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Replica Watch Store / Made a Purchase and Did'tn get

On Oct 29, 2010 at 12am I order two watches from Replica Watch Store Paid for it on my Master Card . I waited an waited, so i try to call the number on the website and got no reply from them, yet Going on two month.

FROSTWIRE / charged me 48 dollers and when it still did not work in two days i tried to call and the line just repeted its self.

to start, it took i/us a long time to be willing to pay for down loads. i have paied for cd and music my hole life . i had heard of lime wire, frostwire and felt i could trust there name as im looking for deals down loads and so on limewire links me to frostwire saying its great no trash...

Big Buffalo Tobacco, Angola, New York / I have NOT received my order

I ordered ten cartons of cigarettes online from this company on Dec. 7, 2010 and have NOT received them as of Dec. 31, 2010. I have asked my attorney to email them and take whatever action he deems appropriate to get them to deliver. I am not the only person who has been scammed by Big...

mygoldenvelope / not receive any letter or money for 2 cell phones

Send in 2 cell phones to mygold envelope on 9/20/10. Call them and was told phones were send to the refinery and processed & graded on 11'23/10. Still have not receive any email or letter if I should receive any money for the phones

MVQ* Savingsace / Refund of unauthorized charges

Since July 6, 2010, I have had unauthorized charges drawn from my checking account, for the monthly amount of $19.95, thus totaling $120.00. I did not give permission for these transactions and I expect to have a refund! Please contact me ASAP. Doris Tyler 903-882-6323 db-tyler@att.net

qq / malaysia package fraud

qwq on
this story is fraud story// oneday, i join this website (http://www.interpals.net) i make a friend one uk guy in there. maybe..3 weeks later. he send to me one package(he said "neckless, computer, teddy bear, 2 bags with some much money) but 2 days later. i got one call from malaysia. one...

Jamestown Stamp Company, Inc. / Scam

Some time in December 2009, I was online browsing as I some time do. I never purchase merchandise online. I came across Jamestown website. I am not sure what lead me to it. I am not a stamp collector. Anyway, I do remember ordering a "Free Catalog." I remember wanting to buy some...

MerchantCircle / Fraud Consumer Website

MerchantCircleBusinesses at MerchantCircle can and will remove any negative comments or reviews at this website. This is very unfair to the consumer who is not able to read the negative reviews that the businesses do not what consumers to read. Try writing a negative review at their website...

Xrumer7.com / Scammer

I paid $500 for an Xrumer mod waited two weeks to receive it. When I emailed to let them know their Xrumer mod didn’t work Cashcorp said he would login to help me fix it. They wound up breaking my server and stealing my Xrumer license. I advise everyone to stay away from them.

37' Vizio TV / refuse to replace damaged tv by ups

I ordered a 37" TV as a gift and when it was delivered by UPS they said they damaged the box. After checking out the TV we found it in fact was broken. UPS was called and they were suppose to return it and replace with a new one. UPS said that they could not tell me anything about the TV...

Ugotadeal.com / Absolutely horrible and inhuman customer service

Absolutely horrible and inhuman customer service. Their number ONE goal is to get your money, and that is IT. If something is defective - it takes MONTHS for them to exchange. I honestly cannot say ANYTHING descent about this web-site.

Uggsboothotsale.com / Every time I try to get on the site now, some virus threat pops up

Ookle on
I ordered some uggs off this site. First order never went through, supposedly ( I got an email from someone at the site). I re-ordered. Then I emailed again to ask if it went through. I never got an answer- after multiple attempts. today I emailed them to cancel my order. Every time I try to get on the site now, some virus threat pops up!

Uggsaustraliauk.com / This site have scammed me out of money causing me to go overdrawn

DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE - www.uggsaustraliauk.com, again, DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE. I cannot stress this enough to you people. If you want ugg boots pay out the full price for REAL ones. This site have SCAMMED me out of money causing me to go overdrawn. I cancelled my order the day after I...

Mymoneypartner.com / Applied on this site now all I get is a bunch of unwanted phone calls all hours and massive spam emails

Terrible... I applied on this site now all I get is a bunch of unwanted phone calls all hours and massive spam emails an over abundance of unwanted text messages very disappointed.

Mygolfwholesale.com / Can't find Versign registration or other pertinent information

I think we're going to have to do a lot more research on this site before recommending, but the history is NOT good. Can't find Versign registration or other pertinent information. Their BIZRATE is also a fake. Interpret any positive reviews to date with guarded skepticism. Also...

Episodecentral.com / You spend time completing a &survey&, only to find out that you have to subscribe to something (for $9.99/month) to &complete the surve

KIbber on
It's junk! You spend time completing a "survey", only to find out that you have to subscribe to something (for $9.99/month) to "complete the survey". It's bogus!

myfiles-express.com / Don't give them your CC number or for that matter don't pay them anything

Nikken on
This site is a BIG rip-off!!! BEWARE!!! Don't give them your CC number or for that matter don't pay them anything because you get NOTHING except a bill for maybe 100 times more than what they advertise, the site doesn't work and you'll be loaded with spam e-mails (sex...

Myfiles.com / Avoid these $#*!s like the plague

Krunded on
Absolutely criminal - signed up for a 3 day membership @ $1.95 - they charged my CC for $82, stating that the error was mine, and that I must have "erroneously" checked the box for "extra features" - which I did not. Asked for a refund, they refused...so I read their Terms and condition...

Uggsale. Cc / Do not be fooled by this site it is fake

I ordered a pair of boots off this site which looked so genuine at the time as they use the offical ugg site to trade from which is wrong! after ordering i found another site a bit like this 1 which said it was fake! i wrote to the vendor and asked them to cancel my order as the money had...

Uggs-outletstores.com / Total fake site

Toodle on
Total fake site. I unfortunately finished the transaction and received a call right away from my credit card company asking if I authorized the purchase. I said yes and asked if it was a bogus company. They indicated that transactions have happened with them so I went ahead with the...
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