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SwimOutlet.com / False and Misleading Advertising/Promises on Web-site

Reviewer84741 on 2015-12-11
SwimOutlet.com promises to price match lower prices offered by competitors. They proclaim this boldly at the top of their website. I was interested in purchasing a Dolfin brand swimsuit in either navy/royal or black/gray. I had no preference. My plan was to purchase one to start, and if I...

Match.com - pamperswthrty (Randall Tyers) / Online Dating Scam

Reviewer70913 on 2015-12-11
Match.com - pamperswthrty (Randall Tyers)Met Mr. Tyers on Match.com. We exchanged message and then continued to talk via email, then finally text and phone calls. His profile says he lives in New York, but I learned through our conversation that he was working in the UAE as an Engineer on a oil rig and is from Ireland. Through...

Baumatic Packaging Company Limited / 3.5" USB floppy disk drives.

lnh123 on 2015-12-11
To whom it may concern. ​​I am reporting a online scam. We have paid for portable 3.5" USB floppy disk drives. We have not recieved the merchandise. The tracking number supplied is not valid. skype names Helen Skype: lee.langyu ​The telephone is always on power off.​ Tel: +86-13145851151...

svsfx.com / online forex currency

devarobot on 2015-12-11
Dear Team, Hare Mr.Richard, I thought you have no sense at all, being the Investor money is not safety, they why you carry on business through online forex . First time I invest $ 500 you loss entire dollar and not gain to investors single Dollar, then what hell you carry on your busine...

DonnaPlay / Theft failer to return fraud transation in a timely manner

Reviewer91727 on 2015-12-10
Someone stole our debt card number there web site accepted it and they want 5-10 days to return it on fraud and they think we should follow the cancellation process even though it is fraud. These sleazy people except fraudulent transactions and don't try to stop it from registering...

OurTime.com / Fradulent "Flirts" and "Favorites"

Reviewer74617 on 2015-12-10
Signed up the site 12/7/15 and have received multiple "flirts" and have been "favorited" by numerous men who don't live in my area and have zero in common and then realized that every single profile I've looked at is automatically being sent "flirt" messages although I've never clicked...

www.Realvoodoos.com / Don’t subscribe – I heard nothing from these people

Reviewer14196 on 2015-12-10
The website www.Realvoodoos.com of Hougan Emmanuel provides the spiritual services. I have subscribed for this man and I got the email that I would be able to get these spiritual reading or any other services at any time. So, when I tried to get their services, all their agents were busy and no one wanted to speak with me.

Flash Butrym Poland Trading Online / Lighting

Thor Zeller on 2015-12-09
Ordered 8 lights of 2 different designs..arrival of products and they were not the quality I had expected and 1 does not work/faulty... Company informed within 16 hrs. Emailed company and spoke on telephone many times and have been told quite clearly and rudely ...no returns despite their...

iPayment / Unethical Behavior

Reviewer88585 on 2015-12-08
I payment inc. merchant company is holding almost 10, 000 in funds because this so called Julie called it risky. Due to the fact there were various declines which happens at times because of change of address of a customer. Now they say that they are closing my account and they will hold...

SewingPatterns.com / Non-responsive to shipping my order

Reviewer20882 on 2015-12-08
Nov 29, 2015 I placed an order with Sewingpatterns.com and as of Dec 8 still have not received any information about when my order will ship, even though I have sent them multiple emails. They responded once apologizing and saying them would get back to me, but they have not. I contacted...

Glaxosmithkline Pharmaceuticals / Not received serostim 126IU,won't send products or won't give me my money back

Reviewer24482 on 2015-12-08
Glaxosmithkline PharmaceuticalsI requested on indiamart for various growth hormone serostim 126IU suppliers, I was contacted by glaxosmithkline pharmaceuticals David prowse, we made an agreement on trust for me to send 60% upfront then final 40% on delivery, I sent the money, he promised to ship but failed now he want...

Bulq.com / Unethical Business practices, lies about guarantee on website

Suitefreak on 2015-12-08
If you are thinking about using Bulq.com for pallets, this is a must read! (Their parent company is Optoro.com and they are also part of Blinq.com.) I really liked that Bulq labeled their pallets and sorted them as Brand New - (which means Retail ready), Like New, Uninspected Return...

Zulily.com / Sent the wrong product.

Reviewer95231 on 2015-12-07
I ordered a short wig, what they sent me was a long ugly wig that looked as though it should be in the garbage, there was no return address, or invoice with the product for me to return the item, customer service would not answer, I sent an e-mail to the company, but got no answer. I am...

Ceriabike.com / Scam

nadiaagenbikemedan on 2015-12-05
Ceriabike.comInformation, we have done a review of the new site (ceriabike.com). And the result ceriabike.com is scam site. FOR SCAM SITE FROM IMBABIKE.COM IS CERIABIKE.COM SO DON'T MAKE A PURCHASE ON SITE CERIABIKE.COM AND IMBABIKE.COM BECAUSE THEY IS 100% SCAM/FRAUD LIST 100% SCAM SITE ...

Shopperdisc.co.uk / Don't know

Reviewer22935 on 2015-12-04
Reveiving regular monthly 8.00gbp transactions on my credit card shown as shopperdisc.co.uk. I do not know who this company is, how they have obtained my details and when I am supposed to have signed up to them. I do not know what they do apart from make money out of making numerous small...

Bargain Bunch / Service

Reviewer22858 on 2015-12-04
I placed an order on November 3rd, 2015, I have been given excuse after excuse about the shipment of my order. I have emails stating they shipped my order and tracking numbers, never once mentioning they only shipped 4 items when 22 were purchased. The order #5886096. I requested a refund...


owt1 on 2015-12-04
I have been contacted by the above telling me that I have won 250, 000.00 in this contest drawing. they say that a bank draft has been placed with the RBS asia division india. a Mr. Walter Clark, foreign operations/ officer RBS, Delhi, India. I even was shown a certificate with award...

Freeshipping.com / 'REBATE' for waterpic

Reviewer29365 on 2015-12-03
My account was charged $12.97 when my husband signed up for a $15.00 rebate for the purchase of a watepik water flosser. This is a bogus charge intertwined in a rebate. Rebates are never rebates and to ad this erroneous charge ensnaring the unsuspecting public in your rip off program i...

www.usbizpages.com / They subscribed me for some listing, but I didn’t give any authorization

Reviewer94497 on 2015-12-03
I got the phone call from www.usbizpages.com. The lady said that I needed to update the listing and it would cost me $500. I was shocked to hear it, because I haven’t authorized any listings. But the lady said that they got my authorization by phone and the listing was provided for 12...

Rotita.com / Unethical behavior

Tahlillah on 2015-12-03
Rotita.comOn the 28th of November at 22:34 I opened an account a purchased 26 Items. I chose ILS (Israeli Shekels) as the currency. My total was 717 including expedited shipping. I paid via paypal. A day later I get a Email saying I need to send a copy of my credit card for verification. I responded...
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