.com being a fraud is 100% correct. Trust me, you are not ever going to hook up on the site. I was a good friend with someone involved with this site and it truly is a scam. the same people answer multiple responses from the men who write and 99% of the time it's a guy who responds to you, who might actually own some of the business, sorry to tell ya, but believe what the other customers say, it is true, SCAM!!!. The people who own this site are making approximately 20, 000.00 a month from suckers like you, hard up lonely men. meet someone...

Ihookup.com / This site is a total scam, the women are not real

Puppile on 2011-11-24
This site is a total scam, the women are not real, the photos are old and grainy and not one women is real, nor ready to hook up with you. In addition the webmasters create activity to look like the site is real. Also, many 'cam' girl have found out about this site and create profiles that direct you to mail accounts. The kicker is the billing is done by a third party, epoch, so getting money back, or credits is tough. The owners are good at making it look legit, getting you to believe real woman do exist and creating just enough interest / traffic in you to keep you hooked. My suggestion is STAY AWAY.. TOTAL RIPOFF!

Ihookup.com / What an easy way to make money and scam genuine people looking to hook up

Ulode on 2011-11-08
TOTAL SCAM. Here are the types of repetitive questions you get there and never get any reply when you answer. - I would like to know more about you. - Do you play 20 questions trivia? - What kinda date do you like to go on? - How do I get in touch with you? I am always skeptical of those sites so I subscribed to the 1-month membership and after several "flirts", one-line messages, and "hookups", I finally caught on this scam. It's a scam. And after reading all comments on here, I immediately deleted my profile. What an easy way to make money and scam genuine people looking to hook up.

Ihookup.com / Big waste of money

Nordman on 2011-09-24
It's horrible. Definitely bots. I made the mistake of paying for the trial membership. BIG WASTE OF MONEY. The search results never reflect what you want, they just keep refreshing the girls they want to show you, even if they dont even live by you. It's a waste, and a scam for anyone just looking to get laid the easy way. I hate to tell you gentlemen, there are no short cuts.

Ihookup.com / This site is a scam, do not subscribe to it

Odreyaa on 2011-09-22
I posted an ad on craigs list looking for friendship and stuff. i got a response from them saying that they want me to join this site in order to get their contact information. i went on and i started to get added as favorites and girls from all around was interested in me. but that was a lie and of all i responded back to, i got no answer or if i did get an answer, it was a general one line question, " i like fast cars, do you have a fast car?" things like that. or "i'm horny and free tonite!" but they do not provide any way to contact them except thru the site, and then nothing... this site is a scam, do not subscribe to it!!

Ihookup.com / About 98% of the super hot women have stolen pics

Olined on 2011-08-12
Total Scam. First off, with a website like Tineye, you can totally find out which pictures are stolen from elsewhere. It's actually kind of funny. I would say about 1 out of every 5 is stolen; and about 98% of the SUPER HOT women have stolen pics. I'm glad I never paid for this. My profile was set up as a trial to see what would happen. So yes, I was conning the con men. Everyday I would get dozens of messages from women all over the country. I then decided to put my email address in the "about me" section; explaining that I had stopped paying. After that, all the women still...
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