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Gardeners Choice / Billed me $109 instead of $9.98 and no merchandise!

Terej on 2011-05-22
This company swindles people and they are smooth. I ordered a 2 for one deal (4 trees for the price of 2) it was supposed to be $9.98. They billed me $109.- and when called them (same day as I ordered) they said to call back in a couple of days and they would adjust the order. I called back in a couple of days as advised and then they said they already shipped the order (20 trees!!!) I said, "but I don't want 20 trees, I only want 2" They said, well just send them right back to get a refund (not so simple). Well, 2 weeks later folks, I still haven't received even 1 tree and they have taken my money 2 weeks ago. I am planning to have my bank do an investigation so that I can get my money back.

Gardeners Choice - Connecticut / Scammers!!

bkendall on 2011-04-04
Last year, I had ordered a blueberry bush from "Gardener's Choice". I received this order without problems. HOWEVER, almost a year after this order was made I started to receive the American National Parks Coins and bills collection, from the National Motor Museum Mint. I did NOT make this order, and went ahead to stop payment with my credit card company. After investigating further, I had found out that Gardener's Choice, was actually a subsidiary of the National Motor Museum Mint. Gardener's Choice went ahead and gave the National Motor Museum Mint my credit card information...

Gardeners Choice / Rude and abrupt

Company claims the order was placed by myself or my husband because it shipped to our address and our phone number was used. Gardeners Choice rep admitted no security questions are asked to veirfy that the person making the call is in fact the actual card holder. Perhaps Gardner's Choice has not heard of phone lines being accessed to make fraudulant credit card charges in addition to fraudulant calls. Neither my husband or I are gardners, we just mow the grass. If we wanted grass seed, fertilizer and the rest of the junk that was sent to us, we could drive less than 10 minutes to...

Gardeners Choice - Michigan, Hartford / dead weeping maple tree

laurice on
i purchased a weeping japanese maple tree in april. as soon as it was shipped to me (and when i was supposed t0) i planted it. to this day it is still in the same condition as it was 4-5 months ago. i have contacted the co. two different times .the first time the co asked me to send additional info which i did. i did not hear from them and i emailed again . that was in june and july. it is now august and i have had NO luck at all and they do not respond to my requests. is there something u can do to help?

Gardeners Choice - Tennessee, Chattanooga / Giant Tomato Tree

I have ordered the giant tomatoe tree twice...yes, twice and have yet to receive any plant at all. They continue to take money from my credit card, you cannot get in touch with customer service, they don't have any records of my order (not according to my order number. I will be getting in touch with the local news station to give Gardeners' Choice some much needed publicity. Calvin Sneed at News Channel 9 has been very helpful with matters such as these.

Gardeners Choice / Customer Service Number

andreac on
For all of you that have had problems getting through, I have called this number 1-866-518-2290. It is open till 10 pm eastern time. I have requested 2 refunds for "plants" that turned out to be seeded pods. In my definition, a plant already has established roots. I had placed an order for my dad and had the order number and everything and when I called to inquire about it, the woman told me that the order number I had doesn't match any they had. Mine was only 6 numbers and all of theirs begin with letters and are 7 numbers long. So, we'll see if his credit card gets billed for it...

Gardeners Choice / Scam billing

Valerie on
They rarely answer their phone (Customer Service never answers), and if they don't hang up, you're still paying a bundle because it's a 269# and not an 800#. They also do not respond to letters (in 2 month's time) and do not honor their warranties. I ordered tree tomatoes, a Royal Paulownia tree, lavender, and a variety of exotic tomatoes. They all arrived in terrible shape, month's late from when I requested them (have a home - greenhouse), and several died. Also, I ordered plants and they sent seeds on one occasion. Gardener's Choice wouldn't respond or even...

Gardeners Choice / Unauthorized charges

Valerie on
I noticed a charge on my Discover Card 7/01/08 amount $33.85 from Gardners Choice Hartford, Mi. I'm NOT a gardner -called Discover and contested charge 7/6/08 they implemented a temporary credit pending investigation. On 7/18/08 I received a package from Gardners Choice and promptly called Discover Card to question their credit and investigation. I was instructed by their investigation section to return the package unopened with delivery confirmation. This I did on 7/24/08 AM. The reason for the delay was my family was on a week trip and didn't receive mail until 7/23/08. Cost to...

