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BB&T - Alabama, Greenville / Account Frozen During Travel

FrustratedClient12 on 2015-07-13
This summer I took a 25 day trip to Malaysia to do my thesis research. Upon landing I tried to withdraw cash from an ATM. I was declined. The other girl who I traveled with, who also banked with BB&T, was also declined. We tried ATMs all over the airport and outside of it with no luck. When we finally reached our destination and were able to contact our parents through the WiFi, they both contacted BB&T customer service with different answers. My mother was told I did not file a travel document (I did) and that's why my account was frozen. Her dad was told that Malaysia is on a list that...

BB&T / Business Loans

CrankyPaulie on 2015-01-30
Once upon a time we went to BB&T for a business loan. A solid business plan, well organized, great payback, even supported by Business Development types and local government people. FOUR MONTHS LATER we are still repetitively answering the same questions, typically with "that's on page ONE of the financial plan" or my personal favorite, "yes, we have already provided that". At least 5 or 6 times now we have been told "that's all we'll need", which has NEVER been the case. Shortly we'll have our last group hug to formally fire them - oh, and hey - the City no longer wants to...

BB&T / account in negative/never got money back

sgm92 on 2015-01-19
On the 6th of december 2014 (which was a saturday) i ordered some pizza off my debit card. However before i ordered the pizza my balance in my account was about $185. So everything went through as far as transaction wise goes but pizza hut canceled the order and called me and let me know that they canceled it because they just saw that my area was a no delivery zone. Since it was after 12 on a saturday i knew the bank that i branch with was already closed by now so i waited to call them because i wanted to see if it was still going to say pending or if it was going to still take the money out...

BB&T / Erroneously charded overdraft fees

SLKC on 2014-09-10
My mechanic erroneously charged my checking account twice for a repair he made to my vehicle. Of course, this caused my account to be over-drafted as it was almost $350. The vice president of my local branch refused to refund the overdraft fee and stated' "this is not BB&T's fault, it's your mechanic's fault. Since we're not at fault, we do not have to remove it." It obviously was not my fault either, yet the VP did not want to help in anyway. I was a customer with them for 15 years. I will be taking my business elsewhere from now on.

BB&T / Overdraft charge

Richard Krochmal on 2014-05-27
I stopped at a BB&T ATM and tried to make a deposit into my checking account. I received the following message: this function isn't available at this time. Approximately 1/2 hour later I tried again and received the same message. The bank deducted $35.00 for a bounced check. Went to local BB&T branch and spoke to an officer. I was told that it would be reversed within 24 hours. They never reversed the fee. BB&T must donate a ton of money to the politicians and lobbyists as BBT seems to have an open license to steal money from client accounts without clients having any recourse. Naturally...

BB&T / Dodd Frank violation

Dodd-Frank Violation on 2014-04-27
BB&T sent me a letter stating "new regulations" require them to send me a monthly statement for my P&I only fixed mortgage and that my current rate, amount, & due date will not be effected by the change. The statement said: $0 past due amount, and a new higher payment due in 10 days because of Admin fees. So, I personally met at BB&T with their rep. He called someone on the phone (later another customer who overheard my shouting said it was probably his girlfriend because he does it all the time). This "someone" refused to identify herself and refused to discuss it with me. So, the rep spoke...

BB&T - Florida, Orlando / Identity Switch - Fraudclosure

Analyzing Monsters on 2014-02-21
BB&T in Florida switched identities, forced signing of mistake laden documents - refused to show up at closings/ remediation at title company, filed false fines and fees, fee piles on top of fraud fees, misrepresented mortgages, engaged in fraudclosure and used unethical/criminal brokers. BB&T teams with unethical/criminal like attorneys.


handy randy on 2013-11-01
We joined bb&t "bad bankers & thieves" a few months ago.We chose to sign up for their overdraft protection as a precautionary measure. After getting hit with overdraft charges of 71.00 ea. we decided to stop the overdraft protection "opted out" and were told that this will eliminate ANY overdraft charges. This was a month ago. We received notice today of an overdraft charge for 36.00. I called to find out why and was told that the ONLINE banking program had tried to transfer money to our savings, while there was no money in our checking and since there was no money in our checking we got hit...

BB&T - South Carolina, Greenville / Loss Mitigation

Willingly on 2013-09-26
I recently applied for loss mitigation assistance. I applied in April and finally received an answer in September. I don't qualify and I need to sell my home. My Processor's was Kevin Smith and Tericka Wilson. Tericka left on medical leave I had to deal with Kevin who proceeded to tell me that Tericka didn't know what she wa s doing. I spoke with his manager Tarena Cloud. She was just a rude as kevin. they both told me to sell my home. I was looking for a realtor because I received a letter from BB&T telling me they will give me money for selling my home. I ran across his name...

BB&T / Home Loan

J Deyoe on 2013-09-03
A couple of years ago, I got behind on my home loan when my husband was out of work. I tried to pay extra to get caught up once he was working again, but BB&T put the money into a "holding account" and charged me late fees on payments I had made. I finally got tired of not getting credit for the payments. I was getting calls from the company everyday about being behind, most while I was at work putting my job at risk. I talked with someone who offered me a payment plan where I could pay extra w/o so many fees, but when she took down my income and expenses, she said I did not have enough money...

