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AuthorHouse / unprofessionalism

Seekay Lan on 2015-05-15
I signed a book publication contract with AuthorHouse in 2012. Since then, problems have been dogging the project. Micheal Pyles, who is in charge of sending me free copies, has never responded to my emails when I asked him why I could not have a say on how the copies are sent if I have to pay about $200 for the mailing costs. I filed a complaint with AuthorSupport, which took weeks to respond to my emails. It often took weeks for AuthorSupport to give me a reply. Merly Delicano, my coordinator, took weeks even months to respond to my emails. I pointed out the problem to manager...

AuthorHouse / Poetry Book

Bev Alkareem on 2014-12-02
AuthorHouse was suppose to publish my Manuscript, a Book of wonderful poems a three part...They took my work and my money in May, I pay my first payment, and then I pay the second payment...They said that they want the last payment but everytime they call me I ask about the book and they said that the book have been on hold since July...I have no proof that they are working on the book I also sent them a copy of the cover page but I have not rec;d any information on the book. It is December and they won't return my calls or e-mails, I need help with this company.. I would like to have my work back as well as my money. How could they do this to people I trusted them to do the right thing...

AuthorHouse / Rip off publishing compnay

Manyi Nsibiri on 2014-06-13
The rogue, predatory, fraudulent publishing company called Author House based in Indiana will steal your money and not publish your work. Please, do not deal with them for your peace of mind., They collected money from me and refused to honor the contract and all I did is contact the Indiana Attorney Generals Office (The Consumer Protection Division) - 1800-382-5516. They refunded my money in full. I wonder wow or why these thieves continue to stay in business in a lawful country like the US. It is terrible. I am willing to join anyone to file a class action suit. John Barnes

AuthorHouse - Indiana, Indianapolis / Book Shipment

Denise A on 2013-02-27
Sherman Wright, my service representative, from AuthorHouse said for $3, 245.37 I would be sent 390 books After a revision and 2nd printing with the revisions were done. I talked to the printing and billing offices and was assured that they would not be printed until after the revisions had been done. Now about 2-3 weeks later 390 books with no revisions have been shipped to me. I am suppose to take these on book signings with errors in them. I do not want to pay for them as that was not the deal. I still want to do the revisions and then have them printed. They need to be returned at AuthorHouse's expense.

AuthorHouse - Indiana, Bloomington / no royalties

don noble on 2012-10-18
not paying royalties after giving them thousands in marketing strategy, supposedly performed by them, for instance 2, 000, 000 emails for book, result they said, no sales, media press release all across u. s a. and so they say, etc, etc book published 2010 dec, i own copyrights, amazon.com shows book high seller, but they still are not paying me.

AuthorHouse / I can only blame myself for choosing AuthorHouse

Misinake on 2012-10-12
Last year in 2011, I paid AuthorHouse thousands of dollars to publish my book. Unfortunately, I found out too late about the scam. I have received approximately $10 in royalties since my book was published in 2011. I bought books myself, and wasn't surprised when I never received the royalties. I can only blame myself for choosing AuthorHouse, but I learned a valuable lesson.

AuthorHouse - California, Los Angeles / Authorhouse is a Ponzi Scheme

Rockabilly man on 2012-10-05
My novel writing partner and I had high hopes when we discovered Authorhouse (originally 1st Books). We have discovered they are in business to publish novels and charge a fee, as well as to distribute the works to bookstores around the world (some long established), not to sell books to consumers. Although both our novels were picked up by Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, along with numerous well established online booksellers, they claim our royalties total only $6.17 or some absurd amount. It is the ultimate nonrisk money making scheme. They make profits on the publishing fee, as well as by selling...

AuthorHouse / Bait and switch

Dr. Dan P on 2011-04-27
It has taken over 10 months and no book. Hundreds of calls with no answer. Just a message. It takes weeks to get a single change done. You can never talk to the people who design your book cover you must go through an intermediary. They charge you for every change $50.oo to $75.00. You cannot publish yourself you have to use them at greatly inflated prices 300% over market prices. They will not give you your book and cover so you can print it yourself even thought they assured me that they would. This is the biggest bait and switch scam I have ever seen. If you use Authorhouse you need your head...

AuthorHouse / Non payment of royalties

Daniel Asamota on 2011-04-25
I don't know about AuthorHouse filing for bankruptcy but I do know that my book Mound Bayou is being issued by some 'new' company called Lightening Source Inc. I did not give anyone permission to do as such and I still haven't received any payments for books sold yet!

AuthorHouse / Scam artist

C.D. Mcleod on 2011-04-10
Beware authorhouse are scam artist class action lawsuit, need people Hello, i want authorhouse/iuniverse. Why is the complaints board advertising for self pub companies. I have solid evidence. Since i posted a last week a class action law-suit has been initiated. Is it real please check out the law firm this could be a tick from authorhouse. Now if it is join me there is a 2 year statute of limitastions. I have prof they are still selling my book if you are sincere and not one of there flunky's trying to derail my efforts i will tell you where to go and under what company they ayre illegally selling my book... Contact me @ thr33r3asons@msn.com

AuthorHouse / complaints

mc11120 on 2011-03-23
Let me start by saying that I am a former employee of Authorhouse. My position was terminated because labor is cheaper elsewhere (not their stance, but it's the reality). Therefore, if anyone has a right to dislike them, it's me. Many complaints I've read range from royalties to "they want me to buy other services". I read one complaint that was valid and that involved an employee going to a "casual dinner" with a potential author. That's a legitimate complaint. To the rest of you, you have yourselves to blame for any issues you may have. Perhaps you should have asked more...

