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Bizaarka.com / I love how this website advertises save 99%... what a load of junk

I love how this website advertises save 99%...what a load of junk. This is gambling to win not getting a 99% discount. I wish google would at least control what people are allowed to advertise on ad words.

StockMarketFunding.com / StockMarketFunding.com is a scam

Many websites claim to have the secret formula to the stock market. StockMarketFunding.com isn’t the first one, but if you use common sense you'll be able to answer the following question that rips a hole in every scammers trap, if you have a proprietary system that correctly...

Power-level.net / Power-level.net needs to be shut down

I can't even find the words to describe how bad my experience with power-level.net was. My husband and I both placed orders for WoW gold withint a few minutes of each other. Now the website says they have the gold in stock. After we placed our orders we were told they were "getting...

PetsUperMarket.co.uk / Stay well clear of this site

What a useless web site, I think I have well and truly been conned by www.petsupermarket.co.uk I have recently purchased a pet bed from this night mare of a company I paid over £100 for the bed, which to date 16 weeks after first ordering and paying for it it has still not arrived...

Bidstick.com / This site is a loser

I "won" an item on 2/23/10 & still have not received it-I have attempted to contact them-their phone number is not answered & emails are returned as undeliverable-What a Total Rip OFF!!! If you like penny auctions try another-more established site-this site is a LOSER!!!

Be2.co.uk / I would have steered well clear of them and I strongly advise others to do the same

I'm absolutely devastated about a horrible situation that I'm in. I have fallen pray to Be2.co.uk internet dating site's ridiculously hidden and confusing Terms and Conditions. I signed up for the one month trial for £5 and didn't see anywhere on the website that...

US Search 24 hour pass / Trial Pay Scam

I purchased a product through Trial Pay. In return I was to receive a "so-called" free 24-hour pass from US Search. Unlimited searchs for 24 hours. But when I tried it out, it's the same option that is free to everyone at their website. If you want more information, there is a charge...

Goldicq International Inc - Rappelz / FRAUDULENT BUSINESS PRACTICES

October 10, 2010 Re: www.goldicq.com http://livechat.boldchat.com/aid/4629474529609948992/bc.chat?cwdid=5761377227234514412 [Moolin] Hello, how may I help you? [Dwayne] hi moolin i just placed an order, form number is : 10101022094xxxx [Moolin] Please hold on, I will check on that. [Dwayne]...

mooris moore / is he real

mooris moorehave had this person contact me in september on an online dating service, he said he was in the states for 9 months, he recently traveled to the Uk to do some contract work, he was awarded the contract but was then stopped by the Revenue Board, they wanted to see the certificate of...

Perfect Optimizer / PerfectOptimizer5

Do not buy this program! I made the grand mistake of buying this program on 9/20/10 and I am still waiting for a response to my many emails to them. My latest problem with Perfect Optimizer is that the Evidence Cleaner will not repair. I would like to get my money back, but since I...

Hotelsvision.com / escroquerie

j'ai reservé une chambre d' hotel au portugal en octobre 2010 par le site hotelsvision.com. Ma carte bleue a été débité en livre turque alors que ma facture était en euros. Lors de mon arrivée à l'hotel, il n'y...

Swipebids.com / scam

I visited the site just to check it out and wanted to view the page to see what it was about. I was asked for billing info and thought it was only necessary just in case I actually bid on something and won (maybe for payment, shipping and handling fees). I was billed $159 and I immediately...

Net Research Services / dead calls all houts of the day

Almost hourly "dead air" calls for last 3 days Since April 26th through today April 28, I have received a phone call from the number below almost every hour on the hour starting at 9AM Mtn Time. I have called the number back and get some recording that says it is Net Research Service...

Choosehottubsdirect.com / Fraudulent Company

This is a bad day finally finding out “officially” I have been scammed out of $4, 300. I think its time we stop telling our sad and disappointing stories and start organizing and sharing our information. I am just getting started today and will post useful info as I find it...

Swipeauctions.com / fefund

this is s scam.they asked for my info then took $159.00 out of my bank account before i even finished filling the sample sheets out.simple sheet i saw 1 page .logged in and the simple sheet kept going for more info got to last page and hit submit upper right hand corner it said $159.00 wa...

Sterlingplacement.com / This is a horrible unethical company that lies to and preys on the desperate unemployed just to make a few bucks

Sterling Placement advertises positions on Craigslist (or at least that's how I found them). They then instruct you to go to their website, fill out some info about yourself & schedule a phone interview from their company. Well.. I did all that & scheduled the interview for the...

Exploretrip.com / Please avoid this website like the plague

Please avoid this website like the plague!!! Its 'cheap' fares are quite simply bogus and above all it doesn't deliver you a ticket, even if you pay full, high prices for tickets. Yesterday I found a great fare to Europe on the site, pressed 'select' and then...

Skoreit.com / Please avoid this site at all costs

Please avoid this site at all costs. As noted by an earlier poster, they are literaly stealing your money. I'm usually not the type of person to down a website without it seriously being a terrible site. SkoreIt.com has been advertising on ESPN radio so I decided to try it and got...

Bidwiz.co.uk / Taking money for goods and not supplying

I have won three auctions and spent roughly £200 and received nothing. They were supposed to give me a phone call about a game console I won as in, did i want play station or Xbox, I have had no phone call. I have also won 2 i pads nothing has arrived and I am over the maximum stated delivery...

AcademicWritingHelp.com / This site is beyond a scam and the writing is extremely poor quality

I got absolutely nothing. First I sent a previous research paper of my own as my writing style. When they worked on my research paper they chose the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder research paper I had submitted last year and was already an A paper, they totally ignored the TASK paper on...
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