BB&T - West Virginia, Beckley / Posting Deposits

Speak My Mind on 2012-10-12
I would just like to say that I just received an iphone, the newest one, and I was very excited to download Mobile Banking and I was especially excited to have the ability to deposit checks with my new phone. I thought it would be so convenient. After using this feature twice now I can honestly say I will probably not be using it in the future unless there is no way I can get to a branch to make a deposit. The thing I do not like about it is that there is a 3-5 day hold for all of these deposits. Sometimes I need my money sooner. I was especially unhappy that one of the deposits I made wa...

BB&T - Virginia / Stole our money

theeatmons on 2012-09-20
My husband apparently owed BB&T money "supposedly". When we opened up our bank account the very FIRST DAY they charged us an overdraft fee. Good luck paying your bills with this bank because they charge you overdrafts because they go by the 'initiation' date of a f*ng charge and not when it actually hits the account. We asked for a return of that fee. Whatever. They did it. NOW this week, I look on and they stole $145.00 recovery fee. Swore up and down that my husband owed them this money but they could show no proof whatsoever. Now, we were hit with $175.00 in overdraft fees for 5...

BB&T - Georgia, Savannah / Employe behavior

Westbay2419 on 2012-06-28
Hi. We do have business account here with BB&T bank branch here in savannah GA e congress street in bank square we are giving a huge business to that bank regardless of that the emplies specially at that branch are ridicilious and awful behavious specially in teller section miss kimberely and miss Mandy they are behaving with our company employes I am really surprised no body is giving a notice, who much they are making bank reputation bad when ever we go for deposit money they are miss behaving and giving us so rude attitude that no one employee from our company to go that branch I will really...

BB&T / BB&T customer service

sadiemae6 on 2012-06-07
Let's start when there was a charge on my account. I wasn't sure where it came from, so naturally I called online customer service to ask about it. They told me if I didn't know where it came from I needed to disable my debit card. I had no problem with that because I was told it would happen the next day because they didn't even have my right address in their system. They said I needed to fill out a form and email it back before they could change my address . I got off the phone went to withdraw some money and with in 10 minutes it was already cut off. I had to go home to...

BB&T - North Carolina, Raeford / Handicapped Senoirs

Edwin Lupo on 2012-05-30
This bank was informed more than once about my mother being blind and having a hearing impairment but also that their was a member of family may come in with her to withdraw money. The manager was told this along with two other associates to notify me if this happens( I'm POA). This happened and now the banks claims they did the right thing because my mother was sitting there. My mother did not hear or know what she was signing during this visit. This was not a small amount but $76000 to support her and pay for her caretaker because of her situation. BB& T denies any wrong doing--I feel...

BB&T - Florida, Pensacola / Poor Service

REX Recording Studio on 2012-04-30
I have had a problem with my BB&T account since December 2011 and I have been unable to get anyone to correct this for me. In September I requested your Business Online ACH/Wire Service be added to our account. After we reviewed the service, we determined we did not need it and cancelled it in October with our local Relationship Banker, Liza. At this time we had two accounts with BB&T and decided to close the account the service was charged through. In November we realized the closed account was reopened because the service had not been properly cancelled and the account automatically reopened...

BB&T - Virginia, Fairfax / security questions

A Gallelli on 2012-02-28
I wanted to check my BB&T account and could not because I needed to set the security questions. None of the questions pertained to me and my life. I called customer service and was told that I would not be able to use the on-line banking with out answering those questions...questions that I would need to make up answers to. How does BB&T expect me to remember "made up answers"??? I will be closing my account because this is the worst customer treatment..this is a total inconvenience...say goodbye to a customer that has been with your bank since your start. My balance is $215, 848.00. BYE, BYE! A Gallelli

BB&T - South Carolina / misrepresentation

carolinapharmacist on 2012-02-09
I'll make this short and sweet. I don't have perfect credit, when I was younger I made a few mistakes, most of which I have resolved, I still have a few things in Chexsystems. So, I was looking into getting a pre-paid visa card or some type of pre-pay or second chance account. Someone told me about the BB&T pre-pay debit card. I thought to myself, BB&T is a reputable company and this might work just fine. So I applied, I was denied, ok, so how is it pre-pay when they do a credit check or other checks? Most pre-pay accounts I know of do not do credit check, hence the PRE-PAY part of...

BB&T - Florida / Repossesion

Night Driver on 2011-12-23
So we accidently write a truck payment on the business account checking and it bounces. 7 days later after the error, we put a stop payment on it so we don't incur double NSF fees and re-right the check on our personal account. For whatever reason, it does not clear. We bring cash to fix this but by now its almost 30 days late. This started it. Today - December 22, the repo man was at my door. Yep. 69 days late and they wanted $1768 CASH or the take the truck. Glad to say the truck was out of town. We run an all volunteer horse rescue with 27 mouths to feed. After 3.4 years, we make thi...

BB&T / Thieves

Concerned Citizen on 2011-12-09
Warning if you go online to check account balance and use no other service and are being charged a BB&T online banking fee. It is wrong they are charging you for Quicken and the bill pay service. This fee is 7.95 a month and it is stealing from someone if they don’t use the service or never signed up to use it. Then being told by one person Branch Banking and Trust Company can only refund 2 months then being told they can refund it all if the bank wants to, then being told oh now we can do three months but that’s all we can. This is wrong and in my eyes I see it has stealing!!! I thought thi...
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