AuthorHouse - Ohio / nothing back from my investments

loneranger50 on 2011-02-24
in 2006 i had a book publish from autorhouse. i pay them about 600 dollars for my book to be publish. i thought i was going to make plenty of money for my book. i got my first check from them and my pay was less then 3 dollars. i only had one book sold. the sell price of the book was about 17 dollars and i only got back less then 3 dollars. i was very disapointed. i had 2 more books sold. i didn't make 10 dollars. last year i invested about 700 dollars for interviews and on line reading. i had only 4 interviews. i haven't seen a cent from them. they told me that i can do an...

AuthorHouse - Texas / Scam

AggravatedTexan on 2011-02-18
AuthorHouse is a SCAM. Bait-and-Switch tactics and downright lies. Stay away from them! So a salesperson by the name of Kathryn calls me after filling out an online form, tells me I can get my 1st photography book published by AuthorHouse for $1700 in a POD arrangement - and they'll throw in another book for free. (the standard arrangement these days, it seems) We discuss the arrangments in detail. # of images, # of pages, etc. No changes in price, no issues. So I sign up. Pay them 1/3 down & get a confirmation. Then a call from Jeff. Soon to be my best buddy in getting my book published...

AuthorHouse / Warning!!!

Daimon on 2011-02-17
Do not use this self-publishing scam company! They advertise to be the top or best in their field, they offer deals at end of quarters, they offer so much marketing, media promises, and make themselves out to be some sort of dream company. They are not. First, you do not control any price. They give you a minimum that you will have to be above or at---and this will nullify your chances of being in a bookstore. I had no choice but to sell my book at 30.85 hardcover or higher, unless it was throught THEIR site. They did not want to print the price on the book either, why would they? I had to...

AuthorHouse / Bad service

Eriksaltman on 2011-02-04
When I submitted my original manuscript, the first galley came back with many errors. Some mine but a lot that were AuthorHouse's input. Sent back corrections and then received another galley proof which I again reviewed and found more errors. Sent it back got another galley, thought I went through the whole thing and now that the book is out, I see where they have errors that they had made. I guess that it is my fault for not finding the third set of errors but I don't think I should have to spend my time and money correcting AuthorHouse's errors. My advice is, Stay away from AuthorHouse.

AuthorHouse / Theft

Mahmoud Hasaneen on 2011-01-29
They stole more than $2000 from my MasterCard. Though they admitted that they received ALL the money they asked for, the book's material, and a clear statement that they will publish my book; they vanished and never published anything for me. I WISH I had spent a few minutes to read other victims' comments. Please beware and don't send them any money. I am convinced now that the few positive comments about their so-called credibility are written by their associates. Beware of their many tentacles in London (UK)and in Indiana (USA).

AuthorHouse / Huge scam

Aven on 2011-01-25
Let me tell you something about author house. I am an autor myself and i made the HUGE MISTAKE of believing that Author House were a company of credit, i submitted my details and began my submission process includding giving them my card details. On suspicsions they were a scam i called my publishing consultant and i was polite however on hearing that i had decided that i was going with a different company she hung up on me! I called their finance department and they stated that they could not cancel anything without her approval as she would have to seek aproval from the company. I have rang her several times, left messeges etc and now the phone number is unrecognised. DO NOT PUBLISH WITH THESE PEOPLE!!NEVER!!

AuthorHouse - California, San Francisco / Theft of cash

I have written, "Acts of War: JESUS/ALEXANDER & "JFK, "" which cost me out-of-pocket over six-thousand dollars in Galley Modifications since 2003, and while I firmly believed it would sell well, (and it did), I only received mere pennies for my hard and dangeous work, with no royalty check exceeding more tha 9 dollars. I knew they were stealing from me for sure when a friend calleed me from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvaia, to tell me that people are going wild over my book. Also, a new girl told me, when asked what my royalties for the fourth quarter, she said, "Well, you sold 19 books in October...

AuthorHouse / Royalty rip off

Buch on
To my utter misfortune, I became acquainted and started to use the services offered by 1stBooks publishers now known as Authorhouse, and published my first two books in 2003. At the time, I detected no problem with their services and accepted that being my work was academic, would not sell many copies. I decided to publish my third book with them, a large 2 volume edition in 2008, and due to the reviews and publicity received, and the professors that contacted me personally, I became fully aware of the university libraries and public libraries who processed my work into their establishment...

AuthorHouse - Indiana, Bloomington / Authors Beware: Royalty Ripoff

To my utter misfortune, I became acquainted and started to use the services offered by 1stBooks publishers now known as Authorhouse, and published my first two books in 2003. At the time, I detected no problem with their services and accepted that being my work was academic, would not sell many copies. I decided to publish my third book with them, a large 2 volume edition in 2008, and due to the reviews and publicity received, and the professors that contacted me personally, I became fully aware of the university libraries and public libraries who processed my work into their establishment...
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