Gardeners Choice / Overcharged

Valerie on
In February 2008, I ordered $45.90 plus shipping $9.95 totaling $53.83 of plants from gardners choice thru a catalog. I planted the plants as directed even though they looked dry to me. Within one week they were DEAD. I wrote to the company in March 2008 and asked them to honor their satisfaction guarantee and send me another order of healthier plants. They also advertise that they would sned the plants when they are safe to plant. Not tru as we had two more frosts after I planted the plants. I did not hear from gardners Choice so I wrote to them again in June 2008. No response again. At this time...

Gardeners Choice / Took money no order

Valerie on
Mailed order April 9 2008. Cannot contact this co. they have my money I have no order this is July 16 2008. They do not return email. No answer phone. This is an unreliable co. it is to late here to put out the plants I ordered. Gardener’s choice is the nursery and my order is 2 tree tomatoes and 6 better than beefsteak tomato plants. When I check on line shipment is pending has different date every time. Today I cannot even get a shipment date. And I am a very dissatisfied customer. This co. offers quality and satisfaction and that’s a joke.

Gardeners Choice - New Jersey, Mays Landing / Terrible service and product

After viewing several TV ads about "Quick Lawn", I placed a phone order on 5/29/08. This amazing grass seed was suppose to repair bare spots, overgrow weeds and produce a full, lush lawn. They claimed it would even grow on concret. It cost $19.95 a lb. and a free lb for an additional $6.95 shipping charge would be included. The total was $33.85. The 2 lb pkg of seeds finally arrived one month later, July 5th. The seeds were planted immediately in Mirocro top soil, which fertilizes up to 3 months. After 2 weeks of daily watering, not a single seed germinated. All attempts to contact Gardner...

Gardeners Choice - Maryland, Owings Mills / my order of plants

I ordered 4 V30018 Giant Tomato Plants for 10.98. I only received 2. I also ordered 1 V13382 Tomato Potato for 6.98. I also ordered 2 G20802 Topsy Turvy Planter. I wasn't charged for the planters, but can't they tell me they don't have them anymore. I have been on the phone trying to get this squared away, but I get is a man telling me to stay by they are on the phone with other customers or a busy signal. I want my 2 giant tomato plant now and I want my broken in half tomato potato replaced now. I was also charged to much for shipping. Customer # 4845722. Reference # 10501 My bill was 17.96 plus 8.95 for s/h Total 26.91. I want my items or give me my credit that is due me. Thanks Sandra Raver

Gardeners Choice / Terrible service

Valerie on
Gardener’s choice delivered a small fraction of the products I ordered. Various attempts were made to contact via Email and phone. Products were guaranteed to arrive before planting season on May 31st and did not. My credit card was billed for entire amount and I requested a refund for not received items. Again, no response from Gardeners Choice via Email request with a deadline to do so. I have an active investigation through my credit card company to dispute amount billed for items not received. I was very disappointed with all aspects of dealing with this company. I never received any...

Gardeners Choice / Poor service

Valerie on
What I'm pasting below is a copy of my complaint to the Better Business Bureau. It doesn't begin to outline everything, but it hits the main points. I would suggest that any of you who are having problems with this company (and there seem to be many) go to www.bbb.org and file your own complaint. I did several orders from this company, 219139, 219233, 219238, and 219239. Calling them does no good. It's always busy. I have literally let it ring for hours by putting my phone on auto-busy redial. They have failed to respond to repeated e-mails. They billed my credit card right away...

Gardeners Choice / It is a scam

Valerie on
I saw a commercial about these supposedly great tomato trees. Ordered the product and I was told I would get 6 tomato plants sent at the right time for planting in my area. Instead, I got 6 tiny peat pots that have a little dirt and a few seeds (some of which spilled in shipping.) A total rip off! Those are mighty expensive seeds. I would return them but doubt that I would get my money back based on other comments I have since seen on the net. Also, since customer service is never available I am just hoping that the seeds eventually grow and glad it was only a $20 mistake.

Gardeners Choice / Tomato plants are totally rotten

Linda on
I ordered 12 tomato plants in May of 2006 from Gardeners Choice SPC, P.O. Box 8000, Hartford, MI 49057. After I received them, they were totally rotten plants and were worthless. I wrote to them for a refund (which by the way they said their product was 100% guaranteed or your money back) but to this date, July 12, 2006, I have not heard a word or received any money. How can I get my money back?
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