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Model Mayhem / Terrible customer service, they protect rapists and do not let some people join the site

Phil_ on Dec 4, 2016
This site is dying and is not even liked by people in this industry for the most part. They are currently being sued in court for protecting rapists and knowingly withholding that information and continuing to allow those people to use the site and thus have more victims, while the admin...

Headspace / Impossible to cancel subscription

Olga Winter on Dec 3, 2016
HeadspaceI got a free trial for meditation app Headspace. Tried to cancel it as it was not for me, and they do not cancel it right away. They sent email saying that that are processing my cancellation. 48-72 hours. Just have read other comments on their blog, this is happening since 2014. I gue...

LoveYourPets.com / Pet ID Tag

TotalJunk on Dec 2, 2016
I received the worst pet ID I have ever seen. The letters are extremely tiny, shaky looking and the worst part is that you cannot even read the numbers on the address or the on the phone number. Not to mention I also paid to have them ship the tag to me stuck to a post card with a sliver...

Tophatter / Ipad 2 dock

abigailee on Dec 2, 2016
oh boy am i pissed off once again i been scamed !!! fraud cheat! damn damn set up ---i been had and thank god it was only $8.00 but this 8.00 will forsure be teaching me a very good bitter lesson i seen [ tophatt] on facebook and thought it was for real------but it is not just another rip...

Ynss_dealers / 1Ynss_dealers / Shoe retailer/ scammers

Lvutton on Dec 2, 2016
Ynss_dealers / 1Ynss_dealersI had ordered a pair of sneakers thru PayPal my mistake was i send the money thru friends and not thru business. Company seems legit gots a Instagram page customers service number email. Received a invoice on the time of purchase saying 5-7 days delivery. Then I received dm"s thru...

Securedate.net / Requiring credit when site is supposed to be free

CJFalon on Dec 1, 2016
Clicked on a ladies add from craigslist, her name was Amy Elena, supposedly? Next thing I know, I am getting email from her, she instructs me to use her own email address. Then begins telling me her rules for setting up a date. Well, as soon as I realized this must be a scam to get my...

Tianjin Aoruilai Co Ltd / Aluminium ingot primary

A m murthi on Dec 1, 2016
To the Director Dear Sir, This is to inform you and bring to your attention that we are a registered trading company in Dubai UAE engaged in export and import of metals and other commodities, a serious case of criminal fraud which has been committed by a supplier in Tianjin province of...

Magazine Rewards Plus / You can't upload the form to get the 50.00 walmart card.

Yvonne Younger on Nov 30, 2016
They promise you a 50.00 dollar Walmart card: if you order the veneer teeth they advertise on tv. So I place an order., then they offer the magazines to get the gift card. The teeth are horrible and look very fake. makes you look bucktooth. So as of 11/29/16 I have cancelled the magazine...

Online City Tickets / Tickets almost double for section 319

Mischelle4965 on Nov 30, 2016
I purchased 4 tickets through Online-city tickets, thinking I would get a fair price, NOT ! I paid 71.00 a piece for section 319, when I could have gone directly through the Key Bank Center having the concert for Trans Siberian Orchestra for floor level section 1 for $ 30.00 less ! I spoke...

Davidzon Phone Card / Stealing call minutes!!!

Customer1111 on Nov 30, 2016
This company shouldn't be allowed to do business.Typical Russian scheme type of doing business.I have never dealt with anything like it in my life and I been buying phone cards from different companies for the past 20 years.These Russians take rudeness to a different level.They steal...

Digital River, Inc. / Hacked at the hands of kaspersky/digital river

hackedinal on Nov 30, 2016
Hacked by the same individual that I purchased a renewal of Kaspersky A/V. Your records will indicate the identity of the individual processing my purchase #9900100906. I want the employee/contractor identity number for purposes relating to a Small Claims lawsuit. If my damages aren't...

Merchant Services Credit Card Swiper / Poor customer ser and funds taken from account

Denise from new jersey on Nov 30, 2016
With a product sent to me that did not work I tried calling my REP with zero call backs then my back acct was ripped off for 2 hundred bucks. No response from their customer service line. I sent it back with a note. YOU WILL BE OUT OF BIZNEZ SOON. My bank notified me twice more they tried to...

StyleWe / Bad quality of tunic/dress, bad service. Company should not be allowed to work in the usa

Lauradik on Nov 29, 2016
The Company StyleWE should not exist on the US market. This is scam from China. They used to prep[are a good website, however, the product shown on photographs do not correspond to the real when you receive it and tried it. Size is not for Americans, the quality of fabric is TERRIBLE...

Patent Services USA / Patents and trademarks

Laura89 on Nov 29, 2016
The company's owner is a criminal! One of the owners is Rick Blake, well this guy's real name is Mohammed Assaf, he uses Rick Blake and also George Montana to open fraudulent businesses and steal from millions of customers. He has been persecuted for breaking FTC and AIPA Law...

Qingdao Shensheng Import & Export Co. , Limited / Toluene and xylene

Laborn on Nov 29, 2016
Re: business relationship between dee qudrant project services limited and qingdao shensheng import & export co., limited We are solicitors to dee qudrant project services limited “our client” on whose behalf and instructions we write. Our client is a duly registered company in nigeria and i...

HSN / Flexpay

Judymaslvn on Nov 28, 2016
I made a purchase on Home Shopping Network and selected flex pay as the option for payment. Shortly after I received an email with payment confirmation, and the money was taken from my account. An hour afterward, I received another email that my order has been cancelled. When I spoke to a...

Pick n Pay / Black friday

Patty Velen Rampersad on Nov 28, 2016
Black Friday Rip-off I, like many other people who hate ques, placed my order online at 06:00 on Friday morning 25 November. Received my confirmation immediately. Today, Monday 28 November received an sms for the debit from my credit card which was R200 more than I had actually purchased...

Macexpress Company / Paying tax

taxyou on Nov 28, 2016
The transparency of financial information with carriers Improves communication between carriers & shippers on financial matters, Duties and Taxes When transporting package across international borders, shipments are subject to duties and taxes as determined by the destination country...

Technico Ltd / Supply of caustic soda

Technico Ltd on Nov 27, 2016
I transferred 10% of a Proforma Invoice as an advance for the purchase of 50 tons of caustic soda (pearl 99.9%) while the balance was supposed to be paid 60 days after delivery. the money was transferred to an account of this company at Bank of China at Heibei branch. On receipt of funds she...

Edreams / Flight tickets

Alex Spektor on Nov 27, 2016
EdreamseDreams are Scammers!!! Be aware of eDreams!!! They have hidden fee and do unfair and fraudulent practices!! Bought 2 tickets from them from NY to Paris. They added some "mediation" fee for 47 euros! I called them and spoke to 3 different agents and supervisor. Nobody could explain what these...
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