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www.777clubcs.com / unauthorized debit from my account

Woke up this morning to see a charge of $49.99 and 2 overdraft fees of $35.00 each. Confused I researched and found a fake check for $49.99 had cleared in my account. I called the number on the check and the lady stated that this was because I signed up for a payday loan. I immediately...

RCI - Arkansas / RCI Weeks enhancements

RCI has a new deal called "Enhancements". It is nothing more than an "up charge". What they do is give a trading power to your home resort, which in my case was nearly the lowest power it had, and give the one I was seeking nearly the highest available. The one I was seeking was in the low...

Popeater.com / I have zero respect for anything coming from them

This gossip column makes NO attempt to get their facts straight, preferring to spew gossip that they know will get them hits. They posted a news article yesterday that was completely factually incorrect, but painted an artist in the worst possible light - completely unprofessional. I have...

Modsrusinc.yolasite.com / This guy is total con

This guy is total con, Hes a convict and spent the last 3 years in prison for identity theft, yet he claims he has been working on electronics for the last 4 years, his 13k machine is a heat gun!!!

Modelcoast.com / What a waste of time, very little activity on the site

What a waste of time. They get maybe 1 new member every week if that. very little activity on the site. Dont waste your time. Go with one of the other more popular sites.

Rifengcompany.com / I think they are online fraudsters

I can belief this company is not selling what it claims to be, i think they are online fraudsters. take care, they use email adress: rifengcompany@hotmail.com and rifengcompany@yahoo.com.cn, . I send them money but they have not send me the laptop after 15 days.

Mobsterswacked.com / Do not use this site he will take your money and not provide services

Do not use this site he will take your money and not provide services. Then if you post a charge back he will destroy your accounts.

Mmosavor.com / Stay clear of this scammy wow gold site where you will never get your gold

FAKE site...stay clear of this scammy wow gold site where you will never get your gold and they will run away with your money. Not to mention that there is nothing you can do about it because it is illegal to buy gold anyways.

Electro Brands / Scam

Buyers beware. I ordered a canon camera the price was decent and they offered free shipping. The next day they sent an email saying the needed me to call for a billing problem i called and they told me they needed the three digit code on the back of my card and they proceeded to ask me...

Mobilebsolutions.com / Don't do business with this website

Don't do business with this website! Its a scam!! Edward "RipOff" Singleton (owner) has scammed and stolen from me and my family $3, 084.50!!

Polepositionusa.com / I am still waiting for my money from 2 years ago

Hello everyone, in march 2007 I started e-mailing with Victor Barreira the owner of www.polepositionusa.com about purchasing 2 complete exhaust systems for my Lotus Esprit and Ferrari 308. I was very impressed with the experience and professionalism of Victor Barreira and finally in June...

Mircocrisper.com / This website advertised a product that doesn't exist

FRAUD ALERT!!! This website advertised a product that doesn't exist. All the information on the site is false and they just want your credit card information. Then they use your credit card!


BT DRAW MOBILE TELECOMS DEPARTMENTSi have paid him INR -35000 MR. JOHN KEN for the given SBI acct in India that company has cheated like this type of msg BT DRAW MOBILE TELECOMS DEPARTMENTS <btdraw102@live.com> Sat, Dec 18, 2010 at 5:29 AM To: vijikumu@gmail.com The Royal Bank of Scotland Group logo Royal Bank of...

Ambit Energy / scam

I built a very fast and very impressive organization in less than 16 weeks with over 370 consultants and over 1500 services. I was terminated when they were curious how I developed such a large organization in such a short time. On a Friday I opened up my virtual office and saw a T for...

Shopper Discounts / charger on debit card

I bought a part from JC Whitney on line and some how I started receiving a charge for $12.00 per month, the card I used gets paid out of my Morgan Stanley account I never noticed the charge for 18 months. I called the company and all they would credit me was 4 months. I called JC Whitney about...


I signed up for Doba so I could sell with a drop shipper on ebay. Everything was going great they had lots of educational videos to do that. Than some gal calls to tell me she is going to help me set up a website and it's included in my Doba account. She kept telling me it would be...

Directecig.com / customer svs

i tried to call this company with no success. they sent me a trial and now are charging me 109.00 after a trial period that they didnt tell me how long it is to last need help can you help me please call me back with some kind of information.


Okay, so I have noticed that this scam is getting a bit out of control. Ranging from 'terrorist attacks' to 'Russian conspiracy theories'. The Canadian Health & Care Mall scam, is simply a terrible virus campanioned with an obvious scam. As with all viruses there are...

Interchem ltd. / Ecommerce Scam

Purchased product 5 weeks ago, payment was confirmed 4 weeks ago. Started daily inquries via skype, email and phone daily ever since, no recation whatsoever. Did some online-research, found other scam-reports, and now I know: I'm one of the many fools scammed by robert schaffhauser...

Intelligator.com / SCAM

The police came to my house one weekend saying I had a warrant for my arrest. As it was the weekend, I was unable to contact the court to find out what the warrant was for. By law, I was under no obligation to go with the police, so I stayed in my house and tried to find out what the...
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